Teddy Needs a Bath

Teddy Needs a Bath on Shark Tank Show

Teddy Bear Cleaning Bag - Season 4 - Episode 414

Stuffed animal cleaning on Shark Tank
Nicole Townend Demonstrates Her Invention
"Teddy Needs A Bath"
 So what do you do with your kid's poor worn out and dirty TeddyBear? You give him a bath of course. Not just any bath but a bath made especially for Teddy Bears. Inventor Nicole Townend from Huntington Beach, California, is making her way into the Shark Tank to help save teddy bears around the world. Nicole made it her mission to save Teddy and all his stuffed animal friends when she needed to clean her daughter's stuffed animals. As hard as she looked there was nothing on the market that was specifically for cleaning stuffed animals. The entrepreneurial bug took over and she soon found herself making various ways to clean teddy bears and stuffed animals. The process took a full year before Townend was satisfied with her new invention and wanted a name that got right to the point. It all started when she said "Teddy Needs A Bath". Yep, there's no doubt what this product is used for.
Stuffed Animal washing on the Today Show
"Teddy Needs A Bath"
 Gets Major News Coverage On The Today Show

The Teddy Needs A bath product is 20"x30"100% Eco-Friendly
Cotton bag with a large plastic zipper to accommodate Teddy and all his Friends. The cotton bag keeps Teddy nice and safe inside while he takes a bath inside the washing machine. Once he gets a good scrubbing you simply throw him in the dryer and take him for a couple of spins around and around. Take him out, unzip the bag and Teddy will look (and smell) as good as new.

For your little stuffed animals you can get the 10"x15" small bag for only $9.99 or the larger 20"x30" Teddy Bag for only $14.99. Not a bad deal at all especially if it's your kid's favorite snuggling toy. A small price to pay especially if Teddy really does need a bath.
So do you think this product is yet another great fit for QVC? It would seem to fall in that "sweet spot" of a price and clearly is a product that a demonstration would go along way.

After The Shark Tank Show Update

During Nicole's introduction she mentions she is married to Tosh Townend, a Professional Skateboarder, and they have a baby Daughter named Jemmely who was the inspiration behind the invention. Nicole is asking for $50k for a 10% stake in the business valuing it at $500,000.00. She also has published a child's book featuring Teddy getting a bath and helps to convince your little one that maybe theirs does also. The Teddy Needs A Bath Bag cost's $2.95 to produce oversees and retail for $14.99. Sales for the past 6 months were $12k.
 Lori Greiner doesn't seem to be buying into the concept which isn't bolding well for my prediction. Townend then shows the Shark's her Scented  Dryer Sheet's that also go along with the Teddy line with smells such as cotton candy. Lori REALLY likes that product. All the Sharks agree that the Dryer Sheets scents, Set's this product on a level of it's own. As good as Teddy smelled, the Sharks started dropping like flies. That is until Kevin O'Leary seems to have a deep connection with the Teddy Bear. He offers Nicole $50k for 50% of the business and he also wants 10% royalty. A typical first offer from O'Leary that tests an Entrepreneur's spirit in their company.
Mark Cuban, the last Shark to speak, again, gets right down to business. He thinks Nicole needs more money and offers to give her $100k for a 40% stake in the business. O'Leary now realising that his first offer was a bit ridiculous, now offers Townend $50k for 30% of the business and a 10% royalty for ever.
He then drop's the royalty forever to just until he gets his money back. It's obvious O'Leary  was not her choice of Sharks to work with but very intrigued that his is even interested. Nicole turns to Mark Cuban, clearly preferring to work with him instead, boldly counter's Marks offer with $100k for 30% of the Teddy Bear Business and a 10% royalty until he gets his investment back. Mark Cuban gladly accepts the new terms a deal is made.
Nicole Townend successfully walks away with twice the money she was asking for and a billionaire as a new partner. Congratulations Nicole, you made a Very Good Deal.
Order "Teddy Needs A Bath" Here


  1. I would so buy it I never wash stuffed animals cause I know the damage just like tennis shoes. Tell me where.

  2. Just seen this on shark tank and had to get it my son has so many stuff animals its just what we've needed thank you

  3. Amazing Story Nicole! I am so proud of you!

  4. Anonymous9:18 AM

    As the sharks were questioning if moms would buy this I was remembering the build a bear baby gift my little one got and that was destroyed the 1st time it washed after she got a nasty bug. Mark was right when he said moms would buy this in a heartbeat!

  5. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Wow, this is great! I could have used it when my college aged kids were little. They each had a favorite stuffed animal that had seams open & colors fade after washing requiring many repairs! Good luck to you!

  6. Anonymous7:38 PM

    I was so excited when I had seen this product. My children have sever dust mite allergies. So stuffed animals become their enemies within weeks. I attempt numerous things to clean stuffed animals. However, there is no guarentee the items will not be damaged. I have just placed my order! Fingers crossed, I will never loose a stuffed animal to the washing machine again!

  7. Anonymous10:09 PM

    You can buy a zippered pillow case for half the price and it will do the same thing. Moms have been using the zippered pillow case for YEARS!! This "teddy needs a bath" is nothing special.

  8. I think the real solution was never discussed ... the storybook. How to get the animal away from the child long enough to wash it. My son's stuffed dolphin, "Adam", was never out of his reach. If he could read about it in a book about how it was an ADVENTURE for Adam to take a swim ... now that might have gotten some traction with him. "But son, it will help your allergies!!" didn't do anything for getting him to let go of that blessed dolphin.

  9. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I just saw Teddy needs a bath on Shark Tank and can't wait to buy it. I have never washed my son's stuffed animals for fear of ruining them. Hoping this product is as great as it seems!

  10. Anonymous11:09 PM

    This is one item I jumped up and said I wanted it. I wish the owner had described how easily washers ruin stuffed animals. I cant tell you how many matted down none fluffy webkinz and build a bears we have after going through the washer. Sometimes Im surprised the sharks don't understand certain markets. A build a bear runs $15-25, webkinz $5-15, club penguin $10, and so just one stuffed animal that gets spilled on or dirty the bag pays itself.

  11. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I'm a mother and also jumped and said "I want this!" when I saw it on Shark Tank! I love the book also.. my son is miserable when blankets go in the wash... the book "Teddy needs a bath" helps a toddler understand! Great idea!!

  12. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Love it, so glad she got a deal. I am 58 and have loads of stuffed animals and five cats that lay on them and get them dirty. My father who recently passed away had loads of stuffed animals too. To clean them I usually just threw them in the dryer to at least get the dust off them. When the sharks started dropping out, I so wanted to jump into the TV and tell them how many people would actually use this product and the age range of stuffed animal fans! I am ordering one as soon as I can. I usually don;t get too excited over the products but this one I did! Thanks for giving her a deal I hope she makes it big, big and bigger!

  13. jccronin from valley stream, ny2:14 PM

    Loved this product and will be buying this product for Christmas gifts and for my own stuffed animals for my grandchildren and my stuffed items.
    Finally something to save those precious stuffed toys!!!


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