Neat Cheeks Flavored Face Wipes

Neat Cheeks on Shark Tank

Flavored Face Wipes - Episode 627 - April 17, 2015

seen on Shark Tank Show
Flavored Face Wipes "Neat Cheeks"
appearing on the Shark Tank this Friday night
 I can still remember my Mom trying to wipe our face with alcohol-based face wipes. Yuck! No wonder we'd never cooperate because they really do stink as far as little kids are concerned. Every single parent that's ever used traditional face wipes knows little kids will do anything before they'll cooperate. Fortunately, the newest Shark Tank product called "Neat Cheeks" is about to clean up like no other face wipes on the market.

The inventors of the Neat Cheeks is Julia Rossi, and Danielle Stangler, who'll be appearing on the next Shark Tank in Episode 627 this Friday night on ABC. What makes the Neat Cheeks a superior face wipe for Kids than anything else on the market is the flavored taste. Imagination that, a flavored face wipe that tastes so good, kids just can't get enough when cleaning up.

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Beneath The Ink

Beneath The Ink on Shark Tank

Interactive E-Books - Episode 627 - 4/17/2015
Interactive eBook Software
Beneath The Ink appearing on Shark Tank Episode 627 4/17/2015
 Beneath The Ink is appearing on the next Brand New Shark Tank this Friday night with an invention that'll forever change how we view E-Books in the very near future. The entire E-Book industry has thrived transforming traditional books into their digital counterpart, and, for the most part, that's about it. But as the name imply's, "Beneath The Ink" gives readers a three dimensional way to consume content that potentially could revolutionize the entire industry.

The entrepreneurs behind Beneath The Ink are Sherisse Hawkins and Alex Milewski, who'll both appear in the next Brand New Episode of the Shark Tank this Friday night. The technology running the Beneath The Ink Software allows Authors to embed additional interactive information into their article's, e-books and website postings. O.K., I double checked to see if Beneath The Ink's technology work's for website and blog posts, and now I'm not sure if that's a fact at this time. With a slogan like "Adding A Third Dimension To eBooks",  it's clear who the target market is. But also making website posts interactive, in the same way, sounds like a very, very good idea to me.

Pitt Moss

PittMoss on Shark Tank

Peat Moss vs Pitt Moss - Episode  627 - 4/17/2015

Pitt Moos vs Peat Moss
Inventor of the PittMoss, Mont Handley on
the Shark Tank in Episode 627, 4/17/2015
  It may have taken over twenty years testing and perfecting a recyclable product comparable to Peat Moss, but that's what Mont Handley, the inventor of Pitt Moss and newest Shark Tank Contestant has done. Did you know the U.S. imports over a million tons of Sphagnum Peat Moss from Canada each year? Did you also know Peat Moss is harvested in wetlands helping control global carbon we're putting in the atmosphere? We are literally destroying critical habitats for the sole purpose of helping grow house plants more efficiently

Compared to harvesting Sphagnum Peat Moss that's not helping our planet in any way, the Pitt Moss is made of a mixture of organic additives and recycled paper. The cost to consumers is comparable in price and always a "very good thing" for any recycled product. But the main benefit using PittMoss compared to Peat Moss, is the product has proven to be superior in a variety of case studies and experiments from large nurseries.

Melni Connectors

Melni Connectors on Shark Tank

Fast Electrical Connectors - Episode 627 - 4/17/2015

Fast Electrical Connectors
Melni Connectors appearing on the
Shark Tank Episode 627 this Friday night
 The Melni Connectors is the first Shark Tank product that's starting a brand new category never before seen on the Show.  The majority of products and services usually appeal to a broad target market, even if that market is a niche within a niche. But to my knowledge, the Melni Electric Connectors is the first product targeting a niche, in a niche, within a niche audience. For example, when was the last time you spliced together a buried 1/2" cable?

The inventor of the Melni Connector's is Mark Melni, who will be appearing on the next Brand New Episode of the Shark Tank this Friday night on ABC. Mark has been working on his extremely fast electrical connectors since 2007 based on an invention similar to the Chinese finger trap when securely connecting cables together. Now, just in case you've never spliced large electrical cables before, the video below gives you a good idea about the process and the tools needed without a Melni Connector. If I was a Lineman or connecting large cables on a regular basis, Mark Melni's invention indeed makes a lot of sense for both efficiency and time required to complete the job.

Kevin O'Leary's Success Story

Kevin O'Leary Success Story Video

Getting Fired to a Major Success - "On His Terms"

  Have you ever wondered what "really" motivates Kevin O'Leary when it comes to all the business decisions he makes? The one moment, a single memory from the past still playing a major role in every business decision made. In O'Leary's own words, "I couldn't give a damn about someones feelings when I'm talking about money because money has no feelings". 

While it's a harsh dose of reality for some contestants on the Shark Tank and the Dragons Den, it was this same dose of reality when Kevin O'Leary got fired from his first and only job.  An experience even to this day, creates an emotion that brings a tear to his eye when talked about on the "Kevin O'Leary Story Video".

After making the firm commitment Kevin would never work for another employer ever again, O'Leary values every business decision on the merits of "Making Money" above and beyond anything else. He goes on to say during the video, "Money does rule my life, and I'm O.K. with it, I have found my inner peace". What does Kevin O'Leary want to do with all his money?