Shark Tank Episode 410


Next Episode Shark Tank 410

November Sweeps starts tonight - Show Starts 1 hour Later 11-02-2012
What Companies are Next on Shark Tank

Seth MacFarlane and all the Sharks inside the Shark tank
Seth MacFarlane
Seth MacFarlane will be making a special guest appearance on the next Shark Tank tonight to help kick off ABC November Sweeps new shows lineup. ABC has been hyping episode 410 about Macfarlane for a few weeks now which leads one to believe this will be a show to watch. Statistically it has proven to be a winning combination when your product involves a celebrity. The Shark Tank is still batting 1000 for every guest appearance thus far.

MacFarlane will help feature a new and Improved Fly Trap to the Sharks. The "No Fly Cone" along with his Good Friend Bruce Gaither who invented this unique new and improved trap.

Grease Monkey Wipes


Grease Monkey Wipes

Featured Follow Up Success Story on the Shark Tank Show

Tim Stansbury and Erin Walen gets a deal with the sharks

Grease Monkey Wipes Makes Successful
Deal on the Shark Tank Show 
 Tim StansburyErin Whalen came into the Shark Tank looking for 40k for a 40% stake in the Grease Monkey Wipes Business.Erin explains that during one of their 100 mile bike rides together she ended up getting a flat tire. By the time Whalen was done, Her hands were covered in grease. As they continued their bike ride they started brain storming of a new portable cleaning product that could easily and conveniently take away grease and dirt while on the go. After a lot of trial and error the pair came up with the perfect product and went into business together. Within a few months Grease Monkey Wipes was featured on the Shark Tank Show.

 The couple came in  prepared with a reasonable valuation for their new invention and seemed determined to make a deal with the Sharks.

Shark Tank Deals - List of Companies - Season 1


List Of All Deals Done On The Shark Tank - Season 1

Find all the successful companies that got deals on The Shark Tank Show - Season 1

season 1, episode 1, first one on Shark Tank
Mr. Tod's Pie Factory was the very first
business to enter the Shark Tank
This is a list of all the deals completed with the Sharks in Season 1. The companies the Sharks invested in are in the order in which they were shown on The Shark Tank Show. Barbara Corcoran was by far the most active Shark Tank Investor by a wide margin investing in a total of 15 new business opportunities for her. Kevin O'Leary was the most unlikely Shark to get a deal with while investing in only 7 new businesses. Interestingly, all the deals O'Leary made were also with other Sharks involved in the deal.

List of Successful Shark Tank Deals Completed In Season 4

Barbara completed a total of 15 deals from Season 1 in which 7 were done with no partners.
List of deals Barbara Corcoran has made on the Shark Tank

Shark Tank Episode 408


 Shark Tank Season 4 - Episode 408 - Airing 11/9/2012

Up Next On the Shark Tank 

PC Classes Online 

seen on the Shark Tank Show
 This looks like a very interesting episode of the Shark Tank which will host Comedy Writer Bruce Vilanch. Bruce will help demonstrate a Computer Instruction Product designed to bring the classroom to you no matter where you are. PC Classes Online is a subscription based Internet Business that covers several subjects in the technology sector. These are Live Classes where you can participate and ask questions in real time.  
I'm not sure where the Producers of the Shark Tank come up with some of these super cool inventions like the SBU from episode 407 but it looks like they found another project that may be on the same path. An Entrepreneur from Fountain Valley, CA. is set to debut he Motorized Vehicle Suit that can get you up to driving speed then back to walking. WHAT? I never heard of such a thing, you say? We'll neither has because I cant seem to find anything even close to this motorized driving suit (yet). Then again who would of thought of a unicycle that you just sit on and it will take you 10 miles before it runs out of electricity? Could it be one of those

The Shemie


The Shemie on Shark Tank

Season 4 - Episode 407

Wilder in a shemie

 Shelton Wilder a personal stylist, was asking for $60k for a 20% stake in her company valuing it at $300k. Wilder sure knows how to make an introduction into the Shark Tank along with two other models. If you got it (the Shemie of course) then why not flaunt it. Wilder was wildly excited about showing the Sharks her new modern line of slips which she fashionably named the Shemie (pronounced "Shim-ie"). These are not your grandma's slips, no -no- no, these are much more hipper and stylish for the modern day girl.
 Wilder claims she has a verbal agreement with Nordstroms to carry her line in some of their stores. She says she has only been in business for 6 weeks? 6 weeks? How did she get on the Shark Tank so fast? Sheldon also says she has 10 stores with "soft orders". Kevin O'Leary likes Wilder and doesn't want to tear into her (imagine that, O'Leary holding back) but wants an answer as to why her 6 week old company with zero sales is already worth $300k. She tries to convince the Sharks that she is a hustler and will make the Shemie a success.

Lori Greiner senses that something is not adding up and asks again if she sold ANY Shemies at all. Wilder almost doesn't seem to want to talk about it and says "we'll I  recently sold a similar product that I worked with before. The Sharks pick up on there is more to this then meets the eye. She tells them she was in another company with her Best Friend and sold $150k in 18 months. Now that doesn't sound like no sales to me. Robert Herjevic tells her to stop and re-boot. Wilder explains they had to shut it down and she was trying to start a new business with a new brand and a similar product. Thus, no sales for The Shemie yet. From the sounds of it Shelton and her Best Friend may of been celebrating a little too much from their new business success.
Shemie now on Kickstarter
Wilder is cornered by the Sharks when she finally comes out and says that there had indeed been another similar business started by herself and a friend that eventually went bankrupt from partying too much. It starts getting a little emotional and Shelton came across very sincere. Lori congratulates her on getting started down a better path and tells her She is Going To Make It BIG. All the Sharks graciously all go out mainly because she valued her company way too high for starting all over with a brand new Brand.

No doubt Shelton Wilder will take this Shark Tank experience all the way to the bank and make The Shemie (or any project she is passionate about) into a Huge Success. She clearly has the drive and determination to Make It To The Top!


Shelton Wilder has wasted no time in taking Greiners advise and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to coincide with the airing of the shark Tank Show. Not surprisingly She has already raised over $12k since last night on pre-orders for The Shemie undergarments. Wilder has set a goal of $29k to kick start her business. You can Buy A Shemie Here at her Kickstarter page and help make her dream a Reality.

Shelton Wilder's Website
Shelton Wilder on Facebook
Follow The Shemie on Twitter

The Shemie Update: 

Congratulations Sheldon on your Successful Kickstarter Campaign!!!
She ended up with over $32,000.00 to kick start Her Business.

Cool Treats For Dogs


The Bear & The Rat - Cool Treats For Dogs

On Shark Tank Show Episode #407

 The Bear & The Rat is exactly that, a frozen ice cream treat to spoil your dog. Matt & Meg Meyer are proud owners of two dogs. One Dog's name is Bear and the little one is Rat. Combine the two and you have an unforgettable name of their new product.

   Matt & Meg Meyer came into The Shark Tank looking for $125k for a 20% stake in the cool treats valuing their business at $625k. Everyone knows those Sharks do not like high valuations unless you have a lot to back it up. It's a mistake many entrepreneurs have made in past episodes, and yet it still seems to happen again and again on almost every show. The Sharks not only bring the much needed capital to the table but more importantly they bring the contacts and the ability to get your idea/product to the masses in record time. Some contestants IMO would be way better off just to ask for a dollar for a piece of the company just to get the Sharks into the deal.

Scrub Daddy


Scrub Daddy on Shark Tank Show

Scratch Free Scrubber - Season 4 - Episode 403

 So how do you get the Sharks competing for your business. You invent a Scrub Daddy and continuously keep selling out on QVC three times in a row. Aaron Krause came into the Shark Tank looking for $100k for 10% of the business valuating it at a Cool Million Dollars. Sales in the first 4 months have already reached over $100k.
Shark Tank Success already had Lori Greiner pegged to make an offer on the Scratch Free ScrubDaddy as it seems a perfect fit to include in her line of products. They don't call Greiner the QVC Queen for nothing and she really wanted to add this product to her collection. We also expected another big blow up between Lori and her arch rival, Daymond John via their conversation on Twitter before the show ran. Right before the Shark Tank went to break, it was obvious

SBU Self Balancing Unicycle


SBU Shark Tank Success

3 different SBU self balancing unicycle
3 Designs of the SBU as Focus Designs Continues To Improve On The Self Balancing Unicycle

The SBU Unicycle has completely blown the Shark Tank Success Blog away. WOW- this super cool new toy/transportation has probably shut down FocusDesigns Website during The Shark Tank Show. Did I say WOW!!! Daniel Wood & David Martschinske are the owners and inventors of The Self Balancing Motorized Unicycle.

Are these SBU's cool or what?
Adam from Myth Busters on SBU
Even Adam from Myth Busters can lift a SBU
The best way to see this self balancing unicycle in action is on Focus Designs YouTube Page. There is a total of 20 videos that will keep you salivating until you can get your hands on one. The more I watch, the more I personally what one myself. Maybe even two. A SBU can go up to 10 miles on a single charge. There is no pedeling involved and the built-in sensors help you stay

Shark Tank Episode 407


Shark Tank Season 4 - Episode #407

What Companies Are On Episode 407 Shark Tank Show


Focus Designs

SBU (self balancing unicycle)  Daniel Wood & David Martschinske of Camas, Wa. is getting their chance to pitch inside the Shark Tank a really amazing electric unicycle. Focus Designs is in their 3rd upgrade and seems to have perfected a rather unusual new form of transportation. If you haven't seen the SBU (Self Balancing Unicycle) in action yet, you might like to watch a few videos from Focuc Designs. A good comparison would be a Segway on 1 wheel and no hands. Sound a little unstable? That's what we thought. But it looks like the learning curve could be learned relatively quickly after a little practice. The SBU V3 is currently on sale for $1,795.00 on their website. I have to admit it sure looks like FUN to try one of these things out. Another form of transportation within a few miles? It certainly could be and with a weight of only, we'll I couldn't find it on the web site but it cant be much. The SBU was even featured on the Myth Busters T.V. Show which gave it a lot of traction. More Info on Focus Designs SBU Here.

The Bear and the Rat - Cool Treats For Dogs  

The Bear and the Rat is a Cool Treat For Dogs which first began as an idea in 1999 while on vacation when two Friends from Denver, CO. They found themselves brainstorming

Eco Nuts Soap


Eco Nuts Soap on the Shark Tank

Soap Nuts - Season 4 Episode #406 - 10/19/2012 - Update
Shark Tank episode 406
 In trying to predict the next Shark Tank contestants success before the coming show, we spend some time learning about the contestants first before they air on the Shark Tank Show. There seems to be a lot of eco-friendly companies popping up lately which is a good thing, but Eco Nuts Soap was different. An actual soap nut that I was not aware even existed. A nut that easily produces a natural soap plus a couple of ambitious entrepreneurs that have turned them into a successful business.

Mona Weiss and Scott Shields was the last contestants of episode #406 to enter the Shark Tank. Two deals had already been completed earlier with the Sharks that statistically put Mona and Scott at a major disadvantage if you keep track of those types of facts.

Mona and Scott was seeking $175k for a 15% stake in EcoNuts business. The presentation was going good

PRO-NRG energy drink


PRO-NRG on Shark Tank

Owner of PRO NRG on Shark TankWe'll this episode of the Shark Tank did not disappoint with lots of twists and and unexpected turns. It looks like our predictions didn't do as we'll this episode either with Mark Cuban again not being too understanding with some of the contestants. This show however, he had good reason to get upset a few times, which could serve as a good lesson for any future contestants.

PRO-NRG Gets "Shark Tank Biggest Deal Of The Night Award"

We'll our predictions may be a

Freaker USA


No Deal For Freaker USA

Shark tank Season 4 - Episode 406 - 10/19/2012 - Update
Freaker USA season 4 episode 406
Zack Crain making a memorable impression
on The Shark Tank Show
 We already knew we were in for a Show before Zach Crain made his entrance into the Shark Tank. We just didn't think he would be rolling across the carpet when he walked out to represent the Freakers USA. Can I Get A "WHOOOOP". Geese, that seems to stick in your head a little too easy. Crane, however freaked he may of seemed, it was clear that there was a marketing genius inside. He was looking for $200k for a 10% stake valuing Freaker USA as a $2 million dollar company. Crain had been in business a little over a year when episode #406 was filmed with already $320k in sales.
Crain began his freak en journey starting from a successful crowdfunding campaign on in which he

Cousins Maine Lobster


Cousins "Fresh" Maine Lobster Gets Deal With Barbara Corcoran

Cousins Jim Tselikis & Sabin Lomac the owner's of Cousins Maine Lobster, came in the Shark Tank with a very unique way of serving up fresh Lobster. They were looking for $55k investmeent for only a 5% stake in the lobster business on wheels. This puts a very high valuation of over $1 million on such a new and small company, but they were smart enough to feed the Sharks their signature "Lobster Roll" before they got down to business. They have been in business for only 2 months? We'll that's what they said.(and already worth a million bucks?) The cousins have done $150k in sales and needs the Sharks money to invest in another food truck, but they don't seem to eager to give up much equity. Interestingly, they have a general manager already in place for their "one truck"catering business.
Mark Cuban seems very interested and tries to dig deeper into


I Want To Draw A Cat For You Season 3 Episode

So how do you take such a simple idea and turn it into a Full Time Business? Just ask Steve Gadlin that was featured on the Shark Tank in Season 3 Episode #307.

Steve's entire e-mail to apply for the Shark Tank consisted of a whopping two sentences. ‘I draw stick-figure pictures of cats and sell them for ten bucks apiece … let me at ‘em.’”
Now this might not be the preferred way approaching a major network

Predictions for the next Show - Episode 406


What Company's Are Coming Up On The Shark Tank

 Season 4 - Episode 406

Air's This Friday 10/19/2012
See Our Predictions For The Most Successful Deal and the "Shark Of The Night"

Watch Episode 406 COMING THIS Friday 10/19/2012
    Pro NRG on the Shark Tank Show
PRO-NRG - Is a New Protein Drink with no caffeine or sugar being promoted by NFL Star Brandon Jacobs. This seems like an interesting and potentially a huge deal for one of the Sharks that could challenge Gator-Ade as the Pros drink of choice. It looks like it's just starting to get shelf space in a few stores and gyms but more importantly they were able to get into the New York Giants Superbowl  sidelines earlier this year. The Giants Loved the product. They have just a little over 100 twitter followers at the time of this writing which is not encouraging but it will be interesting to see how much they grow after the Shark Tank Effect takes hold. Can the Sharks real this one in and make it a National Brand?

Cousins maine lobster on the Shark Tank episode 406
Cousins Maine Lobster - Cousins Sabin Lomac and Jim Tselikis signature lobster rolls from a food truck want to expand their business

Predictions Before The Show - Shark Tank Season 4 - Ep 405


The Shark Tank Season 4 - Episode 5 Tonight's PreView of all the Products Featured 10-12-2012

"Our Predictions For Tonights Show"

The Sharks are back with new promising products that will be featured on tonight's show on ABC at 8p.m (7p.m. Central)

4 -Marz Sprays started by Father/Son team is looking for $200k for 10% of the company. They claim that their sprays are for vitamins, energy, sleep aid and weight loss support. No need to take a pill when you can just spray a few squirts into your mouth. I think it's a Great Idea having raised one kid that refused to swallow any pill. The Sharks question if this is some kind of gimmick. If there is that much of a market for it, then why hasn't any of the larger pharmaceutical companies came out with their own "pill spray'? Maybe because they haven't dealt with the Sharks on Shark Tank yet. Do they get a deal? My moneys on

Shark Tank Season 4 - All Episodes


Entire List for Shark Tank Season 4

List of All Episodes and Products from Season 4 (Part 1 of 3)
Season 4 Shark Tank Contenders
  Season 4 of the Shark Tank T.V. Show has taken off with a Great Start. They are now the highest rated show in their prime time spot on Friday nights. So far season 4 is holding steady at 50% of the entrepreneurs making a deal with at least one Shark which is a little better then the over all average for all the previous three seasons.
Mark Cuban still seems to be the most likely Shark to make a deal if you can think fast on your feet, while Kevin O'Leary has still yet to make any deal within the first 4 episodes. Lori Greiner so far looks to be Very Hungry for more new unique product's for Her Show on QVC and Daymond John, we'll he's always ready for a good deal when he sees one. Robert Herjevic seems to be slowing down a bit in what he is investing in, but it's always smart money when he does. Barbara Corcoran wasted no time in investing in two different inventions again in the first episode of season 4 and is off to a Great Start in finding more very unique products and services to add to her growing collection of Successful Shark Tank Products.
If you would like to see a list of what each Shark has invested in for all Season's of the Shark Tank Show, just click on their name above for a list detailed by each season.

UPDATED: This page will be updated regularly with new episode details as Season Four of the Shark Tank Show continues to unfold.

Entire List of All Episodes in Season 4 of the Shark Tank Show (Part 1 of 3)

Bag Bowl


Bag Bowl on the Shark Tank Season 4 - Episode 4

Watch Season 4 - Episode 4 on ABC

Bag Bowl
seen on the
Shark Tank Show
 Bag Bowl - Brian & Kevin Flemming was looking for $40k in exchange for a 33% equity stake in their invention. You can basically take a plastic bag and turn it into a bowl with a round collapsible piece of plastic. They have invested $40k of their own money and want a license play for the product. Keven O'Leary can't understand what is so special about this and doesn't think they will get the patent. They went to a large trade show and won an award for their idea but walked away with zero sales. Brian says they are "pre-revenue start-up" which basically means they have not made any money from the Bag Bowl. Daymond John nails it with
"pre-orders, pre-marketing, pre-sales, pre-patent pre-everything about the BagBowl. Mark Cuban claims they just want to use the Sharks contacts to try to push this simple product. Brian Flemming refers to Mark Cuban as "cubes". Oops Nobody calls Mark Cuban that, He's Out. O'Leary has some good criticism in innovating a new product. Bottom line, it needs to solve problems and reduce cost in which the Bag Bowl does neither in His opinion.

Getting An Offer On The Shark Tank

Back 9 Dips


Back 9 Dips on the Shark Tank Season 4 - Episode 404

aired on 10/5/2012

Shark Tank Season 4Back 9 Dips - David & Nique Mealey was looking for a $150k investment in exchange for a 15% stake in their company. Back9Dips is basically taking chicken wings and mixing them in with the dip. Mm, I Love It Already. Daymond John ask's "so this is basically a chicken Slurpee"? 

Kevin O'Leary
keeps picturing a chicken going into a blender and getting churned into a dip. He laughs so hard he starts to cry. This throws off the Mealey's from their presentation as it doesn't seem quite that funny, atleast not to them anyway. Lori Greiner jumps in and compliments them that it is really Delicious. Robert wants to know about the business. They started out as a B-B-Q business which the dips became a popular favorite. The sales are close to $400k within the last two years and just landed a 60 store test with a large grocery store. The store required a weekly sales goal which David says they are selling on a daily basis.

Can Back 9 Dips Close The Deal with the Sharks?
Lori still really likes the product but ultimately She's Out. One by one the Sharks start going out. It's not looking very good that any deal is going to get done. It's Daymonds turn in which he is kind of on the fence on making an offer. Geiner cant get seem to forget how good Back 9 dips taste and asks Daymond if She comes back in will He go in with Her for the $150k for 25% of the business. Daymond John actually starts getting emotional as to how similar the Mealey Family is to where he was before L.L. Cool J gave him a shot with FUBU. Lori cant take it any more and says "Daymond lets give them a shot". Nique starts to cry with emotion as she knows they are discussing Her Family's financial future right in front of them. Daymond is not sure He can bring enough to the deal to make it a sold business decision. Lori says we will figure it out together and make it a success. Daymond John didn't get to where he's at by making emotional business decisions but by practical ones where he can honor his part in the business. He's Out! Robert steps in and says "we'll I think in life you sometimes just need a chance" (so true in so many ways) and I would be happy to go in with you Lori for the $150k.

DEAL - Lori Greiner & Robert Herjavec buy into Back 9 Dips for $150k and 25% of the company from David & Nique Mealey.

Side Note: It was obvious that Daymond John was touched by this story. Maybe a little emotionally clouded to make a business decision which he knew would of been wrong. In the end he did the right thing by not offering them any money but by offering something much more valuable in the long run.

Back 9 dips on Shark Tank Will Back 9 Dips Be A Success?

Back 9 will definitely be a success especially in the short run and will continue to grow into a National Brand.. Why am I so sure? Because with any good reality show when you add emotions that really TOUCH peoples lives personally, the audience will remember and WILL at least try the Brand.(which is half the battle for any new product) I believe they call it "The Shark Tank Effect" which will ultimately make the Mealeys millionaires. You read it on the Shark Tank Success Blog First :)

Visit the Back 9 Dips Website
Connect with the Mealeys on Facebook
Follow Them On Twitter (almost 5000 followers and growing)



Posture Now on the Shark Tank 

Season 4 - Episode 3 - 9/29/2012 - Rerun 3/15/2013

posture now on shark tank show Mike Lane & Matt Franklin came into the Shark Tank seeking $100k for a 15% equity stake in the Posture Now Business. They opened up their presentation with some dancers from "Dancing With The Stars" wearing the Posture Brace which clearly seemed to make a difference . Personally I think it looks a little uncomfortable but if it straightens out your posture then it might be worth the trouble of wearing it. Mike claims He invented this product to get rid of his beer belly by helping him stand up straighter and in a more correct posture.

Getting Down To Business in the Shark Tank

 To date Mike and Matt have sold approx. $330k worth of the Posture Now Braces . They retail for $39.95 and cost around $5.00 to manufacture. In quantity the product wholesales for $19.95. 100% of the product is currently being sold online on their website. Fact - over 1,000,000 searches done on Google for the term "posture".



Rock Bands on Shark Tank 

Leather Rock Bands - Season 4, Episode 403 - Update

Dahlberg on the Shark tank
 Rockbands is the creation of Lee Dahlberg who came into the Shark Tank asking $100k for a 20% stake in his leather  bands. Yes real rocks (healing stones) inside leather bands. Dahlberg was so convinced it was such a good idea He sold his house to pursue rock bands full time. Lees creation quickly got into 4 of the largest retailer's in the Country. This new fashion accessory is getting so popular that even the "Rich and Famous" are wearing
and promoting this product. In fact, the most recognisable face to the Rich and Famous, Mr. Robin Leach comes walking out on stage and starts right into his presentation. Who has been wearing Rockbands? According to Robin Leach the list is very impressive starting with Bono, Johnny Depp, Tommy Lee, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Lindsey Lohan, Brittney Spears and of course Mr. Leach Himself.

Getting Down To Business With The Sharks

CateApp - Privacy App


Cate App on Shark Tank Season 4, Episode 2

CateApp - Neal Desai gets right down to business and wants $50k for a 5% stake in the privacy App. valuing the technology at $1 million. The CateApp erases calls and text messages which Robert Herjevic calls a cheaters App. Desai says He's not the developer but bought the rights to it for $17.5k cash. Neal and his Sister have invested around $45k into the business at this point that has around 10,000 customers so far.

Surf Set Fitness Boards


Surfset Fitness on the Shark Tank Season 4, Episode 1

Season 4, episode 1
SurfSet  Fitness - Mike Hardwick and Sara Ponn was asking $150k investment for 10% stake in the surfing business. Surfset is basically a surf board you use out of the water and in a fitness center without ever getting wet. It definently looks like a great way to learn how to surf before hitting the waves. Robert jumps up on the Surfboard and hangs 10 for the other Sharks and confirmed that it's not as easy as it looks. But the Surf Set Board sure looks like fun and definitely a good workout. The Board is also easily adjustable depending on your level of experience. Sara claims they have already made $150k in 4 months just giving classes on the indoor surfboard.

eCreamery Ice Cream


eCreamery - Shark Tank Season 4, Episode 2

Aired on 9/21/2012 on ABC - Abby Jordan and Becky App wants $250k for a 33% interest in their one of a kind Personalized Ice Cream Gift Business. Customers can visit the e Creamery website and start by picking out their favorite flavors of ice cream in over 50 flavors. Mix and match and design your own unique new ice cream flavor's. You then need to come up with a name for your creation which gets printed on the label. Jordan and App were very smart to create all the Sharks on the panel, their own unique and very personalized Ice Cream flavors.

Bev Buckle


Bev Buckle on Shark Tank - Season 4, Episode #1

belt bucle/ beverage holder
Belt Buckle/ Beverage Holder
 Beverage Buckle - Jay Kriner is seeking $50k for a 10% equity stake in the belt buckle business. Jay  claims this is one of the most interesting inventions to ever come on the Shark Tank. He wastes no time in getting into his presentation and BA-BAM there's a bottle of beer conveniently resting on ah, belt buckle. Does a bottle standing up look a little awkward resting down there? We'll you be the judge on that one, but some may be fooled from a distance what's sticking up on your front side.

The Beer Buckle Holds A Bottle Or Can Hands Free  with the face plate of the Bev Buckle having any number of designs. It was developed when out on the town with his Friends. He noticed beverages are hard to keep track of while your mingling and wanted a more convenient place to keep track of his beer.
Barbara's first reaction when Kriner hands all the Sharks a Beverage Buckle is "it's kind of heavy" not a good opening line, but She does like the idea. O'Leary asks if he has any sales. Yes, Jay has already sold over 4,000 units over 4 years. Ouch that's not what the Sharks wanted to hear. This equates to $340,000.00 in sales which help put the Sharks at ease a little bit. Jay also holds the patent and can produce the Bev Buckle for $10 each. The buckles retail from $35 up to $110. depending on the front design.

Coat Chex


Coat Chex on the Shark Tank

Coat Check In - Season 4 - Episode 401

Coat Check-In seen on Shark Tank
Coat Chex - Derick Pacque is seeking $200k for a 10% equity stake in the ticket less Coat Chex check-in. The energy of Derick was over the top, very motivated and seemed like a shoe in to get a deal from a Shark on the panel. First question from Daymond after an entertaining presentation "Do you have any sales?" Which was a surprisingly No?.

 Pacque is looking more for a franchise deal. Mark Cuban lays into him telling how hororable this marketing idea is.

Lori Greiner - Shark Tank

Lori Greiner is a true success story in Her own right. After being bit by the entrepreneur bug at an early age, Lori has gone on to invent and develop almost 400 unique products in less than two decades and now controls over 100 patents.

Lori Greiner on The Shark Tank

 Lori got Her first big break when She designed a convenient way to organize all her earrings. In fact, Greiner's original product conveniently holds up to 100 pairs at a time. In less than a year, Lori sold we'll over a million dollar's worth before making a deal with QVC. Greiner also featured her earring organizer on the Home Shopping Network where they completely sold out within minutes after being broadcast on T.V.

Interesting Facts About Shark Tank Season 3


Shark Tank Season 3 - Success Rate

Success rate on season 3 of the Shark Tank Show
What Happened on the Shark Tank Season 3
 Interesting Fact's for Shark Tank Season #3. The Success Rate of who is more likely to make you an offer based on the stats. How much is the average Sharks invest into companies? History of the entire Season 3 Shark Tank Show and the totals of how much each Shark has invested into businesses.
How many contestants went in front of the Shark's on the Shark Tank in Season #3?

There was a total of 60 contestants featured on the show.

How many contestants were able to make a deal with a Shark?

Shark Tank Season 3


Season 3 Shark Tank Sharks vs Entrepreneurs and Inventors

 List of all Shark Tank contestants websites with all episodes from season three. Who made a deal with the Sharks? Which Shark invested the most of their money during the season? How much money did each Sharks invest in Season #3?

Shark Tank Season 3

Episode 301

  • Chord Buddy - Travis Perry asking for $125,000.00 for 10% stake. DEAL- Gets deal with Robert for $175k for 20% of company.
  • Liquid Money - Pat McCarthy asks for $100k for 5% equity. NO DEAL
  • Tail Lightz - Kyle Rainey is asking for 50k for a 50% stake in the company. NO DEAL
  • You Smell Soap - Megan Cummins is looking for $55k for 20% of business. DEAL- Gets deal with Robert for $55k with a $50k salary for a 20% stake in the company.

Shark Tank Season 2


Shark Tank Season 2

List of all Contestants Websites
 Season 2 of the Shark Tank premiered with the first episode on Sunday, March 20, 2011 then a few days later in its regular Friday night time slot on March 25, 2011. Season 2 has a total of nine episodes and 33 contestants. A handful of contestants turned out to be a Great Success on Shark Tank and made a lot of money for their businesses as we'll as the Sharks that invested in them. This Seasons Sharks are Kevin O'Leary, Robert Herjevic, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John and Mark Cuban that makes hid debut on the Shark Tank Show.

List of all Businesses That Made A Deal With The Sharks Season 2

List of All Season 2 Episodes with All Contestants Websites:

Season 2 – Episode 201 – March 20, 2011

  • Wurkin Stiffs - High End Magnetic Accessories - Jonathan Boos gets a Deal with Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran for $100,000.00 and 20% of the business.
  • Tippi Toes - Children's Dance Centers started by Megan Reilly and Sarah Nuse. No Deal
  • CBS Foods Original Shrimp Burger - Sea Food and Shrimp Burgers by Shawn Davis, aka Chef Big Shake. No Deal
  • Copa Di Vino - Patented Wine In A Glass by James Martin. James is one of the few contestants to appear two times (see season 3) and still was unable to close a deal with any of the Sharks.
  • Classroom Jams - Learn With Music - Marc Furigay was the Featured Product for this episode.

Shark Tank Season 1


Shark Tank's First Full Season

Season 1 Shark Tank List
The first Sharks on the Shark Tank Show
Original Shark Tank Sharks from Season 1
 The Shark Tank Show first launched in 2009 with mixed reviews as it was trying to find it's own Niche.
With the success of the Dragons Den already shown in Canada, the first two Sharks Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjevic, were also hired to get this new show off the ground. Season 2 was even a little bumpier with talk that they might even cancel the Shark Tank altogether.
But the show really started to catch on in season 3 and by season 4, it is now the # 1 rated T.V. Show on Friday Night Prime Time.

As with all successful T.V. Shows, it all comes back to when it first began and which makes each and every contestant from season 1 True Stars in their own right for paving the way.

Below is a list of all 15 episodes that were Featured in Season 1. How successful are these companies now? Are they even still in business or have they gone on to become multi-millionaires?

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  • Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory  - Tod Wilson was asking for $460,000.00 for a 10% stake in the business. He made a deal with Barbara Corcoran and Damond John for the full amount.
  • Ionic Ear - Darren Johnson was asking for a cool million dollars for a 15% stake in the company. Instead the Sharks chewed him up and spit him out.
  • WiSpots - Kevin Flannery was asking for $1.2 Million for 10% of the business. The Sharks never even gave him a chance let alone any kind of offer.
  • AVA The Elephant - Tiffany Krumins didn't have a product or a service, but just an idea. An idea that struck gold when Barbara offered her $50,000.00 and a 55% controlling interest in her idea.
  • College Foxes Packing Boxes - Nick Friedman & Omar Soliman wanted $250k for a 25% interest in the business. Got a little greedy and walked away no no deal from any of the Sharks.

Get On The Shark Tank


How Do I Get On The Shark Tank?

 Here are a few hard facts you need to consider before you apply for ABC's "Shark Tank Show". This show is owned by the Walt Disney Internet Group which controls several Internet Properties including,,,, and to name just a few. Getting on the Shark Tank as you might expect, you will be entering into a legal business contract which high paying lawyers made sure Walt Disney Internet Group is covered for anything imaginable. The "Terms of Use" that you must agree to before they will even consider you as a contestant, is located on Disney's Corporate Website.

Baring hiring a lawyer to explain these rather lengthy contract terms, the short story is THEY MAY TERMINATE YOUR ACCESS OR CHANGE OR DELETE CONTENT OR FEATURE IN ANY WAY, AT ANY TIME AND FOR ANY REASON OR NO REASON. Bottom Line, from a legal stand point if something should happen and a deal goes South or they decide not to air your product or service, your basically S.O.L.

E-Mail Submission To The "Shark Tank"

Buggy Beds Makes Shark Tank History


Buggy Beds on Shark Tank - Season 4, Episode 1

What kind of a business plan do you need to bring to the Shark Tank that will get all the Sharks excited? A product so unique (no competition) with patents in place, recent high growth sales and orders coming from big box stores (Mainly Wal-Mart) should do it.

When Buggy Beds CEO Maria Curcio and business partner Veronica Periongo were the last entrepreneurs to appear on the first seasons new episode premiere, you could instantly see they came to the show very we'll prepared. They were not willing to negotiate as much as a lot of contestants

Daymond John - Shark Tank


Daymond John on Shark Tank

Daymond John's Shark Tank Investments

Daymond John and Kevin O'Leary
Daymond John battling it out with Kevin O'Leary
on the Shark Tank Show
 Daymond John is what one would call a true inspiration to all entrepreneur's. He's a real inspiration for anyone with an idea and the guts to make it a reality. Daymond got the entrepreneur bug while still in High School participating in a co-op program. After a handful of businesses John got his first inspiration for FUBU when wool hats with the cut off tops were still popular. Having a flare for style, Daymond made 80 hats and took them to the New York Coliseum. Long story short, Daymond John sold all his hats for half the price and sold out in record time making him $800 on the very first day.

Daymond John and FUBU

Understanding the importance of branding at an early age, John started putting the FUBU logo on everything from t-shirts to jerseys. The FUBU brand was catching on but needed a boost. John desperately needed a loan to set up the FUBU Factory to mass produce his line. He was denied a bank loan 27 times in a row but he still refused to give up on his dream. Most people would give up after hearing NO after the 3rd or 4th bank, but this just made Daymond more determined than ever that to succeed no matter what the "experts say".

Mark Cuban - Shark Tank


Mark Cuban on Shark Tank Show

Billionaire Shark Tank Investor - List of Shark Tank Investments

Yes Mark Cuban is married
Mark Cuban and Wife Tiffany Stewart
 Mark Cuban happens to be someone I've followed all the way back into the late 90's when he sold to for a whopping $5.9 Billion in yahoo stock. Marks timing was at the height of the dot-com boom and just before the dot-com bust. At the time, had revenues of approx. $60 Million a year that Yahoo paid roughly 100 times revenue and set-up Mark Cuban for life.

From this investment and several other very good investments to follow, Mark Cubans net worth ranked him #459 on the list of the "Worlds Richest People" in 2011. With $2.3 Billion Dollars in assets, what's a guy to do with a few billion dollar payday? If you're Mark Cuban,you go shopping for a $40 million Gulf-stream V jet and set a Guinness Book of Records with the "largest single e-commerce transaction" over the Internet.