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Verbalize It Translation App on Shark Tank

World's First Human-Powered Translation Service - Season Finale - Episode 424 - 5/17/2013

Season 4, episode 424, season finale
 If there was ever a product featured on the Shark Tank that could change the world, then the Verbalize It Translation App just might be the one. By having this handy App on your smartphone, you'll have access to over 5000 live translators at your fingertips and eliminate most language barriers. Ryan Frankel and Kunal Sarda, two Wharton Business School graduates, are the creators of the well-funded VerbaliseIt Translation App.

 With the Verbalise It App. You can instantly communicate in English, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, and Japanese. Several other languages are scheduled to be added to their list of live translators as the popularity of this service continues to grow. Depending on your needs speaking with a live translator for business purposes or just reading a menu at a foreign restaurant, the Verbalize It Translator App. has it covered. There is several add-ons's to choose from to personalize the translation service just for you.

 Sure there is nothing new about translating apps on the market that may or may not provide the correct translation but with the Verbalise it App you have a Live Translator at a touch of a button that'll ALWAYS give you the right meaning. It's Free to download the quality app. that's been very well financed with at least $1.5 million already raised from other venture capitalists. The growing list of tech awards they have already received also leads to the increasing popularity as "The App." to have for all your translation needs.

Verbalize It Before the Shark Tank

 Coming from someone who's oldest Son is headed off to Japan for his Junior year in College in a few months, this may be one app. I need to get just to understand him when he comes home. Who knows? He may even be a good candidate for a Verbalize It translator (actually he's already been studying their language for several years) when he returns. As our world slowly gets smaller and the one thing that still separates most cultures becomes obsolete, the need for a real-time translation service will continue to grow. This by all accounts is a quality well-funded App that the Sharks are going to LOVE! What's not to like about a product with Global Mass Appeal?

Considering how good the Cheating App did on the Shark Tank earlier this year and how many more people could benefit from an app that gives you instant access to over 10 languages, this is a no-brainer. The Verbalize it App.has the potential to become a multi-million dollar company in record time. It's just that good of an idea.

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  1. This reminds me more of Pretty Padded Room rather than the Cheating App since you have to talk to somebody. That being said, this app has a wider audience than PPR, so maybe it will get a deal.

  2. It's a little unsettling to hear people call interpreters "translators"!
    Especially a company that alleges to be in the industry.
    Interpreters are people interpreting "voice".
    Translators are people translating the written word (documents).
    It's Ok when non professionals confuse the two, but when a company in the language business confuses the two, that really speaks to their professionalism.

    1. Anonymous7:55 PM

      THANK YOU! My thoughts exactly. an accredited court interpreter, I can attest to the fact that it's not just a matter of knowing the language but of having a working knowledge of the technical terms of many different fields in both languages.

    2. Anonymous8:35 PM

      Otis, what do you expect? The founders are business guys, not linguists... :)

  3. jamie2:32 PM

    Very well said,
    I looked at it, checked their website that has scratched off all references to shark tank and concluded this is another wanna-be duo of frat boys with lots of VC cash than they know what to do with. Reminds me of the dot com era - their site is lean on global "interpretor" content and full of their pics, views and basically themselves. I wonder who was sampled for that survey saying french is most romantic followed by Turkish, then portuguese worldwide Eurocentric Wharton students?

  4. What a great idea and fantastic company! I just interviewed Ryan Frankel for the FRANKLY PENN, University of Pennsylvania Alumni Blog. I was so excited to see UPenn Quakers on SHARK TANK!
    We Said Go Travel

  5. It will be interesting to see how this app pans out given how difficult it is to get paid work in foreign language translation. I went over to the website and took the Korean translation test since I have been learning it since 2005 and it is humbling to realize how much one doesn't know of his second language, even after studying it for almost 10 years. I have to say kudos to anyone who applies for the actual interpretation gig, where the interpreter has to do his job over Skype or the telephone without the luxury of being able to consult a dictionary.

  6. That is a very nice blog. I thing this app is a good alternative of Hiring Translation service companies. really very nice

  7. Interesting, they said that their service has been online for only a month. That means that at the time they submitted to Shark Tank (at least 6 month prior) that had only an idea.

  8. And no one had mentioned that this app might not work when you actually need it: while traveling foreign countries. Data coverage is different outside the US. I am sure someone like Mr. Cuban has a fancy global satellite phone while he is traveling but the rest of us is dependent on whether or not a local data service is available.

  9. Anonymous7:55 PM

    I just saw the piece on Shark Tank. First of all the service that they are offering is as an interpreter and not a translator. Secondly you have to be trained as an interpreter, not only know the language. I am a trained and certified interpreter and this cannot be a reputable business just by the fact that they don't even know what is required to be an interpreter. (BTW, a translator does written translations and interpreters do verbal interpretation. Good Luck!

  10. Great idea...good luck I will buy


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