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Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder on Shark Tank

Squirrel Shocker - Season 4 - Episode 421 - 5/3/2013
season 4, episode 421, 5-3-2013
The Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder
  Now here's a Bird Feeder where you really are the Boss when it comes to who gets fed and who WILL stay away from your bird feed. Until now, squirrels have always been a major pain in the neck when it comes to bird feeders not only causing a big mess but devouring the costly feed in the process. Mike DeSanti from Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, finally had enough feeding the squirrels in his neighborhood and devised an very unique and very effective way to keep them at bay, he'll just shock them.

Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder comes in a complete kit with everything you need and where you really are the Boss when it comes to your bird feeder. If you have a wondering squirrel (or any unwanted animal) visit the feeder, using a remote control from the comfort of your home, you can send the bird feeder's solar powered top a harmless low voltage static shock that's guaranteed to get his attention and decide maybe there is an easier meal out there. It may take a few time's for the squirrel to learn, but they always do and they will eventually move on eliminating your bird feeding problem.

If your already a bird watcher or nature lover that loves watching bird's in your neighborhood, this is one product that actually can pay for itself from the amount of bird seed you will save from feeding unwanted animals. The Squirrel Boss not only keeps unwanted squirrels away but will also deter raccoons, deer and even bear if any happen to be wondering around. Your the Boss and You Decide whats eating your bird seed.

Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder before the Shark Tank Show

How does that saying go? If you want to make a million dollars then build a better mouse trap. This might not be a mouse trap but it clearly is a better alternative for a bird feeder that will keep unwanted squirrels at bay. With a retail price of around $80 it's not the cheapest bird feeder on the market, but then again, this is the only one where you are the BOSS and you control who gets into your bird feed. The squirrel boss has been on the market for 3 years but as hard as I tried, I could not find any references to how many have been sold. It looks like we will have to wait til Friday Night and will do an update after the Shark Tank Show.

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  1. On shark tank you said theunit esa $49.99

    1. Anonymous6:26 PM

      The wholesale price was $49.99 not retail price.

  2. Anonymous7:47 PM

    i saw the show and loved the squrriel boss just cant afford one right now. Good luck with the sale's Mike. Wish I had one.

    1. Anonymous10:13 AM

      now $49.00 free shipping USA only.

  3. Anonymous7:57 AM

    i love this product

  4. bklyn tm9:36 AM

    well i think the bird feeder is a good idea but really wasted on squirrels .who is gonna pay 80.00 bucks to keep a squirrel away from there bird feeder ? especially in this economy when in P.A. you can just shoot squirrel right off tree. the inventor lives in P.A. and didnt know this.that would fix the problem 4 ever.inventor not very smart ill tell u that. also up in P.A. squirrel stew is a very tasty dish.why else would dopes shoot in the first place if didnt taste good.why waste the food in this economy when road killed deer is used in orphanages and soup kitchens. lmfao.....

    1. Anonymous11:11 AM

      Really???? I would rather give a small zap to a squirrel vs kill it. I think it is an excellent feeder. I plan on buying one.

  5. Anonymous7:31 PM

    How is this a success story? Just saw the show and nobody wanted the deal LOL

    1. The exposure is worth much more than a shark sometimes. Way to go!