Friday, January 30

Episode Guide 620

Shark Tank Episode #620

January 30, 2015

 Tonight's Brand New Shark Tank Episode 620 has an update with the Biggest Shark Tank Success Story in the History of the Show. The Groove Book Photo Sharing App first appeared on the Shark Tank two years ago in Season 5, completed a deal with Kevin O'Leary, and now are multi-millionaires many times over. Shutterfly took notice after one million Shark Tank Fans downloaded the Groovebook App and decided to buy the company for a reported $14.5 million.

This episode of the Shark Tank also has Mark Cuban telling one of the new contestant's "It's Horrible, Horrible, Horrible". Ouch, I wonder how He really feels about this new product making the final cut. Clearly there's a few interesting new products that'll become successful after the Show, in fact they already are a success IMO.

Shark Tank Products seen in Episode 620

The Green Box has the ability to transform Pizza Boxes as we know them today. Imagine a single green box transforming into multiple purposes.

The Phone Soap sterilizes all the germs and bacteria on your smart phone giving it a nice soapy bath. O.K. maybe not the soap part, but completely eliminating germs using UV Lights.

Victoria's Kitchen Almond Water has an inspirational story about creating the American Dream one bottled water at a time. The Almond Flavored Water is already available in over 800 retail store's prior to their Shark Tank appearance.

Tycoon Real Estate is a Crowd Funding platform investors can invest in Hot Real Estate Markets for as little as $1000 initial investment.

If you had to guess, what new Shark Tank Product does Mark Cuban think is so horrible?

Shark Tank Tuesday is BACK!!

Starting this Tuesday February 3, 2015, ABC will start running two Brand New Episode's each week. I'm not sure how long they plan to do this, (at least the next two weeks) but as much as I love watching reruns, I Really Love Watching Brand New Episode's. Of course CNBC also runs four episode's on Tuesday nights, so a little channel surfing might be in order keeping up with all the deals.

Tuesday, January 27

Balm Chicky Lip Balm

Balm Chicky on the Shark Tank

All Natural Lip Balm - Episode 616 - February 3, 2015
All Natural Chicky Balm Balm
Balm Chicky Lip Balm
Appearing on Shark Tank
Tuesday February 3, 2015

 When you're selling an All Natural Lip Balm inspired with name's like Juicy Melons and Huge Cucumber, you just know it's going to get a little hot inside the Shark Tank. The Balm Chicky Balm Balm Chicks will be appearing on a Brand New Episode on Tuesday night February 3, 2015 with their 70's inspired lip balm business that, yes, could be the hottest new product ever seen on the Shark Tank Show if you know what I mean.

Abby Schwalb and Liz Moskow are the entrepreneur's who invented the Balm Chicky Balm Balm Biz consisting of several rather interesting names for their lip balm products. If you're not into Huge Melons, then maybe a little Wild Mountain Honey or some Hot Chocolate Love is what your lips prefer. The Balm Chicky Chicks makes a Lip Balm for every set of lips you can imagine.

Aside from having a Hot New Lip Balm with playful names, the Balm Chicky products also have a patented new tube dispenser giving this Brand a distinct advantage over all Lip Balms currently on the market.

Monday, January 26

Drain Strain

Drain Strain on Shark Tank

Permanently Unclog Drains - Episode 616 - Feb. 3, 2015

Permanently Unclog Drains
Drain Strain Inventor Naushad Ali
appearing on the next Shark Tank Show
 The Drain Strain is an interesting new product appearing on the Shark Tank this Tuesday night with one heck of a claim, "guaranteed to unclog drain pipes permanently forever'". When I first read this statement before seeing the product, my first reaction was "That's impossible unless you stick some kind of catcher inside the drain itself". We'll guess what? That's exactly what Naushad Ali, the inventor of the Drain Strain did.

Apparently the Drain Strain must have auditioned for the Shark Tank with a good idea and a prototype in hand, but no sales to speak of according to the timeline. Ali started a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo on July 16, 2014 which was getting close the end of the Shark Tank auditions. Either way, the campaign ended September 14, 2014 raising only $2,000.00 from a $25,000.00 financial goal.


Bed Jets on The Shark Tank

Heating/  Cooling Bed Jets - Episode 616 - "Tuesday" 2/3/2015

BedJets Smart Bed with App
Bed Jets Heating and Cooling System for Beds
On Shark Tank Episode February 3, 2015
 Imagine for a moment a Smart Bed Jet you can control the heating or cooling system directly from an App moments before going to bed. No more cold sheets relying on your body heat and no more sleepless nights when it's just too damn hot. When it's time to go to bed, you already know exactly what to expect because you have complete control over the entire climate control that quickly adjusts at a moment's notice.

Mark Aramli from Newport, Road Island is the inventor of the Bed Jet Comforter appearing on the Shark Tank next Tuesday night, February 3, 2015 in Episode 616. This isn't the old fashion technology used in Electric Blankets taking up to an hour just to heat up, but a highly sophisticated new technology warming or cooling the BedJet Comforter within two minutes time.

Saturday, January 24

Fresh Patch

Fresh Patch of Grass on Shark Tank

 Dog Litter Box - Episode 616 - February 3, 2015

Disposible Dog Litter Box
Disposable Dog Litter Box
with Real Grass
 One of the best reasons to watch the Shark Tank Show is you never know what innovative new products the producer's will find during the Casting Calls. A subscription service for a Fresh Patch of Real Grass for your Dog to Pee-On is certainly an innovative product thinking outside the litter box. Domesticated Cat's can easily be trained using the toilet with the "Citty Kitty" seen on the Shark Tank in Episode ???. Dog's on the other hand, prefer a nice Fresh Patch of Grass if they can hold it until it's time to go outside that is.

Andrew Feld is the entrepreneur who helped invent the Fresh Patch Grass appearing on the Shark Tank in Episode 616 next Tuesday night February 3, 2015. Just like most cat's have a litter box, now your dog can have one too. The target market is for dog owners living in apartment's and condominium's with small or no backyards for their furry Friends. If this describes you, then you already know how important this multi-daily task is if you don't want any hidden surprises.