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Negative Ion Watches - Season 3 Episode 302 - 2/24/2012

season 3, episode 302,
Ryan Naylor tries to demonstrate the
Esso watch Negative Ion Band.
 When Ryan Naylor first came into the Shark Tank to show off His Esso Watch Brand he had no idea how ruthless the Sharks can be. He claims the Esso Watch contains negative ions that restore the natural energy field in our bodies. So far, Naylor has sold over $120,000.00 worth from a $10k investment and netted $70k for his efforts. He's was asking for $35k for a 20% stake in his unique Esso Watch Brand putting the valuation at $175,000.00.

To demonstrate the Esso Watch does work Ryan managed to get Lori Greiner up on stage and explained how the negative ions in the watch worked against him pushing down on Lori's arm. It looked like it actually did help Lori's balance and she confirmed it had some sort of effect. Mark Cuban wasn't buying it from the get go and continued not to be even a little impressed. In fact, he even refused to accept the Mavericks Blue Esso Watch offered to him.
 Cuban then flat out calls this negative/positive ion stuff a complete scam. OUCH. It's not too often you see Mark Cuban lose his cool, but he apparently made his point before he goes out in quick fashion. Robert Herjevic can't resist asking Mark what he really thinks. Kevin O'Leary could care a less if they work or not, he just wants to make some money, and the Esso Watches are selling and making money. Ryan explains he gets all his customers for free because he's an SEO Expert and that's why his profits are so high.

Lori asks if Ryan has independent laboratory testing to back up his claims? Mark Cuban answers for him saying "Hell No." Without an independent laboratory backing up these negative ion claims, Lori says "there is no way you will ever get the Esso Watches on T.V.

Daymond John almost looks interested and wants to know about the designs that the Esso Watches come in. Ryan says he's the one that designed the watches. Daymond responds that the design is a knockoff of another product called Rumba Time and basically calls Ryan a liar. Naylor is stunned and asks Daymond which model he's referring to? John responds that all 3 are knockoffs of the Rumba Time designs. Oops. Surprisingly, O'Leary still sees dollar signs even after the other Sharks have completely shredded the entire concept. Mark Cuban says he will beat the crap out of O'Leary if he even thinks of making an offer. Wisely Kevin takes marks advice and goes out.

seen on shark tank season 3, episode 2
Negative Ion Watches
Esso Watches after Shark Tank Update

It's been just over a year since Esso Watches was first seen on the Shark Tank. My very first thought was to see how well Ryan was doing in his search engine optimization where he claimed he was getting enough traffic to sell an average of $10k worth of product per month. I first tried the term "negative ion watches" which seemed like a good place to start. Esso Watches was nowhere to be seen on page one, but another product that looks just like his (or Daymond's) seems to have taken its place. It appears that the knockoff may have been knocked off. I figured I'd just try "Esso Watches" because an exact match would surely come up with his name. I'm not sure what keywords he was referring to when claiming to be an SEO Expert, but I stopped looking after the 5th page. On Twitter I discovered Ryan decided to scrap the Esso Watch brand, hmm I wonder why? It's now being sold under the Brand.

I don't know, but think I'm with Mark Cuban on this one. It kind of reminds me of the psi bands that was recently on the Shark Tank a few weeks ago. At least with the psi bands, you need to wear one on both wrists which would seem to help your negative ion charge keep more in balance. Right?

It would be most interesting if anyone that reads this has actually seen a noticeable improvement wearing this unique bracelet.


  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    This is not a scam; as a direct competition of the American Medical Association (AMA) known as Holistic. Something that the AMA has a vested interest in disclaiming such facts supported by the Laws of Physics. Going to a cartel for drugs to validate organic foods is just as stupid to ask for such a worthless certification.

    1. It's the placebo effect. When Ryan pressed down on Lori's arm the first time, Lori was unprepared and didn't know what to expect, therefore tipping over. The second time, Lori expected her arm to be pushed down again, so it would be less likely for her to tip over. And there really is no such thing as "negative ions" making you healthy or whatever. That's just bs to get you to buy things.

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Your search for "Esso" watches and found nothing until page 5? That's ridiculous. I just watch Shark Tank and performed the exact same search and the Esso watch story led me everywhere on page 1, including this article. The Esso name is not hidden and is sold on many websites and is on Twitter where it proudly sends subscribers to it's "new brand" TAGI Gear. Where was the FTC destruction of this Ion band industry. It's everywhere. I saw pictures in the image search section of David Beckham and Robert DeNiro wearing these watches. Mark Cuban went way over the top on this one, and was dead wrong in terms of the FTC crushing this industry.

  3. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Totally with Mark on this one.

  4. Anonymous10:34 AM

    People say homeopathic medicine is a scam and more Germans use it than use standard big-pharma medicines and the germans aren't stupid. All drugs are ineffective with almost 50% of the people who use them. The standard for efficacy is only just doing better than a placebo. The watch might not work for Cuban, but he even said his own players use it and they get a benefit. It doesn't have to work for everyone to be useful to some.

  5. Ions are nothing more than imbalanced particles that have changed from there elemental form, either by losing or gaining electrons in order to fill the valence shell, therefor this product is plain wrong on so many levels!
    1- ions are all around us in positive AND negative forms, for example Lemmon juice is acidic and is therefor highly concentrated in positive hydrogen ions, washing machine soap is a base and is therefor highly concentrated in negative ions. So to say we are imbalanced isn't even correct.
    2- silicon is what most of these style of bands are made of, as an element silicon contains 14 electrons, as such it has 2 on its inner ring, 8 in its second leaving 4 remaining. Therefor it will attempt to lose these to balance itself making it a positive ion itself!!!! So how can a positive band contain negative ions!!!???.
    3- in the tank Ryan says, "it contains a net charge" implying it will remain negatively charged is just crap! Anyone who understands the laws of conservation, an who even has a basic understanding of chemistry and physics can tell you that it is the very nature of an ion to find balance! It's why atoms lose and gain electrons in the first place!! So if you were to drop this band into a bucket of soap it would essentially lose all of its "negative" ions because the substance with a greater pH will take the electrons away!

    In conclusion I have already made 3 purely scientific statements as to why this cannot in this known universe possibly work! I only hope mark Cuban would read this someday to see how write he was! Or to quote the man himself, "THIS IS SUCH CRAP!!"

    1. I think that a lot of people think that as long as you use sciency-sounding words like "ion" and "balance" and make dubious claims about "Big Pharma" that you can make any argument sound good. I think it works on some people but even a little bit of research shows that it's nonsense. Thanks for breaking down the reasons exactly why though.

  6. I want to see a wearer take the balance test with the watch first, then take it off and see what would happen.

  7. I am huge in to Quantum Physics and have been trying to get a grip on things, I do not think it is a scam, I do not think it is 100% proven either but that does not mean it is a scam.

    No one has been able to explain quantum physics, yet we have the whole era of these digital devices through it, but we do not exactly know how it works. So is that a placebo effect, manipulating the quantum states to perform calculations and give us results through sensors, no it is not a scam.

    Have no respect for any of the Sharks anymore.


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