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Next On Shark Tank Show 11-30-2012

5 Minute Furniture Update from Season 3 - Episode 302
5 minute furniture season 3, episode 3025 Minute Furniture will be making it's 3rd appearance on the Shark Tank Show this Friday night. Jared Joyce has a unique line of furniture that requires no screws, nails or any tools to assemble. The furniture is so easy to assemble, you don't even need instructions which is a BIG advantage over most furniture requiring assembly. In fact, you can assemble any of his 30 designs within 5 minutes.
Jared Joyce came into the Shark Tank originally looking for $250k for a 25% stake in his company. Little did the Sharks realize that Joyce is a serial entrepreneur
with several other inventions under his belt. Lori Greiner & Kevin O'Leary offer him the money but want 100% of the company and not the inventor. Oops, Bad mistake. This guy has enough creative and useful products to fill a warehouse. Needless to say he was not going to sell out for $250k.
Since the first airing on the Shark Tank, Joyce has licensed the 5 minute Furniture concept as the line continues to grow. His "new" main product that he is currently getting a lot of exposure is called the "Plug Hub" which conveniently organizes all your cords and gets rid of the rats nest beneath most desks.
A few other cool inventions that Jared has invented is the Ultimate Framing Hammer, Professional Power Grid, Cozy Couch Drink Holder, Cheer (clapping) Bands, Magnetic Light Switch, 360 Degree Scissors, Wine Glass Balancing Wine Holder and a Digital Contact Case just to name a few. Many of these products would be a perfect fit with Lori Greiner and QVC which she unknowingly passed on last year.

Jared Joyce Makes Deal with Edison Nation

Jared may of been skunked by the Sharks but he still was able to make a deal with Edison Nation for the $250k he was looking for, but for 50% of the 5 minute furniture business. Edison Nation is a company that matches inventions with requests from manufacturers
No doubt Jared Joyce will go onto become Very Successful as more of his products start hitting the shelves. He is very inspiring to all inventors and it will be most interesting to see what he comes up with next. It's hard to believe the Sharks let this one get away.


  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I don't care how talented he is, they didn't trust him...he doesn't act invested in his projects and I'm pretty sure the investors are still happy with their decision

  2. Anonymous1:53 PM

    (anon2) I agree w/the first comment, Jared's past record was consistent... he took investor money and didn't return the original investment , which meant they were total losses.

    I do think the furniture idea was a good idea, but Jared's financial management couldn't be trusted.

  3. Anonymous6:24 PM

    totally agree with the previous two statements. jared's record shows he appears to want help, but not pay back and god forbid pay forward with consistent hard work for the benefit of those who entrusted monies to him. he's personality and work ethic showed clearly when he responded to one of the shark's deals with 'hey you're asking me to get married and i just want to have a drink. his apparent difficulty with compromising and truly being an equal partner does not seem to be a desire in him. this may have been the reason why lori said Jared was not a good partner for her to the point that she wanted 100%. don't blame her. sometimes we win by not accepting a headache-filled deal.

  4. While I also agree with the first two comments. Jared was correct in turning down the shark's offer. The shark's offer was only advantageous to the sharks. A correct offer would have been $250k for 100% plus a royalty or a higher offer for $100%. As an investor it is what I would have done.

    1. I agree. I wouldn't have accepted 100% with no royalty. Kevin is the king of royalties he should understand that. They could buy a 100% of the product but pay royalty. If it was me, I would be sick every time I saw one sold and I didn't get anything for it.

  5. Jared Joyce was an arrogant butthole. Lori and Kevin had every right to buy him out He totally disrespected the sharks.

  6. I agree the guy was a lil shady but that was a great idea and they were offering thousands on a million dollar idea!!These "sharks" play on inventors insecurity and this episode made my stomach turn they are ripping ppl off making it seem like ppl passing up on ludicrous offers are greedy ...btw why does kevin o leary look like mr burns from the simpsons?

  7. Alright, yes today lot of such innovations came up in the furniture base like tablemate in India. Still he was managed. I think this sentence is a master decision maker for the investors "Joyce is a serial entrepreneur , with several other inventions under his belt". Greatly written.


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