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Mission Belt With No Holes on the Shark Tank

Buy A Belt - Feed A Family - Season 4 - Episode 422 - 4-26-2013

Season 4 episode 422
  The Mission Belt with No Holesis coming to the Shark Tank with a clear mission, "to feed the hungry". Unlike traditional belts where you adjust your waist length using the holes in the belt, the Mission Belt uses more of a ratchet type clip to keep your belt in place.

With such a cool invention that really doesn't need some sort of gimmick to sell this product, it's hard not to notice how much emphasis is put on the "Feed The World" part of the mission belt. It actually took a fair amount of time just to find out how much they donate to this cause and what organizations they support. From what I gather they use $1 from every $35 mission belt sold to support the world hunger cause.

On a positive note, I also found they do not give the money to a food charity (as far as I can tell) but in a form of $25 micro loans to people all around the world using Kiva.com.
I never heard of Kiva.com before but it's a very good idea and one that will help your donation dollars keep producing more dollars as the micro loans are paid back. This, in theory, will keep generating new money that'll help that many more people in the future when the loans are paid back.

 In less then a year, Mission Belt has so far made 308 individual loans all around the world with the majority going towards the agriculture sector. It's interesting too also note that you can help people in most places around the world, but the U.S.A. is not one of them. I wonder why? I guess there is no one in the U.S. that could also benefit from these micro-loans and help feed their families.

Mission Belt Before The Shark Tank Update

Coming from someone that wears a belt on a daily basis, this is one product I most definitely would/will buy. Anyone that's ever worn a belt for any length of time knows traditional buckles with holes always gets deformed over time. This will never be a problem with the mission belt with no holes to even worry about again. I'm assuming they also have a patent on this unique belt buckle that the Sharks will be most definitely be interested in.

The actual name "Mission Belt" may pose a problem especially if it is reveled how much of the proceeds are actually going to fund the actual mission. Kevin O'Leary may not mind because he doesn't like to give anything away when it comes to business. But Mark Cuban most likely will see right through this. Mark might like the product and he may even like the presentation but he does not like what he calls gimmicks. Could the Mission Belt fall within this category with a slogan like "Buy A Belt - Feed A family" when only a small fraction of the proceeds go towards the mission?

If there is one Shark that could make the Mission Belt a huge success it would have to be Daymond John. Daymond has the contacts and the ability to get the mission belts patented no holes belt buckle into several hundreds of stores around the world. But at what cost?  John, just like all the Sharks, always look at any business (and more importantly the entrepreneur) in how it will help improve "His Own Brand First". Aligning himself with the Mission Belt and the overall mission to feed the hungry (as stated on their site) may be a worthy cause, but is this the type of business strategy a Shark invests in to "make a profit" with their Shark Tank Investment Dollars???

How can you defend a "for profit business" when you have branded your product and it's name to be on "a mission to feed the hungry"? It should make for an interesting round of negotiations too say the least.

 What is the return policy for the Mission Belt?

"We don't have one. You can't call us. You can't write us. But if you can find us we will put money in your hand, with no anger in our hearts! Just kidding. Click here for our return policy."

LOL, I thought it was kind of funny and it does show they have a sense of humor. It's a great product that clearly will have a lot of demand especially after being featured on the Shark Tank Show.

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  1. Hey,
    I am the Creative Director here at Mission Belt Co. It has been quite the ride up to today; great opportunity for us to show everyone what we are all about. That is why I wanted to quickly drop a note to clarify a couple things to help your readers better understand what the mission is all about.
    When we say that one DOLLAR from every belt we sell goes to help someone in need, we mean it, it doesn't matter if it is wholesale price or retail price. After we back out our cost, it is often times over 20% of our profit and we are a for-profit company not a charity. We like to think of it as corporate responsibility to give something back. We feel strongly about the work we do, and the contributions to this micro-loans have meant the world to so many people around the world. We surely feel privileged to be in such position. Also I would like to highlight a great point you made, that as people pay the loans back, we can use that dollar hundreds of times snowballing to greater and greater opportunities for the recipients. It is a perpetual fund. About not targeting the USA, we are targeting agricultural endeavors in developing countries, making an effort to help women. Why agriculture? To directly help people feed themselves and their families.
    If you have further questions or comments please feel free to drop me a line at:


    We appreciate the time you have taken to cover our company in your blog.
    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Coco, thanks for stopping by and clarifying a few things. That is a Great Idea and a great way to continue building funds and help even more people in the future.

      Good Luck on the Show Tonight!
      Hope you are ready for the stampede that is coming your way!

      Shark Tank Success Blog

    2. Anonymous7:57 PM

      I must have missed something during the presentation on Shark Tank. I read that $1 goes to someone in need for every belt sold - which now makes sense that the belt is called a 'mission' belt. I'm watching now and sure hope that comes up before all the sharks are out.

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    I am a big fan of the micro loans. The gentleman who developed the concept actually won a Noble Peace Prize for the concept. You can do microloans for cows, goats etc...Makes a HUGE difference in the world. As for the Mission Belt...You HIT a BULLSEYE with this product. Ask my husband about his expensive coach belt I put a hole in while I was pregnant to have a belt that would expand with my pregnancy. I look forward to telling people all about your belt. Congratulations!

  3. Anonymous10:54 PM

    I so want one for my boy's. Bring them on to store's

  4. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I just watched you on Shark Tank. I like the product but I wanted to buy one just because of the owner/salesman on the show. He seemed like a great person. Looks like a nice quality belt with a great rachet design feature. I just purchased a belt and will probably buy another in White when they are available.

  5. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Did he say that the belt is unique? I've been wearing one of these for years with the Dockers name on it. It ratchets and it is a great belt.

  6. This is definitely not a new concept. My dad has been wearing ratchet belts for years and years. Its a product sold in Korea. I can see licensing a technology with possible patents out there as a big deal for investors.

  7. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I need a size larger then you offer for my husband and father. Do you plan to go in to the 2-3X sizes?

  8. Anonymous2:07 AM

    My husband has two belts that his dad gave him years ago, and they are two different brands. The design was exactly the same as the Mission Belt. This is definitely not new at all!

    1. Anonymous6:45 PM

      Me too. I have 2 belts. It's not new at all.

  9. Kiva was a brilliant idea...Giving money to people who need capital to start businesses is a much more responsible way to be charitable than giving it to organizations who siphon off the majority as "operational costs"

    Cheers - TJ

  10. I have one of these. It's a Diesel belt. I brought it 2 years ago from China for $1 - it's not unique nor patentable. No holes. Rachet, released by a connector underneath.

  11. Anonymous3:59 PM


  12. I would really like to see the buckles with the armed forces on them.

  13. THis is a brilliant idea. I think these opportunities are needed in the Caribbean as there are a lot of potential in that region.
    Joey Issa

  14. Whether this is a new concept or not these belts are worth every penny. I have not pulled my pants up since I bought one of these belts. Excellent quality! If you wear a belt but find yourself still pulling your pants up you will never put on another belt!

  15. Anonymous9:26 PM

    This belt is a great idea, however I have been wearing belts without holes for several years. I bought most of them at REI. They are canvas in various colors including black and brown. You simply slide the belt through a slot and snap the buckle. Best of all they do not need to be removed for TSA at airports.

  16. Doesn't anyone remember boy and girl scout belts???

  17. Has anyone thought of marketing this to women? Women love to shop. If this belt had some features geared toward women, I would buy. Get Lori Greiner to collaborate!! I've bought many products associated with her. For myself. As gifts. Always wonderful. Think about it 😊


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