Villy Customs


Villy Custom Bicycles on Shark Tank

Season 3 - Episode 13 - Update
Villy Customs Bicycles Season 3 - Episode 313
Fleetwood Hicks and DeVille on Shark Tank Show
 Villy Customs has a successful story to tell like no other I have have covered on the Shark Tank thus far. The owner and inventor of the Villy Customs Bicycles, Fleetwood Hicks and his best friend and mascot Deville, have been on one wild ride in the past few years. What started out as renting a cruiser bicycle on a business trip soon developed into a full time opportunity that even Fleetwood could never imagined where it would take him. Villy Custom first began in 2008 as a pure play brick and mortar business that took Felt Cruisers and Hawk Classic Cruiser bikes and fitted them with stylish personalised accessories. The idea kept growing til the point you can now custom design your own bike with unlimited possibilities all from the comfort of your computer. (and now even on an I-Pad that was just reported on the Villy Customs Blog)

 Pre Shark Tank Days

Before Villy Customs was featured on the Shark Tank Show



Flipzles - Shark Tank Contender?

Get on the Shark Tank Show
 So what's it take to get on the Shark Tank Show? Is your idea good enough to get past the producers and get in front of the Sharks? There is a lot of very good ideas and unique inventions I run into on a daily basis and every once in a while one screams out that this needs to be on the Shark Tank Show.

I actually found Flipzles thanks to a comment that Vicki made on the "How To get On the Shark Tank Show" article. After reading her comment I just had to find out what a Flipzel is and why she doesn't think her product might not be good enough for the Sharks. Boy was I surprised.

What Is A  Flipzles?

You know it's actually kind of hard to explain to tell you the truth. In Vicki's own words

Episode 308 Re-Run - 12/21/2012


Shark Tank Episode 308 Re-Run

Next On Shark Tank 12/21/12
Shark Tank Show Season 3, Episode 8
 We'll the Shark Tank Show is bringing back a past episode that was shot earlier this year on Friday, April 13th, 2012. An episode that aired on Friday the 13th and now again on 12/21/12, the day the world is suppose to end. Let's hope we fair better then these contestant's in which non of them were able to make a deal. A statistic that has only happened a few times in Shark Tank History.
 So what are you going to do on this unforgettable night? Are you prepared for what might be coming from this long ago date that has finally arrived? Did you stock up on supplies and cold hard cash in case of, we'll in case the world ends as we know it. Or are you going to kick back and watch the Shark Tank Show

Blondie's Cookies


Blondie's Cookies on Shark Tank Show

Brenda "Blondie" Coffman - Season 3 - Episode 308 - 4/13/12
Re-Run Season 4 - 12/20/12 
Blondie's Cookies on the Shark Tank Update
 Now even the Sharks can't be so mean and tell their "on air" Grandma that they are not interested in a deal. Right? We'll when Brenda Coffman made her way into the Shark Tank she came prepared with some of the cookies that have made her famous. Her Grandmotherly charm came across as genuine as her cookies started to melt the sharks hearts, just a bit anyway. Coffman was asking $200k for a 3% stake which puts a valuation over $6.7 million on the cookie company.

Blondie has 12 stores in Indiana and Florida and did $2.3 million in total sales just last year alone. The problem is the expansion in Florida currently losing a great deal of money. She has $800k in outstanding bank loans and desperately needs the Sharks help to bring Blondie's Cookies to the next level of Success.

View Sport


View Sport Sweat Technology

Sweat Activated T-Shirts - Season 3 - Episode 308 - Update
View Sport on Shark Tank
 Making sweat equity pay off may not be as easy as it seems. When Ben Wood the inventor of  ViewSport, a sweat activated product for athletes, made his way into the Shark Tank, he had no idea what the Sharks were capable of when things go wrong. Having Wood's demonstration not activate the positive message hiding in the t-shirt didn't exactly help. Ben admitted after the show that he mistakenly sprayed the wrong side of the t-shirt which explains why it didn't work as planned. The technology is built into the t-shirt and works when activated by sweating.

Wood came up with the idea while in college working out. As he calls it "motivation through perspiration". Trying to control sweat marks on your clothing proved to be no easy task

Copa Di Vino


Copa Di Vino on Shark Tank

Wine By the Glass - Season 2 and 3 -Rerun Season 4 - UPDATE
Wine in a glass invention
 So how do you go on the Shark Tank Show and blow a deal, twice, and still come out very successful? Just ask James Martin the inventor of Copa Di Vino. Martin first appeared in season 2 when Kevin O'Leary was interested in taking the wine by the glass patent and making a royalty off large wine makers. James stuck with his dream of making Copa Di Vino a standalone product using quality wine and confidently walked away with no deal.

Copa DaVino is wine a glass. The wine comes in 7 varieties which consists of Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, White Zinfandel, Cabernet and Moscato.

Gold Generator


Sullivan Generator on Shark Tank

Generator that creates Gold as a by-product
Season 3 - Episode 308 - Update
Generator that mines gold from sea water
Create Electricity and Gold from Salt Water
 Mark  Sullivan the inventor of the Sullivan Generator has either has invented a device that could change the world as we know it or it's complete science fiction and should never of been on the Shark Tank Show. Mark claims that the Sullivan Generator can create natural energy from the earth's rotation. What's even more interesting is this generator makes a by-product of clean drinking water out of salty ocean water and collects valuable mineral's like manganese and even gold. Gold? yes, that's exactly what he claims, and in very large quantity's.
At first this generator almost seems, we'll, to good to be true.

Talbot Teas


Talbott Teas on Shark Tank Show 

Specialty Tea - Season 3 - Episode 303  

Talbott Teas on Shark Tank Show
 Talbott Teas owner's Shane Talbott & Steven Nakisher have a rich history of flash and style. The two first joined forces by opening up a salon and spa which Shane had a Tea Bar to serve their pampered clients. The growing list of Specialty Tea Blends became so popular that they decided to start packaging and selling them to their clients. Shane also happened to work for Oprah Winfrey as her personal hair colorist for over 10 years. This opportunity would soon come back to pay big dividends in the near future.

Assortment of Talbett Teas
In December of 2010 Talbot Teas would make it on the Opra Winfrey Show as one of her favorite things for the year. Having the Opra effect stamp of approval can only be a good thing and their sales drastically grew many fold. As the business continued to expand, so did the list of specialty teas that were still being developed.

The Last Lid


The Last Lid on Shark Tank

Garbage Can Lid - Season 3 - Episode 303 - Update
Makes deal with Daymond John So how do you take something as simple as a missing garbage can lid and turn it into a million dollar business? For starter's, you make it better and more efficient than anything else on the market.The Last Lid was born out of necessity rather than a new invention to turn into a business. Kevin and Melissa Kiernan had a problem with wild animals knocking down their trash cans and making big messes quick. Most garbage can lid's are a separate item and buying a replacement has never been an option. Until Now!

The Last Lid is just that, the last lid you will ever need to buy and superior to any lid on the market.

Order The Last Lid
You Ever Have To Buy!

M3 Girl Designs - Snap Caps


Snap Caps on Shark Tank Show

M3 Girl Designs - Season 3 - Episode 3
M3 Girls Designs Now here's a success story that will get the young and not so young motivated into achieving any goal that you set for yourself. If a little girl can do it, then so can you! The M3 Girl Designs was started by a 10 year old girl, Maddie Bradshaw, who wanted something unique for her locker at school. After a little brain storming she came up with what is now known as "Snap Cap's". Snap cap's takes a simple bottle cap and turns it into an interchangeable magntic piece of art. They were so popular that Maddie decided hey, why not take this concept and make an accessory that you can also wear. The first Snap Cap Necklaces were born and the M3 Girl Designs business has continued to grow ever since.
Complete Collection of
Snap Caps
Maddie Bradshaw now 16, is the President of her family run company

Partie Poche


Partie Poche on Shark Tank

Shark Tank Holiday Special - Update

Connor Pastoor and Jillian Jaccard Shark Tank Christmas Special
Connor Pastoor and Jillian Jaccard
 I just don't get it. Two college student's that study business again put book smarts over street smarts. You're going on the hit TV Show dedicated to "Business" and yet forget some major key components that make any business successful. If you want to be successful in ANYTHING that involves a consumer, the #1 rule is making it easy for your customers to find you. How many Party Poche pockets could they have sold just last night (regardless if they got a deal with the Sharks or not) by simply having a website that was easy to find?

They had $50k in the bank but chose not to get a functional website up and running? Even a simple free blog would have been much better then, we'll as far as I can find so far, nothing. The only Partie Poche website I could find is not even in this country, which incidentally has a very similar product.

When Book Smarts Meets A Brick Wall

Coop Party Place


The Coop on the Shark Tank Show

Coop Birthday Party Place - Christmas Special #409 12/04/2012
Shark Tank Christmas Special - 12/04/2012
Juliet Boydstun & Lucinda Lent
Founder's of the "Coop"

Holy Coop Batman, this looks like a lot of FUN. These Coop Chicks Juliet Boydstun & Lucinda Lent just might be on to something here. A fun filled, jam packed, kid (and Adult) friendly party place that you won't forget anytime soon. The Coop is located in Studio City, CA and guarantees that the young and not so young will have a Great Time inside the Party Place.

Throwing the ultimate "customized" party is what the Coop is all about. In fact, this is the preferred place that a lot of celebrities bring their kid's during special events. An entire place filled with all kinds of things to keep the kids entertained while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee in a relaxed atmosphere.

Planning The Ultimate "Personalized" Birthday Party 

Rent A Christmas Tree


Christmas Tree Rental On Shark Tank

 Living Christmas Tree - Christmas Special  #409 12/04/2012

Live Christmas Tree Rental
Santa Claus youngest Son, Scotty, is getting into the family business. Scotty Claus - Martin from Los Angeles, CA represents the "new age" way in buying and recycling Christmas tree's. Keep the tree's alive and re-use the same Christmas Tree year after year. Can you imagine the memories your entire family will cherish watching them all grow up along side a real Living Christmas Tree as it to changes with the seasons and matures into a Family Tradition. The best part is you only take care of your tree during the Holidays and then a crew comes by and takes it back to the tree farm until next year.

Have you been to a landscape nursery lately?

Fat Ass Fudge


Fat Ass Fudge on Shark Tank

Christmas Special 12-04-12
Christmas Special on Tuesday December 4, 2012
Fat Ass Fudge on Shark Tank Christmas Special
So where does a name like Fat Ass Fudge come from? From one of the few people that could call you that and get away with it. When Donna McCue was celebrating her 60th birthday with all 7 of her brother's and sister's she made her famous fudge dating back to her Grandma's secret recipe. Her brother convinced Donna that she should sell her fudge and asked what she would call it. Without hesitation she says "I would probably name it after what you called me growing up, Fat Ass". The name stuck not because it will actually make your ass fat but because it has