Painted Pretzel


The Painted Pretzel on Shark Tank

Painted Pretzel from Season 3, Episode 302
Aired 2/24/2012 - Rerun 11/30/2012
Season 3, Episode 302
Raven Thomas Owner of the Painted Pretzel Co.
If your looking for that perfect tasty gift for the Holidays, look no further, you still have time to order from the Painted Pretzel Factory. When Raven Thomas came into the Shark Tank it was one of the fastest taping's ever done by any contestant. Thomas was quick to get the Painted Pretzel into the mouths of the Sharks before they ever had a chance to take a bite out of her company. After a small sample of her very delicious treat it was a no brainier that Thomas was going to make a deal.
Painted Pretzel
Custom Pretzel Rods
 Whatever it is by combining a pretzel with chocolate that makes them so good I'm not exactly sure. What I am sure is that Raven Thomas has perfected this creation

Shemie Update


The Shemie by Shelton Wilder

Shemie Success StoryIt's been just over a month since we saw Shelton Wilder come strolling in the Shark Tank with her invention the Shemie. When she started her pitch  I was certain she would get a deal with at least one Shark. If for anything else, for her enthusiasm towards her product and the fact that she got Lori Greiner to admit that she too would wear a Shemie. Unfortunately things got a little emotional and maybe off track as the Sharks pressured her into talking about some things she was not prepared to talk about. In the end she was not able to make a deal with the Sharks.
This isn't the Shark Tank Failure Blog 

 This is the Shark Tank Success Blog!

Invention USA


Invention USA vs. Shark Tank

Season Premiere 11-26-2012
Season 2
Invention USA premiere's tonight on the History Channel. The show is very similar to Shark Tank in that you have the opportunity to show off your invention on the History Channel in hopes of getting financial backing from investors. Reichart Von Wolfshield & Antony Garrett Lisi, both inventors themselves, are the only two hosts on Invention USA. Unlike the Sharks that are sitting in the cushy Shark Tank, these guy's travel around the country and go where the inventor's live. They first give their personal opinions on how viable the invention is, and then go out and test it in real life situations. If it passes their tests, the inventor is offered cash for a stake in the company or idea.
The first Invention USA aired last year with only 6 episodes but they are back

ReadeREST - SpecSecure


ReaderREST on Shark Tank Show 11-30-2012

Reader Rest rerun from Season 3, Episode 302 Update

Reader Rest on Shark Tank Show
The first time the Shark Tank Show seen the ReadeREST Magnetic Eye-Glass Holder that Rick Harper invented was last year on February 24th, 2011. Since that time the ReadeRest-SpecSecure product has gone on to one of the hottest products ever to be featured in all of the Shark Tank Episode's. Hopper entered the Shark Tank stumbling in as if he lost his eye glasses. On the surface this looked like a relatively simple invention that really wasn't a big enough idea to get the Sharks excited to invest any money. All of them except for Lori Greiner who has already sold over $20 million in eye glasses on her show with QVC. It's a simple idea with a large markup

5 Minute Furniture


Next On Shark Tank Show 11-30-2012

5 Minute Furniture Update from Season 3 - Episode 302
5 minute furniture season 3, episode 3025 Minute Furniture will be making it's 3rd appearance on the Shark Tank Show this Friday night. Jared Joyce has a unique line of furniture that requires no screws, nails or any tools to assemble. The furniture is so easy to assemble, you don't even need instructions which is a BIG advantage over most furniture requiring assembly. In fact, you can assemble any of his 30 designs within 5 minutes.
Jared Joyce came into the Shark Tank originally looking for $250k for a 25% stake in his company. Little did the Sharks realize that Joyce is a serial entrepreneur

Win The Powerball - Become A Shark


Power Ball Jackpot $425 Million this Wednesday Night

Win Powerball become a Shark Tank Success
With no winner in the Powerball last night, the Jackpot now sits at $425,000.000.00 and is expected to grow closer to a half a billion before this Wednesday's next drawing. Now before you start spending (investing) all those zero's, there is one small little detail that must be taken care of first. Taxes. If you were to choose the lump sum payout, you would also see over $148,000,000.00 in real dollars quickly disappear for not letting them control "your winnings" for the next 30 years. You are then required to pay Federal taxes @ 25% of your gross winnings which takes another  $70,000,000.00. out of your powerball jackpot. Your $425 million has already been cut more then in half, leaving you with a little more then $208,000,000.00 before your State taxes.
 Depending on which state you bought your power ball ticket, your state taxes range from zero in states of New Hampshire, Delaware and Florida, all the way up to an additional 8.82% in

Shark Tank Christmas Special 409


Shark Tank Christmas Special

Tuesday 12-04-2012 - Week 12

Christmas Tree Rental on Shark Tank ShowThe Shark Tank Holiday Special episode marks the half way point for the entire season 4 with 24 total episodes. Yes, this is episode 409 that they skipped a few weeks ago, but it is the number 12 in consecutive weeks for season 4. Confused? Me too, they seem to do this every season with no rhyme or reason why they just can't keep them in order. Either way, It's Christmas time and the Sharks will be ready to make a few dreams come true.

Rent A Live Christmas TreeScotty "Claus" Martin from Torrance, CA. runs a living Christmas Tree Rental Farm. I remember the first time I heard of such a business on the news, and thought, now that's a Great Idea.

Shark Tank Episode 412


Shark Tank T.V. Show - Episode 12 - 11-23-2012

Up next on this Friday's Shark Tank Show Season 4

 We'll ABC isn't giving up much on this episode which is currently showing a re-run from season 3, episode 312. I'm beginning to think the producer's change the episode's number's and sequence for a reason, but what whatever their reasoning behind it, really doesn't make any sense. Anyways, as it appears right now, they are using this seasons episode 412 and filling it in with episode 12 from last season.

It's kind of interesting that I also received a message on Twitter from one of these contestants this morning. Not exactly sure what to make of it yet, but the timing is leading me to believe there is a little more to this Fridays episode of the Shark Tank then meets the eye.

Tie Try


Tie Try on Shark Tank - Episode 411

Rent a Tie from Tie Try

rent a tie on Shark Tank Show
Here's a novel idea that made it on the Shark Tank Show. You can choose from a selection of ties and exchange them whenever you want for only $11.99 per Month. The Tie Try business model is much like NetFlix which let's you rent a tie and have it shipped to you in the mail.

Is it just me, or is this simular to renting a Wedding Dress? Some guy's just don't like the idea of wearing a used tie. Unless your Kevin O'Leary that spends thousands of dollars for his tie collection, this business model might not be for you.


A Common Trait ALL Shark Tank Successful Companies Have

To be A Success on the Shark Tank T.V. Show there is "one thing in common" with ALL Successful Companies

Corks Away - Wine Cruise


Corks Away on Shark Tank Show

Wine Cruise - Episode 411

Wine Cruise on Shark Tank Corks Away Captain's Nate and Shane out of Long Beach, CA. have a very unique business opportunity the present the Shark Tank Show Tonight. They come prepared to battle the Sharks in their 30' Classic Sailboat whom they named the Wildflower. This is not just any boat but a Wine Cruise Sailboat that makes Ton's of Cash to help lure in the Sharks. By combining their love for sailing around the Long Beach Coast along with one of the Best Wine Growing Regions in the country, they have a recipe for success.

Corks Away offers a private sailing cruise around from Altamitos Bay to Treasure Island

Ruck Pack Drink


Ruck Pack Nutrition on Shark Tank

RuckPack Energy Drink - Season 4 - Episode 411

Major Dryer with Ruck Pack Nutrition Shots The Ruck Pack Nutrition Drink created by Major Robert Dyer is marching into the Shark Tank prepared for a "financial" battle with the Sharks. Major Dyer's is a highly decorated combat veteran and the inventor of the Energy Drink Ruck Pack. The supplemental nutrition drink was conceived while on Tour in Afghanistan after realizing there must be something better to help bring his troops back up to speed without any negative side effects.

After returning Stateside, Dyer started working on the ultimate energy drink that could one day save lives by giving Solderers a boost of energy and endurance with the nutrition to keep on, keeping on when it matters most. He started his company Noots Nutrition in 2008 and went to work to create this ultimate Energy Drink. His product was the RuckPack Energy Drink, which is a concentrated liquid energy shot of essential vitamins and minerals. Interestingly, there is no caffeine that makes this product standout from similar products on the market. The company is 90% owned by past and present military service members. They are also committed to giving a minimum of 10% of all profits to not-for-profit organizations

What Is RuckPack Combat Nutrition?

Nearly Newlywed


Nearly Newlywed Wedding Dress

Shark Tank Show - Season 4 - Episode 411 - 11/16/2012

rent a wedding dress Nearly Newlywed - Buy, Sell or Rent a Wedding Dress Business has as a new twist on getting Married that can save (and make) you a lot of money. The owner and inventor of Nearly Newlywed Jackie Courtney, came up with an idea that I wish was around, ah, several years ago :). Getting married is expensive enough and spending a significant amount of your budget usually involves the wedding dress. Yes, I get it, (or already got it) This is Your Day, a day you will treasure for the rest of your life. You want the ultimate wedding dress you will keep for the rest of your life. Really? Now lets be honest here. How many times have you worn your wedding dress since you were married? How Many? Yep, that's what I thought.

Shark Tank Investors


Shark Tank T.V. Show Investors

List of all Shark Tank Investors for all the Seasons
Original cast of the Shark Tank T.V. Show
 The Now Famous Shark Tank T.V. Show first aired in August of 2009. A lot of folks may not know that the Show is actually a close knock-off of the Dragons Den T.V. Show seen in Canada for the past 7 years. The Dragon's Den actually has several versions of investors and a long History dating back to where it first began in Japan called Manē no Tora which stands for "Tiger of Money". There is a total of 42 different versions of The Shark Tank Shows around the world with Investors speaking dozens of languages.
Another interesting fact is that investors (Mr. Wonderful) Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjevic, both with close ties in Canada, have been on the Dragon's Den and The Shark Tank since the very beginning.

Shark Tank Episode 411


Next Shark Tank Episode 411

Season 4 - 11/16/2012

Ruck Pack Energy Drink Ruck Pack Energy Drink

 The Ruck Pack Combat Nutrition Drink - Inventor Major Robert Dyer is coming to the Shark Tank looking to make a Deal with the Sharks. Major Dyer is a highly decorated combat veteran and the owner of the Ruck Pack Energy Shots. This nutrition drink idea was first born while on Tour in Afghanistan as a supplement to keep his soldiers on high alert but without any negative side effects.
The Ruck Pack has already been field tested on the battlefield's and athletes around the country.
More Info. on The Ruck Pack Energy Drink

Corks Away

Corks Away wine tasting cruise
Corks Away Captain's Nate and Shane from Long Beach, CA. will be sailing into the Shark Tank with Fine Wine and Caviar Dreams.

Hill Billy Brand


HillBilly Brand on Shark Tank

 Success Story - Season 2 - Episode 4 - 04-08-2011
Hill Billy Hat How to Build a Brand that goes Nation Wide. This the Success Story of the Hill Billy Brand that has taken on a life of its own. In my neck of the woods you would call me a Country Boy, always Outdoors and loving every minute of it. In Mike Abbaticcho & Shon Lees part of the country some would probably refer to me as a Hill Billy. An Outdoor Life Style I Wouldn't Trade for Anything!
Show Your
Hillbilly Brand Pride
When I first seen Mike and Shon on the Shark Tank Show, I immediately thought, Wow, that's a cool name for a company. I most definitely would buy this product because I'm wearing a hat almost identical to this picture even as I write this article. Only difference is, the logo says Colorado with a Bull Elk. But first these Hillbillies needed to raise a little cash if I was ever going to find one at the local Sporting Goods Store.

Voyage Air Guitar


Voyage Air Guitar on Shark Tank

A True Success Story - 11-09-2012
Voyage air Guitar makes deal
Voyage Air Guitars and Jeff Cohen was one of the first businesses featured on The Shark Tank Show. In very first Season on Episode 3, Jeff made his first of many contacts with the Shark Tank Show. After this Friday Night, Voyage Air Guitars will become one of the most recognisable products ever featured on the Show.

Recap Season 1, Episode 3

The first time Jeff Cohen and his Son Josh brought the Voyage Air Guitars on the Shark Tank they were originally looking for $500k for a 5% stake in this very unique product. The $10 million valuation this puts on the company immediately made the Sharks

Ice Chips Candy


Ice Chips Candy on Shark Tank

 Shark Tank Show - Season 4 - Episode 408
Season 4, episode 408 on Shark Tank
  Ice Chips Candy owner's  Beverly Vines-Haines & Charlotte Clary from Yelm, WA. will be featuring their delicious new and healthy candy product on the Next Shark Tank Show. The Ice Chips Candy comes in 17 all natural flavors within 5 distinct groups. You have the Mints, Fruits, Fun Chips, Specialty and Therapeutic Ice Candy Chips to choose from. Haines & Clary claim that the Dentist's who have tried this all natural candy, say it actually helps promote good dental health and they recommend the Ice Chips candy to their patients. (That is a big statement for any candy type product)The Ice Chips Candy is also "certified organic" which is another big plus.

What is "Ice Candy Chips Made From?

PC Classes Online


PC Classes Online On Shark Tank

PC ClassesOnline - Shark Tank Season 4 - Episode 408 - 11-09-2012

season 4, episode 408
 PC Classes Online inventor David Cox will be on the Shark Tank Show with Comedian Bruce Vilanch looking for an investment in his online technology classes. PC Online Classes are unique in that it makes it very convenient to learn a number of technology related subjects in the comfort of your own home. Sure there are a number of videos online that can teach you all kinds of things, BUT how many of them can you interact with the Teacher if you need clarification?
PC Classes Online is a subscription based service in which you pay

Transformer Guy


Drive Suits On Shark Tank

Transformer Suits - Episode 408 - 11-09-2012

Transformer Guy season 4, episode 408 Drive suit's expert Drew Beaumier of Fountain Valley, California has created a fully functional life size Transformer that drives.  He going to drive into the Shark Tank in hopes of getting an investment in his unique costume. Beamier is looking for an investment from the Sharks to mass produce this ultimate Halloween costume.
 So how do you Make a Real Life Size Transformers and then try to turn it into a business? If your Drew Beaumier that has always had a fascination with the transformers growing up, you get yourself a used Power Wheels Car and start tearing it a part. You then start to assemble the pieces



Real Estate Search Engine For Investors

Revestor On the Shark Tank - Episode 408 - 11-09-2012

mobile real estate app on Shark TankBill Lyons the Inventor of Revestor will be going into the Shark Tank to pitch his mobile app that's guaranteed to find the Best Real Estate Deals in your area. The Revestor Real Estate App helps iPhone users conveniently find all the Homes for Sale listed with the Highest Potential Returns within your Location. You simply choose your location and the price points of the Real Estate your interested in and the Reventor will show you the highest potential returns based on the current market.

Shark Tank Successful Deals - Season 3


List of All Shark Tank Deals In Season 3

Detailed list of all successful deals completed by the Sharks
Mark Cuban came into his second season on the Shark Tank ready to make some deals. Mark ended up closing a total of 14 deals throughout season 3 earning him the "Top Shark Award" for the season.
Lori Greiner makes Her debut during this season and closes a total of 5 new deals for her QVC Show. Unfortunently Kevin O'Leary is at the bottom of the list again with only 2 completed deals out of 15 episodes.

Mark Cuban Successful Deals Season 3

  • Painted Pretzel - This was Mark's first deal on the Shark Tank which he paid $100k for 20%
  •  M3 Girls Designs - Partners with Lori Greiner & Robert Herjevic for $300k for 30% equity.
  • Wine Balloon - Mark partners with Lori for $400k and buys the entire company w/ 2%

Jeff Foxworthy on Shark Tank


Jeff Foxworthy Successful Businessman/ Entrepreneur/ Shark

Jeff Foxworthy season 2 on Shark Tank  Jeff Foxworthy is not exactly want comes to mind when thinking about Sharks on the Shark Tank. One might even say Jeff is the nice Shark (or maybe just a big fish) and it would be super cool to work with him. But there is quite a lot more to Jeff Foxworthy then meets the comedy eye. When it comes to business, Foxworthy doesn't joke around. He is a Very Interesting, Hard Working and Very Creative in many ways you might not expect.

How did Jeff Foxworthy Get On The Shark Tank?

Foxworthy is known world-wide for his redneck comedy jokes which has become very, very successful. A few of Jeff's success's would include T.V. shows, television specials, guest appearances, books, albums, radio and of course merchandise. Jeff is no stranger to hard work and the words "The Show Must Go On".

To be a Shark on ABC's The Shark Tank first you need money. A lot of money

Robert Herjevic Shark Tank


Robert Herjevic on The Shark Tank

Robert Herjevic's Shark Tank Investments
Angel Shark Investor Robert Herjevic is what some would call a genius with ideas ahead of his time. Robert first made his presence known back in 1990 when he started BRAK Systems that was an integrator of Internet Security Software. The business started way back before most people even knew what the Internet was. Herjevic quickly realized the need and importance of security software and made a name for his business early in the game. He would eventually sell BRAK Systems to AT&T for a reported $30 million in 2000.  AT&T then gave Herjevic the position of "Vice President of Internet Security".

Robert then went on to become "Vice President of Sales at RAMP Networks" shortly before it was acquired by Nokia. Because his deal was completed before the Nokia deal, Robert was granted stock options (in the new company) which when vested earned him an additional $500k.

Shark Tank Deals - List of Companies - Season 2


List of Successful Deals on the Shark Tank Season 2

Complete list of all the deals  completed during Season 2 on the Shark Tank Show
All successful deals are in the order in which they were acquired by the Sharks.
Daymond John Earns the "Top Shark Award" for completing the most deals on Season 2. There was a total of 7 Sharks during the season in which Mark Cuban and Jeff Foxworthy made their debut.
 Find all the companies that each Shark has invested in on their profile page.

Companies that made a Deal with the Sharks

Daymond John

  • First defense Nasal Spray - Co-Owner with Kevin O'Leary & Mark Cuban for 750k and 30%.
  • HillBilly Brand - Bought with Jeff Foxworthy& Robert Herjevic for 75k and 7% royalty.
  • Sweep Easy - Daymond buys 33% stake for $75k.
  • Wurkin Stiffs - Buys 20% for 100k with Barbara Corcoran
  • FlipOutz - Made deal for $100k and 33% stake with Robert Herjevic & Kevin O'Leary
  • One Sole - Daymond John goes into the sole business for $500k and 35% of the business.

Mark Cuban

No Fly Cone - Fly Trap


No Fly Cone on Shark Tank

Fly Trap Episode 410 11/03/2012 - Update

Seth MacFarlane and his good friend Bruce Gaither will be featuring the No Fly Cone on the Shark Tank Tonight. This rather unique fly Trap is 100% green with no chemicals or attractants to attract flies to the trap. I know, your asking we'll what good does a fly trap do if the flies have no motive to visit the fly trap. This is what makes the No Fly Cone so unique.

To catch a fly - you must "Think Like A Fly"

This is exactly what Bruce and more importantly his Wife Becky Gaither

Plate Topper


Plate Topper on Shark Tank

Plate Topper Season 4 - Episode 410

Plate Topper success on Shark Tank Show The Plate Topper is making waves in the food storage container business. Michael Tseng who invented the Plate Topper is no stranger to promoting this unique Tupperware-like product The Plate Topper Video Below is only 9 months old with over 210,000 views as of this writing. This clearly demonstrates the benefits and makes you wonder what you ever did without a topper for your plates.

Plate Topper seen on Shark Tank Michael Tseng ran a successful Kickstarter Campaign that raised over $18,000.00 in November of last year. Tseng set his initial goal to kickstart his project at $12k which he easily achieved as the word continues to spread.

Get To Know Michael Tseng

Featured on the "Best Invention Ever" Video Series
Over 2,500,000 views in 6 Months!

Cool Wazoo


Cool Wazoo on Shark Tank

Cool Wazoo aired on 11/02/2012 - Episode 410 - Update

O.K. all you mommy's out there, Listen Up. The Cool Wazoo inventor Ginelle Mill's is going to help you in ways you have never even thought of. If you have ever had kids, then you know it can get a little messy at times, if ya know what I mean. The Cool Wazoo instantly transforms into a comfortable diaper changing pad to make those unexpected changes quick and we'll, even convenient if there is such a thing.
5 in 1 Cool Wazoo
More Information on the

Cool Wazoo" also has a total of 5 different functions  making it a "Must Have" in all diaper bags

The main function of the Cool Wazoo is of course the convenient diaper changing pad that folds down to a fraction of it's actual size. When not changing those stinky diapers (yes, I remember:) it can also be used as a restaurant highchair cover, a swing set cover, car seat cover and even a shopping cart cover to keep them nice and snugly with added padding.