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Kevin O'Leary aka "Mr. Wonderful"

Kevin O'Leary's Shark Tank Investments

Even the Shark Tank needs at least one hard ass and someone you really never know what He's going to say, and Kevin O'Leary, you clearly won the honors. Whether you love him (Mr. Wonderful) or don't kike him (Mr. Jackass) you have to admit, he sure knows how to leave a lasting impression. Maybe it's just me, but he sure seems to have no problem trying to low ball some of the Shark Tank Contestants just to see if they would accept such a ridiculous offer. I guess you never know til you ask and Kevin has no problems throwing out a low ball offer to get things rolling.
 Now depending on what the actual product or service is, O'Leary very we'll maybe just the Angel Investor you're looking for. If you have a unique product that the intellectual property could be sold to a large corporation on a royalty basis,
than having someone like Mr. Wonderful negotiating for you would most likely be a great asset and worth making a deal with him. Rest assured, he will squeeze every last penny out if He has a stake in the outcome.

But O'Leary didn't get to the Top being Mr. Wonderful. 100% business 100% of the time is the motto He lives by. He tells it like he sees it and if you don't agree, too bad. "It's Only Business."

Kevin O'Leary on the Shark Tank and The Dragons Den

One of the greatest challenges for any Angel Investor is finding a constant supply of new ideas and business opportunities that need additional funding. The best part of being on the Shark Tank and The Dragons Den is the screening process all entrepreneurs are put through before they even get a chance to pitch their business ideas. This gives Kevin a significant advantage compared to other Angel Investors as he gets an opportunity to make offers in two different Country's that have been selected as the "The Best of the Best." Besides, you can bet Kevin O'Leary is getting paid very well being on Two Very Popular Hit Shows.

How Did Kevin O'Leary become A Billionaire?

O'Leary started a software company in the basement of his home. His mother gave him a $10,000 loan which he used to start a software publishing company called SoftKey. Within short order, Softkey gobbled up at least a half a dozen of his competitors in as many years. O'Leary would go on to acquire several larger companies and eventually The Learning Company which he would eventually move the entire software empire under that name.  In 1999 with almost 500 software titles to choose from, O'Leary sold The Learning Company to Mattel for a reported $3.8 billion in which he was mostly paid in stock.

Currently one of Kevin's passions is winemaking under his own brand O'Leary Wines out of Canada. The O'Leary Wines have been a big hit with wine connoisseurs around the World and has already won numerous awards.
 When Kevin does not appear on the Shark Tank or the Dragons Den he also runs one of Canada's Largest Mutual Funds that you can find more information on his website at He also has a mentoring section you can get a clearer view how Kevin thinks. One of the posts is titled "Kevin O’Leary’s Four Reasons to Cut Holiday Spending: Keep More by Giving Less." LOL- Would Kevin really do that? It's not as bad as it sounds and worth reading on his blog.

 Deals Kevin O'Leary Made On The Shark Tank Season 1

Kevin completed 7 deals during the entire first season
In all the deals he partnered with at least one other Shark.

  • Classroom Jams Invests with All The Sharks on his very first Deal on the Shark Tank.
  • Gift Card Rescue Goes in with Robert Herjevic
  • My Therapy Journal partners again with Robert Herjevic
  • Soy-Yer Invests with Daymond John & Robert Herjevic
  • Jump Forward partners with Robert Herjevic
  • Caffeindicator partners with Kevin Harrington
  • Fridge Fronts Makes a deal with Barbara Corcoran

  • Companies Kevin O'Leary Invested in Season 2

  • Toygaroo - Owns 40% for $200k with Mark Cuban
  • First Defense Nasal Screen - Co-Owner Mark Cuban & Daymond John for 750k with 30% equity.
  • FlipOutz - Made a deal for $100k and 33% stake with Robert Herjevic & Daymond John.

  • Kevin O'Leary - Successful Deals Season 3

    • Talbott Teas - Kevin buys 35% of the tea business for $250k Cash. (His very first deal completed without another shark)
    • Uni-Key Technologies - Kevin partners with Mark Cuban for $400,000.00 and gets a 40% stake in the company.

    Kevin's Successful Shark Tank Investments Season 4.

    • Buggy Beds Bug Traps gets an investment from all 5 Sharks Kevin O'Leary, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjevic for a combined $250,000.00 for a 25% equity stake in the business.
    • CateApp Privacy App gets a deal with Kevin O'Leary and Daymond John for $75,000.00 and a 30% stake in the business.
    • Self Balancing Unicycle SBU makes a deal with Kevin and Robert Herjevic for $300,000.00 and a 33% stake in this super cool form of transportation.
    • Transformer Drive Suits ends up closing a deal with O'Leary for $150,000.00 and 30% of the equity. UPDATE: You can now buy one!
    • RuckPack Combat Nutrition Gets a Great Deal with Robert Herjevic and Kevin O'Leary for $150,000.00 for only 20% stake in the company, double what Major Dyer was initially asking for.
    • Coffee Joulies also makes a Great Deal with 4 Sharks Daymond John, Robert Herjevic, Lori Greiner and Kevin for no equity, but a royalty fee on all Coffee Joulies sold.
    • HDYR Sushi gets Kevin O'Leary to write them a million dollar check for only 20% interest in this fastly growing Sushi Bar franchise.
    • Lidd Up Lighted Cooler gets a substantial investment from Kevin for $100,000.00 while giving up a third of the equity in this cool invention.
    • Wicked Good Cupcakes makes a deal with O'Leary for $75,000.00 cash and gives up no equity. Instead, they'll pay Kevin $1 for every cupcake sold until he gets his money back and then 45 cents from that point on. A Good Deal?
    • Me-Ma's Gumbo Bricks hands over 50% of the business to Lori Greiner and Kevin O'Leary for $200,000.00 cash.
    • Verbalize It Live Translation App decides to go with Kevin instead of Mark Cuban and Robert Herjevic with a $250,000.00 investment for only 20% stakes in this very profitable business.
    Total: Kevin O'Leary invests in 11 new business in Shark Tank Season 4!

     Kevin O'Leary is very active on Twitter with usually a few tweets a day. He currently has over 63,000 followers. O'Learly's twitter address is

    Visit Kevin O'Leary's Official Website

    O'Leary Funds

    Kevin O'Leary on the Dragons Den


    1. Anonymous2:37 AM

      Kevin is GREAT!!! Love him on Shark Tank. He has a good head on his shoulders, and of course, he is fun to watch.

    2. Mr. O'Leary

      We are currently developing a scalable software platform that could generate 350MM page-views a month. Our trademarks are registered and the patent is pending. If interested, who would be the contact?

      Contact: 303.888.4498


      Michael Ruddy

    3. As many have observed, Kevin O'Leary has achieved success as defined by net worth and TV visibility. He is also very sharp on business strategy, financial metrics, and the analytics of investment. But, he is NOT "Mr. Wonderful" at all. Who would want to live with this guy with all his all his harshness, sarcasm, and arrogance? Guests are polite and respectful to Mr. O'Leary -- even when opinions differ -- but Mr. O'Leary almost never reciprocates. When the guest declines his offer or disagrees with him, he often states, "You are dead to me. Get out of here." That's too much and totally unnecessary. He did that tonight with an MD and two other presenters.

      He can have all the money in the world, but he still acts like a spoiled brat. He could talk respectfully to guests and accomplish everything he does by being obnoxious. I submit that character matters and Mr. O'Leary has missed that ingredient of success. His money can't buy character, respect, and politeness. He states in the video above that "money is all that matters." Not true my friend, but I see why that philosophy leads you to where you are today.

      1. Anonymous12:45 PM

        if he makes as much money as he wants and is happy with his life, why should he ever change the way he operates? In addiiton, I do suspect that his act on the show is at least partially a charade of sorts to help TV ratings. all shows need a villain and he fills the role very aptly for the shark tank.

      2. I was wondering about that, too. I think a lot of his behavior is acting to boost ratings.

    4. Anonymous2:16 PM

      He's more goldfish than shark, actually:

    5. I love Mr. Wonderful! Mark Cuban is my favorite shark but Mr. Wonderful is hysterical. At the end of the day, you need that person that will be brutally honest with you... as long as you've got the Rhino skin for it that is.

    6. Is there Mr Wonderful fan club? I'd like to start one. I love the guy. Just because he's prepared to be the biggest a@h% (and then some) over and over again. I just relish those moments of hard-nosed, arrogant, selfish, super-capitalist meanness. The perfect villan

    7. could this site also list each shark's failures?

    8. O'Leiry is NOT a billionaire. He just plays one on TV.

      They keep on saying he sold his software foer billions but how many people know he only made 6-7 million out of it???


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