Shark Tank Season 2

Shark Tank Season 2

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 Season 2 of the Shark Tank premiered with the first episode on Sunday, March 20, 2011, then a few days later in its regular Friday night time slot on March 25, 2011. Season 2 has a total of nine episodes and 33 contestants. A handful of competitors turned out to be a Great Success on Shark Tank and made a lot of money for their businesses as we'll as the Sharks that invested in them. The Seasons Sharks are Kevin O'Leary, Robert Herjevic, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John and Mark Cuban that makes hid debut on the Shark Tank Show.

List of all Businesses That Made A Deal With The Sharks Season 2

List of All Season 2 Episodes with All Contestants Websites:

Season 2 – Episode 201 – March 20, 2011

  • Wurkin Stiffs - High-End Magnetic Accessories - Jonathan Boos gets a Deal with Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran for $100,000.00 and 20% of the business.
  • Tippi Toes - Children's Dance Centers started by Megan Reilly and Sarah Nuse. No Deal
  • CBS Foods Original Shrimp Burger - Sea Food and Shrimp Burgers by Shawn Davis, aka Chef Big Shake. No Deal
  • Copa Di Vino - Patented Wine In A Glass by James Martin. James is one of the few contestants to appear two times (see season 3) and still was unable to close a deal with any of the Sharks.
  • Classroom Jams - Learn With Music - Marc Furigay was the Featured Product for this episode.

Season 2 – Episode 202 – March 25, 2011

  • ToyGaroo – Toy Rental Program with Niki Pope, got a deal with Kevin O'Leary and Mark Cuban for $100k for a 40% equity stake. Update: Out of Business.
  • Wake N’ Bacon - Bacon Cooking Alarm Clock invented by Matty Sallin. No Deal: Out of Business.
  • Vurtego Pogo Sticks - Inventor Brian Spencer came into the Shark Tank looking for a $500k for a 20% interest in the high-flying pogo stick business. No Deal but a Big Success!
  • First Defense Nasal Screens - Joe Moore invented the peel and stick solution against allergies and germs. Huge Deal that gets an offer as high as $5 million for the entire company, but settles with Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Kevin O'Leary investing a combined $750,000.00 for a 30% equity stake in the First Defense Nasal Screen Business. They also managed to squeeze out an additional 10% perpetual royalty for the life of the company.

Season 2- Episode 203 – April 1, 2011

  • Mod Mom Furniture - Quality Kids Toy Boxes - Kiersten Hathcock is a stay at home Mom and self-taught carpenter looking for $90k for 25% of her business. Keven O'Leary makes an offer for the 90k and 33% and a royalty of 7 1/2% until he gets his investment back. Robert quickly makes the exact same offer, but the royalty fee doesn't take effect until the company has more than a half a million in sales. DEAL - Robert makes a deal with Kiersten. 
  • Fitness Stride - Fitness Bands- Stacy Erwin wants $140k in exchange for 15% of his exercise creation. He straps all the Sharks in the Fitness Stride which gets a little awkward. The product retails for $49.95 and costs $10 to make in China. He also has a deal with which sell wholesale for $30 each. When Daymond John questions the $900k evaluation of the company even Erwin looks a little stunned that it's so high. Maybe should have done the Math before he met the Sharks. DO DEAL.
  • Flipoutz - Trade and Track Bracelets and Coins Online- The Johnson Family wants $100k for a 20% equity in their product. They have sales of $20k just within the last 6 months mainly from the Flipoutz Website. They have invested approx. $250k of their parent's money thus far. This includes a patent on the "Tracking/Trading" process which could work for other products. Daymond offers them the $100 Grand but for 33% interest after they disclose a toy company wants millions of these coins. Keven O'Leary and Robert make the same offer getting two different Sharks in the deal. John quickly counters only wanting 25% of the business now. O'Leary asks the Johnson Family to leave as he puts a deal together with Daymond and Robert. The Family comes back in and hears the Sharks new offer. The Johnson's get a little greedy, and the boy asks for more money. BAD MISTAKE it shocks the entire Shark panel. Now the Johnson's want $150k up from the original $100k they were first looking for. Daymond immediately with drawls his offer. Robert does the same and pulls out of the deal. O'Leary mainly lectures the Johnsons on greed and makes the original offer one more time. DEAL - Keven, Daymond, and Robert make a deal for $100k and 33% of Flipoutz.
  • Pure Ayre - Natural Odor Eliminator - James Mitchell is seeking an investment of $150k for 10% of his company. Mitchell demonstrates with a bottle of ammonia and has Barbara Corcoran verifies it smells very bad. A few sprays of Pure Ayre and the smell is completely gone. He then sprays it in his mouth demonstrating it is not harmful. Does it work for bad breathe? lol, had to put that in there. Mitchell doesn't have a patent because he's afraid larger companies will steal his idea. To date, Micthcell already has sold $3,200,000.00 worth of product with $320k sold last year. He discloses he had "Pure Ayre" in Walgreen's Store before they mysteriously terminated the product. There are several other people that already own a piece of this business. Mitchell and his angel investor only control 57% of the business. Daymond offers the $150k but wants 50% of the company not leaving James much room. O'Leary offers $150k but wants 100% of Pure Ayre and says he will first fire Mitchell, then give him a 7% royalty for the rest of his life. Mitchell leaves to go call his wife, oops. O'Leary does his magic and convinces John that his deal is best and to come in on it with him. Mitchell returns to find out now there is only one deal on the table. Mitchell Is Shocked and not sure what to do. Does he sell out 100% of his dream or walk away to pursue it. NO DEAL

Season 2 – Episode 204 April 8, 2011 - Special Guest Jeff Foxworthy

  • Ride-on Carry-on - Luggage Stroller Combination - Darryl and Randy Lenz is asking for $50k for a 25% stake in the luggage business. They claim they have already sold over 20,000 units so far with 2,000 chairs sold last year at $39.95 each. Cost to make a Ride-on-Carry-On is only $7 per unit. Randy can resist saying "You know your a redneck when your going Thur an airport with your kids strapped to the luggage" which gets an Immediate positive reaction from Jeff Foxworthy but is the first to go out. Barbara makes an offer for the $50k and 25% of the business which is exactly what they were asking for. O'Leary steps in and offers them the $50k for only 20% but wants to license the patent with large luggage companies and let them do all the work. DEAL - Barbara goes into the luggage business.
  • Uncle Zip’s Beef Jerky - Americas Best Beef Jerky - Ken Howell is looking for a $25k investment for a 20% stake in Uncle Zips beef Jerky. Sales were approx. $50k last year. Ironically the problem is that the Beef Jerky is 100% natural with no preservatives which also means it has a very short shelf life. NO DEAL - Note to self, do a follow-up story on this one. Makes one think how old is that beef jerky your buying at the store.
  • Hill Billy Brand - Hats and T-Shirts - Mike Abbaticchio & Shon Lees is looking for a $50k investment for 25% stake in the Hillbilly Brand. So far they have sales of $271k in the first 3 1/2 years. Most sales are made at events, and just they got into Sports Authority Stores. Robert asks Jeff Foxworthy if he would want to go in on the deal if they can buy 100% of the Hillbilly Brand and license it for a 7% royalty. Mike and Shon want to continue building the Brand and not license it out altogether. John steps into the deal and now 3 Sharks are offering $50k for 100% of the business and pay Mike and Shon 7% royalty fee on future sales. They counter with $100k and a 10% royalty fee. Daymond re-counters their offer for $75k for 100% of the company and 7% fee. DEAL Daymond, Jeff, and Robert buy the Hillbilly Brand.
  • Broccoli Wad - Johnny Gennaro & Vinny Pastore is asking for $50k for 20% of the business. The Broccoli Wad is an alternative to carrying a wallet or a money clip for your cash. They have so far invested $250k in development. Barbara hates the name, duh, and says She may be interested if they chance the name to "The Vinny Wad." She offers the $50k but wants 40% and says she'll give Vinny 20% to use his face on the packaging. Vinny accepts right away even though he's not the decision-maker. DEAL Barbara makes a unique deal. The Vinny Wad is born.

Watch Shark Tank Season 2, Episode 205, April 15, 2011

  • Hot Mama Gowns - Deidrea Haysel makes gowns for pregnant women. NO DEAL She had one last chance when Barbara made an offer for $30k for 40%, and She turned Her down. Bad Mistake!
  • Caddyswag - Cooler inside your golf bag - Melissa & Ben Fossey was looking for $60k for 20% of the caddy cooler. Came off more like an infomercial and almost gimmicky. NO DEAL.
  • Daisy Cakes - Homemade Cakes - Kim Nelson already had 93k invested in the cake business when She came to the Sharks looking for a $50k investment for 25% equity. Nelson gave all the Sharks a piece of cake to open Her presentation. The Sharks at it up and loved it. Most of them said they loved Daisy Cakes and would be customer's, but not as a business, and they were out. DEAL Barbara was about to go out then at the last minute made Nelson a deal that was contingent on her getting $1 for every cake until she got her $50k back.
  • Sweep Easy - Scrape and Go Broom - Shane Pannell wants 40k for a 25% stake in his patented broom with a scraper. Keven O'Leary makes a rare offer right away for exactly what Pannel is asking for. O'Leary then makes even another (even rarer) offer and sweetens the deal to $50k. Daymond John is determined to get this deal and offers $75k for 33% of the business. Robert steps in and says he will match Keven's first offer of 40k for a total of $80k for 25% of the business. Daymond and Keven Harrington make the same inflated offer. They want to build a brand, and the other Kevin and Robert want to license the product to manufactures. O'Leary tries to steal the deal away when John threatens to withdraw his offer if Pannell doesn't make a decision right now. DEAL gets done with Daymond and Keven H.

Season 2- Episode 206 – April 29, 2011

  • Carsik Bib - Never Worry About Car Sickness Again - Les Cookson
  • Hydromax - Hydration System Built Into Your Shoulder Pads - Chris Spencer
  • Ecomowers - Naturally Mow Your Lawn - Andy Humphrey
  • Games2U - Interactive Mobile Entertainment - Stuart & David Pikoff - No Deal

Season 2- Episode 207  - May 6, 2011

Season 2- Episode 208 – May 13, 2011

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