Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel on the Shark Tank

Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo - Episode 604 - 10-24-2014

seen in Season 6,  Episode 604
 The late night comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, and his popular security guard Guillermo, will be appearing on the Shark Tank Show with a product that will change the future of fashion. In this special episode 604, the producer's have come up with an ingenious way to cross-promote both the Shark Tank and the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, both on ABC.

Episode 604 is already filled with four new products including the Beat Box Beverage, EmergenSee App, Oilerie Olive Oil Bars and the Honey Fund, so Jimmy and Guillermo only have a limited time to convince the Sharks to invest in their future clothing line. To see if Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo get a deal on the Shark Tank, we need to watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show on Monday night, October 27, 2014.

A few clues how Jimmy and Guillermo plan to "change the future of fashion" might be found in this interview when Kevin O'Leary was on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this year. This interview also happens to be one of the very best I have ever seen with O'Leary. He might not have the best reputation with some viewers for being a hard ass on the show, but in "real life", Kevin seems much more relaxed and genuinely a nice person.

Do you know where the name "Mr. Wonderful" actually came from, and what it really means? I didn't either until I watched this interview with Jimmy Kimmel, but now the name make perfect sense.

Oilerie Olive Oil Bars

Oilerie on Shark Tank

Olive Oil Bar - Episode 604 - 10/24/2014

Specialty Oil and Vinegar Franchise Opportunity
Oilerie Olive Oil Bar Owners
Curt and Amy Campbell
 How many times have you walked into a Bar and received as many Free Shots as you cared to consume? No, not those kinds of shots, I'm talking about the good stuff made from virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar. Yum, now that's what I'm talking about!

Curt Campbell is the owner of Oilerie Oils who's appearing on the Shark Tank in episode 604 this Friday night. If you never visited an Oilerie Olive Oil Bar before, your taste buds are in for a real treat from these exotic flavors produced in Italy and now available in the United States. Curt and his wife Amy, began this journey mastering the art of Olive Oils and Vinegars while on a vacation in Italy. After seeing how popular this product is abroad, the idea came to them, "why don't they have olive oil bars in the U.S.?'

Within six months, the Campbell's started importing bulk specialty olive oils from 4th generation Italian Master, Adriano Mantova, and re-bottled the product under their own "Oilerie Oils Label". The first little cottage store's located in Fish Creek, Wisconsin, which turned into an instant success almost overnight. According to the website, this flagship store started in 2003, is only 325 square feet, and brings in almost $1 million in annual sales.

EmergenSee App

EmergenSee App on Shark Tank

Personal Security App - Episode 604 - October 24, 2014

Emergency Help App seen on 10-24-2014
EmergenSee App coming to the Shark Tank
in Episode 604.
Personal Security Device for Smart Phones
 If there is a single App having the potential to stop a crime before it happens, this EmergenSee App has to be at the top of the list. Just the thought of this new technology activated with a single click on a smart phone, would be enough to stop most people from doing something they will regret.

Once the EmergerSee App activates, an instant live audio and video feed is sent to a pre-determined list of contacts with your exact location via GPS. Even if the threat takes away your smartphone, it's all ready to late, you have them on multiple audio/video feeds, and the authorities are on the way. Yes, I do believe the future of emergency apps has finally evolved to the point its a "must have personal security device" that could potentially stop a crime from being committed in the first place.

The entrepreneurs behind the EmergenSee App is Jason Friedberg and Phil Reitnour, who will be demonstrating all the built-in emergency features on the Shark Tank Show in episode 604. Another cool built-in feature they invented is the "Virtual Escort" that activates the emergency app after a predetermined amount of time. When going from point A to point B, you simply program your Virtual Escort to allow you enough time to get there. Obviously you'd already have the App ready to go in case of an emergency, but with the Virtual Escort you have an additional layer of personal security during that time.


Honey Fund on Shark Tank

Free Honeymoon Wedding Registry - Episode 604 - 10-24-2014

Raise money for your Honeymoon seen on Shark Tank Show
HoneyFund Wedding Registry owners
Josh & Sara Margulis
on their way to the Shark Tank Show
 I think most couples would agree they loved all the presents they received on their wedding day, but it sure would have been nice not to end up with a bunch of presents they'll never use. Using modern technology to help solve this problem receiving gifts you "really want", you can now set up a Free HoneyFund Registry account, and plan and help pay for your ultimate Honeymoon at the same time.

The HoneyFund Registry was started by Josh and Sara Margulis, who will be appearing on the Shark Tank this Friday night in episode 604 on October 24, 2014. A good way to describe the Free Honeymoon Fund service is basically running a crowd funding campaign for your Honeymoon. You already have a house full of "stuff", but maybe lacking the funds needed to go on the ultimate Honeymoon you've always imagined.

When Josh and Sara got married they wanted to go to Fiji for their Honeymoon and preferred any wedding gifts go towards paying for the trip instead of a traditional household gift. The soon-to-be married couple researched over a dozen online wedding registry's to make it as easy as possible for their guests, but was shocked at the high prices and booking fees. With all the website building tools available today, they figured why not start their own Online Wedding Registry customized to help pay for the ultimate Honeymoon they both envisioned.

BeatBox Beverages

Beat Box Beverages on Shark Tank

Party In A Box - Episode 604 - October 24, 2014

Party In A Box in Episode 604, 10/24/2014
The BeatBox Beverages "Party-In-A-Box"
coming to the Shark Tank in Episode 604
 It's time to throw a party in the Shark Tank. Not just any party, but an eco-friendly BeatBox Party. Forget about all those bottle and cans that ultimately make a big mess, just simply grab one of these ready mixed drink Beat Box Beverage Party in a Box, and you're good to go.

Two of the entrepreneurs behind the Beat Box Beverage is Justin Fenchel, Aimy Steadman, who will be appearing on Shark Tank Episode 604, October 24,2014. At first you might think, hey these Beat Boxes sure resemble the wine-in-box boxes that's been around for years, what's so unique about this alcoholic product?

You would be correct that serving large portions of wine in a box is nothing new. What makes the Beat Box Beverage's stand out above anything else on the market is for one, this is not wine, but a blend that tastes more like a tasty mixed drink. Considering the alcohol content is 22 proof, it's safe to say the Beat Box Beverage will have the same effect after a few mixed drinks as well. Each box holds 5 liters of the wine based mixed drinks, or seven bottles of wine in a single package, which makes this the perfect way to throw an eco-friendly party without all the trash.

The BeatBox Beverage Founders started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo in December of 2012, promoting their Party in A Box alcoholic beverage, and raise the initial $10,000.00 needed to kick start this Hip Brand. The campaign ended January 20, 2013, with only $6,000.00 in pledges, but was ultimately enough to put their dreams into action and start the Beat Box Brand.

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