The Shark Chat Webinars

Chat with the Shark Monthly Webinar

 What would it be worth having direct access to the Shark Daymond John? You already have a great idea for a new product or an established business you want to take to the next level, you just need professional advice from someone that's already been there, and someone you can trust. Considering Daymond has built a $6 billion clothing line empire from scratch, not to mention completing dozens of successful deals on the Shark Tank, John's advice when focused on "your business" could be priceless.

The Shark Chat is a new monthly webinar Daymond John will be personally hosting with very specific business related subjects covered each month. The next Shark Chat is all about "How To Start A Clothing Line" which John clearly knows exactly what it takes. All members have the opportunity to submit questions directly to Daymond during the webinar which he will answer the best topic specific questions with the live audience.

Obviously having your questions answered by Daymond during the 1 hour live webinar has a lot of value, but what about spending a little one-on-one time with him talking specifically about your business or product's potential? Now "that" would be worth its weight in gold!

As a Shark Tank Chat member, you're automatically entered into the "Win A Free 10 Minute Private Consultation with Daymond John" with one lucky member winning each month. That's a Great Idea :), just the chance to meet one of the original Shark Tank Investors could easily be a life changing event for any Shark Tank Fan.

Floating Mugs

 Floating Mugs on Shark Tank

Coasterless Floating Cups - Episode 602 - September 26, 2014

Coasterless Cups episode 602
Floating Mugs seen on
Shark Tank Episode 602
 Have you ever had guests over for coffee and politely had to slip a coaster under the cup before it ruined your furniture? It doesn't matter if it's a cup or a mug, it can and will damage the surface if left there long enough. But what if there was a floating coffee cup, one that has a built-in coaster keeping your beverage suspended above the table.

If you haven't already heard about the Coasterless Floating Mugs invented by Tigere Chiriga, you'd probably think this was some kind of a floating magic trick, but its not. The coaster-less floating coffee mugs keep liquid suspended in the air by Chiriga's patented handle design which eliminates the need for using a coaster.

With such a clever new design for Tigere's floating coffee cup, He's yet again another Shark Tank Contestant who first took the crowd funding route to establish there was indeed a market for this invention. Chiriga chose Kickstarter, the largest crowdfunding site online, to get the Coasterless Mugs kick started in the right direction.

With an ambitious $15,000.00 needed for the molds and startup inventory, this would also be a great test to measure the potential for the patented floating mug. The Floating Mug campaign ended July 31, 2012 with over $39,000.00 in total pledges, and overwhelming positive reviews from the pledgers themselves.

Floating Coffee Mugs before Shark Tank Update

Las Vegas Wedding Wagon

Las Vegas Wedding Wagon on the Shark Tank

Mobile Wedding Service - Episode 602 - 9/26/2014

Las Vegas Mobile Weddings on episode 602
Wedding Wagon Mobile Wedding Service
 What does weddings and pizza delivery have in common? If you're like most people, you'd probably say "not much". But if your names are Adrian Gonzalez and James Cass, the entrepreneurs behind the Wedding Wagon, you would say "a huge multi-million dollar untapped franchise opportunity". The Las Vegas Wedding Wagon's Mobile Wedding Service is such a unique idea, its the first Franchise Opportunity to be featured on Shark Tank Season 6 during the 2 hour premier in episode 602.

Considering what a traditional wedding costs these days, wouldn't it be nice to order a Licensed Reverend on wheels, complete with a professional photographer, just as easy as it is to order a pizza? The best part is, it only cost $129.00 to have a Wedding Wagon show up at any location you desire, which leaves plenty left over for what really counts, the Honeymoon.

The Wedding Wagon has become very successful in the Las Vegas area, which when you think about all the little wedding chapels on almost every corner, this certainly is a major positive Rev. James and Rev. Adrian have going for them inside the Shark Tank. They're convinced Franchising the Wedding Wagon's concept is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs across the entire country.

Obviously if you're going to start a Wedding Wagon in your area, you're going to need an ordained or licensed Reverend to perform wedding ceremonies, right? Well guess what?

Roominate Doll House

Roominate on Shark Tank

Custom Designed Doll House - Episode 602 - 9/26/2014

 What do you get putting two female engineers from MIT and Stanford together in a room talking about "how to get other girls interested in STEM" (science, technology, engineering and math) which has played a major role in both of their lives? If you also add the entrepreneurial minds like Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen's, inventors of Roominate Doll House, you get a successful new product that will inspire thousands of girls for many years to come, especially after Shark Tank Season 6 two hour premier episode.

Design your own doll house seen in Shark Tank Season 6
Fully Customized
 "Roominate Doll House"
seen on Shark Tank Episode 602

Custom Doll Houses have been around for many generations, there's nothing new about that. What makes the Roominate Doll House appearing on Shark Tank Episode 601 different from anything else on the market is who will be doing the designing, the room colors, making the furniture, wiring the power fixture's and even building a functioning elevator or windmill if they chose. The entire Roominate Doll House Kits are designed for young female future inventors to create their own rooms starting from scratch, while learning about STEM at the same time.

Alice and Bettina knew they had a great invention that would keep girls interested for many hours at a time, but first needed proof of concept, and the seed money to get this business started. One of the best places to raise start-up capital for a new invention, and a great way to get noticed by the producer's of the Shark Tank looking for new contestants I might add, is running a campaign on Kickstarter. The two engineer's went to work promoting the Roominate Doll House with a $25,000.00 goal. The campaign was successfully funded June 16, 2012, ending with $86,000.00 in initial orders.

Sleepy Baby Inc - Zipadee Zip

Zipadee Zip Baby Blankets on Shark Tank

Zippy Swaddle Blankets - Episode 601 - 9/26/2014

Wearable baby blankets seen in episode 602  The story how Brett and Stephanie Parker started the Sleepy Baby Zipadee Zip Swaddle Blankets coming to the Shark Tank in episode 601 was built on pure faith. The need and desire to start a new home based business so Stephanie could continue staying at home raising their baby girl, was much more powerful than retuning to her job after maternity leave was over. The Parker's only had one small little problem, they had no idea what kind of business to start, but they did have an unlimited amount of faith and a very strong positive belief the answer was on its way.

As always, when you focus your attention backed by 100% positive faith, the Law of Attraction will "always" deliver. The toughest part about applying this natural law we all have available to us, is getting out of its way once you define your burning desire, simply knowing the "perfect answer" is already on its way. Stephanie had a strong burning desire to start a new home-based business so she could stay home with their baby girl, and in the process, invented the Zipa Dee Zip Swaddle Blankets that was a match made in Heaven. You can read the entire inspirational Zipadee Zip story here.

If picture's are still worth a thousand words, then you could fill an entire encyclopedia with this video demonstration of the Zipadee Zip Blankets in action.