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Tie Try on Shark Tank - Episode 411

Rent a Tie from Tie Try

rent a tie on Shark Tank Show
Here's a novel idea that made it on the Shark Tank Show. You can choose from a selection of ties and exchange them whenever you want for only $11.99 per Month. The Tie Try business model is much like NetFlix which let's you rent a tie and have it shipped to you in the mail.

Is it just me, or is this simular to renting a Wedding Dress? Some guy's just don't like the idea of wearing a used tie. Unless your Kevin O'Leary that spends thousands of dollars for his tie collection, this business model might not be for you.


A Common Trait ALL Shark Tank Successful Companies Have

To be A Success on the Shark Tank T.V. Show there is "one thing in common" with ALL Successful Companies

. They are all very passionate about their ideas, their product and their commitment to Make It Succeed.
 You don't need to be the smartest person in the room, you just need to be the most determined and the most passionate about your invention. Unfortunately the Tie Try did not come across as a business they are passionate about. NO DEAL!

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  1. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Well look over at nearly newlywed.... It is the same idea.

  2. I think they were both good ideas. It is my contention that the shark's have a talent gap when it comes to marketing to this type of consumer. The middle-america, I want to be richer than I really am, consumer. I also think that this particular vertical is larger than they proposed it to be. I don't know if anyone will ever see this, but that's my opinion. PS: I am one of over 1M attorneys in the US. O'Leary's comment that 1000 users is a top-end was absurd. With 10000 attorneys, this is a 160k/mo rev company w/ very low overhead. If these guys still need funding, and I doubt they do after the show... the them to call me and I'll give it to them. Love the idea, love the show. @awesomeattorney

    1. This, one million times over. The sharks are just out of touch.

  3. This is a ripoff from an episode of the league. Taco creates a tie business just like this called neckflix.


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