Hip Chixs Blue Jeans

Hip Chix Denim Jeans on Shark Tank

Quality Women's Blue Jeans - Season 4
The Hip Chix on Shark Tank Show
Aimee Miller and Megan Carrecker
Inventors of the Hip Chixs Blue Jeans

  O.K. Lady's, I need your help on this one. How much would you spend on a high-quality pair of Blue Jeans made in the USA? Now before you answer, you need to know that these are the most comfortable, softest pair of Jeans you have ever worn and designed to have your best assets really stand out. The two Hip Chicks from Dallas, Texas and inventors of the Hip Chixs Jeans, are coming to the Shark Tank to test how much you're willing to pay for the best pair of jeans imaginable.

  Aimee Miller and Megan Carrecker are both Texas Natives and former Baylor University graduates that have always been passionate about designing a better pair of blue jeans and starting a Brand with a western flair. After four years and dozens of pro-to-types later, the Hip Chixs Jeans was born in June 2011 with raving revues all around Dallas. The new business started in the middle of a heat wave which would seem like a disadvantage trying to start a new line of blue jeans. But in fact it turned into a clever marketing strategy picked-up by several news outlets.
Unlike most blue jeans on the market that can be uncomfortable to wear when it's really hot outside, the Hip Chix Jeans are made with very soft and stretchable fabric that allows them to breathe. It turns out that the Hip Chicks very much had this problem in mind when deciding on the fabric, which in turn made for a very good story that coincided with their launch.

Hip Chicks on the Shark Tank Season 4
Hip Chixs Blue Jeans

 Currently on the Hip Chix website they have two styles of denim jeans to choose from, the Skinny Bootie and the Straight and Narrow. Each pair sells for $187.00 and ranges in sizes 25 to 30. The shipping 's included within the US and interestingly, they only sell to the US Market at this time. Now here is where I need your help. WOW, is that the going rate for a nice pair of women's blue jeans these days? I wear blue jeans 98% of the time and cannot ever remember seeing a pair in this price range. On the other hand, I get it. I have been in enough western bars, and yes, a nice tight fitting pair of blue jeans has been known to get my attention. $200 nice? I have no idea, but they were worth taking a second look.

So whats the Shark Tank going to think about these Hip Chicks in their Hip Chixs Jeans?

Currently on the Hip Chix website they have two styles of denim jeans to choose from, the Skinny Bootie and the Straight and Narrow. Each pair sells for $187.00 and ranges in sizes 25 to 30. The shipping's included within the US and interestingly, they only sell to the US Market at this time. Now here is where I need your help. WOW, is that the going rate for a nice pair of women's blue jeans these days? I wear blue jeans 98% of the time and cannot ever remember seeing a pair in this price range. On the other hand, I get it. I have been in enough western bars, and yes, a nice tight fitting pair of blue jeans has been known to get my attention. $200 nice? I have no idea, but they were worth taking a second look.

This one might be a tough one for the Sharks. Lori Greiner most likely will go out rather fast because this is out of her preferred price range, and her market in general, but the other Sharks will be very interested in her opinion.

Daymond John would seem like the best fit (no pun intended) and knows this particular market the best, but without impressive sales numbers, he'll most likely make another offer for controlling interest. It seems Daymond may have learned his lesson in past season's dealing with a few smaller Brands and now values his time at a higher level. The good part about accepting a deal with John for controlling interest is he is worth it and will take that Brand and Make It A Success.

Mark Cuban will, of course, want to see how well they know the denim market and how passionate Aimee and Megan are about the business. Mark, as always, invests in people first, the product second and the money part farther down the list. Always the wild card and always ready to make a fair offer if he likes what he sees.

It's a niche market for a very specific body build at a price point that further narrows down potential customer. It will certainly be interesting how the Sharks handle the Hip Chixs Jeans.

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Just curious? How much is the most you have paid for a pair of Jeans?


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    $45.00 middle class family. So $45 is the most.

    1. Anonymous1:34 PM

      Diddo same info as you :-) rather by three pair for 100.00 vs 100 for one!

  2. Anonymous7:52 PM

    I agree with the above comment $40-45.
    I was super excited when seeing these on
    Shark Tank, I Love soft jeans that are forgiving
    and stretchy as well as have that higher angle in the
    back BUT $187 is soooo far out of my reach my Love for
    the jeans is gone for good. Good Luck girls I've never spent more than
    $45 on a piece of everyday clothing.

  3. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Wondering once you sent a application to the Tank how long was it before they responded to your application. Signed Purse Pal Safety Strap. www.pursepalss.com

  4. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Kevin was right, they're wasting their time thinking they can become a player in the high end blue jean market with only two patterns that appear to be designed for model bodies.

  5. Anonymous10:37 PM

    I thought they were selling for $80 but almost $200 without trying them on... no way!!

  6. I looked on your website and wondered why you don't have bling on the rear pockets. one of the things I look for when I buy my jeans is a design on the rear pockets. It gives it a more expensive look and a finished look. good luck!

  7. Anonymous11:33 PM

    75 is what i pay for most jeans.... the most i would pay is 125 but for jeans i never heard of maybe 30

  8. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Hi, I buy most of my pants on EBay . Usually Hudson, goldsign because they fit my hips and waist and but best. You don't make my size (32) which is depressing considering before the sharks even said No to you, I was looking to see howctobget a pair. I would probably by a pair for $120. Then look for eBay for futur pair. For me to be a repeat offender they'd have to be around $75 kind of insulting you don't carry sizes for a curvy girl. Waist 30 hips 42 bubble butt and proud. Good luck girls. Great idea. Hope
    You find success!!! ;)

  9. Jim Ross5:50 AM

    I buy my blue jeans at walmart for $14.99 all day long. I could buy a dozen brand new pair of jeans for what 1 hip chick pair would cost. As my dear Friend and soon to be (hopefully) business partner would say "Stop The Madness".

  10. Anonymous9:06 AM

    I would pay $75.00 to $100.00. I am an older woman though who buys the Not Your Daughter's brand jeans for around $100 each (that brand is stretchy too). Why just to size 30? People sized 25-30 don't really need to be worrying about needing stretch in their jeans.

    And Evelyn Harris: Bling or anything on the pockets makes a butt look bigger.

    1. Exactly! That's the style these days don't you know? Everyone wants a bigger look to their behind :) I love pocket embellishments because my bootie is flat

  11. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I would pay $187 for a great pair of jeans any day :)

  12. Anonymous8:56 PM

    I have pd up to $75 for a pair of jeans but never in this lifetime would I pay &187 without trying them on first. I recently bought a pair w/ the stretch fabric & just hate them!!!! Jeans aren't supposed to stretch. Loved that someone has finally noticed that the back should be higher & the front below the belly button... I was in up till the price. Good luck...

  13. I would spend up to $200 bucks on a pair of perfect fitting jeans. Why only have size 25-30? I topically wear a 31 so I can't even try them out!

  14. Anonymous7:48 AM

    $45 from American Eagle. I saw you guys on Shark Tank and I said to my husband I would pay $80 at the most would prefer it to be $60 because everybody has a feeling fat day. Before I heard the price I was all over this but I am with a previous statement I can't try them on to see just how much I may actually pay. But then again for a good pair of forgiving jeans I may pay for it just get me a way to try them on. I wish the best to you girls you are doing more then most people would! Do we get a free pair for helping you out by commenting? Just kidding best of luck!

  15. Anonymous9:10 AM

    $50 per pair and $75 is the most I would spend. These jeans sound great but for $187 per pair it is too expensive. At this price, you need to stay in the boutique shops.

  16. Anonymous10:11 AM

    My latest pair came from the lee line at JC Penny's and coat me $33. Awesome fit and a great price. My days of buying expensive denim is out the window. All you are paying for is the name IMO.

  17. $700 is the most I've spent for a pair of sugar crisps. But the name hip chicks is horrible so you don't even care what the jeans look like

  18. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Did it really have raving "revues"?

  19. Way too much money to pay for jeans, they are really cute and they look comfortable but I have never spent more than $30 on a pair of jeans and there is no way I would ever pay $150-$209 on a pair of jeans. Their cheapest pair on their website was around $80. No way. :-(

  20. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Just watched the segment on Shark Tank and absolutely agreed with the sharks. First, in this type of economy, this is extremely too expensive for the average woman. Everyone is not like you, some single parents and one income homes can not afford this. Personally, the best I can do is $15 jeans from Wal-mart. Also, sizing. My very first question was "What size does it go up to". Are you serious? People in this country actually like to eat therefore are not a size 0-10. Go into the 16+ range. We are the ones who actually have the "muffin tops" and "whale tail" issues. Not those who are a size 00 or 2.

  21. Well... I would pay $187 for a pair jeans,BUT...they have to be darn good. I usually don't spend lots of money on one pair of clothing, but I know that it is hard to find a GOOD pair of jeans that fit well so I would definitely pay more money for a few pair of jeans that fit well and last a long time instead of going through soo many pair of $50 jeans that don't fit well or get crappy after a few washes and end up in the trash.

    Soo, if you want people to spend that amount of money you have to emphasize how AMAZING your jeans are. One thing that caught my eye when giving your presentation on Shark Tank was the part about "Whale's tail" and how stretchy they were on top. I HATE bending over a little and having my underwear showing and constantly having to pull up my jeans.

    And by the way, I went on your website looking for the info you spoke about on shark tank regarding specifically the jeans, but instead what I got was a LONG bio about who you gals are instead emphasizing your jeans. Got bored and left. Just my two cents.

    Oh, and if I'm going to pay that amount of money I would also like a choice of inseam sizes since I'm kinda short.

  22. Hilary Finley8:57 PM

    I loved the Shark Tank episode, which we found out about because my husband still listens to The Ticket (even though we moved away from Dallas over seven years ago!). I would love to get a pair of the jeans, but I just found out that we're expecting little baby #2, so it'll be awhile before I'm back to my current size 26. Any chance you might make a maternity line soon? I would definitely be interested! Good luck!

  23. For me, it totally depends on choice.However, it should be in my budget like between 70 to 80$. As I am a student now so I have to keep eyes on my budget.

  24. Denim is indeed an all-purpose fabric that will remain in style for many years to come and in my closet as well.

  25. Anonymous6:42 PM

    if you sell them for $40 like American eagle, people will buy your jeans instead because same price, yet better quality with yours. can't wait to buy my first pair of hip chix!

  26. Anonymous6:47 PM

    I wouldn't pay more than $50 for jeans. Your choice of sizes is also questionable.

  27. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Just saw the Shark Tank episode. I spent about $170.00 on a pair of jeans in a high-end store in Vegas in the Venetian and I never ever even wore them once. Not sure why I thought they fit great when I tried them on but I didn't really like them when I got home to Florida and not like I could have returned them. But...having said that, I wear jeans 90% of the time and I keep trying to find that great fit but can't. So I spend still a small fortune on cheaper jeans with no satisfaction. I would rather spend money on a few expensive pairs (if they are really worth the money) than to be constantly spending less on many, many pairs that don't live up to my expectations. I will definitely check these ones out on the website. Best of luck and if they are all you say they are, there will be buyers.

  28. Anonymous9:36 PM

    I'll put the $187 toward a gym membership so I look good in $20 Levi Strauss Signatures from Walmart...lol.

  29. Anonymous11:12 PM

    I live in Canada and would expect to pay around $100 for a great pair.
    With that said I have found same for as little as $30 but not name brand.
    Honestly I also have a pair of $340 true religion's but i don't think i would ever spend that again.

  30. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I will pay $200 and more! I'm a skinny girl with a big rear and cannot find jeans to fit me right? I need jeans that are bigger in the back only. Where can I buy them? I don't see them being sold on your website or thebluesjeanbar.com


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