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Send A Ball In The Mail - Season 1, Episode 10 Update

SendABall in the Mail The SendABall Business was started by two sisters Michele Kapustka and Melisa Moroko who really are crazy about the  Send A Ball Business. In fact they love them so much, it's become a Family Affair. Who wants to get just another Greeting Card when you can Send A Ball instead? At first you wouldn't (or at least I didn't) think you can send a ball through the mail without having in boxed up. But from a little experimenting at how far they could push the envelope with the Post Office, Michele and Melisa actually created a thriving mailorder business.

SendABall Recap from the Shark Tank Season 1

 The two sister's came into the Shark Tank very enthusiastic about getting at least one Shark interested in their business.
They started off by asking for an oddball number of $86,000.00 which is exactly what they needed for a new ball making machine. You can Send A Ball to anyone that has an address for only $20 which includes the postage and handling. They simple put stamps right on their colorful balls and ship them right out. At that time it was costing them $5 per ball including shipping which made for a nice $15 profit for each one sent. Yearly sales for the Send A Ball Business was generating $100,000.00 for the Sister's who live right across the street from one another.

None of the male Sharks didn't seem very interested in going in the Ball Business, but Barbara Corcoran kept bouncing back the idea if she knows enough about balls to invest in the pair. In the end she thinks that Melisa and Michele can bounce back from this short term dilemma without her and decides not to invest in the SendABall Business.

Send A Ball Update

It's been 3 1/2 years since Melisa and Michele were featured on the Shark Tank and they are still sending balls in the mail. It was such a good idea that a little competition did sprung up just as Kevin Harrington had predicted might happen. They may not have any proprietary rights on sending balls in the mail but they do have first movers advantage, and of course having SendABall featured on the Shark Tank Show can only be a good thing.

 Interestingly the list of messages on the balls has not grown much in this amount of time. You still have a lot of options on what's printed on the Ball but I thought they might have a bigger selection into other Niche Markets they could easily be reaching. Whats another Great Idea for I could think of a few new good sayings, but the better idea would be to ask past, present and future customer's in a form of a contest. Everyone loves contests and who knows, the Best Selling Ball may still be waiting to be discovered.

The best part about getting on the Shark Tank whether you make a deal with the Sharks or not, is you will forever be associated with the Greatest Business Show in US History. You really do become a Reality Star with a lot of demand in the real business world. Melisa and a few other past contestants have got together and started the Shark Tank Boot Camp where you can learn first hand how they beat the odds and got on the Show. It's a really good idea and a solid investment to learn exactly what it takes to get on the Shark Tank Show.

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