SBU Self Balancing Unicycle

SBU Shark Tank Success

3 different SBU self balancing unicycle
3 Designs of the SBU as Focus Designs Continues To Improve On The Self Balancing Unicycle

The SBU Unicycle has completely blown the Shark Tank Success Blog away. WOW- this super cool new toy/transportation has probably shut down FocusDesigns Website during The Shark Tank Show. Did I say WOW!!! Daniel Wood & David Martschinske are the owners and inventors of The Self Balancing Motorized Unicycle.

Are these SBU's cool or what?
Adam from Myth Busters on SBU
Even Adam from Myth Busters can lift a SBU
The best way to see this self balancing unicycle in action is on Focus Designs YouTube Page. There is a total of 20 videos that will keep you salivating until you can get your hands on one. The more I watch, the more I personally what one myself. Maybe even two. A SBU can go up to 10 miles on a single charge. There is no pedeling involved and the built-in sensors help you stay
balanced while you just sit on it and enjoy the ride. Obviously there is a learning curve to get to Wood's and Martschinske's level of riding one of these. But they sure make riding one look easy.

Daniel Wood & David Martschinske were asking the Sharks for $300k for a 10% stake valuing the unicycle business at $3 million. They have already sold out the first 100 SBU's at $1800 apiece and claim they have enough interest to do over $1 million in profit within the first year. After airing on the Shark Tank I think they might have to set their goals much much higher.

Focus Designs also owns the patents on this motorized unicycle and claimed during the show the cost to make is only $350 each. That's a really good profit margin but I still want one. This leaves a lot of room to reduce the retail cost of the SBU in the future as they gain in popularity. Then again, with Kevin O'Leary now owning a piece of the company, that might not be happening anytime soon.

SBU on Shark Tank
Adam from Myth Busters riding SBU
"Look Ma - No hands"

Congratulations Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjevic on a Great Deal

Kevin, glad to see you finally was able to close a deal. It's been awhile ya know. O'Leary and Herjevic ended up paying a combined $300k for a 33% stake in SBU technology. This product will make all of them very very Successful!

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SBU Self Balancing Unicycle Videos


  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Yes but they can't meet their ship dates. This is not a good start when you tell customers that their delivery WILL be delayed but can't give them a ship date or even an approximate date. When I ordered I was promised shipping in 3 weeks now their web site says 3-6 weeks. It has been OVER 3 weeks and I have been given no information on when to expect shipment.

    1. Anonymous6:43 AM

      It's been over 9 weeks since I ordered and still no SBU or even a promised ship date! BEWARE - they charged my credit card for the total cost 9 weeks ago!

    2. Anonymous12:57 PM

      I ordered mine and received it within 2 weeks. Shipped to my door. Seems like they have their machine more oiled as of recently.

    3. Shut your credit card down, Tell them you will pay for it when they ship it out!

    4. They'll just sell it to somebody else.

  2. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I think the low cost for the consumer will have a lot of appeal. It's tech, it's personal transport, looking forward to seeing more of them in the future.

  3. The SBU looks like a great product, its just the design that is not appealing enough to want to be seen on it out in public. We think the EcoBoomer iGO has much more potential in the global market because it's a unicycle with handlebars, which makes it easier and safer to ride while looking super cool at the same time.

    1. Anonymous4:35 AM

      Who care's what other people think, you'll be passing them in no time. Cool Invention.

    2. Anonymous8:32 PM

      yeah until you fall off those wanna bees with handle bars that hit you in the head when you fall off.. might as well be training wheels.

    3. Anonymous10:23 AM

      The EcoBoomer iGO has a terrible design. It looks as if one is riding an electric toilet...

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  5. Anonymous11:19 PM

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    Producer Chris Young

  6. I enjoy reading a lot and your stories are worth reading, nice blog, keep it up.

  7. Anonymous6:40 PM

    There just making sure that the final product is amaze balls! Good jobs guy. I'm getting ready to get one of these for my husband.

  8. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Get the shipping kinks out and your golden good jod!

  9. In some localities these are considered a "motorized vehicle" ie: motorized skateboards, Segways (Police use these if you notice for crowd control at events), and require registration, licensing and insurance.....Just a thought is all

    1. As it has no pedal, it may be taxed as a motorized vehicled and require insurance.


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