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Sub Zero Ice Cream on Shark Tank Show

Instant Ice Cream - Season 4 - Episode 414

Sub Zero on Shark Tank 1-11-2013
Making Ice Cream In the 21st Century

 Subzero Ice Cream has a new twist on an old fashion (and delicious) idea. Forget 31 flavors to choose from, the inventors of Sub Zero Ice Cream, Jerry and Naomi Hancock, have over a trillion combinations. A trillion combinations of ice cream? It's a pretty big statement that the Sub Zero Ice Cream inventors can actually back up. With their patented process, they can make your "new" favorite flavor as creamy as creamy can get, in about 15 seconds. What makes this new ice cream so unique from really everything else on the market, is the fact it's made right in front of  you while you watch this new scientific process of making your favorite desert.

Sub Zero on Shark TankYou first start by choosing one of six Ice Cream Bases.
The custard base, the premium, low fat option, yogurt, soy or rice milk. You then choose as many flavors to add from a very long list to choose from. Next you throw in a few mix-In's from the 30 or so to choose from to make your unique creation. Finally they take your concoction and freeze it with liquid nitrogen too -321 degrees. Using this scientific process, the cream transforms into a white cloud that evaporates away, leaving you freshly created ice cream in about 15 seconds made right in front of your eyes. Talk about fresh, this is the freshest, creamiest ice cream imaginable.

Why will the Sub Zero become a Big Success after the Shark Tank Show?

If given a choice to take your family out for ice cream between two nearby locations, which one would you choose?

- One ice cream shop has 31 flavors, the other has over a trillion combinations.
- One ice cream store pre-makes their ice cream in large volume and freezes it before they ship it out with the constant threat of freezer burn. The other makes your very own unique creation right in front of you guaranteeing it is the freshest and creamiest it can possibly be.
- One is like every other ice cream store most of us have already been into before, nothing special, just  the same as it's always been. The other offers a form of family entertainment while watching your creation get turned into ice cream in a matter of seconds right before your eyes. A scientific learning experience that also happens to taste good.

Come on now, is this really a choice?
This is a Great Idea IF it tastes as good as it sounds. The Sub Zero Ice Cream Stores already are in the franchise phase which adds a lot of credibility for the Sharks to consider. If your looking to buy into a franchise, this is a very unique opportunity with lots of growth potential that will attract customers just from it's unique concept alone.

Seen on Shark tank
New Sub Zero Ice Cream Franchise
According from the Sub Zero website, the franchise fee's (for everything) can run as high as $200k per location. Not a bad deal for such a unique opportunity with a brand new concept within an old time (and proven) market. Studies have shown that, we'll, everybody likes ice cream, and with over a trillion combinations available, this will only continue to grow.

What gets me on this particular deal is the franchise aspect that most likely will play a critical and very interesting role within the negotiations. I may be wrong, but this is a brand new avenue that the Shark Tank has yet to explore, until now. Everything on the surface says this has the potential to become HUGE especially if there is a patent on how Sub Zero makes their Ice Cream. With an already established business and existing franchisees to gage  future earning's, the negotiations will most likely start in the 7 figures. Hey, if a guy that makes Game Face Tattoo's can get a million dollar offer, then why can't an Ice Cream Shop that has the potential to compete with  the Baskin Robbins and TCBY's of the world?

As a side note, my Parent's have a vacation place out in Mesquite, Nevada. On the way out there we go Thu St. George, Utah where a Sub Zero Ice Cream Franchise just opened. Yes, this is a unique enough idea that we will make sure we try some of their Ice cream the next time we are driving by. It's just one of those thing you have to see, and taste, to believe!

Shark Tank Recap After the Show:

Jerry & Naomi Hancock  walked into the Shark Tank and asks for $300k and, before and, he tries to freeze the Sharks with Liquid Nitrogen first. Jerry then announces the $300k would be for a 12% stake in the company valuing it at $2.4 million. Naomi goes into the pitch while Jerry whips up some freshly made Ice Cream right there on stage. All the Sharks really love the ice cream and pay compliment's until Daymond John. He simply says "this tastes like crap". WHAT? The absolute freshest, creamiest ice cream possible. He then says he was just kidding and says "He Love's It".

There is a 18 Sub Zero store's already operating and 8 more slated to open. Sales for 2011 were $2 million and projected sales for 2012 is $4 million. The Hancock's have invested $750k of their own money in this venture which gets the Sharks attention that they are very serious. They have also recently secured a $275k loan. The numbers were not adding up when Jerry announces they had to buy out a bad partner for $500k which ate up a lot of the capital. The sales growth is impressive but none of the Sharks are interested in a franchise play. They all seem to agree that Jerry and Nicole could do a much better job on their own and not bring in another outside investor.

This is a Great Idea that will go a long way in the future, especially now that millions of people now know what SubZero Ice Cream is and how entertaining it will be to go there.

Good Luck Jerry and Naomi
I look forward to trying some Sub Zero Ice Cream this Spring.

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  1. Anonymous3:04 AM

    I used to live near their first store in Orem UT. I love their ice cream! It is seriously creamy, and I loved being able to make my own combinations. I hope they can get going as it's amazing ice cream. The best part is you never get the weird freezer burned parts (There isn't any) nor do you get the scraped from the bottom of the barrel.

  2. Anonymous10:52 PM

    I love ice cream & was so excited when I saw this on shark tank & learned there was one in st george, utah (it seems like our city is the last to get new chains). I was shocked I had driven by 100's of times and never noticed it so they obviously don't advertise well. I went and the prices were so high. I just had my kids get an ice cream. 2 smalls cost over $10(no waffle bowls or extra mix ins just a small one scoop cup with 1 free mix in). My kids thought it was cool, so I was ok spending the extra for the experience. I do wish the employees could answer simple questions or tell the kids a little behind the science of how they were making it. My daughter took her friend back to see it, and the portion was just as small so it was not just a fluke. Compared to 2 for $5 at coldstone a few blocks away that has portion 3 times as big, you are paying for the novelty. Also the wait was very long, no 30 seconds a customer. It took about 4-5 minutes per customer, with 2 people working so it took about 30 minutes with 6 people in line and others customers constantly asking for re-freezes(extra cold costs .50). Of course the kids were occupied watching so it was a horrible wait. They are also closed on sundays and even though they are next to a movie theater they close early on weekends.

    1. Anonymous12:16 PM

      I'm going to correct a bit of your misinformation. The St. George Sub Zero runs radio ads multiple times a day, participates in fairs, goes to schools, etc, so I am sorry if you had not heard of them, but they DO advertise. A small comes to $4.81 with tax, so 2 of them will definitely not cost you 'more than $10'. Now, if you ordered small sensations (the recipes on the board), then yes, it's a bit more because the price includes a waffle and extra mixins and they do not discount if you choose not to have the waffle (Does McDonalds discount if you don't want pickles or ketchup or even a bun?). The employees should have been able to answer your questions; however, there is one who might not have, and I am sorry if they are the one you had problems with. As for portion sizes, the "Like it" (small) at Coldstone is 5oz (comparable to the kid's size at Sub Zero, which comes to $3.21 after tax), while the small at Sub Zero is 7oz. Yes, the wait can be 4-5 minutes per customer when only 2 people are working, but this is no longer than something like Coldstone, and only Jerry thinks the ice cream can be finished in under 30 seconds. Generally the wait is around 2-3 minutes with 3 freezers working. The 'extra cold' you refer to is "extra hard," is $.40, and is not charged for 're-freezes' if your ice cream melts before you finish it. Generally this is only charged for to-go, or people who want their ice cream 'crunchy' (which they don't like to do because texture is key for Sub Zero). As for closing time on weekends, summer hours are 11AM-11PM Monday-Thursday, and 11AM-Midnight on Saturdays.

  3. Actually, I work at the St George location, and 2 smalls won't even run you $9, much less the kid's sizes. I try to tell all the customers what I'm doing when I freeze the ice cream, why it's so creamy, and how it works, unless we have a line out the door (which happens every weekend.)

    Also, straight from my Shift Leader: "The price for the small comes to $4.81, and the size is actually 1oz larger than the comparable size at Coldstone."

    Also, we close at midnight on weekends, which is hardly early, and we don't charge extra to have it frozen more.

    As for it taking so long, yeah, we know it takes a few minutes with only two people working. We have streamlined the process so that we have shortened the wait time, but you have to wait for people to decide on their flavors and mix-ins, which when you consider the TRILLIONS of possible combinations, is no easy feat!

  4. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Had this ice cream last week in Sarasota Florida (Siesta Key) OMG ! we all loved it ! hope that one comes to Cincinnati very SOON ! best ice cream ever ! :-) Robin


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