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Custom Magnetic Hand Bags - Season 3 Episode 314 Update

Shark Tank Season 3 episode 14
Debbie Brooks Collection
Featured on EXTRA
 Paul d'Auriac & Debbie Brooks are the inventors of the magnetic handbags that change in a snap. The idea is simple, one handbag could have the look of many at a fraction of the cost. Debbie Brooks is an accomplished artist and the magnetic handbags have been an excellent way to show case her work using Magnafabs and gain more recognition in the art world. The Debbie Brooks Brand was already successful in several jewelry stores prior to going on the shark Tank Show with impressive numbers to back it up.

Debbie Brooks Shark Tank Recap:

Debbie and Paul confidently came into the shark Tank looking for a $540,000.00 investment in the Debbie Brooks Handbag Collection. They were offering 20% of the business which puts a $2.7 million valuation on the company. Debbie already has $1.2 million in gross sales and $685k in net profits.
After handing out hand bags to all the Sharks, Lori Greiner asks how much do they cost after admiring the quality. The purse she is holding cost's them $130 to make and retails for $288 which is a little out of Lori's normal price point for the products that she is known for. She also has some concerns as to what actually is their patent covering. Kevin O'Leary does not like the valuation they put on the company and goes out in rather quick fashion. Mark Cuban likes this concept and sees potential but hey, Mark Cuban peddling purses? Not a chance, He's out. In fact the entire Shark Tank goes out in what seemed like rather quick. This was not the kind of business any of the Shark's thought they could add more value especially at that high of a valuation.
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Debbie Brooks After The Shark Tank Update:

Where do I even begin? The Debbie Brooks Collection has went from Handbags with magnetic front's to a whole host of other very creative products. From pendant's to charm bracelet's and even key chains. Debbie has also introduced a line of phone covers and iPad covers to go along with a very impressive collection. The entire Brand speaks high quality and is present in a growing list of Fine Jewelry Stores everywhere.
Debbie on Shark Tank Show

 Having Gwyneth Paltrow take an interest in your collection definitely has its benefits as does having EXTRA do a featured story and give away Debbie Brooks Handbags to the audience. Look for the Debbie Brooks Brand in a Jewelry Store near you.

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