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Instant Lifts Tape

Instant Lifts on Shark Tank

Skinnies Instant Thigh and Arm Lift - Season 3 Episode 309 Update

Shark Tank Season 3
 Nick & Penilopee Larosa have a very interesting invention that gets rid of exposed cellulite in minutes. The Instant Lifts is clear tape that sucks up that unwanted skin and tucks it away in a place that you only know. The Larosa's are asking for $100k for 25% equity in the skin pulling business. Apparently there is a big demand for the Instant Lift's because they have already sold $75k worth in just the last 5 months since they began, the business.

 The problem is reveled when the Sharks find out that the Larosa's have another product in the same category that is not part of this deal. Sound familiar?

Penilopee clarifies that they have multiple patent's on inventions but they are here to only talk about the Instant Lifts Tape. Obviously this would be dividing their time between projects and if the Sharks cant have a bite out of the whole business plan, then they usually are not interested.

Lift sagging skin seen in season 3, episode 309
Instant Lift's Seen On The
Shark Tank Show
This was the case with the Instant Lift's even though Nick seemed willing to negotiate the whole business with the Sharks knowing the consequences if they say the name of the other products during the Shark Tank filming. Penilopee however was not, She knew that just by mentioning any of the other products, they might also fall within the contract they signed to get on the show. for the Sharks not suppose to know anything about the contestant's before they walk into the Shark Tank, they sure seemed to ask just the right question's to narrow the Larosa's down. It didn't matter in the end because all it did was confuse the Sharks and they all ended up going out.

Instant Lift's after the Shark Show Update:

Nick and Penilopee may not of got a deal on the shark Tank but it does seem they took the Sharks advise and combined all their product's under one brand. The Skinnies Instant Lifts website has a whole host of different body parts you can now lift. You can now instantly lift flabby arm's , thigh's, the stomach, other body parts and even lift up your frown eye's to lighten up your day.

Skinnies Brand name now include's the Instant Body Lift, Instant Face Lift, Back Lifts and even an Instant Bottom Lift.


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