Shark Tank 420

Shark Tank Episode 420

Week 19 - 3-1-2013 
 This weeks episode of the Shark Tank Show has a little something for everyone from an already established acupressure wrist band to a home tattoo removal devise that is sure to be an instant hit. One of these companies have the potential to be one of the largest offers ever offered on the Shark Tank Show and should make for a very interesting round of negotiations. Did we mention that yet another Peanut Butter inspired business will make it's way on the Shark Tank that has added benefits that set it apart from most competition. In fact competition is what these nuts are all about. And we certainly can't forget about the stiletto high heel shoes that transforms to a wedge using (I think) a patented magnetic method which could have a huge licensing deal in the making.
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Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble Watch on Kick Starter

Smart Watch - Most Successful Kickstarter Campaign in History

Blue Tooth enabled Smart Watch
Pebble Watch makes Kickstarter History
Over $10 million in 30 days!
 Pebble Smart Watch for iPhone and Android is a blue tooth enabled smart watch that communicates with IPhone and Android smart phones. Furthermore you can customize your watch using apps for an unlimited number of download able watch faces. When you connect your smart phone with the smart watch it will alert you to incoming calls, emails and important messages. You can even scan and play your music list from the convenience of your watch. This is not the Dick Tracey watch to compete with the smart phones but more of an accessory that will have you using your IPhone and Android devises in ways you never imagined. 

 This smart pebble watch has just set an amazing Kickstarter record that may not be broken any time in the near future. What started out as an already ambitious goal of raising $100,000.00 to kick start the Pebble Watch in a little over a Month, turns out to be less then 1% of the over-all total. The Pebble Watch raised over $10,000,000.00 (Ten Million Dollars) from over 68,000 customers by the time the campaign ended. WOW can you imagine watching that ticker blow right on by your original goal.
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Nuts n More


Nuts n More Nut Butter on Shark Tank

Nutritious Almond and Peanut Butter - Season 4 - Episode 420 - 3-1-2013

Shark Tank Season 4, episode 420 The Nut Butter Business must be a growing market as we have yet another peanut butter inspired business coming to the Shark Tank. The Nut's n More business model was started by Peter Ferreira and Dennis Iannotti from Pawtuckett, RI with already several varieties to choose from including the peanut butter, almond butter, Nuts N More - Chocolate Almond Butter , chocolate peanut and cinnamon raisin almond butter. Both Peter and Dennis are fitness and nutrition experts that have designed the ultimate high protein energy booster that also happens to taste very good.

What makes the Nut's n More Brand different
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Jeska Shoes


Jeska Shoes on the Shark Tank

Interchangeable Magnetic Stiletto Heel's Changed To A Wedge - Season 4 - Episode 420
Jeska shoes season 4 episode 420
Jessica Haynes of Jeska Shoes on the Shark tank
 The Jeska Shoe Company is another product that has roots going back to a College project. Jessica Haynes and Kaci Mathews from the Southern Arkansas University, teamed up in the 2011 Arkansas Governor's Cup competition and submitted their business plan for the magnetic women's heel changer which they named the Jeska Shoe Company. They went on to place in the competition and now the Jeska Shoe designs is coming to the Shark Tank.

 This seems like a good idea (if I wore high heels anyway) and it's easy to see a market for this creative solution that would expand your collection of choices of shoes to wear.
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PSI Bands


PSI Bands on Shark Tank

Acupressure Wrist Bands - Season 4 Episode 420 - 3-1-2013

The ancient art of acupressure is coming to the Shark Tank Psi Bands wrist band. Romy Taormina the inventor of Psi Bands (pronounced sigh) is sure getting a lot of attention in the acupressure world. These Bands are designed to put pressure on what’s called your Neiguan pressure point and provide relief from nausea. You should wear a Psi Band on both wrists for the full effect, and yes they actually do work.
Psi Bands were first developed as a way to alleviate morning sickness when pregnant. Putting a controlled amount of pressure on the neiguan pressure point has been well documented in helping with this and many other nausea related symptoms including all types of motion sickness. The reviews of the acupressure bands
have been so impressive they are also used during chemotherapy, and patients have experienced less nausea as a result.
When Taormina had severe morning sickness during her pregnancie he set out to design a more fashionably attractive alternative for this ancient Psi Bands are arguably the most attractive acupressure bands on the market and many retailers have already taken notice and are already selling them. A partial list of just some of the stores already carrying Psi Bands include Toys-R-Us, Babies-R-Us, Rite Aid, Wholefoods, CVS, and
The PSI Bands come in 5 colors to choose from

With an already clearly established productavailable in some of the most recognizable stores in the country this should be a very interesting round of negotiations for the Sharks to consider. Maybe a QVC play to help further the Brands awareness? No, they have already been on QVC as early as 2008. In fact the more I dig the more I even wonder what could the Sharks even offer them that they don't already have. Provide additional working capital to keep up with demand? Could be but it seems this company is already way past that point so there must be another reason for them to even consider coming to the Shark Tank and give up part equity for the privilege. Deal or No Deal, they are still obligated to give the producers of the Shark Tank a percentage of the acupressure business.
There is more to this story then meets the eyeand unfortunately we all have to wait until this Friday Night on ABC to see how this all plays out. This seems to have a lot of resemblance to the
Order your PSI Bands Online

PSI Bands after the Shark Tank Update

Well I couldn't of been more wrong about this company if I actually tried.

 From the beginning of this (Amy or Roma?) in finding things that should not of been there
( what the f**k is this, yui_3_7_2_1_1961908819702_2031) to learning just because your in thousands of stores, doesn't necessarily make you successful. Especially when you try to take advantage of someone like me that is basically giving you free publicity.

Romy came into the Shark Tank looking for a $250k investment for a 10% stake in the acupressure business valuating it at $2.5 million. Robert Herjevic is the first to ask about sales for the last year when Taormina responds "almost a million dollars". They are already in over 6000 retail stores across the country with a gross profit margin of only 11%  (a hundred grand). She also has $600k in debt that includes past deferred salaries from years ago which instantly turns all the Sharks off.  Yes she actually had the balls to ask the sharks to cover her past salary with their investment in the company.

They all go out except for Kevin O'Leary who is the only one to make an offer for the $250k but wants 40% of the company. Taormina instantly says no and refuses to make a counter offer. It appears that she came in the Shark Tank and had no intentions of negotiating as she steadfastly sticks to the 10%. NO DEAL

Both Mark Cuban and Daymond John said they Do Not TRUST HER. After finding that code above no less then 20 times within a revised copy her or her employee so gratisially sent me, I have to agree. Very VERY Sneaky!

 I am still waiting for a response to exactly what code is and why you would go out of your way and try to take advantage of me.
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Neo Mag Light


Neo Mag Light on Shark Tank

Home Tattoo Removal - Season 4, Episode 420 3/1/2013

Tatto Remover Neo Mag Light
Black Magic Tattoo Remover
Neo Mag Light
There's no question getting a tattoo removed can be very expensive
. Most people that have unwanted tattoo's assume they are stuck with these old memories for life and cannot justify spending thousands of dollars to have the tattoo removed. Until recently you really had only three choices. Keep living with that homemade or poorly designed tattoo from days you would rather forget, (or don't quite remember) have a professional tattoo artist incorporate your old tattoo into a new one, or pay big bucks and have it removed over several costly sessions. You now have a fourth option of removing tattoo's at home using a Neo Mag Light, which it's easy to see, will become a very popular new option for thousands of people.

Neo Innovations is the company behind the magnetic light that has been providing an affordable tattoo removal's since 2010. In 2011 they brought in Kevin Mack as marketing director who is now the Vice President. They met with a consulting firm that was made up of plastic surgeons, attorneys and investment advisers to put their business plan together.
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Shark Tank Legos

Shark Tank Introduction with Lego's

 I just ran across this video that two Brothers Brandon and Sydney Hawke,  ages 9 and 11, made about the Shark Tank introduction for Season 4. If this is already their favorite show then I can only imagine what these aspiring entrepreneurs will accomplish in the near future. Super cool video made by some young Shark Tank Fans that I'm sure they put a lot of thought into making.

Check it Out and help Us Get This Shark Tank Video to go Viral!

 It looks like they just put it on the Internet yesterday and it's already up to 250 views. Not bad for the first day but something tells me that the Shark Tank Effect is going to make this video and the Hawke's Brother's
Very Famous in the near future.

Great Job Guys!

In response to a comment made earlier. The video gets credit for a view whether it's watched here or any other site that is using their YouTube link. You can watch it on You Tube Here if you'd prefer that instead.

BTY - this is being edited 2 days later and they are already past 3200 views and counting.

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Shark Tank Episode 417 - 2/22/13

Shark Tank Season 4, Episode 417

Friday Night - February 22, 2013

Tonight's Shark Tank Show is all about Fashion. All 4 contestants will be competing for an investment with the Sharks in their unique niche which should make for an interesting, almost themed show. What do you get when you combine a duck hunter wearing a nice pair of designer jeans, sporting a pair of wooden glasses looking to take a nap in a Wonderland? You get the next Shark Tank Contestant's on the biggest Business stage in U.S. History!

Coming up this Friday Night on ABC

Proof Eye Wear is very unique sunglasses made out of sustainable wood by three brother's Dame, Tanner and Taylor Brooks. With two successful Kickstarter campaigns under their belt, can they now snag a deal with the sharks and bring their invention to the masses?

Muddy Water Camo is about ready to change the way we see things in the outdoors.
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Addison's Wonderland


Addison's Wonderland on Shark Tank Show

Girl Themed Bedroom Sets - Season 4 - 2/22/2013

Shark Tank Season 4
Brooks Bryant and Brittany Hayes
Inventors of Addison's Wonderland
 O.K. I can see I might have a little problem with Addison's Wonderland right away. At first glance I can see a lot of really nice girly stuff that any girl would love to decorate her room with. Lot's of pink's and yellow and all kinds of bright colors. The more I look, the more I can't find what I'm looking for. My Daughter (which I do not have one) would absolutely love to decorate her entire room searching through Addison's Wonderland.And My Son, which I have a two, would not be very happy with me if I did. Is there a Tommy's Toy Box that I just haven't found yet?

 The Addison's Wonderland is clearly for girls that want to turn their bedrooms into their own Wonderland.
 Brooke Bryant and Brittany Hayes  from Loganville, Ga. are the owner's of this specialized business
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Hip Chixs Blue Jeans


Hip Chix Denim Jeans on Shark Tank

Quality Women's Blue Jeans - Season 4
The Hip Chix on Shark Tank Show
Aimee Miller and Megan Carrecker
Inventors of the Hip Chixs Blue Jeans

  O.K. Lady's, I need your help on this one. How much would you spend on a high-quality pair of Blue Jeans made in the USA? Now before you answer, you need to know that these are the most comfortable, softest pair of Jeans you have ever worn and designed to have your best assets really stand out. The two Hip Chicks from Dallas, Texas and inventors of the Hip Chixs Jeans, are coming to the Shark Tank to test how much you're willing to pay for the best pair of jeans imaginable.

  Aimee Miller and Megan Carrecker are both Texas Natives and former Baylor University graduates that have always been passionate about designing a better pair of blue jeans and starting a Brand with a western flair. After four years and dozens of pro-to-types later, the Hip Chixs Jeans was born in June 2011 with raving revues all around Dallas. The new business started in the middle of a heat wave which would seem like a disadvantage trying to start a new line of blue jeans. But in fact it turned into a clever marketing strategy picked-up by several news outlets.
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Proof Eye Wear


Wood Sunglasses on Shark Tank

Proof Eye Wear - Season 4 Episode 417 - 2/15/2013
Wooden Sunglasses Season 4, episode 417
Wooden Sunglasses on the
Shark Tank Show

 So what is three Brother's going to do growing up in the Family Saw Mill Business? Make some really cool wooden sunglasses that really stand out from any other frames on the Market. Taylor, Tanner and Brooks Dame from Eagle, Idaho started the Proof Eyewear business in their garage and have continued to expand this impressive Brand ever since. After two successful Kick Starter campaigns from two unrelated, but still made out of wood, product's, the Dame Brother's are coming to the Shark Tank.

 Some of you may already have seen "I want Proof Sunglasses" on yet another Successful Kickstarter Project coming into the Shark Tank.
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Muddy Water Camo


Muddy Water Camo on the Shark Tank Show

Photographic Camouflage - Season 4 - Episode

Muddy Water on the shark Tank Show -season 4, episode 17,
Steve Maloney Inventor of the
Muddy Water Camo Company
 The Muddy Water Camo is about ready to change how we see things in the Outdoors, Forever. It was only a matter of time before someone came up with the most realistic camouflage imaginable and it looks like the inventors of the Muddy Water Brand Steve Maloney and Stephen Kirckpatrick from Madison, Mississippi did just that. All of their camouflage patterns are 100% in focus photos of Real patterns photographed in the wilderness.

Muddy Water Camo Gear
 To really stand out in the very lucrative and crowded multi billion dollar Camo market you best have a product that really blends in. Steve first conceived of this unique camo design while out Duck Hunting on one of many hunting trips throughout the years. In fact Maloney, a Veteran Duck Hunter for over 30 years, has faithfully always kept up with the new Camo designs and was always on the lookout for a better camouflage pattern for his type of hunting. It doesn't take long to walk into just about any Sporting Goods Store that sells camouflage clothing and see most patterns are geared towards the Deer Hunter and not so much for the Bird Hunter.
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Shark Tank on "The View"

Shark Tank Show coming to "The View"

 Shark Tank on Day Time and Night time - 2/15/2013

  The Shark Tank Show continues to Rank #1 on Friday Night's and now it's coming to the #1 Day Time Show "The View".this Friday. That's Right Shark Tank Fans,  we get a double dose of the best REAL reality show on television about a subject that I love, Business. Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Lori Greiner will be guests on the popular Daytime Show and will participate in a Shark Tank-like panel where a few lucky Entrepreneurs will pitch their inventions on The View.

The View is hosting a Reality Show Guest Co-Host Week with Nene Leakes, Brandi Glanville, Abby Lee Miller and our favorite, Mark Cuban from February 18th to the 22nd. On Friday the 22nd, Mark will be joined by his business partners Daymond John and Lori Greiner and dedicating the entire hour to the Shark Tank Show and how much of a success it has become from helping hundreds of Entrepreneurs reach their financial dreams as a direct result. This show gives the little guy with Big Dreams a fighting chance to get the publicity and financial backing to turn some incredible ideas into profitable businesses.
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Liquid Money Update


Liquid Money on the Shark Tank

Liquid Money Fragrance - Season 3 - Episode 301 - Update
Seen on the Shark Tank Season 3
Pat McCarthy demonstrating
Liquid Money Cologne on the Shark Tank Show
 Ah the sweet smell of success is coming back to the Shark Tank. Pat McCarthy is the inventor of the fragrance that smells just like money. Pat came into the tank throwing real money to entice the Sharks to invest in a smell they are all very familiar with. The smell of money has now been bottled up in two unique His and Hers Liquid Money Fragrance's and packaged using real strips of real money bought from the Treasury Department. He came into the Shark Tank asking for a $100,000.00 investment for a 5% stake in the sweet smell of success business. This puts an initial $2 million valuation on the liquid money business which is a big pile of cold hard cash.

Real Money mainly consists of cotton, silk and linen and these are also the main ingredient's used to reproduce the smell of the Money Cologne.
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Pretty Padded Room


Pretty Padded Room on Shark Tank 

Online Video Chat Therapy - Season 4, Episode 418, 2/15/2013
Online Therapy on the Shark Tank- Episode 418
Bea Arthur Owner of
Pretty Padded Room Online Therapy
 Is the virtual world ready for Online Therapy? According to Bea Arthur the owner of Pretty Padded Room, it's not only ready but it is a growing and thriving business. It's just like going to any Therapist but using the Pretty Padded Room concept, your session is done over the Internet using video chat to communicate with a Licensed Therapist of your choice. All the counselors are state licensed and affiliated with the American Counseling Association with strict confidentiality agreements in place. Their primary goal is an affordable way for women that just need someone to talk about a variety of issues from marriage counseling to managing stress.

Arthur's first venture into the virtual space was a social club for Mom's called "MeToo" that shut down in 2009 less then a year after she desperately tried to make it a success. After unsuccessfully trying to find a therapist to help sort out this loss and get Her pointed back in the right direction, Bea started dreaming of a new business where she could talk to a therapist of her choice, on her terms and in the privacy of her own home via Online Video Chat.
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Shark Tank Episode 418 - Feb 15, 2013

Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 418

Week 16 - February 15, 2013

The Smart Wheel on Season 4 episode 418 Shark Tank
Smart Wheel Inventors Meet
The President of the United States
 This weeks Shark Tank Episode is getting moved up a week as episode 417 gets pushed back until next week. Obviously this has to do with at least one business featured on episode 417 that is not quite ready for the Shark Tank Effect and needs extra time to prepare for a flood of orders that is sure to pour in. What company could possibly have that much power to override the lineup and give them an extra week to prepare? I believe I may of already found out that answer but your going to have to wait until I can confirm this and get their article up. It's a good one for sure and will be worth waiting an extra week to see how this all plays out.

Until then we have a new line up in which Kevin O'leary will make a million dollar offer on one of the companies listed below. He may of made the offer BUT did O'Leary close the deal? For Kevin to make that kind of an offer usually means he wants more equity then the contestants are willing to give up and you can be sure it comes with added stipulations to secure his financing.
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The Smart Wheel


The Smart Wheel on the Shark Tank

DUIT - Driving Under The Influence of Texting - Season 4 - Episode 418 - 2/15/2013

Teen inventors on the Shark Tank Show
The 6 Inventioneer's with one of many
Awards they have won with the
Smart Wheel Technology
 The Smart Wheel was invented by 6 very smart teens from New Hampshire that are on a mission to Stop Driving While Texting. What started out as a project to compete in the First Lego League Competition that they eventually won, is now in a position to save lives if they can convince the Sharks that the Smart Wheel is worthy of an investment. The Smart Wheel (Safe Motorist Alert for Restricting Texting) fits right over the steering wheel and has built-in sensors that goes off if you take one of your hands off the wheel, thus making it impossible to Text while driving. If warned too many times, the Smart Wheel will send a text message to the parents notifying them on their kids driving habits.

What makes this soon to be Success Story so unique is the fact the 6 teens did not stop with just the invention of the Smart Wheel but they have continued to evolve
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Smuffin S'mores


Gotta Have S'more on Shark Tank

S'muffins S'mores Season 4, Episode 418
Shark Tank Season 4, episode 418
Carmen Linden
Inventor of the Smuffin
 A new kind of S'mores is about to rock the Shark Tank Show. By the looks of the picture's you can't eat just one S'muffin, you gotta have S'more. I can honestly say I have never ordered any food related product online but these S'mores have me wanting to order them even as I write this. They really do look that good.

Carmen Linder is the inventor of the new Smore's and what she famously coined the Smuffin. The Smuffin has all the ingredients to make Smores around the campfire but is conveniently made in a cupcake-like presentation with a gram cracker crust. Of course Linder makes the traditional S'mores that most of us has had, but she takes it a step further and makes a variety of new desert's using  this famous recipe. How about a cookies and cream Smuffin? Or maybe you would prefer the chocolate and peanut butter S'more that's a big hit with most everyone that had tried one.

Carmen came up with this unconventional way of making S'more's not as a business but as a snack for Her family.
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HDYR sushi


How Do You Roll Sushi on Shark Tank

Build Your Own Sushi Franchise - Season 4 - Episode 416 - Feb. 15, 2013

Shark Tank season 4, episode 418
HDYR Sushi Owner's
Brothers Yuan and Peter Yung
 How Do You Roll Sushi Bars is coming to the Shark Tank Show with a new franchise opportunity for the Sharks to take a bite out of. Yes we all know Sharks Love fresh fish but will they like the idea of building their own sushi with brothers Yuen and Peter Yung who own HDYR Sushi franchise?

Yuen and Peter Yung started the "How Do You Roll Sushi" back in 2008 under the name MAKI when they seen a need for a better alternative to pre-made sushi that was anything but fresh and very limited on the selection. The sushi bars around Austin, Texas were also very expensive and require a Head Sushi Chef. Peter had already successfully achieved this level by the time he was 24 years old working in these same restaurants.
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Invis-A-Rack on Shark Tank Show

Invisible Truck Rack Season 3 episode 307 - Update Season 4 - Episode 418
Invis-a-rack season 3, episode 7
Donny McCall on the Shark Tank Show
with the Invis A Rack
 Donny McCall is the inventor of the Invis A Rack from Season 3 that made a very big impact on the Shark Tank for his stance to keep this product "Made In America". Incredibly it was this decision that probably cost him a deal with the Sharks as he did not get the investment he needed for his invention. McCall was looking for $100k in exchange for 10% of the invisarack business. At that time, Donny has sold 150 units and grossed $50k in sales.

 Donny was very adamant about keeping the manufacturing and production in the U.S. and specifically in and around Sparta, North Carolina where he calls home. He's a one man business that hopes to bring job's to the community and bring new hope in the depressed market. Getting the Invis-A-Rack manufactured oversees is Not an option
that he will even consider. This product was invented in the U.S. and it will be built here (period).

Made in the USA
The Invis-A-Rack Gets
U.S. Manufacture Deal!
Made In The U.S.A.
Robert Herjevic asks if the large distributors have been interested in carrying this product and whats the price points. Donny says he has not been able to make a deal with them because they currently want to many points. He can make the Invisarack for $250.00 and they want to buy them in the low $300.00 range. Herjevic wants to know what kind of volume would it take to get it down to $150.00 per unit. McCall is not sure he could get it that low here in the U.S.
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Debbie Brooks Handbags

Debbie Brooks Hand Bags on the Shark Tank

Custom Magnetic Hand Bags - Season 3 Episode 314 Update

Shark Tank Season 3 episode 14
Debbie Brooks Collection
Featured on EXTRA
 Paul d'Auriac & Debbie Brooks are the inventors of the magnetic handbags that change in a snap. The idea is simple, one handbag could have the look of many at a fraction of the cost. Debbie Brooks is an accomplished artist and the magnetic handbags have been an excellent way to show case her work using Magnafabs and gain more recognition in the art world. The Debbie Brooks Brand was already successful in several jewelry stores prior to going on the shark Tank Show with impressive numbers to back it up.

Debbie Brooks Shark Tank Recap:

Debbie and Paul confidently came into the shark Tank looking for a $540,000.00 investment in the Debbie Brooks Handbag Collection. They were offering 20% of the business which puts a $2.7 million valuation on the company. Debbie already has $1.2 million in gross sales and $685k in net profits.
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Lolla Cup on Shark Tank Show

Non Spill Cup For Kids - Season 3 - Update

Seen on Shark Tank Show
 If you have little kids then the lallacup is definitely one product you will be interested in learning about. The Lolla Cup is a 100% spill proof sippy cup that looks more like a toy. The creative design of the Lollacup makes it easy for children as young as 9 months old to start drinking out of a straw within the spill proof cup. Mark and Hanna Lim went on the Shark Tank Show looking for an investment of $100k in exchange for a 15% ownership of the baby cup business and valuing it at $1.5 million.  At the time of their interview on the Shark Tank they had $30,000.00 in sales within the last 3 months and a soft order for an additional $30k for the Holiday Season. The Lollacups retail for $18.00, wholesale for $9.00 and costs $4.50 to make. The Lim's give a flawless presentation and have at least a few Sharks that are very interested.

Kevin O'Leary wants to know how much cheaper it would be to make oversees
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Trimi Tank Tops

Trimi Tank on the Shark Tank

Interchangeable Tank Top Straps - Season 3 Episode 314 Update 
Trimi Tank Tops on the Shark Tank
Lindsay Johnson and Nicole Bilsky Lindsay
Creator's of the Trimi Tank Tops
 Lindsay Johnson and Nicole Bilsky are the two ambitious Hockey Moms from Pittsburgh that invented the Trimi Tank. The TriMi Tank Tops come with interchangeable and removable straps. What immediately stood out about this dynamic duo was their attitude about the whole Shark Tank process. For some folks it is 100% Business with no BS in between. For other's it's a very emotional journey when their nerves sometimes get the better of them, especially when the Sharks start attacking from all sides. Then there are the ones that walk in the Shark Tank acting like they are meant to be there and they are determined to have a good time no matter what happens. Attitude Is Everything! And these chicks had the right attitude even though the brand new product may of been a little too new at the time.
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Nail Pak - Duality Cosmetics


Nail Pak on the Shark Tank

Duality Cosmetics Season 3 Episode 14  Update
Lampugnale and 6 daughters that invented nail Pack
Barbara Lampugnale and Her 6 Daughter's
Inventor's of The Nail Pak
 Barbara Lampugnale first appeared on the Shark Tank Show last year on Season 3 getting a deal with Lori Greiner for the $50k to expand the Nail Pak  product line. She has an iron clad patent on the 3 in 1 nail polish, remover and file combination and with Greiner's help, has quickly expand into the retail market. Barbara is the Mother of 6 girls and still finds the time to run the Very Successful Duality Cosmetics Nail Pack Business.

Nail Pak Shark Tank Recap:

Lori Greiner really likes this product right away, as does Kevin O'Leary, and she starts the negotiations at 51% of the nail polish business for the $50k Barbara was looking for. Lori even sweetens the deal by saying they will sit down tomorrow morning and get the Nail Pak's on QVC
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My Cold Snap

My Cold Snap on Shark Tank

Hand Held Cooler Season 4 Episode 415 - 2/8/2013

My Cold Snap season4, episode 15
My Cold Snap Handheld Cooler
 My Cold Snap inventors Carlos Ortiz and Scott Duff have a plan to battle our nations fight against hot beer one cold snap at a time. These hand held cooler's were developed by the two college buddies with lots of experience at college parties trying to keep their beer from going warm.  The idea to solve this major problem beer drinkers face all over the world didn't come from one of the parties but out on the golf course.

According to My Cold Snap Face Book Page, it is a mandated Texas Law to enjoy a few beer's while playing a round of golf. In the Texas heat a nice cold beer can get hot rather fast which can drastically effect your game from chugging beers before they get to warm. This is the only known way, until now, that you are guaranteed a nice cold beer coming right out of the cooler. The Cooler! Ah Yes, there lies the solution, a small cooler specifically made to fit a beer can, soda can or any bottle you want to stay ice cold.
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Ava The Elephant Thermometer


Ava The Elephant On Shark Tank

Ava (Emmy) The Elephant - Season 1 Episode 1 - Update Season 4
First Shark Tank Contestants on first show
Tiffany Krummin's From The Very
First Shark Tank Show
  Tiffany Krummins is the inventor of Ava the Elephant medicine dispenser that was on the Very First Episode of the Shark Tank Show. She was able to secure a deal with Barbara Corcoran for $55k and 55% of the invention that was not much more then an idea. This idea that most likely may never of got off the ground if it was not for the Shark Tank Show is now in over 10,000 retail stores including Toys-R-Us, Safeway, Kroger's and CVS stores. This is a Huge Success and one of the Best Investment's Barbara has completed while on the Show. Krummin's has another new invention that is a thermometer made into a sticker.

Ava The Elephant Thermometer Sticker's

With the success of AVA the Elephant, Krummin's has continued to build upon the Brand with other very useful inventions.
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Get Grinds Coffee Pouch


Get Grinds on the Shark Tank Show

Coffee Chewing Tobacco - Season 4, Episode 413, week 15
seen on the Shark Tank season 4 episode 413, week 15
 Get Grinds is a very unique, should we say, chewing tobacco alternative or maybe it should be marketed as a new form of energy in the crowded Energy Boosting Market. The Get Grinds Coffee Pouches have the same look and feel as the traditional  tobacco chewing products on the market but contain flavored coffee ground's instead. A 100% Nicotine Free Alternative sounds like a Great Idea that could actually save lives. Not that an excessive amount of caffeine from the coffee grounds would be good for you, but a caffeine habit is much better then a nicotine habit. Actually one Get Grinds pouch also known as fake chew, contains the equivalent of only 1/4 cup of coffee so it's not just caffeine that gives you the added boost but other energy boosting ingredients as well.

Try The Get Grinds Sampler Pack

The two invented the Get Grinds Coffee Pouches while in college and playing baseball out in San Francisco, California as an alternative to regular chewing tobacco. By making their pouches using flavored coffee grounds and then adding the same ingredients found in energy drinks like Red Bull or the 5 Hour energy,
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Green Garmento


Green Garmento on Shark Tank Show

Reusable Dry Cleaning Bag - Season 4 Episode 415 
Shark Tank Season 4 episode 415, 15
Jennie Nigrosh co-Inventor of the Green Garmento
 What the heck is a Green Garmento? A Green Garmento is one of those product's that should of been invented (and used) many years before now, but thanks to Rick Siegel and Jennie Nigrosh, the Green Garmento is coming to the Shark Tank Show for the whole world to see. You probably already figured out by part of the name, this is a Green Company devoted to getting rid of single use plastic garment and grocery bags. There is an estimated 300 million pounds of single use plastic's that make it's way to the landfill every single year and the Green Garmento Dry Cleaning Bags plan on reducing this figure considerably.

The Green Garmento is a dry cleaning and laundry bag which also turns into a Duffel bag.
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Hoodie Pillow


Hoodie Pillow on the Shark Tank Show

Pillow with a Hood - Season 4, Episode 415

Shark Tank Season 2 Update Season 4
Rebecca Rescate on the Shark Tank Season 2
  Rebecca Rescate is the inventor of the CitiKitty toilet training kit's for cats from season 2. This is the very first contestant that got a deal with a former Shark, Kevin Harrington, and now coming back to the Shark Tank with the HoodiePillow. Can Rescate be the very first entrepreneur to get two deals with two different Sharks on the Shark Tank Show?

 When Rebecca first appeared on the Shark Tank Show she was looking for a $100k investment for a 15% stake in the toilet training business. The CitiKitty will teach any cat to use the toilet instead of a kitty litter box.
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Shark Tank Episode 415

Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 415 - 15 - 2/8/2013

This Friday Night's Shark Tank Show is another brand new episode with a new twist that has not been seen before. Two of the 5 contestant's featured have already been on the Shark Tank and will be reviling new products. One is going in front of the Sharks again to potentially get another investment for a new product. The featured update is from the very first Shark Tank Episode that was only an idea at that time.
CitiKitty was first seen on the Shark Tank in season 2 episode 9, where Kevin Harrington made a deal with Rebecca Rescate for $100k and 25% of the kitty toilet training business. Rebecca returns with a Brand new invention that is sure to be a hit with cat lover's around the world.
 The Green Garmento is coming in the Shark Tank
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Sky Ride


Sky Ride Technology on Shark Tank Show

Sky Rider Machine - Shark Tank Season 3 Episode 313 - Update

Seen on the Shark Tank season 4, episode 313
Scott Olsen Inventor of SkyRide Technology
  Scotty Olson is the inventor of the SkyRide Technology that will have you flying above the ground in no time. The Sky Ride is a futuristic form of human transportation powered by you the rider. Olsen is already an accomplished inventor famous for inventing the roller blades 25 years ago and now looks to create yet another form of transportation. To demonstrate the SkyRider, Olsen started the Sky Ride Farm in Waconia, MN. with tracks running throughout the 45 acre property. It's not only fun to ride the Sky Rider but it is an excellent form of exercise because you are essentially the engine that keeps it going. The more energy you put into the Skyride the fast you will zoom around the track.

Scott came into the Shark Tank as confident as anyone
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AirBedz for Trucks


Air Beds on Shark Tank Show

Air Bed's made for Pick-up Trucks - Season 3, Episode 313 - Update

Shark Tank season 3, episode 313
 Talk about a super cool air mattress that's easy to blow up, these TruckBedz make for Pickup Trucks are definitely Top of the Line. Have you ever had an air mattress that had an automatic built in pump? Just turn it on and it inflates all by itself, completely filling the back of your pickup truck and turning it into an instant bed. Jim Pittman, owner of Pittman Outdoors, came into the Shark Tank seeking a $250,000.00 investment in his air bed's made for pickup trucks business in exchange for 15% of the company. He started off by stating that the camping industry is a whopping $56 billion dollar business and the Air Bedz could take a big bite out of that. Sales last year were $110k and sales this year were predicted at $120k. Pittman has sold over 3300 AirBeds in the past 2 years and is sitting on $400k in inventory. He has invested $250k of his own money to bring the AirBedz to market.

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