How Much Money Do The Sharks Make?

Do The Sharks Get Paid From Shark Tank Show?

 Considering the overall success of the Shark Tank Show as a Reality TV program, how much do the Stars make per episode/ season? We all know the Sharks invest their own money in the product's and businesses, but do they make enough money directly from appearing on the Show to invest their earnings directly back into the deals?

This is a very good question that seemingly would become more lucrative for all the Sharks as each successful season. No doubt after each season the Sharks are more than eager to re-negotiate their contracts. If memory serves me correctly, it was Mark Cuban who said the Sharks make around $25,000.00 per episode a few years ago. I would imagine there's more than a few perks going along with a paycheck, but even then, are the Sharks "really" making money directly from the Show, or does it cost them?

So How Much Does It Cost The Sharks To Be On The Shark Tank?

Episode 614 - Shark Tank Holiday Special

Shark Tank Holiday Special

Shark Tank Christmas Special - Episode 614 - December 12, 2014
Interfaith Tree Topper Shark Tank Update
Hanukkah Tree Topper
Shark Tank Success Update
December 12, 2014
  Happy Holiday's Everyone! The next Shark Tank Show is Season 6 Holiday Episode featuring new Christmas and Hanukkah products. We also have one of the best Tree Topper's of all time seen in Shark Tank's Season 5 Holiday Episode featured for the Success Update.

As more Families are celebrating both the Christmas and Hanukah traditions together as evidenced by the explosive sales of the Tree Topper, there's another product on the Shark Tank tonight looking to expand this market even further.

Hoppy Paws

 The Hoppy Paws will have your kid's hopping for joy when they see the paw prints of Santa's Reindeer around the Christmas Tree. Trina Barkouras is the entrepreneur appearing in this years Shark Tank Holiday Special with a variety of Hoppy Paw Stamp Prints covering several different Holidays.

The Mensch on a Bench

ZipZ Wine - Biggest Deal in Shak Tank Histoy

Shark Tank's Biggest Deal Completed

Kevin O'Leary Makes Largest Shark Tank Investment in ZipZ Wines

 Kevin O'Leary just made Shark Tank History in last nights episode 614 with the largest investment ever seen on the Shark Tank Show. Andrew McMurray, the president of Zip-Z Wine, came into the Shark Tank asking for $2.5 million for a 10% equity stake in this single serving wine glass. With an initial valuation of $25 million walking into the Tank, this assessment alone set a new record for the largest investment (percentage wise) the Sharks have ever seen on the Show. The big question was "would the Sharks bite, and if so, how much could they lower the $25 million valuation and still complete the deal?"
Considering Kevin O'Leary just so happens to own a winery appropriately named "O'Leary Wines", you'd think this Shark would be the most interested in this product, and you would be right. If you want to see what Kevin looks like when He's laser-focused on a deal, just watch this episode 613 again. He immediately brings up Copa Da Vino that had two chances to make a deal on the Shark Tank, but still couldn't come to an agreement.

The Mensch On A Bench

Mensch On A Bench on Shark Tank

Jewish Alternative to Elf On A Shelf - Episode 614 - 12-12-2014

Jewish alternative to the Elf on a Shelf Christmas Tradition
 It's barely been ten years since Elf On A Shelf was first invented by a Mother and Daughter sharing their Family Christmas tradition. Within the last few years this tradition is now celebrated in millions of Christian homes around the world. Mensch On A Bench is a Jewish alternative to this fast growing Holiday tradition and will be Featured in this years Shark Tank Holiday Special for 2014.

One day Neal Hoffman, the entrepreneur who invented the Mensch on a Bench product had his son request they also buy the Elf On A Shelf for the Holiday's. The only problem was the Hoffman's are Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah during this time. The conversation got Neal thinking, why not start their own Holiday tradition similar to the Elf On The Shelf, but share the entire Hanukkah story instead.

As all successful entrepreneurs do, Hoffman immediately got busy creating the "Mensch On A Bench" concept. The story book he created tells the story about Mosche the Mench sitting on a bench keeping the flames from going out. The Mensch is a well-designed doll dressed as a Rabbi, and as you may have guessed, He's sitting on a bench holding a candle.

Before Neal took The Mensch On A Bench finished product to the Shark Tank auditions,

Q Flex

Q-Flex on Shark Tank

QFlex Acupressure Device - Episode 614 - 12-12-2014

Pressure point devise
With the Q-Flex Acupressure
you can easily reach any
pressure point.
 The Q-Flex pressure point device is coming to the Shark Tank with an invention we can all enjoy during this Holiday Season. Andrea Cao might only be 13 years old, but when it comes to knowing vital pressure points throughout the body, she's already become an expert.

All the technology going into designing the Q-Flex is based on ancient Chinese medicine and the knowledge pasted down using acupressure to eliminate pain in paticular areas of the body. With the help of Andrea's mom Hong, together they will try convincing the Sharks this new acupressure design is worthy of a Shark Tank investment.

The first question lots of people might have is where the heck are all our pressure points located? Fortunately, this rather young entrepreneur mastering this old ancient Chinese art, has put together diagrams on the website with instructions using the Q Flex. You gradually apply and release pressure applied to a pressure point for a few minutes at a time. The design of the QFlex Acupuncture allows you to reach every pressure point on your entire body with ease.

Q-Flex Audition Tape for The Shark Tank Show