Sunscreen Mist

Sunscreen Mist on Shark Tank

Spray On Sun Screen Booth - Episode 625 - 5/8/2015

Spray on Sun Screen Mist
Sunscreen Mist Booths appearing
on Shark Tank in Episode 625
May 8, 2015
 Not many Shark Tank products offer the Fans also a way to profit from the opportunity, but the Sunscreen Spray-On Mist Booths certainly does. The Sunscreen Mist Station is like a coin operated car wash where you're the vehicle getting misted with an even coat of sunscreen covering your entire body. Instead of rubbing sun screen on the traditional way that usually requires another person, you just spray it on yourself with an even mist.

The thinking out-of-the-box and into a booth entrepreneurs behind Sunscreen Mist is Josh Kaplan and Tony Fayne, who'll be appearing on the next Shark Tank Show this Friday night in Episode 625. Grant it this isn't a normal Shark Tank product lot's of Fans will rush out and buy after the Episode, but you will see these all over Beaches, Swimming Pools and Resorts very soon.

The cost to buy one of the Sunscreen Mist Booths is not available on the site, so we'll have to wait until the Show airs to find out. What's known is Sun Screen Mist is actively looking for Distributors not only in the USA, but around the World.

Zoom Interiors

Zoom Interiors on Shark Tank

Online Interior Designers - Episode 625 - 5/8/2015

Online Interior Decorating
Zoom Interiors Entrepreneurs appearing on the
Shark Tank Show in Episode 625
 The Zoom Interiors appears on the Shark Tank Show with an entirely new interior designing concept. In fact, you might say Zoom Interiors is on a mission to revolutionize the entire interior designing process by making it affordable for everyone online.

The Interior Designers, who founded Zoom Interiors Online, is Madeline Fraser, Lizzie Grover, and Bea Fischel-Bock, who will all be appearing on the next Shark Tank this Friday night in Episode 625. Compared to hiring interior designers the traditional way, this trio of entrepreneurs created an entirely new approach helping keep the designing costs down while doing it online.

Here's how it works. First you fill out a quick survey concerning which room you'd like to redecorate. Nothing fancy or complicated, but a simple survey to help narrow down the look you're trying to create. The next step is one of Zoom Interior Professional Designers will contact you via Skype or phone call for a Free Consultation and provide more information how this online process works.

You Kick Ass Action Figures

You Kick Ass on Shark Tank

Personalized Super Hero's - Episode 625 - May 8, 2015

personalized action figures
"You Kick Ass" Personalized Super Hero's
appearing on the Shark Tank Show
May 8, 2015
 The You Kick Ass Action Figures is coming to the next Shark Tank this Friday night with a way to make us all Super Hero's. You choose your superpowers, costume, the entire look of your You Kick Ass superhero that looks identical to you. Can you imagine the reaction of little kids getting a You Kick Ass action figure resembling them? Not even Superman himself could stand up to these new superpowers only found in the You-Kick-Ass Action Hero's. If you can imagine that, then it's not a stretch to also imagine them running around saying, "Hey Dad, I Kick Ass."

The two entrepreneurs representing the You Kick Ass Super Hero Action Figures is Alesia Glidewell and Keri Andrews who'll appear on the next Shark Tank in Episode 625 on May 8, 2015. The pair along with Doug Jordan invented the personalized action figures using 3-D printing technology to create a life-like appearance from any photograph. The height of your personalized doll ranges from 6" to 11 " depending on the action hero selected and is truly one-of-a-kind.

Unlike every other action figure having a movie, comic or cartoon to promote the product, The You Kick Ass entrepreneurs took a different approach while avoiding expensive licensing fees typically associated with this market. Who wants an action figure millions of other people already have when you can buy a customized one-of-a-kind Super Hero resembling yourself? Yes, I do believe I like this idea, but at what cost? And how long does it take to make a You Kick Ass Action Figure?

World Record Striper Co

World Record Striper on Shark Tank

Catch World Record Striped Bass - Episode 626 - May 1. 2015

World Record Fishing Tackle season 6, episode 626, May 1, 2015
World Record Striped Bass Fisherman
"Gregg Myerson" appearing on the
Shark Tank Show in Episode 626
 The World Record Striper Company has one heck of a big fish story when it tries to snag a Shark on the next Shark Tank Show. With a business name like "World Record Striper Co", you best have at least one Fishing World Record to back up your product. But when it comes to catching World Record Striped Bass, there's only one fisherman worthy of this name, and now soon to become a Shark Tank Star within the Fishing Community.

The owner of World Record Striper Co is Greg Myerson, who'll be appearing on the next Episode 626 of the Shark Tank Show. If you happen to catch a World Record Striped Bass in your lifetime, some might call it luck. When you catch a second Striped Bass beating your own record while using the same homemade lure, you know it was anything but luck. And when you catch a World Record Striped Bass for the third and SOB a fourth time using the same lure, we'll, this new Shark Tank Product certainly earned its name.

While catching all four World Record Bass with a lure Greg calls the Rattle Sinker, Myerson's also landed more Striped Bass over 50 pounds than any fisherman in Recorded History using his invention the RattlerSinker. Now if that's not impressive enough reason to try this World Record Fishing Lure, maybe knowing Greg's also won the "Striper Cup Tournament" in the last three out of four years.

Paleo Diet Bar

The Paleo Diet Bar on Shark Tank

 Caveman Nutrition Bars - Episode 626 - 5/1/2015

 The Paleo Diet Bar is based on the Paleolithic Diet, also known as the Caveman Diet dating back thousands of years. According to the Wiki page, the Paleo diet is similar to eating the same types of foods dating back to the hunter-gather lifestyle. Nowadays, modern humans eat too much processed foods, grains and dairy products contributing to a variety of new diseases and being over-weight that was never present in the Caveman Day's. Did you know in 2013, the Paleolithic diet was the most searched term for weight-loss on Google?

The owneners of The Paleo Diet Bars is Husband/ Wife entrepreneurs Todd and Shauna Sledge from Ft. Collins, Colorado, who'll be appearing in the next Shark Tank Show this Friday night in Episode 626. The list of all-natural ingredients inside a Paleo Diet Bar is impressive along with soy free, dairy free, gluten free, grain free, fiber and protein rich with no preservatives. All the ingredients were hand-picked by the Sledge's to make authentic Paleo Diet Nutrition Bars specifically for the Paleolithic Diet. Dr. Cordain is the founder of the Paleolithic movement and exclusively endorses this product.

One thing standing out about Paleo Diet Bars before going on the Shark Tank is the competition. Specifically another nutrition bar by the name of Braaap Nutrition Bars that also happens to be owned by Todd and Shauna Sledge.