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Mark Cuban on Shark Tank Show

Billionaire Shark Tank Investor - List of Shark Tank Investments

Yes Mark Cuban is married
Mark Cuban and Wife Tiffany Stewart
 Mark Cuban happens to be someone I've followed all the way back into the late 90's when he sold to for a whopping $5.9 Billion in Yahoo stock. Marks timing was at the height of the dot-com boom and just before the dot-com bust. At the time, had revenues of approx. $60 Million a year that Yahoo paid roughly 100 times revenue and set-up Mark Cuban for life.

From this investment and several other very good investments to follow, Mark Cuban's net worth ranked him #459 on the list of the "Worlds Richest People" in 2011. With $2.3 Billion Dollars in assets, what's a guy to do with a few billion dollar payday? If you're Mark Cuban, you go shopping for a $40 million Gulf-stream V jet and set a Guinness Book of Records with the "largest single e-commerce transaction" over the Internet.

Mark Cuban Buys The Dallas Mavericks

In early January of 2000, Cuban takes some of that "funny money" paid from stock and buys a stable business and majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks for $285 million. Mark never having any intentions of becoming a passive Owner of an NBA Team, has been an active participant on the sidelines from day one. If you have ever watched the Dallas Mavericks games over the past decade, sometimes it's hard to tell if Mark Cuban is a basketball player out of uniform and not the owner of the team. He has so far amassed as close as I know, somewhere around& $2 million in fines imposed by the NBA. Mark openly wears his passion for the game on his shoulders much the same way he conducts business on the National Hit T.V. Show "The Shark Tank."

Mark Cuban had this luxury yacht custom built
Mark Cubans Custom Built Luxury Yacht

Mark Cubans Reality T.V. Show

In February 2004, Cuban started his own reality t.v. Show called The Benefactor. The Show was a six-episode series involving 16 contestants trying to win $1 million cash. Around the same, time a few other Billionaires Donald Trump and Richard Branson also came out with their Reality Shows. Personally, I liked all three and wished Mark would have stayed around for a few more seasons.
True to Mr. Trump's personality, and all these years later, he is still fighting with Mark on Twitter on what seems like a regular basis. Trump just cut down The Shark Tank Show for being pushed back to 9 p.m. on Friday nights. This latest Twitter punch was a few days after Shark Tank broke its records and had the highest ratings the Show has ever had. Looks like Trump got Trumped on that one, again. Apparently, The Donald is starting to get a little worried that Mark Cuban and the Shark Tank Show is getting the last laugh in this decade-old feud.

Mark Cubans Companies

The number and diverse businesses Mark Cuban has invested in are staggering. An extensive list of other investments is on Mark Cubans Wikipedia page. Some of the bigger properties are the Landmark Theatres and Magnolia Pictures. He's also the chairman of the cable network AXS TV. Cuban also somehow finds time be the chairman at HDTV that he has a nice stake in that company as well.

Mark Cuban On The Shark Tank T.V. Show

Mark Cuban first appeared on The Shark Tank in Season 2 along with a few other new sharks Jeff Foxworthy and Kevin Harrington. Mark ended up investing in four new businesses as a result of the few Shark Tank episodes he appeared on.

List of Mark Cubans Deals on the Shark Tank in Season 2

  • Toygaroo - buys 40% of the business for $200k with partner Kevin O'Leary.
  • First Defense Nasal Screen - Partners Kevin O'Leary & Daymond John for 750k with 30% equity.
  • Tippi Toes - Buys for $100k and gets 30% of the business.
  • Hy-Conn - Cuban pays $1.25 million and three years of employment @ $100k per year. NO DEAL Cuban and Jeff Stroope were not able to close the transaction. Apparently, Mark wanted to get a licensing agreement, and Jeff wants to manufacture the Hy-Conn in hose.

  • Mark Cuban Successful Deals Season 3

    • Painted Pretzel - First deal on the Shark Tank Season 3 which Mark paid $100k for a 20% equity stake in the pretzel business.
    • M3 Girls Designs - Goes in w/ Lori Greiner & Robert Herjevic for $300k for 30% equity.
    • Air Cork / Wine Balloon - Mark partners with Lori for $400k and buys the entire company w/ 2% royalty.
    • Litter - Deal with Daymond John and Mark for $80k for 51% of the business.
    • I Want To Draw A Cat For You - Cuban buys a 33% stake for $25k in the cat drawing guy.
    • Tower Paddle Boards - Gets the deal for $150k and 30% stake.
    • Miso Media - Buys for $300k and a 8% stake in the company.
    • Clean Bottle - Buys 8% for $60k.
    • EZ VIP - Daymond John goes into the deal for a 15% equity stake for $150k.
    • KissTixx - Cuban spends $200k on 40% of the business.
    • Uni-Key Technologies - Mark and Kevin O'Leary spend $400,000.00 and get a 40% stake.
    • Villy Customs - Barbara Corcoran & Cuban buy 42% of the custom bike business for a combined $500k cash.
    • LollaCup - Mark partners with Robert Herjevic for 40% of the business for $100k.
    • Billy Blank's "Dance With Me - Mark and Daymond John split $100k for 50% of the business.

    Successful Deals Mark Cuban Has Made In Season 4
    • Buggy Beds - Mark invests with all 4 of the other Sharks for $250k combined and gets a 25% stake in the buggy beds business. Only the second time in History of the Shark Tank has this happened.
    • Surf Set Fitness - Mark gets a deal for $300k and 33% of the indoor surfing business.
    • Rock Bands - Daymond and Mark partner for a combined $100,000.00 for 40% of this popular Brand Name.
    • Posture Now - Invests $100k for 30% stake in the business.
    • Ice Chips Candy - Mark decides to make a wise investment with a couple of ambitious Grandma's for $125,000.00 for a 20% equity stake.
    • Living Christmas Tree - Mark Cuban is now in the "Living Christmas Tree Business" with a 40% stake in the company for only $150,000.00.
    • Hot Tot Hair Products for Kids - He goes this one alone with a $75,000.00 investment and gets a 40% stake in this soon to be a very profitable business.
    • Game Face Tattoos gets a deal with Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban for a combined $450,000.00 with a 35% stake in this business.
    • Teddy Needs A Bath gets a deal with Mark Cuban for $100,000.00 and 30% of the teddy bear cleaning bag.
    • The Smart Wheel invention by the inventioneers takes an investment from Cuban and Robert Herjevic for $100,000.00 and 30% equity for their Smart Product.
    • Nuts n More Peanut Butter also gets a deal with Mark and Robert Herjevic for a combined $250,000.00 and 30% of the business.
    • Simple Sugar Scrubs gets an investment of $100,000.00 for a 33% equity stake from Mark Cuban.
    • Cool Wrap Gift Bags completely gets bought out by Mark for $250,000.00 and will pay Jeffrey Miller a 3% royalty fee on all future profits.
    • Stella Valle Jewelry Line gets $150,000.00 investment of $150,000.00 for a 35% stake from Mark and Lori Greiner.
    • ShotGun Shell Bobbers walks out of the Shark Tank with $80,000,00 and has a new billionaire business partner that now owns 1/3 of the Hunting/Fishing Business.
    • Misto Box Coffee Club has a new twist for delivering coffee to your door which now has Mark Cuban as a business partner with a $75,000.00 investment for a 30% equity stake.
    • KaZAM Balancing Bikes gets Mark and Barbara Corcoran to invest a combined $300,000.00 for 32% in the bicycle that teaches kids to ride.
    • Tom n Chee Grilled Cheese Franchise also hooks Barbara and Mark for $600,000.00 and only have to give up 15% of the equity to make the deal.
    Total: Mark Cuban invested in 18 new products throughout the entire Shark Tank Season 4 Episodes.

    Added note on Season 4. I have always been impressed with Mark Cuban but even more so in how he has handled himself this season. You could walk in there selling toothpicks and still have a chance to make a deal. Not because of the product itself but because of your attitude and determination to succeed. Remember Steve that draws cats for a living? "Failure is NOT an Option." It's a trait that each and every contestant listed above clearly has demonstrated.

     Mark Cuban invests in People and seems to put the money part way down on his list of potential investment decisions.

    How To Contact Mark Cuban

    Mark is very active online and really easy to stay in touch with. Mark Cubans Blog gets updated at least a few times a Month while his Twitter account has over 4000 tweets and over 1,250,000 followers. Cubans Facebook page also has a lot of good current info.

    You can always find him here if you happen to go to the Dallas Mavericks


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      1. Anonymous5:49 PM

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    23. Anonymous2:51 AM

      Wow, really so many people are actually pitching to Mark Cuban on this blog? What do these hopeless people think? Mark will read these comments section and give them a call. There are certainly better (and closed) ways to reach out to him (facebook, twitter), than to put your business idea (if it has any merit whatsoever) on the comments section here!!

      1. Who are you to be judge and jury. You don't know where Mark Cuban is looking and not looking; ask Matt Damon's wife. Mind your business.

      2. Anonymous12:39 PM

        anything that is legitimately associated with cuban would be a better way to pitch to him. id guarantee he has better things to do than to be looking at his blog.

    24. Mark Cuban is the BEST in the TANK and Lori is the NEXT BEST! Damon is the WORST! Dunno why they don'g just get rid of him. He's USELESS!!!

    25. Warren(serving the air force) Nelson3:18 PM

      Hello my name is warren nelson I love the show but I understand these are hard times and I understand because I'm in the air force and they don't pay that well. But ppl come on. I'm sure more than half the ppl on here have probably not went to the banks first and majority of you probably are not trying to do everything you can before asking a billionaire. First thing before going to someone as a last resort do everything possible and even after you fail you keep trying. Because someone will notice you trying first before not doing anything at all and then asking a billion. Yes everybody wants to be rich.but most of the time you work for it first.

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