Saturday, February 21

Shark Tank Fight vs Shark Tank Fake

Shark Tank Fight on Episode 617

Was The Shark Tank Fight A Fake?

 Coming from one of the biggest Fans of the Shark Tank Show in this entire World, I'm not sure what to think about the Shark Tank Fight seen in last night's episode. The first thing this morning I went to You-Tube and watched the Scholly App pitch again, several times in fact, and now confused more than ever. Was the Scholly App appearance a real Shark Tank Fight or did we just witness the biggest fake scene ever seen on the Show?

The CEO of Scholly App, Christopher Grey Scholly confidently walks into the Shark Tank seeking $40,000.00 for a 15% stake in his Scholarship App. He did a fantastic job showing how easy the Scholly App displaying a list of scholarships tailored to each student. Christopher claims he's won over $1.3 million in scholarships for College giving him instant credibility within this market. The Scholly App was downloaded over 92,000 times in less than a year at .99 each, with 4-Star reviews thus far.

Basically, that's all the information the Sharks knew about the Scholly App when Lori Greiner says "I'm going to do something I've never done before". She then says "I haven't heard a whole lot, but I'm going to make you an offer right now".

Friday, February 20

Smart Vent from Keen Home

Keen Home Smart Vents on Shark Tank

Wireless Smart Vents - Episode 617 - February 20, 2015

Wireless Smart Vents seen on Shark Tank Episode 617, 2/20/2015
Smart Vents by Keen Home
appearing on the Shark Tank 2/20/2015
 Considering up to 50% of your utility bills goes towards heating and cooling your Home, installing wireless Smart Vents can pay for themselves a lot faster than you might expect. The Keen Home Smart Vents coming to the Shark Tank connects via a "smart home hub" allowing the vents to communicate with each other and also linking them to the Internet for maximum efficiency. By replacing your current manual vents with a smart vent taking less than a minute, they automatically open and close as if they had a mind of their own controlling the entire heating and cooling system.

The inventors of the Keen Home Smart Vents are Ryan Fant, Nayeem Hussain and Will McLeod appearing tonight on this Brand New College Themed Shark Tank Episode 617. Like a lot of Shark Tank products, the first significant round of financing came in the form of a crowd funding campaign held at Indiegogo in April of 2013. The stated goal to bring the wireless smart vents to market was $40,000.00 they successfully raised, although very, very close. The name of the original product was the "Keen Vent" that's now called the "Smart Vent" made by Keen Home. Confused yet? It gets even a little more confusing on the "Brand", but I'll get to that later.

Wednesday, February 18

LuminAid Solar Light

LuminAid on Shark Tank

Solar Powered Lamps - Episode 617 - February 20, 2015

Inflatable Floating Solar Light
 The LuminAid Solar Powered Light's is going to make History in the very near future. Not from appearing on the Shark Tank this Friday night, that's a given, but from lighting up the World one rechargeable solar powered lamp at a time. The LuminAid is a light-weight solar powered source of bright light weighing a fraction of the next competitor with its inflatable design. An inflatable solar powered light you say? Yes, I know, yet another Shark Tank product has me scratching my head and wondering "now why didn't I think of that"?

seen on the Shark Tank 2/20/2015
Lumin AID Solar Powered Lamp
The entrepreneurs who did think of inventing the LuminAid solar powered inflatable lamp is Andrea Sreshta, and Anna Stork, who will be appearing on the Shark Tank this Friday night 2/20/2015. Considering this is the ultimate Camping or Backpacking product thousands of outdoor enthusiasts will soon consider a necessity, it's easy to see this product becoming a very Big Success Story within this market alone. But Andrea and Anna have much larger plans helping bring solar powered light to parts of the World where this basic necessity is considered a luxury.

Tuesday, February 17

Taaluma Totes Backpacks

Taaluma Totes on Shark Tank

Backpacks Carrying A Country - Episode 617 - 2-20-2015

Limited Edition Backpacks from around the World
Taaluma Totes Backpack Owners
Jack Dufour and Alley Heffren
Traveling the World
 We know Taaluma Totes are custom Backpacks made with traditional fabrics from around the World, but what does Taaluma mean? Well, according to the FAQ on the website, Taaluma translates into "Culture of Swahili". The answer was still a little confusing, (at least to me) but thanks to Wikipedia, the Taaluma Totes Brand now makes perfect sense.

The entrepreneurs behind Taaluma Totes Backpacks are Jack Dufour, and Alley Heffren, who will be appearing on the Shark Tank in a Brand New Episode this Friday night, 2/20/2015. The young couple first met at Virginia Tech only a few years ago and now travel the world buying traditional fabrics from developing nations and turning them into back packs. Not just any backpack, but packs creating much-needed jobs here in the USA and several developing Country's around the World. I suppose lots of products could make the same claim, but how many give 80% of the purchase back in the form of micro-loans?

Monday, February 16

Scholly App

Scholly App on Shark Tank

Scholarship App - Episode 617 - February 20, 2015

Scholarship Finding App
Scholly Scholarship App seen n the Shark Tank
 Are you ready for a Real Shark Tank Fight? In the next Brand New Episode 617, we'll see the Sharks true colors when investing in a very successful Scholarship locating tool called the Scholly App. The battle between the Sharks fighting for an investment in the Scholly App gets so intense three investors walk off the stage. What is it about Scholly App that gets the Sharks into a feeding frenzy willing to fight over this App like no other Shark Tank product ever seen before?

The entrepreneur who invented the Scholly App is Christopher Grey Scholly, who will be appearing on the Shark Tank in episode 617 this Friday night, 2/13/2015. Christopher has mastered this game winning over $1.3 million in scholarships and most likely set a Guinness World Record at the same time. Imagine that, getting paid over a million dollars filling out pre-approved scholarships in between College classes. The keyword here is "Pre-Approved" as the Scholly App customizes its list of Scholarships tailored specifically for each High School and College Student.