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Sullivan Generator on Shark Tank

Generator that creates Gold as a by-product
Season 3 - Episode 308 - Update
Generator that mines gold from sea water
Create Electricity and Gold from Salt Water
 Mark  Sullivan the inventor of the Sullivan Generator has either has invented a device that could change the world as we know it or it's complete science fiction and should never of been on the Shark Tank Show. Mark claims that the Sullivan Generator can create natural energy from the earth's rotation. What's even more interesting is this generator makes a by-product of clean drinking water out of salty ocean water and collects valuable mineral's like manganese and even gold. Gold? yes, that's exactly what he claims, and in very large quantity's.
At first this generator almost seems, we'll, to good to be true.
It produces a clean energy from an abundant amount of untapped ocean water, pure drinking water is made in the process and then you collect all the gold particle being filtered out as a by-product. Would it help if you knew he has 36 patents on this invention alone? With the main one being United States Patent: US 6,532,740 for a
Generator Employing the Coriolis Effect.

creates gold as a by-product
Sullivan Generator Drawing that creates Hurricanes
The Sullivan Generator is 100' tall and basically makes a man made hurricane to generate electricity from the powerful naturally made force.

"A system for employing the Coriolis effect for the generation and/or storage of energy generally comprises a vortex chamber for rotational acceleration therein of superheated, supersaturated water vapor and heated air and a water intake assembly and an adjustable air intake assembly each in fluid communication with the vortex chamber. The water intake assembly is adapted to deliver a directed flow of superheated water vapor to a lower portion of the vortex chamber while the air intake assembly is adapted to deliver a flow of heated air to lower portion of said vortex chamber. The air intake assembly comprises an electrical generator operable by airflow drawn from the air intake assembly."
If you can understand that then maybe you to can build your own gold producing, energy generating, clean water filtration system. Dam, that's quite a mouth full. The ultimate generator system IF it works on a large scale and does everything it claims to do.

Going On The Shark Tank

Mark Sullivan walked into the Shark Tank asking $1 million for a 10% stake in this very unique invention. Giving a $10 million dollar valuation for the Sullivan Generator seemed like as good as place as any to start the negotiations. Beside, this generator also produces pure Gold out of sea water with estimated reserves of $96 billion. To heck with making energy, I just want to go gold mining the trillions of gallons of sea water...

We'll the Sharks didn't buy it. It's not that they didn't buy it but more of trying to understand what the heck he was even talking about. In Sullivan's defence, he does have the patents to back up this theory. How profitable it is, remains to be seen. He is currently accepting donations via paypal if you are interested in helping him fund the development of the Sullivan Generator.

The Sullivan Generator


  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I will give him his one million dollars in exchange for my taking ownership of the first three million dollars worth of gold produced.The initial one million dollars will be in the form of a promissory note payable upon the first payment to me.

    1. Anonymous9:36 PM

      So youre saying that after he gives you 3 million dollars, then you will give him 1 million? If he can get 3 million, he doesnt need your 1 million

    2. I think that's the point

  2. Anonymous6:00 PM

    I would like to go in on this deal with you for 50% equity and I will put up half of the million dollars. I also will fund it with a promissory note that is payable when we find the first ton of gold. Mark can keep all the energy produced.

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    1. webix7:53 PM

      Video not avaiable

      What is going on?!

  5. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I like your site. But can you please not interchange "well" and "we'll."

  6. I am a Mechatronics Engineer with a B.S in Mechatronics Engineering, currently working towards a Eng.Sc.Doctorate. This guy is a fraud it seems, this device he has patented would never work, it would require more energy then it would ever produce even it did. There is a reason he hasn't got any offers from investors, if he really could create $900 Billion worth of gold with this machine, you think Engineers from the highest levels wouldn't jump on it? He claims to hold "advanced degrees" in Bio-medical Engineering, which is hilarious because on his website there isn't proof of any of the claims he makes minus the patent. A patent means nothing, it means he has an original design. Yea it's original, because no real Engineer would ever design such a worthless piece of junk. Get real if you believed this guy's claims, I ask where is the proof he has over 1000 patented items, and exactly what Engineering awards did he win, and when?


      Try searching before spouting off with the mouth. His background and patents are very easy to verify. His inventions are a whole other thing. He's a verified inventor and it just makes you look stupid for suggesting otherwise without doing the research.

    2. @RyanE. I too am an Engineer (Mechanical) of substantial experience. You are spot on, this is a perpetual motion machine. Clearly this guy is not actually an Engineer, or he would know this. His cv suggests he is what we call a Jack Pine inventor, that is, a creative guy, who does not actually know how anything works.

      Long history of the USPTO allowing perpetaul motion machines...

    3. He says that he invented the artificial heart or left ventricular assist. He receives royalties for this and received awards for that.

  7. well on the behalf of all "enlightened" persons on this planet, and i am not saying Mark is one of them, but there is allot of alternitive energy available that 99% do not know about or understand when they are told........ so excuse me for saying YOU are the one with a limited view from your "papered" perch - trouble is your only seeing what your BOOKS want you to see...tell you IS possible. You need to get out more buddy........ again, I am not stating I believe Mark's invention is workable but never discount anything unless you know for sure and i will bet 1000000 u know very little about alternatives.

  8. Anonymous11:40 PM

    WHy are we even discussing this guy? Are you not aware he claimed that his 1000 inventions have grossed him over $1 billion (which presumably he spent on wine, women & song which is why he now needs $1 million). Pfft.

  9. Anonymous7:35 PM

    There is 0.0000000013 grams per liter of gold in the ocean

    There is 4.168181825e+12 liters (4 trillion liters) per cubic mile
    that makes each cubic mile worth $201844.19

    There is 1.332x10^21 liters in the entire ocean
    That makes the ocean worth $64,502,100,000,000 (64 trillion dollars)

    1. Anonymous5:22 AM

      Mark claims you can produce 2734.901 grams of gold per liter of ocean water

      NOAA claims that there is 0.0000000013 grams per liter of gold in the ocean
      which means 769230769.2307692 grams of gold per liter of ocean water

    2. 2734 gm is equal to 2 kgs....of gold ? ....per litre of sea water ...hahhhhaahahah

      now your second line ...769230769 gm is equal to 769 thousand kg of gold per liter of ocean water .

      plz gimme some of what you smoke.

  10. Mark Sullivan the inventor of the Sullivan Generator has either has invented a device that ...

  11. he got the point! there are gold in ocean! It simply require of lab team work to harness efficient process

  12. I will extend 50k if OLeary will go 950k on the Sullivan Handstitched Handbag Company. Womens handbags is where the real gold is at.


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