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Ryan’s Barkery on the Shark Tank

Ryan's Dog Biscuits - Season 4 - Episode 424 - Season Finale - 5/17/2013
Season 4 Finale, episode 424
Entrepreneur Ryan Kelly of Ryan's Barkery
 So what's a 10-year-old named Ryan to do when he adopts a new puppy named Barkley from an animal shelter that doesn't like traditional dog biscuits? He goes home and creates the Very BEST dog biscuit for his new Best Friend made out of the best ingredients he can buy. After several tasty experiments for Barkley that's exactly what Ryan Kelly did, and as a result became our newest kid-preneureur on the Shark Tank Show.

 Considering this is the end of a very successful season 4 finale with an additional 6 episodes added to the season, you can bet they saved some of the Best Products for last. Ryan, now 11 years old, has a success story that's sure to get the Sharks attention along with several million people around the country. As with any kid that gets a new pet, you always want what's best for them, and this most likely will be what gets at least a few sharks to make an offer. Ryan's been put in a unique position to take advantage of this niche in a huge way especially since he will be on this season's final finale show.

Ryan guarantees his homemade dog treats are made with fresh, human grade ingredients that you could share with your dog.
The dog Biscuit flavors include Peanut Butter, Banana Oat, Pumpkin Apple and Low-fat Cheddar. There's no coloring or fillers, no preservatives, chemicals, and no added salt or sugar. And Best Of All - Your Puppy Will LOVE THEM!

Ryan's Barkery before the Shark Tank

If you're into statistics about the Shark Tank Show as much as I am then you are already know how successful kid-preneureur's are when getting a deal with the Sharks. In fact, I still believe they're batting 1000 on securing a deal with at least one of the Sharks. Ryan has a great story with a niche product thousands of people will buy, and the Sharks are going to want a piece of this action. How much money is there selling Doggy Biscuits? Whatever that figure is, it's sure to be a much larger market after this year's Shark Tank Finale.

Interestingly, at this time (Monday Morning before the Shark Tank) the "Order Now Page" on Ryan's Barkery Website has been disabled, and there seems to be no way to order his soon-to-be-famous Dog Biscuits. Statistically speaking this is also a good sign that a deal was made and they're revamping the website before the Shark Tank Finale. We will do an update when Ryan's Barkery is accepting orders. Without a doubt, Ryan will be very busy Friday Night and might have to stay up past his bedtime.

Good Luck Ryan! You are on your way to becoming a Huge Success!
You clearly have supportive parent's helping make your Dreams Come True and sending you down the right path to a great future.
Just remember that when your Rich and Famous :)
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Ryan's Barkery Update:

 As predicted Ryan did indeed get a deal with one of the Sharks Barbara Corcoran. Barbara has invested $25,000.00, and she is now in the doggy biscuit business. During his Shark Tank appearance, Ryan said he already sold over $800 of his dog biscuits and most likely sold many times more than that over the weekend.
 He's now taking orders with a "Shark Tank Special" of three large 8-ounce biscuits of your choice for only $24.99 or $9.50 each. Interestingly he's also set up a Sales Rep. page to help get Ryan's Barkery in a store near you. (Great Idea!)

No doubt this is a fantastic, successful deal for both Ryan Kelly and Barbara Corcoran.
Congratulations to both of you


  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    I'm not a dog owner, but I think it's a very good investment! Healthy all natural and tastes good. I'm sure his orders will do great.

  2. Anonymous2:17 AM

    I am a dog owner, and I have just purchased three bags for our dogs to try. The best of luck to you Ryan, and I will let you know what our dogs think once the treats arrive.

  3. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Currently I do not have a dog and I miss having one terribly. Health issues preclude me from being able to care for one properly and multiple hospital stays would leave a dog in someone else's care too much, but as soon as I get the health issues resolved I can't wait to get a dog.
    And when I do, I will be ordering some of Ryan's Barkery treats for him/her.

    I am so glad that Barbara invested : )
    I think they will do just fine if they can just find a way to increase production without having to go more in debt.
    And kudos to Barbara because I know she will help all she can to grown the business to make it even more successful, but I think this investment was made from her heart more than her checkbook and I don't think she all that concerned about her $25,000 ; )

    1. Anonymous1:40 PM

      I have a dog i will purchase treats for my dog and i know he will like him!

  4. Anonymous1:45 PM

    For me, the price is prohibitive. But I certainly wish Ryan success.

  5. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I purchased the Shark Tank special. One bag of each flavor. They came right on time. I was sent an e-mail letting me know they were mailed. I split up all the flavors into 3 bags...1 each for my 2 granddogs and 1 for a neighbor's dog. They all love them. Can't say they have a favorite flavor. Love all of them equally. When you open the bags, they actually smell good. I really was tempted to try one. I would love to buy 3 more for Christmas stocking stuffers. Timing will be everything, though. I'll have to have a little luck, too, in getting it on time. Good luck to Ryan.

  6. Anonymous6:24 PM

    What follow through, I wish I got the same level of service from national companies I do business with: Received email last Sunday that Shark Tank Special 3 bags would be shipped on Monday, they arrived 2 days later(today Wednesday), and eagerly received by Penelope our Basset Hound. Opened all 3 bags and a sample of each went down with instant acceptability. (unfortunately that's not saying a lot about the Barkery treats, since I told Ryan's mother when placing the order that if you know anything about Basset Hounds, except for maybe rocks and dirt, Miss P will eat anything....but she DID seem to demonstrate even more satisfaction than she normally does from her regular everyday treats). We'll be back for more when finished, to help Ryan's college fund.

  7. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Just bought three bags for my doggies! What a wonderful healthy idea. Good luck Ryan!!!!!

  8. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Love the show; love Ryan & his dog; and love Barbara for giving him her support! Just ordered 3 bags and will see if Izzie loves the treats too!

  9. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Well he just got his deal with Barbara :)

  10. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I purchased the three bag (different flavors) deal and my dog liked only the peanut butter ones.

    Just one issue... they SHOULD put "refrigerate" on the bag as once opened, they DO lose something. Whatever the "something" is, I don't know but know that my dog will only eat the first few after a bag is opened and then refuses them. If a NEW bag is opened, she'll eat them.

    Fantastic idea but I hope Barbara sees this as "refrigerate" should be on the bags.

    A bit too pricey but worth every cent EXCEPT for that one issue.

    I hope things are going well there. Ryan's just a fantastic young man and his Mom wonderful (I've spoken to both on the phone as I was considering a distributorship as I know every vet, groomer, and little dog owner, well, not EVERY but a HUGE number, in my area and could sell these all day long).

    Again, I found the key is the minute you get the shipment, put the bags in the fridge. My doggie actually seems to LIKE them BETTER cold.



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