Shark Tank Labor Day Marathon

Schedule for Shark Tank Labor Day Marathon

Shark Tank Day on CNBC - 9/1/2014
CNBC Hosts "Shark Tank Labor Day Marathon" September 1st 2014
Shark Tank Labor Day Marathon
Begins 7 p.m. on CNBC

With a Brand New Shark Tank Season 6 beginning in four short weeks, along with Shark Tank Labor Day Marathon September 1st on CNBC, and Shark Tank Week starting September 7th on ABC, maybe we should declare September 2014 as "Shark Tank Month".

Can all these re-runs leading up to a brand new season actually have a negative effect for the #1 Business Reality Show? In my opinion, "never". This is one of the very few reality shows you can watch multiple times and still learn something new as your "business mind" continues to evolve. As far as the contestants go, I could only imagine they're just as excited getting that call they will be featured on a Shark Tank re-run, as they were learning they made the final cut. O.K., maybe not that excited, (how could you ever top that?) but knowing the "Shark Tank Effect" is again headed their way, has to be one of the greatest feelings most of these entrepreneurs will forever cherish.

Shark Tank Labor Day Marathon Schedule

The Shark Tank Labor Day Marathon begins this Monday, September 1st at 7 p.m. (eastern) and will feature 7 classic episode's in a row. Here's a list of all 7 episodes from Shark Tank Season 3 in the order they will be shown on CNBC.

7 p.m.- Shark Tank Episode 315
8 p.m. - Shark Tank Episode 302

Meet Mark Cuban at Central Market

Central Market Selling Mark Cubans Favorite Products

Meet Mark Cuban in Texas this Thursday 8/28/2014
Mark Cubans successful products at Central Market Stores
Chapul Cricket Energy Bars
now available at "All Central Market Store's"
 What could be better than going to the Central Market Food Store and seeing Successful Shark Tank products proudly displayed in all their store's? The only thing that could top this would be getting the Shark who helped make these products successful do the pitch themselves. Imagine that, having a successful multi-billionaire pitch his famous products at a local Central Market Store. Well when it comes to Mark Cuban, this guy has proven time and time again, He will go to great lengths to help promote products he's most passionate about.

Mark Cuban will be visiting 3 Central Market Store's in Texas this Thursday August 28, 2014, promoting 4 of his successful products. Three of these products (Simple Sugar Scrubs, Monkey Mat and Chapul Cricket Energy Bars) were all featured on the Shark Tank and all completed a deal with Mark. Yes it appears even energy bars made with insects can become wildly successful, especially when being pitched (and eaten) by Mark Cuban himself.

The fourth product Mark will be demonstrating is called Alyssa’s Healthy Cookie's which is a bit of a mystery considering this product has never been featured on the Show. Hmm, what are the odds Alyssa's Cookies will make the final cut and become an Official Shark Tank Product in Season 6? I haven't found any hard evidence yet, but when you have Mark Cuban combining 3 very successful Shark Tank products with a new food product he says "He lives on", Alyssa's Cookies could easily become a Very Successful Shark Tank Product in the very near future.

Mark Cubans Schedule for Central Market Store's 8/28/2014

Shark Tank Inspires New Product

New Product's Invented Because of the Shark Tank Show

Veg-ookie Cookies Inspired by Shark Tank

  With only 35 days, 13 hours and 12 minutes before Shark Tank Season 6 premiere's, this Shark Tank Fan is getting a little anxious to start learning about the new innovative products and the entrepreneurs who are determined to make them a success. Most entrepreneur's start with a great idea that eventually grows into a viable new business or product before trying out for the Shark Tank. For the millions of Fans who watch and learn from their successes as well as failure's, it's nearly impossible not to get inspired yourself.

So how many new products/businesses have been invented as a direct result from watching the Shark Tank? How many great ideas have you personally had while watching this Business Show that seems to change the lives' (for the better) of every business minded person. If there's one thing the Shark Tank Show teaches, its to follow your passion "Your Dreams" and "Make Them Reality".

I ran across one aspiring entrepreneur on Indiegogo that because of watching the Shark Tank Show, quit her very successful professional career, and now devoted to making her dreams a reality. Tiffany Kelly, the CEO of Vegookie, was asked to do an elevator pitch for a Fortune 500 Company she worked for.

"As Seen On Shark Tank" Products at Target Stores

Target Stores "As Seen On Shark Tank" New Section

Shark Tank Coming To A Store Near You Soon

Mark Cuban promoting popular Shark Tank Products
Mark Cuban helping promote the new
"As Seen On Shark Tank" products inside Target Store
for Season 6 Update
 Considering Wal-Mart is conveniently located on our side of town, I honestly can't remember the last time I shopped at a Target Store. But now, now that I know Target has made a deal with ABC's Hit Reality Show "The Shark Tank Show" devoting an entire section for some of the most successful products, this is one store I will be visiting very soon.

Mark Cuban broke the news about this new deal between ABC and Target Stores on his Facebook page a few days ago. According to Mark, "Target will soon have "As Seen On Shark Tank" section in over 1000 stores in the very near future".

I just got off the phone with the local Target Store inquiring if they are one of the lucky stores soon to carry the "As Seen On Shark Tank" Brands. It took a little time getting the manager on the phone, who was also the only person aware of this new deal. Considering there's over 1,800 Target Store's in the U.S,, and at least 1,000 stores will have a devoted section for popular Shark Tank Products, the odds are a little better than 50/50 our local Target Store will be chosen. Apparently the final list of store's has not been finalized, or at least not passed down to the management level at this time.

With such a great idea for all parties involved, (Shark Tank Show, Successful Products, ABC and Target Stores) something tells me this deal will continue to grow adding several more successful product's available in "ALL" Target Stores. Hopefully Target will take full advantage aligning themselves with more popular Shark Tank products in the near future, and give this Show an entire isle full of successful products. They might also consider getting a hold of Ignited USA (The Advertising Agency that designed the Shark Tank Swag Box for CNBC Tuesday's) and consider a more appropriate "eye popping" display instead of what appears to be a generic sign.

This little business expense would pay huge dividends, especially if they devote an entire theme-based Shark Tank Isle filled with successful products. With a little imagination, this partnership has the potential to drastically increase every one's bottom line. This would also be a great way to 'test' brand new up-and-coming Shark Tank products and packaging before committing to larger orders.

I might not remember the last time I was in a Target Store, but if they start aggressively promoting Shark Tank Products, then this is one store I will go out of my way to visit often. It's a great idea, especially if they continue to add new products and the space needed for a full blown theme-based isle.

Shark Tank Season 6 Contestants

Shark Tank Season 6 begins September 6, 2014

Who's on Shark Tank Season 6?

  With only 50 more days until a brand new season of the Shark Tank premiere's, I can only imagine the thousands of entrepreneur's who auditioned for season 6 and now anxiously await a call that will forever change the rest of their lives. The bigger the Shark Tank phenomenon becomes, the more credibility each and every entrepreneur gains simply by being featured on this 100% Business Reality Show. When you can say your product was good enough to be featured on the Shark Tank Show, you can bank on this fact opening doors that would have never existed any other way.

So who tried out for Season 6, and which products have the greatest chance getting Featured on a Brand New Shark Tank Episode? After studying several hundred Shark Tank Contestants and the business and/or products that got them there, I'm going out on a limb and predicting a few products that will be featured in an episode during season 6. If you know of other Shark Tank "worthy" entrepreneur's who auditioned for Season 6, and you believe they have a great chance of getting on the Show, feel free to leave their details below. I for one am always interested in learning about brand new "up and coming" successful product's, and the entrepreneurs who took their dreams and shaped them into reality

Shark Tank Season 6 Audition Tapes


Shark Tankl Season 6 products There's not many inventions that can completely transform a multi-billion dollar industry, especially when you're talking about time tested hand tools that hasn't changed in generations. I mean come on now, how "intelligent" can you really make a shovel or a broom anyway? Well once you learn about the Inteletool that auditioned for the Shark Tank in Season 6, you will never look at those, or dozens of different tools the same again.