Kevin O'Leary Shark Tank Investor

Kevin O'Leary aka "Mr. Wonderful"

Kevin O'Leary's Shark Tank Investments

Even the Shark Tank needs at least one hard ass and someone you really never know what He's going to say, and Kevin O'Leary, you clearly have won the honors. Whether you love him (Mr. Wonderful) or hate him (Mr. Jackass) you have to admit, he sure knows how to leave a lasting impression. Maybe it's just me, but he sure seems to have no problem trying to low ball some of the Shark Tank Contestants just to see if they would accept such a ridiculous offer. I guess you never know til you ask and Kevin has no problems throwing out a low ball offer to get things rolling.
 Now depending on what the actual product or service is, O'Leary very we'll maybe just the Angel Investor your looking for. If you have a unique product that the intellectual property could be sold to a large corporation on a royalty basis,

Barbara Corcoran - Shark Tank

Barbara Corcoran on "The Shark Tank"

Barbara Corcoran's Shark Tank Investment Deals

 I figured I would start with my favorite Shark, Barbara Corcoran who is a very successful real estate investor from New York City. From starting out with a business loan of only $1,000.00, She built it into an empire later sold for $66 Million. Barbara is also a very successful writer for More Magazine, The Daily Review and Redbook in which She writes a column's for. Corcoran has also written several books, does speeches and started numerous ventures since her early days before becoming an investoer on the Shark Tank Show.

 Her businesses are reportedly doing doing over $5 Billion