Spike Ball

Spike Ball on Shark Tank

SpikeBall Game - Episode 623 - 5/15/2015

SpikeBall seen on Shark Tank Season 6 Finale Show
Spike Ball appearing on the
Shark Tank Season 6 Finale
 It's a good thing I learned about the Spike Ball rules on the Shark Tank Season 6 Finale because I would've watched people playing this game wondering what the heck are they doing. When you first see Spike Ball being played with two sets of two players, it's a little confusing to say the least. Try to picture playing volleyball and four square at the same time with a hacky-sack on a mini trampoline and you might also wonder wtf. But the Spike Ball rules are simple, and it does look like a lot of fun you can play just about anywhere.

Spike Ball Combo Set
only $59.00
The already very successful entrepreneur who invented the fastest growing new sport in America is Chris Ruder, inventor of the Spike Ball Game. In just the past two years, the new sport's already grown to over 250,000 players even before becoming a Successful Shark Tank Product. Over 100 Spike Ball Tournaments was hosted just last year attracting over 1000 nationally ranked teams competing in this challenging new sport. The video below was just posted last Month from a Spike Ball Tournament held in Santa Monica, California attracting a new record crowd.

Gato Cafe

Gato Cafe on Shark Tank

Cat Cafe - Episode 623 - 5-15-2015

Cat Cafe in Florida
 The Gato Cafe is coming to the Shark Tank in hopes of opening up the first Cat Cafe in the State of Florida. What is a Cat Cafe you say? We'll, it's like most Cafes with the exception of lot's of friendly kitty cats you can enjoy during your visit. The best part is if you like one of the cats you can adopt it and take it home with you. Gato Cafe plans to rescue cats from the Humane Society and give them a cage-free environment with plenty of attention during their stay at the Cat Cafe.

The entrepreneur wanting to start the Gato Cafe is Adriana Montano, who'll be appearing on the Shark Tank Season Finale this Friday night in Episode 623. Adriana AKA "The Main Cat Lady" first took her idea to an Indiegogo Campaign last year trying to raise $75,000.00 to open up the first Gato Cafe. The video below used for raising funds for the campaign gives you a good idea of Montano's ultimate vision.

Sway Motor Sports

Sway Motorsports on Shark Tank

3 Wheel Electric Bike - Episode 623 - 5/15/2015

Sway Motorsports Electic Bikes on
Shark Tank Season 6 Finale
 The Sway Motorsports Electric Bike looks like a cross between a moped, skateboard and a little bit of skiing on three wheels. You have direct control while swaying from side-to-side while the entire vehicle tilts with the movement of your legs. The Sway Motorsports Bikes might look like a High-Bred 3-Wheeler at first glance, but I've never seen any electric vehicle move quite like this.

The inventor of the Sway Motorsports Bike is Joe Wilcox who'll be on this Season Finale of Shark Tank Episode 623. By combining a third wheel with the ability to sway the entire bike by leaning in the desired direction, Joe's invented a safe and reliable new form of transportation anyone can ride. Not only that, but it also looks like a lot of Fun!

It looks like Wilcox has been working on the Sway Motor Sports Electric Bike concept since at least 2011, with the first prototypes completed in 2013. The video below is one of the Sway Motorsports first videos demonstrating all the benefits of this very interesting new electric bike design.

Shark Wheel

Shark Wheel on Shark Tank

Square Skateboard Wheel- Episode 623 - May 15, 2015

Square Skateboard Wheel
Shark Wheel seen on Shark Tank Episode 623
 Logic say's it's impossible to re-invent the round wheel because, well, what other design could compete with the circular design? Would you believe a square wheel designed with a cube-like appearance not only compete's with a round wheel, it's actually faster and rides smoother than any round wheel ever invented? Yes, me neither, at least not at first.

 Just trying to visualize How a square wheel design rolls before learning about the Shark Wheelwas enough to convince me it could never compete with a circular wheels performance. It didn't make any sense how a product called the Shark Wheel could get on the Shark Tank selling square wheels for skateboards. Boy was I wrong.

The Shark Wheel was invented by David Patrick and Zack Fleishman who will be appearing on the next Shark Tank Show this Friday night in Episode 623 on May 15, 2015. The biggest noticeable difference in round wheels compared to square wheels is the tracks they both make.

SynDaver Labs

SynDaver on the Shark Tank

Synthetic Human Body Parts - Episode 625 - May 8, 2015

Synthetic Human Body Parts
SynDaver Labs Human Body waiting to
appear on the Shark Tank Show
 The SynDaver is a unique business making body parts for a living and soon will become one of the most interesting Shark Tank products in the history of the Show. The SynDaver doesn't make just any body part; they make entire synthetic human body's that amazingly look and feel just like the real thing. Every tendon and muscle found within the human body has been re-created with incredible detail.

The entrepreneur behind SynDaver synthetic body parts is Christopher Sakezles, who will be appearing in the next Shark Tank Show in episode 625 this Friday night. SynDaver's been in business since 2004 making life-like body parts for the medical industry. With over a decade experience recreating body parts, SynDaver Labs has built the world's largest database of living human and animal tissues copied with precision detail.

Out of the hundreds of Shark Tank products so far seen on the Show, the SynDaver Labs clearly is in a class all by itself.