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Boot Illusions Update

Boot Illusions on the Shark Tank Show

Boot Illusion - Season 3 Episode 313 
Seen on the Shark Tank Show
Queenie Davis on the Shark Tank Show
 Boot Illusions transforms from a shoe to a boot, and back to a shoe again. No it's not an illusion, it's a Boot Illusion. Andrew Goodrum and Queenie Davis walked into the Shark Tank seeking a $100,000.00 investment for 30% of the boot business. They do not actually make the product themselves, instead Queenie had a dream to go to Turkey to seek a manufacture. So what does every good Entrepreneur do when they have a dream, they follow it, and off to Turkey she went. Fortunately that dream paid off and she found the person she was looking for to make the Boot Illusions a reality.

At the time of the Shark Tank taping Goodrum and Davis had  invested approx. $40k of their own money with a 50/50 partnership in the venture. The average boot illusion cost's $25 to make and retails for $79 per pair. Daymond John  being the obvious Shark to invest in this invention
, decides to offer them $100k for a 75% of just the boot illusion technology. He wants to license it to other boot manufactures and collect a royalty from the invention. Daymond also says he will give them an additional 25 cents for each pair sold.
Barbara Corcoran, being the stylish Lady that she is, already loves the Boot Illusion idea and is willing to also make Goodrum and Davis an offer. She offers them the $100k they are looking for but for 55% of the business. Daymond John, the marketing guru, clearly has the better contact's to make the Boot Illusions a Success, but does not leave much meat on the bone compared to Corcorans offer. In her trademarked style when she decides she wants to invest in a business, she put her pitch in high gear to convince them she was the better Shark to partner with. In fact, she gets up from the Shark Tank and walks out to hand Goodrum and Davis a business card to go call a phone number. Barbara wants them to be convinced that every person she has made a deal on the Shark Tank Show, is in fact very Very Happy from their dealings with her.
Shark Tank Season 3 episode 313
Queenie has obviously already done her homework and knows how successful entrepreneur's have become after making a deal with Barbara Corcoran and wastes no time in accepting her offer. They close a deal with Barbara on her terms. Andrew shows a little hesitation if they made the right decision. Honestly, so did I. To pass up an opportunity to work with Daymond John with this particular product might not of been the best deal in the long run, but then again, he did not need that much equity to make this a successful product. I thought for sure I could dig something up where John somehow got into this deal with Barbara after the show, but I could find nothing to lead me to this conclusion.

As far as current updates on the Success of the Boot Illusion Business, it was also just as challenging to find much information. In December 2012, Queenie came out with a new line of Boot Illusions according to her Facebook page but she has not updated it since. The twitter account also has not been updated since  the Shark Tank Show aired last May, with the last message a re-tweet from Corcoran. And now I just watched a video with Queenie on YouTube featuring the new line of Boot Illusions for a Indigogo campaign that was posted a month ago? Unfortunately things are not adding up and that a deal with Barbara might have fell through. Hopefully someone out there knows more then I was able to find out and might like to share more information on this outcome.

The good news is the website is still up and it looks like you can still order the Boot Illusion directly from the site. It must be a good product because I also uncovered a website that wants you to believe you are on the Boot Illusions Official Site, but clearly it is not. The site uses a .CO for their domain, so be careful if you are trying to order directly from Queenie. Better yet, you can use the link below that goes directly to Queen Grace Shoes.

Good Luck Queenie, your enthusiasm is very contagious and we wish you only the Very Best!
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  1. She made a very bad decision. She is money hungry, because she heard 75% and immediately thought that someone was taking her money. She had the opportunity to have someone in the industry to help mentor her and keep the door open for future inventions.

    Just my thoughts and I'm pretty sure her partner will be acquiring a lawyer soon.

  2. There is reference to the bootillusion.co website on her main site...

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I saw this company in the emerging designers section at the Atlanta Apparel Mart. Not sure how the business is going.

  4. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Should have gone with Daymond...Counter with $150k for 75% of the entire company and not just the boot tech, and increase the ask to a $,30 royalty. Wealthy inside of a year.

  5. Anonymous11:23 AM

    She should open some BOOT-iques!! Seems like a no-brainer!

  6. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Looks like her site is down or hacked. The site up does not look legit.

  7. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Since it looks as if the company went belly up, she definitely did make a bad decision.

  8. Anonymous7:06 PM

    big fail... to bad.. LOVED THE IDEA... I want some!!!

  9. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Getting 25 cent on the dollar was a great deal with Daymond. They could have stepped away with money coming in to do something different.

  10. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Foolish Foolish lady not taking Daymonds offer and let him run it into a million dollar business

  11. This is like One Sole, also a Shark Tank investment. I actually bought these: https://onesoleshoe.com