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ReaderREST on Shark Tank Show 11-30-2012

Reader Rest rerun from Season 3, Episode 302 Update

Reader Rest on Shark Tank Show
The first time the Shark Tank Show seen the ReadeREST Magnetic Eye-Glass Holder that Rick Harper invented was last year on February 24th, 2011. Since that time the ReadeRest-SpecSecure product has gone on to one of the hottest products ever to be featured in all of the Shark Tank Episode's. Hopper entered the Shark Tank stumbling in as if he lost his eye glasses. On the surface this looked like a relatively simple invention that really wasn't a big enough idea to get the Sharks excited to invest any money. All of them except for Lori Greiner who has already sold over $20 million in eye glasses on her show with QVC. It's a simple idea with a large markup
 and a lot of potential from the millions of people that wear glasses on a daily basis. Rick was looking for $150k for a 15% interest in his company. Greiner offered him the $150k but she wanted 65% because she already knew she could sell these by the thousands with her connections. With all the other sharks out, Rick gladly (and wisely) accepted Greiner's offer.

Lori Greiner Makes the ReadeREST A Huge Success

Lori wasted no time getting the ReadeREST on QVC which quickly sold out. A few episodes ago during Season 4, Lori was quoted saying "They have already sold over $3 million worth of the ReaderRest magnetic product". Sales continue to climb as they have expanded the product line to include the original ReadeREST, the Pink Jeweled Edition, the Black and Steel and a line of Designer Editions. It's not just a convenient product but an accessory with character and now a little bling. 
What makes this such a unique success story is the fact that it really is a simple product pitched by an average looking Joe (if you read this Rick, I hope you take it as a compliment) going up against the Sharks with a net worth in the billions. Show no fear and be passionate about your invention. Sure, he must of known valuing his company so high with current sales that did not match it's valuation was a big risk, but being greedy during negotiations was not in his DNA. He understood having even one Shark backing him could get this product out to the masses and in the long run, be a much more successful product. He was correct.
as seen on the Shark Tank ShowFrom everything I could find, Lori and Rick are now Very Good Friends and their business relationship continues to flourish. This is a true testament that the Shark Tank Show is Very Real and you really do have the opportunity to work with some of the smartest minds in the business.
Irregardless of how simple you think your invention may be, it still has the potential to be a winner and take you down new roads that can lead to a huge financial success.
You Will Never Know Til You Try - Til You Try, You'll Never Know!

On a side note, they also have a wholesale and distributor section on their website for large orders. As a Son of an Optometrist who has grown up around the industry this represents, I was a little baffled that they have not gone after this part of the industry. It's great that they get a lot of exposure from the website and QVC but what about the thousands of Optometrist's who sell prescription glasses on a daily basis? Having a nice display conveniently set up where your picking out your frames would seem like a perfect fit. Just an idea (Lori and Rick) but to send x number of Optometrists a small display to test the numbers, could lead to multiple re-orders as you continue to attract more Doctor's.
Update: They are now starting to serve this market :)

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  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    This is such an amazing product! And Rick is such a cool, down to earth dude. And they ARE in the works with getting ReadeRESTS in every Optomitrsit's office/store in the country! They are sold in hundreds of gift shops, salons, and boutiques nationwide and just hit the shelves of Walmart. Can't wait to see where else the ReadeREST goes!!

  2. Anonymous8:10 PM

    I admit I thought it was hokey at first but after some thought it's a simple but effective idea. Most impressive to me was that the presenter found out there was already a patent, took a risk buying it, put time and effort into making it work. That's inspiring!

  3. There were magnetic eyeglasses holder before (I don't think Rick did his research) but no one knew about them. At the end, it is about marketing and popularizing the product. It is very simple idea that is very useful and convenient. I can Rick and Lori making millions of dollars out this product.

  4. These Readerests are such a convenient way to hold your glasses. Now companies can even add their own logo to these eye glass holders and give them away as branded business gifts to clients and employees.

  5. Anonymous7:38 PM

    A nice product, but watch you don't come in contact with a shopping buggy. I was pulled toward the shopping buggy handle and it scratched my glasses. It was funny but costly.

  6. I bought some 3 years ago in Wal-Mart. They had a 2 pack and I swear I recall them being under $10. I love them, but I can't find them in stores. The down side for me is mine rusted from working outdoors and the magnets came off. I superglued them back on and I'm still using one of them.

    They have doubled in price. I guess the old supply and demand is their excuse to make Lori and Rick a ton of money now.

  7. with tee shirt without a pocket I use it for a pen holder at work. great product.only one thing cant fine them at wal mart any more have to go on line


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