Keen Smart Vent Update

Keen Home Smart Vent Update

Smart Heating/ Cooling Vent from Season 6, Episode 617

Smart Heating and Cooling Vents
Smart Heating & Cooling Vents
Seen on the Shark Tank Show
 Writing this Shark Tank Success Update for Keen Home's "Smart Vents" isn't because of the products success after the Show. In fact, the smart heating and cooling vents are still in pre-order stage 26 months after the Crowdfunding campaign ended and five months after appearing on the Shark Tank Show.

Surprisingly, the reason writing this article came from a sponsored ad for Motley Fool on yahoo's front page. Unfortunately, I haven't seen that headline again, but it certainly grabbed my attention concerning Robert Herjevic investing in a multi-trillion dollar business opportunity on the Shark Tank. If you add up the List of All Shark Tank Products combined since the Show first began, it doesn't come close to $1 billion in total revenue, yet. But according to Motley Fool Investment Site, Robert Herjevic's $750,000.00 investment seen on the Shark Tank could soon make him a multi-billionaire.

Cheekd Dating Update

Cheekd Update after the Shark Tank

Success Update from Lori Cheek - Episode 517

Shark Tank Update with Lori Cheek
Shark Tank Update from Lori Cheek
 HELLLLLOOOOOOOO from NYC!!!  I hope you remember my epic episode where I got eaten alive on the Tank! I was curious if you'd be interested in my latest update?!  I went on the show asking for $100K and have (since my air date- 2/28/14) raised over 5 times that much.... I've re-branded and rebuilt in a little over one year and here's the story:

After getting shot down by all five Sharks, I looked them in the eye and said, “Trust that you’ll all see me again.”Although those final bold words of mine ended up on the cutting room floor (adding insult to injury), in the 48 hours after the broadcast, received a record breaking 100K unique visitors and our inbox filled up with thousands of emails insisting that the “Sharks” were “out of their minds” for not investing. A little under 50 of those emails were from interested investors.

Since the Shark Tank aired in February of this year, I found the missing link from years before.

Amazon Prime Day and Walmart Online Day

Amazon Prime vs Walmart Online

Biggest Business Feud Day on the Internet

Biggest Amazon Sale on 20th Birthday It's always interesting watching two Shark Tank Investors competing over a product when the entrepreneurs always get a better deal. On occasion, it's almost like watching a live auction as the Sharks keep giving better offers just to complete the deal. But what happens when millions of products are involved with the Greatest Shark Tank Fight of the Century against Amazon and Walmart when trying to close a deal with "you"?

Forget about Black Friday or Alibaba's Singles Day generating over $9 billion in sales on a single day. The Amazon Prime versus Walmart Online day on July 15th, could, in theory, become the best day for consumers to buy millions of products online during the entire year. When you have two gigantic online retailers now in a direct challenge on the exact same day, you can bet any short-term profits is the last thing on their minds.

The Amazon Prime vs Walmart Online Day didn't start out as the rivalry it's growing into, but just celebrating Amazon's 20th Birthday and reward their Prime Members. As a loyal Amazon Prime Member myself, I was already planning to buy a few things online during this sale July 16th. But now that Walmart's made a direct challenge to Amazon on it's Birthday, this Summer sale might become the single Best Day To Shop Online, period.

Plated on Beyond The Tank Update

Plated Food Delivery Update 

No Deal for Plated Food and Mark Cuban

Gourmet Meals delivered to your door
 When the Plated Food Delivery Service first appeared on Shark Tank in Season 5, co-founders Josh Hix and Nick Taranto completed a deal with Mark Cuban for a $500,000.00 investment. The exact deal was a little sketchy but for the half a million investment Cuban would receive 5.5% to 5.6% with a total valuation just under $10 million for the Plated Food Business. Considering the business was barely two years old and not making a profit, even for Mark Cuban this seemed like a very reasonable deal.

Unfortunately, after the Shark Tank Episode when Mark Cuban did a follow-up with Nick and Josh, they had second thoughts about the deal made during the Show. The business was growing at a substantial rate, and, as a result, decided to renegotiate the deal made on Shark Tank. Really? They had the wealthiest Shark on the hook and surprisingly let him get away. If you're trying to tick Mark Cuban off, just try changing the terms of an already agreed upon deal. Needless to say, Mark walked away from the deal at the same time Plated desperately needed a large investment.

Within four Months of the deal falling through with Mark Cuban, Plated Delivery Service was financially struggling with no Angel Investors in sight. The business couldn't keep expanding without a capital investment, and needed to start laying off some of the employees.

Math Buddy Chord Buddy Update

Chord Buddy's "Math Buddy" Beyond The Tank Update

 When the Chord Buddy was first Featured on the Shark Tank it was easy to see this product was going to become an enormous success. Travis Perry, the owner and inventor of the Cord Buddy, made a deal with Robert Herjevic in Season 3, Episode301 for $175,000.00 and a 20% stake in the business. Travis was fully prepared with 5000 units (retail value over $250,000.00) for the Shark Tank Effect when millions of viewers learn how easy it is playing a guitar with the Cord Buddy System. The only problem was over 12,000 guitar learning orders came in within the first Month with no signs of slowing down.

Guitar Learning System
During the Beyond The Tank Update, Travis talks about his failing Real Estate Company before the Cord Buddy's Success. Like a lot of very successful Shark Tank products, Perry was determined to keep the Cord Buddy and the Math Buddy "Made in the USA" and providing jobs to the community even though the product can be manufactured oversees for a substantial discount. A substantial discount is meaning $3.00 per unit, which IMO is a small price to pay for the added value this statement represents.