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Lori Greiner's "Hero or Zero" App

Hero or Zero App
Put Your Idea To The Test
Is It A HERO or a zero?
  So you think you have an idea that the QVC Queen Lori Greiner might like to add to her ever growing collection of unique products? Something you just know Lori would consider a Hero and not a Zero. Yes, Lori Greiner has indeed become famous for that line (I wonder if she has trade marked it yet?) for some of the products she's used that line on the Shark Tank Show. If some of the contestants had an insight to whether Greiner would consider their product a Hero or a Zero beforehand, they very well may of changed their sales pitch, especially if they were targeting her as the Shark Investor of choice.

How To Get Product Noticed By Lori Greiner

 Lori has become so popular on QVC and now the Shark Tank Show that she is in great demand for people constantly pitching new ideas to her. To have your invention featured by Greiner is a huge boost to your credibility and to any products resume. If you try to reach out to her on Twitter or FaceBook, good luck, this is NOT the way to get noticed by Lori Greiner.
She has so many new inventions constantly trying to get her attention, that the ones that do, have already passed the bare minimum requirement's to see if it's a Hero or a Zero.

Quiz by Lori Greiner

 The very best way to get your product noticed by Lori, with the exception of getting on the Shark Tank Show, is to put your idea, product or your business Thur a series of 33 very specific questions that will instantly tell you if you have a Hero or a Zero. If your invention does not qualify as a Hero just yet, Lori will give you tips on improving your score. The higher your score, the better your odds of getting picked up by Lori Greiner and QVC.
 Once your product is considered a Hero by Lori's App, you will be given the opportunity to submit it directly to Greiner for further review.
This is a Guaranteed way to make sure you get Lori's attention.

Lori's "Hero or Zero App" is available for free download on Apple and Android devises.

Android "Hero or Zero App"
Apple "Hero or Zero App"

I can't wait to see the first successful product coming from this free app that could potentially lead to a Shark Tank Show appearance.

So How Did Your Invention Do? Was it a Hero or a Zero?


  1. had also gone on this tool...my PortaPocket was a Hero! then it took 3 mos to hear reply...which said it was going to take more time. totally fine. But when I finally DID get an answer several weeks later, I was convinced that Lori actually did NOT see what I sent. Why? Because the response was (something to the effect) "we've seen that idea in the market before. best to research before pursing ideas, but good luck!" I just had to write back and explain that, with all due respect, I thought they'd missed key nuances of my product which does indeed make it unique, much more versatile and multi-functional. The fact that the pockets are detachable & interchangeable, AND that one can wear the same apparatus on almost any part of the body AND that the bands all can connect at their ends to create longer lengths as needed to fit anybody on the planet... all of that (as well as no plastic parts, super comfy and moisture/sweat resistant) as a collective is nothing like anything out there. And it's the collective that matters. I offered the fact that just because an idea is "known" in a certain capacity does not mean an idea has no value...I cited that successful "Nail Pak" that Lori invested in...one that's nothing new in terms of EVERYone knows about nail files, nail polish & remover pads, but it's the BUNDLING & PACKAGING that makes it a WIN. Meanwhile...I'm still waiting for their response. Not holding my breath I'll even get one :( ...looks like PortaPocket, for all its fans and success with rave reviews and issued patent and TODAY show coverage... is now yet 2 for 2 in SharkTank snubs. sheesh.
    (for those who might want to see what I mean, here's demo: http://bit.ly/dt71V )

    1. Is this the same Kendra that has been complaining at other shark tank blogs? I respect your commitment to get your party poche thinggy some attention but all this negative stuff about the sharks is not going to get you on that show. Did you ever consider that maybe its not because of your poche they don't want you on the show but matbe because of you? We do monitor these boards ya know.
      BTW you mentioned you waited 3 months for a response from Lori as you stated above. It's only been out for 3 months so how did you manage to accomplish this amazing feat?

  2. thx Mark. :) I appreciate your note. it's nice of you to add your thoughts. This is not about being negative. It's about offering information for those who might be in similar position to understand how these things work. And share someone else's experience with it. You can spin it however you like. Please forgive if I had the incorrect time frame. You are correct. I'd submitted in mid Oct. and it's now Jan. So I was off by a few weeks. sorry. I guess I should refrain from writing anything late at night as brain isn't always the sharpest then!
    p.s. you don't know me and I'm actually a very positive person (I invite you to chk the overall "tone" of my stream any time in the last 4 yrs on twitter...@PortaPocketGal) Chalk it up to a bad moment. I would guess you might have had one every now and then too :)

  3. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Until my invention is patented, I'm concerned about confidentiality of the intellectual property. Is there a Non Disclosure Agreement that can be executed?

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Did you ever receive an answer to this question? I too, would like to know prior to submission on the private link I received.

      Thank you!

  4. File a Provisional Patent Application first.... its very inexpensive.

  5. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Do you know the average time it takes to get feedback from the "Hero to Zero"? It scored my pitch as a Hero, I sent a video of my product today. Any idea on the timeframe? I have a local investor who is pushing me to sign a contract with him and to incorporated with him on there. Would love to see if it goes anywhere with Lori first, but I also want to move forward. Thanks.

  6. Hi there, Once you have been invited to submit to Lori through the hero or zero app, will you be informed either way if she is interested or not? Is no news good news? Thank you.

  7. Anonymous10:10 AM

    In the terms and conditions it clearly states that your idea will nave no confidentiality agreement and becomes the property of the Hero or Zero company. I would never submit an idea via this forum and caution others to be careful when sharing intellectual property.

  8. You can't download the app on Android.

  9. Is it true that you must do a patent search prior to filing for a provisional?

  10. Hi there!

    I'm the owner and creator of SnugSnap Outfit-Connecting Snaps. I, too, applied on Lori's app and received an "8" or "hero". After submitting my product through the link they sent, I received a response few weeks later asking for more information. I am curious if this is an automated response or not? Does anyone know?


  11. Hello Lori, i'm Maria Gibbs, i have a one of a kind in the world invention/product i will love to show you. This product fulfills a need and a want.
    You will fall in love with this supper hero product. This product is going to help people around the world. will you please Lori give me a chance to show you this remarkable product the world has been waiting for decades.

  12. i am unable to find and download this app on android google play or directly on websites. Am i doing something wrong or is this campaign suspended?

  13. Can't find the app in Google playstore

  14. I filled in the whole survey and received an 8 ( A hero ) after waiting a couple hours I have not gotten an email containing the "private link" they said they would send me. Does it take a couple days to get the private link?


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