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Universal Door Key - Season 3, Episode 312 - Update

Shark Tank season 3 episode 312
Phil Dumas Inventor of UniKey Technologies
 The UniKey is an ingenious device invented by Phil Dumas that makes ordinary house keys obsolete by using your smartphone to activate the lock. Once you have installed the UniKey locking system inside your lock, it can be paired with any OSI, Blackberry or Android device to control the locking mechanism. It's not an App that magically locks and unlocks your door, but the phone itself when it's within range. You will never ever stumble again trying to get your key in the lock which also makes this a security device for gaining quicker access to any locked door.
UniKey Technology Pre-Shark Tank

Unikey Tech new product seen on Shark Tank
Unikey Technology
Kwickset Lock
Controlled By Your iPhone
Phil Dumas confidently walked into the Shark Tank very prepared to take the Sharks head on. Phil was seeking a $500k investment for a 33% stake his the wireless key device which puts the valuation at $1.5 million. He wastes no time getting into one of the coolest demonstrations ever featured on the Shark Tank as he controlled a lock by walking up to and away from the house lock.
It was a very impressive presentation that instantly got all of the Sharks to sit up and take notice especially when Phil said you can send and receive a digital key for any duration you choose. A two-hour time slot for the maid to enter your home using their mobile phone for instance. You can also use your regular keys in the same lock if something ever did happen to your smartphone.

Phil informs the Sharks that he has many deals in the works with the most notable one with Black n Decker that is very interested in carrying the UniKey Technology. The suggested retail price for the UniKey lock is between $149-$199.00 which is on the high end as far as locks go, but considering the convenience and security of the device, this might a bargain for this technology.

The Sharks all agree, and the offers start coming from all sides. By the time the water settled all 5 Sharks had cash offers on the table. There have been very few products on the Shark Tank Show that has managed to do this and just as few getting offers for a million dollars. Phil Dumas and UniKey Technologies managed to do both when Robert Herjevic offered Dunas $1 million, but for 75% of the company.
In the end, it was the two billionaires Mark Cuban, and Kevin O'Leary bought 40% of the business for $500k and controlling seats on the company board.

UniKey Tech. After the Shark Tank Update

as seen on the Shark Tank Show Update
UniKey uses your smartphone to unlock locks.

During the taping of the Shark Tank Show in April 2012, Phil Dumas mentioned he actually needed closer to $1.1 million to bring the universal key to market even though he was only asking for and got the $500k from the two wealthy Sharks. Three months after the airing of the Show, Dumas raised an additional $1.1 million according to the SEC filing for UniKey Technologies bringing the total investors capital to $1.6 million thus far.
On January 3. 2013 UniKey Technologies announced a partnership with one of the world leaders in door locks and made the Kwikset Kevo 925 Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt. This collaboration will allow Kwikset to implement the UniKey Technology into their products for the keyless device and give Uni key the much needed strategic partnership to bring this to the masses.
At this time you still cannot purchase this product, but you can sign up to pre-order when they are ready to ship and get updates along the way. The price is still pegged at around $199.00 or lower per UniKey Lock. The potential for this idea is absolutely mind boggling especially when this technology is accepted by the masses, and the prices start falling like a rock. They are also in the development of other types of locks that will soon be able to work with the UniKey's patented system. A wireless key for your vehicle for instance? That one may still be a little farther out in the future but now, thanks to Phil Dumas, it's only a matter of time.
Kwikset's New Lock With Unikey's Technology "Finally" Is Available For Sale
UniKey Technology on FaceBook
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Shark Tank Success Prediction:

The Unikey will be brought back to the Shark Tank for the Featured Update in an upcoming episode and will coincide with the release date when the product is ready to ship. Look for this to be one of the most successful inventions ever seen on the Shark Tank.


  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Apparently his deL with the Sharks fell through. Dumas is now partnered with a VC.

    1. Anonymous4:39 AM

      I'd like to know more about how the deal fell apart exactly- something about the sec filing?- where can I find that information

    2. Anonymous8:14 PM


    3. lol what a bad Idea, kinda like the power companies and their SMART METERS! Those to I can stop, turn your power off or make your electric bill a million dollars a month! TRY ME!

  2. It is good concept but I don't think many people going to buy them. How many people do you know that is going to buy the product?

    Second thing that no one brought up was hacking. I personally I would be scared to get a digital key because someone can hack the system and get a duplicate key and open my house.

    1. Anonymous10:03 AM

      It's nice as a convenience (I was considering it for a while) but it's physically very insecure. Kwikset screwed up the design on the current model such that you can open it with a screwdriver in about 15 seconds and it isn't visibly damaged. If you have the right tool, you can just open it like a regular key:

      The digital aspect, in this sense, is more secure than the physical one (barring losing your phone and not disabling your digital key at least). The app uses an encryption method which has no known flaws at this time.

      Plus, they charge you $2 for every digital key you make. Forget about it.

    2. Anonymous10:04 AM

      There are less people with computer hacking skills than there are people who can lock bump a deadbolt. Instructions for the latter are on Youtube. I've done it myself; it works. Even top of the line security deadbolts can be lock bumped. An 11-year old girl picked a lock using a "bump" key on Youtube. How many 11 year old's can learn to hack your digital lock? Now compare that to how many could follow instructions on Youtube videos and figure out which is worse?

    3. People said similar things about personal computers and cell phones, and look at where those industries are today. Society's interest I'm technology is increasing and it's not surprising that lock and key industry is it's next target. For one, as technology advances, then so to does the ease at which people want to do things. This technology will increase the ease at which people can enter their homes and therefore lessens the vulnerability that one feels standing outside, trying to open their doors. Of course theirs a criminal aspect to, but, this is the case with every field. Their are people that are able to hack into credit cards, and yet they're still preferred over handling cash; their are crooked and corrupt cops that use their title to undermine the legal system; their are people that sell prescription drugs illegally and those that are breaking into homes and cars easily by way of the criminal handbook that outlines exactly how to do so. This is a revolutionary technology that may not see a relative impact until several years from now, but, it'll affect the market all the same. Heck, they even successfully implanted the first 3D skull a little while ago.

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about electronic locking systems. What if your phone dies? Case in point: I once locked my keys in the house along with my cell phone. Thank goodness for the local locksmith in mankato!

  4. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I think the smart phones can deal with finger, retinal hard/software combination possible to use the same methodology as the RSA SecureID token. The initial soft key installed on the phone as they use would be sufficient and I would think there could be a (somewhat) secure place to backup that initial token. Parent, friend. For the door side either a dual battery (one backup goes on when primary is low voltage, even better solar powered, NEVER rely on local power company OR design unlock on power failure. Sorry, thought I would chime in with some random thoughts.


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