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Shark Tank Holiday Special - Update

Connor Pastoor and Jillian Jaccard Shark Tank Christmas Special
Connor Pastoor and Jillian Jaccard
 I just don't get it. Two college student's that study business again put book smarts over street smarts. You're going on the hit TV Show dedicated to "Business" and yet forget some major key components that make any business successful. If you want to be successful in ANYTHING that involves a consumer, the #1 rule is making it easy for your customers to find you. How many Party Poche pockets could they have sold just last night (regardless if they got a deal with the Sharks or not) by simply having a website that was easy to find?

They had $50k in the bank but chose not to get a functional website up and running? Even a simple free blog would have been much better then, we'll as far as I can find so far, nothing. The only Partie Poche website I could find is not even in this country, which incidentally has a very similar product.

When Book Smarts Meets A Brick Wall

Obviously, Party Poche had a website at one time because they stated they've sold a few hundred Partie Poshe cell phone holders online. From selling a few hundred unit's they somehow come up with a (book smarts) valuation at a minimum of $1.9 million. WHAT? But they're giving the Sharks a deal offering them a valuation of only $500k. Trying to seem smarter than the very wise street smart Sharks is not a good strategy and a good lesson for anyone that wants to get on the Shark Tank on what not to do.

Another thing that stood out in this pitch was the "I" word. Connor Pastoor and Jillian Jaccard are supposed to be a team and partners in this upcoming Brand, and yet, they both seemed to use the "I" word way too often. Was it just me or does this come off as they were not united on the long-term business, but more focused on their own (short term) objectives?

Regardless of how many mistakes were made that got most of the Sharks out in rather quick fashion, Mark Cuban was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. He tried to use his street smarts to bring them back to reality and (as any angel investor would) wanted a detailed plan on how Connor and Jillian would reach their ambitious sales goals.

 Trying to assure Mark Cuban they just know they can do these numbers if they got an investment was nothing you will ever learn in College. Cold hard fact's backed up with a plan of action was the answer he was seeking. They have $50k in the bank, apparently not much of a web presence and no product ready to sell when they're on the Biggest Business Stage in U.S. History. They could have easily invested that $50k in inventory and sold all of it just last night alone. But instead they chose to sit on the capital and not invest it in the Partie Poche until they got a deal with the Sharks.

They completely missed out on "The Shark Tank Effect". What's this? Ask any Entrepreneur that has ever been on the Shark Tank Show and try as they might, their websites get slammed to the point that a lot of their servers cannot handle the volume of traffic. You just cannot buy this type of publicity, and you best be ready for it, because it's coming (if they can find you) whether you make a deal or not.

I would like to write something positive about the Partie Poche presentation, after all, this is the Shark Tank Success Blog. Both Jillian and Connor are no doubt very ambitious and seem determined to succeed. This was an excellent real life business lesson, and hopefully, they'll take the advice from the Sharks and apply it to future venture's.

Studying past contestant's and what they did RIGHT will pay big dividends for all future Shark Tank contestants. It's also just as important studying the folks who did not get a deal and learn from their mistakes.


UPDATE: The website is indeed, and as anonymous has stated below, it only shows a front page saying they're sold out. The website was registered in Feb. of 2011 and its current until 2016. It shows it's solely owned by Connor Pastoor and was last updated yesterday, December 4th, the day of the show.
 If I didn't know any better, it almost looks like they intentionally sabotaged the product and guaranteed it will not succeed. Maybe that "I" thing I mentioned above has more meaning than previously thought.

Partie Poche Video Advertisement

UPDATE #2: One week after the airing the site is now saying "3 more days". That's It. They also just posted this YouTube Video for the Partie Poche. It's 1 minute long and you really have no idea what it's about unless you know "exactly" what you're looking at. A college party that looks like a lot of fun but may have missed the point. Hopefully, they can pull this off but it's beginning to look like they're a little late for the party.

UPDATE #3: It is a crying shame seeing this opportunity go flying right over their heads. The website (as of a few minutes ago) was a blank page now. There is so many great new companies out there that would do just about anything for a chance like this. I took their link down because it's nothing but a waste of time at this point.
Instead I'm putting up Kendra's site that sells a similar product that you can actually Order Right Now! She also tried out for the Shark Tank (according to her tweets) around the same time and they chose a classroom project over a REAL business that even has a functioning website. She also has several different styles to choose from and even one for guy's that goes around your arm. I never even considered I would buy a party pouche but I would buy one for my arm when out jogging (no pockets). This is a whole new category that Conner and Jillian completely left out.

Check out PortaPocket and the entire line of pouch related products.


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    They have a website and a twitter account. The site says "sorry" we are all sold out. Thats It.
    The twitter has not been updated in 7 months.
    Talk about blowing off a great opportunity.

  2. Just watched the segment... ouch! Even my tiny company has a website... where people can buy product securely! Connor and Jillian - I would be happy to give you my web designer's contact information. PS when did you apply for your provisional?

  3. Hey there Sharky I think you are being to kind. this was the dumbest negotiations I ever saw on this show. to smart for their own good.

    1. Mr. SharkTank10:58 PM

      No doubt.(at least the latter, not so much the former.)

  4. Maybe someone should email them and let them know how they blew that opportunity off. Even the Fat A$$ Fudge lady was more passionate than them AND she has a website. I think they just wanted to be on TV...

  5. Charles2:52 PM

    $50k in the bank and no website to take orders by Shark Tank's air date. They are the worst entrepreneurs ever. What a waste of FREE FREE FREE network tv advertising.

  6. Whew...That was an absolutely horrible negotiation on their part...

    All it would take is $200-$300 for a functional website designed by someone on oDesk + hosting + domain (which they seem to have.

    Start a menial Facebook following (500-700 people) and update it on a semi-regular basis.

    Now to capitalize on Shark Tank would only take:
    Purchase $40,000 worth of inventory at the $4.70ish price point = 8,200 units.
    Sell out those $8,200 units last night on Shark Tank at $19 each = $155,000 in sales...

    Now you have your $150,000 in capital to produce a bigger run of units + start a mass shipping department, market, develop, etc.

    Doesn't take a whole lot of thought. It was really a bummer to see how little they capitalized on the opportunity. Being on SharkTank is a monster blessing to a lot companies, really a shame. I know if my apparel company got a chance to be featured, we'd be stocked, locked, and ready to rock!

    1. The sad thing is that this isn't the worst pitch I've seen on the show. i saw the episode with the guy who invented the plate topper.

      His was worse because he had a genuinely good invention and all of the Sharks were interested in his product and willing to give him 10x what he was asking for, and he kept insulting them over and over until one by one they dropped out. I've never seen anything like it on this show.

      This pitch, on the other hand, was just bad. But They were struggling to begin with, they just made things worse by having a cocky attitude about their no sales and lack of knowledge. They probably wouldn't have gotten a deal even if they had been polite. But that other guy was a trainwreck.

  7. I feel a little sorry for these kids. So much ambition that is hard to keep bottled up when it's time to listen. I wish them both the very best and hope they take this experience as a very valuable business lesson and make the most out of it in the future.

    Nice blog by the way. To bad they did not study it before they went to the shark tank school.

  8. Mr. SharkTank10:57 PM

    I'm sorry, am I missing something? The last thing these two had was ambition. The one and only thing they had was Dad's money and apparently a high up board member of some retail company, whoop-d-fricken-doo. Perhaps they had some ambition to con an investor out of $100K...

    This was, hands down the worst company I have ever seen presented on Shark Tank. Not necessarily the worst company (That goes to the guy who could turn ocean water into pure gold) but by far the worst pitch. They got what was coming from the Sharks. It isn't too difficult, if they ask a question: ANSWER IT, don't argue.

    One can only hope that school requires some sort of interpersonal communication class. The guy wasn't terrible, he was a bit more on track, but couldn't talk over his over-privileged partner.

    1. Anonymous12:14 PM

      you don't achieve some of the things on Jillian's resume without ambition. I think you are making some big assumptions based on a 7-8 minute presentation.

      If you are berating them for lack of thoroughly thinking things through, then I'm sure you wouldn't want to make the same mistake when judging them.

    2. That girl came off horrible, no one cares what is on her resume if she can't answer a question and comes off as pretentious. Those were mulch-millionaires and billionaires she was presenting to and argued against them as if her college accounting degree made her smarter than them.

      Also, I really don't see many people using these anyway.

    3. Anonymous7:56 PM

      I agree 100%

  9. Anonymous12:00 AM

    My thoughts exactly. I went searching for it after watching Shark Tanks and this blog is what I found. lol. Their business professors should fail them.

  10. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Same as above, found this blog looking for their site.

    Did find Jillian's LinkedIn page, which says she worked at Partie Poche from 2010 - June 2012. Interesting.

    1. Anonymous9:20 PM

      yeah that's right~! Check the FB page- They quit Partie Poshe the day after the Shark Tank episode aired!! :-D

  11. Anonymous8:50 PM

    I just watched this episode and as an aspiring business person myself, it pains me to just see situations like this. Regarding their "business" website (which looks TERRIBLE. Completely unprofessional) I had searched through google to find their website and I did find one if you can call it that. It has the same logo, but the embarrassing thing is that the template has not been edited in any way and no links work and it must be a public site since I can view it.

    How embarrassing.

  12. Anonymous9:58 PM

    I can't believe no one has mentioned the obvious that JILLIAN WAS AN ABSOLUTE DIME! carry on...

  13. It's funny because I have seen some people go on without a single sale just a final prototype and get a deal. It's all in your product and your approach. I seriously do not know how they didn't go to their teachers and tell them we're going to be on shark tank can you review our numbers and our website. How in the world do you not get a website together???? To get that close to success and drop the ball is just beyond my understanding.

  14. Anonymous1:32 AM

    I just caught up on this week's episode and I must say, this is probably the worst presentation for me (they barely beat out that Plate Topper guy for the top spot). They are business students, that guy is an MBA student, yet their pitch was all over the place. On top of that, that blonde was very ignorant and thick headed with her reason for the valuation. Maybe she thinks she is one of those self-centered "i have the looks, so i'm a force to be reckoned with" people.

  15. Jillian's Friend CM4:23 AM

    You want to know what happened? I'll tell you. The person who wrote this blog was very close in their assessment. The partie poche was a school project that they won an award for. This got them the attention that eventually landed them on the shark tank show. They were just Friends even though Connor may of had other ideas. Those ideas went out the window after the interview with the shark investors. This was NOT a project they created to save the world. This was a school project that got a lot of attention. Neither had any interest in working together after that interview and the investors money was returned. They sold the rights to two other college students and moved on. The partie poche will be launching soon. Please be patient. End of story.

  16. Anonymous4:46 AM

    But they trashed their names on the eternal web forever --- even daddy's money can' t fix that

  17. what was so disturbing to me is these two got on the show and I got passed over while in the similar space. Had interviewed with producers before and they loved my PATENTED (issued not just filed, w/ 2nd patent pending) so they said...but then they approved this pseudo-version instead. The difference is my PortaPocket has been out for 5+ years, people LOVE it, have sales to show...and it runs rings around this thing. My design is not can be worn almost ANYwhere on the body (not just thigh), is detachable/interchangeable so you can swap out pocket sizes whenever you need to, and all my bands connect at their ends to create longer lengths to suit everybody on planet earth without having to re-engineer the design. It's water & moisture resistant, super comfy and available in original style or sparkly designs too.
    Your perfect partner for working out, going out, travel & every day. My pocket selection ranges from ID/credit card size (S) to cell phones )(M) to passports (L) and even EpiPens (Tall). Oh, and I have a website. that works ;)
    now offering 10% SharkTank discount through 12/25/12 for any weborders. just use code ST10
    ♥, @PortaPocketGal
    (a certified WBE...women's business enterprise)

    1. Thats a nice site with a good selection to choose from. I added your site above.

    2. thank you sooo much! I truly appreciate your kindness... it is very refreshing to find someone who really "gets it" :)
      I hope it didn't come off too "sour grapes-ish" on my earlier's just that when you pour your heart, soul and bank account into something, work your butt off for over 5 years and have a track record of thrilled clients and excellent reviews AND can't imagine life without your creation 'cause you use them religiously every day and would feel naked without 'em... you just can't understand why others would throw you in the proverbial garbage without even giving you a chance. I keep reminding myself of what happened with JK Rowling(so will always keep going)! One day... I like to think PortaPocket will finally reach the tipping point..

    3. IMO, the reason they got on the show and you got passed over is because that woman was a train wreck waiting to happen. The show is, first and foremost, about making entertaining television.

    4. Kendra, if you have an issued patent already, why aren't you suing them? Isn't that the point of the patent? To get rid of people who steal your "protected" idea?


    5. Hi Kendra, Just watched the Partie Poche team on Shark Tank and was so impressed with the idea. My daughter in law and I were like, yes! Finally, a great idea for woman... for travel, for night's out, for exercising, what a grand idea. We were so disappointed with the way the Sharks treated them. It was almost as if they knew that you existed and they needed a 'fall guy' on the show. Someone they could beat up. We were bummed that the idea was shot down. Then, we read this blog, and THANK YOU for adding your comments about your product. This is such a fabulous idea and we are glad it is you that thought of it. We are headed to the website to purchase a couple options and going to tell all our friends about your product. Thanks for thinking outside of the box. You don't need Shark Tank but keep posting positive comments and you will attract long time customers. Blessings. ...Jamina

  18. Anonymous5:06 AM

    "Stop The Madness" Got to love that kevin Oleary.

  19. Anonymous5:09 PM

    I AM SO ANGRY that the sharks did not take the bait. I WANT ONE OF THESE pouches SOOO bad!!! And so do all my friends. And as for the blonde? I kinda liked her. Who cares if she's a little biotchy?
    Anyone know where i can find a product like this?

    1. I made a version of the garter purse for my best friend's wedding last year. The girls loved them, so I made them available here!
      Since then, I branched out into runner's accessories, all made from reclaimed and up cycled clothes. Check them out here:

  20. Anonymous5:13 PM

    I didn't care that the blondie kept arguing with the sharks. Yeah, I felt a little embarrassed for her, but oh well... she knew what she wanted and she didn't want to leave without it. As a business owner myself, i can understand that. I also want one of these little leg wallets!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous6:43 PM

    i've been looking for this product

  22. Anonymous8:42 PM

    tried to buy one as a gift for my daughter but couldn't even find the website. You'd think they would have set up a waiting list or something. Great idea BAD BUSINESS SENSE. And the sharks missed a great opportunity

  23. I made 1 of these for myself anda couple of friends about 15 years ago and still use it to the day. I never tried to get a patent and trademark because to me it was just a garter belt with a pocket which was actually very popular in the 1950's which is where I got the idea.

  24. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Something tells me they've read this blog (and Jillian IS the "I AM SO ANGRY" Anonymous poster) since they seem to be scrambling to get a functional website up. Doesn't help that they spell party p-a-r-t-i-e and posh p-o-c-h-e.

  25. Anonymous2:22 PM

    oh....poche means pocket in french?? got it.

  26. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Terrible pitch. Both of them had trouble answering questions directly, they just wanted to get their own points across even while asking for someone else to invest money. The woman also sabotaged it completely for them. She needs to learn to listen. Yes this is your big chance, yes you want to get your point across, but if the possible investors can't stomach your attitude and can't find out the details of your products/sales/business then whatever YOU find most important to get across won't matter. Honestly, I even found her annoying and I had nothing to gain/lose. Cuban said he could see himself in them but I can't imagine that even he could be this rude at a presentation at 21.

    1. Anonymous2:05 PM

      You know what also sabotaged their pitch? TV editing. But yeah, keep believing everything you are fed from television. It will serve you well.

    2. Anonymous2:06 PM

      its television. not real. edited televsion

  27. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Okay, so I just watched the episode on Hulu and then looked at their website. It says 2 days. I went to their facebook page and they are re-launching their website to do pre-orders apparently. Also, there was a post from about 7 hours ago saying that the first 40 people to message them would get an Orginal Black Poche, I messaged them,

    "I'm currently watching Shark Tank right now, and I want that black partie poche! I believe in you guys!", and I got the response back,

    "Thank you so much for expressing interest in us! Unfortunately, Connor and Jillian are no longer with us but PartiePoche is now under new management! Please contact for an original black Poche, our new line will be available for pre-order in two days on our website!


  28. Given that this segment is scheduled to re-air this Fri Dec 14th...
    wanted to share once again that we have product IN STOCK & ready to ship for holiday gifting! PartiePoche site now mentions pre-orders so not sure how long that means before you get what you paid for...
    If you like the concept, you'll love the versatility & sparkle of PortaPocket *bling!* ...and find it a more-than-equal option. For gals into fashion, remember the logo is on the back for *bling!* style pockets, and the band is hidden by your clothing if you are wearing it on your leg. It's neoprene so super comfy and stretchy to fit all sizes with no plastic parts to dig into the skin (unlike theirs). Offers lots of choice on where you can wear it as works on calf, ankle, arm or thigh (if you need a little longer length for the latter, there's a 12" ministrap which connects to the end of the 18" band to help you out :)) Don't forget your 10% savings through 12/25/12 with code ST10 at !
    Best wishes & happy holidays to you!

    I felt awful for the way the young entrepreneurs were being treated on Shark Tank and as a young female, I KNOW ppl will buy this product! Even this morning having breakfast the issue came up what to do when we want our 'wallet' with us but not a bulky purse? what if we don't want to wear something baggy enough to store our billfold in a pocket? what if we have no pockets? I was raised WAY too classy to store things in my bra! Even so, what if something were to slip from your shirt?
    The blonde is criticized for "just keep talking' or running them over with speeches and "not listening". No, what she was doing was trying to be passionate in her sell and not give up and admit defeat. She believes in her product!
    Also, I wanted to buy the product for multiple reasons #1 to show them those rude "sharks" aren't right, #2 I would love this product, & #3 I know TONS of women that hate carrying purses!

  30. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Their website is still not very good. It is slooooowwwww loading and the ecommerce functionality is terrible.

  31. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I placed an order yesterday. Site is great and it was so easy to order.

  32. Anonymous6:27 PM

    The domain is now registered to a Ryan Linares and the Facebook says that Jillian Jaccard and Connor Pastoor are no longer with the company. I guess Jillian talked her way out of her own business.

  33. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Watched the episode today 12/20 and wanted to know more the website says now taking pre orders at 19.95 price point

  34. interesting that a nurse/inventor gal in CANADA that was on the SharkTank equivalent Dragon's Den last Sept (or so I heard) w/her "JambeAdore" (another borrower from the French... this one "leg love") actually DID get a deal from the dragons. Her product carries things on one's leg like PartiePoche and my PortaPocket BUT like PartiePoche...the "pockets" (more like little harnesses) are not detachable/interchangeable and just stay in one spot. And you can't wear this anywhere else on the body but the leg, either. What's odd is that her website is not available and she has almost no visibility on the web anywhere as best as I can make out (save for a modestly-liked facebook page with broken links). Have no idea why... does anyone know what's up?

  35. I've been using a product similar to this for over 10 years...called the Thigh Thing and it holds my insulin pump. Old news to me.

  36. thigh thing needs a clip to hold it up...I've heard people say that without it... has a tendency to fall down... just like's designed for use on only one spot on the body. Glad it's working for you though!
    ...You might find PortaPocket gives you much more flexibility and function ...and for way more than just your insulin pump. :)

  37. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Just an update for all of you that says the girl came off unprofessional and so on. Being in the production business I want to let you all know that ABC records each interview or deal with a shark for about 2 hours and then edits it down to about 5-7 minutes. Causing some people to appear very rude and so on. Having met this girl I can assure you that she is a very nice person, very professional, and very smart. Last thing I want to add is that 4 days after the episode was aired, Jillian and Connor sold their company for $100,000. ;)

    1. Anonymous5:34 PM

      What happened to their company being worth at least $1.9 million like they said on the show? What a joke. Selling a company that had $50,000 in cash plus all the free publicity from the show, intellectual property, pending patents, initial investment (plus blood, sweat, tears) to get it to this point, for just $100,000, means they actually made a horrible sale. They should stick to working at a day job, not being Wantrepreneurs.

    2. Anonymous8:18 PM

      Interesting that they supposedly sold the company four days after the episode aired (12-4-12), but yet the Facebook page for Party Poche had a post already in August 2012 stating that Connor and Jillian had both left to pursue other opportunities. It's pretty obvious they left the company long before the episode aired.

      And for blaming the edits on why Jillian looked rude - I've seen so many episodes of the show and I've never seen someone come across so terribly rude. It is not just a matter of ABC spinning their pitch to make it look that way. It is a matter of someone who has no idea how the real world works but yet will not accept any constructive criticism. She is due for a nice reality check when she enters the real world. If she acts like that at all in public accounting by arguing with everyone above her about why she is right, she'll have no job in a few weeks, even with her resume. She might want to consider that the sharks, who are all worth hundreds of millions, know more about business and valuations than someone who is a student at Loyola Marymount and did a three month internship at PwC.

  38. This is the one I've created. It is designed to fit securely whether you wear it over clothes or on bare skin. It is also non bulky, it's pockets stretch to fit different items.

  39. If anyone is interested in a product that allows a woman to carry her essentials - HANDS FREE, please check out

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  40. You can go to school and get an education but you can't go to school and get street smarts


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