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Shark tank Season 4 - Episode 406 - 10/19/2012 - Update
Freaker USA season 4 episode 406
Zack Crain making a memorable impression
on The Shark Tank Show
 We already knew we were in for a Show before Zach Crain made his entrance into the Shark Tank. We just didn't think he would be rolling across the carpet when he walked out to represent the Freakers USA. Can I Get A "WHOOOOP". Geese, that seems to stick in your head a little too easy. Crane, however freaked he may of seemed, it was clear that there was a marketing genius inside. He was looking for $200k for a 10% stake valuing Freaker USA as a $2 million dollar company. Crain had been in business a little over a year when episode #406 was filmed with already $320k in sales.
Crain began his freak en journey starting from a successful crowdfunding campaign on in which he
successfully raised over $60,000.00 from 2400 investors. This is no easy task which involves a 110% effort in your marketing campaign.

Kevin O'Leary (of all Sharks) actually makes Crain an offer of $200k cash for a 50% stake to start selling the Freakers. Really? Can you just imagine how that deal would turn out ? Mark Cuban is staring at his Freaker that Zach gave all the Sharks and was thinking of another branding tool for his Dallas Mavericks team. But the BEEPING is already getting into his head and he and gracefully declines to make an offer before bugging out.

In the end, it was very clear Zach Crain could care a less if he got a deal on the Shark Tank or not. He ended up getting something far more valuable, at least to him, and still has the freedom and the control to do it the best way he knows how. No doubt he'll continue promoting the Freaker USA Brand in a way that only Zach Crain can.

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  1. Anonymous7:15 PM

    I like this guy and wish him all the best in his venture.

  2. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Zach's last name is "e" on the end.

  3. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I just saw that they were on QVC and Good Morning America! I think I also noticed that they were in Target and Bloomingdales!! I would say that they are doing just fine without those "sharks."

  4. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Where can I see that Freaker video again that he played in the show? I can't find it anywhere


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