Shark Tank Final Numbers Season 4

Shark Tank Facts For Season 4

How Much Did The Sharks Invest?
 The totals are in for Season 4 and as Kevin O'Leary would say, "The numbers do not lie." Once again Mark Cuban dominated in the Shark Tank in all three main categories including the total number of investments, the amount invested for all Sharks and the most personally invested with their own money.
The biggest surprise of Season 4 was Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner's Shark Tank Seat they share throughout the Season. When combined, the Lady Sharks dominated all the other Sharks in new Investments. All the Sharks except one invested at least a million dollars of their own money. Robert Herjevic takes last place this year by a wide margin in just about every category. Kevin O'Leary makes a strong finish in the season finale after writing a million dollar check that drastically helped out his entire seasons investments.
If you would like to see a list of what each Shark invested in, just click on the Sharks name below for a complete list of all their investments.

Break Down of Season 4 Shark Tank Investors:

Listed by the Number of Successful Investments

Mark Cuban

Total Deals Invested In: 18 New Investments
Total Amount Invested: $3,555,000.00
Personal "Out of Pocket": $2,330,000.00

Lori Greiner
Total Deals Invested In: 12 Deals
Total Amount Invested In: $2,345,000.00
Personal "Out of Pocket" : $1,745,000.00

Total Deals Invested In: 12 Deals
Total Amount Invested In: $1,544,000.00
Personal "Out of Pocket" : $1,144,000.00

Total Deals Invested In: 11 Deals
Total Amount Invested In: $2,650,000.00
Personal "Out of Pocket" : $2,025,000.00

Barbara Corcoran
Total Deals Invested In: 9 Deals
Total Amount Invested In: $1,855,000.00
Personal "Out of Pocket" : $1,142,000.00

Robert Herjevic
Total Deals Invested In: 9 Deals
Total Amount Invested In: $1,725,000.00
Personal "Out of Pocket" : $900,000.00 (what happened Robert?)

Grand Total of All Shark Tank Investments for Season 4 = $9,286,000.00

Grand Total of ALL Deals Made By the Shark's for all 4 Seasons

This list is in response from a tweet @DaymomdJohnFan that gave me the idea to add the Grand Total of all the Sharks Deals to date. Even I was a little surprised at the results.

Mark Cuban = 36 totals investments
Years on the Shark Tank = 3 Years

Daymond John = 34 totals investments
Years on the Shark Tank = 4 years

Barbara Corcoran = 34 investments
Years on the Shark Tank =  4 years

Robert Herjevic = 25 investments
Years on the Shark Tank = 4 years

Kevin O'Leary = 23 total investments
Years on the Shark Tank = 4 years

Lori Greiner = 17 total investments
Years on the Shark Tank = 2 years

Now those statistics are rather interesting. No matter how you slice it, it looks like Mark Cuban again wins this category with a years less time on the Show then most of the other Sharks. Lori Greiner is quickly catching up with both Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjevic in the amount of deals closed in half the time. Both Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran have a solid business pattern for all seasons going back to the beginning of the show.

If you take into consideration, both Barbara and Lori take turns on the show, and when you combine their total investments, statistically THIS is the Hottest seat on the Shark Tank Show.

Obviously some of these deals did not get completed for one reason or another, but it's still kind of interesting seeing exactly how many deals all the Sharks have made thus far.


  1. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Robert Herjevic it seem like he was running scared from deals this year... if you watch the show.. he was alway out.. it was like you knew right away.. He seems scared to learn anything new..

    1. Anonymous7:48 AM

      Or maybe he is just a smart business man, and was waiting for the right deals that were good for him...

      Crazy idea huh?

    2. I disagree- In Season 4 there was an episode where a family going through a hard time were pitching Chicken Dips. Though Lori and Robert didn't have a clue about these businesses, they invested believing in the people. Hence you can't say he was running away.

  2. Anonymous6:52 PM

    What do you mean by "Personal "Out of Pocket" and how is that different from "Total Amount Invested In"?

    1. Some Sharks go in deals together so their "out of pocket" is a percentage of the total amount invested for that particular deal.

    2. Anonymous7:18 AM

      LoL looks like anonymous needs to take a business class

  3. How much have the sharks made on their investments so far?? Broken down by investor, who's investments have paid off the most??

    1. Anonymous7:19 AM

      Only their CPA can tell you that

  4. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I would really appreciate seeing a comparison of how many products actually made it to market. AND, just as important....How many deals fell through? Just a few per cent or half? Knowing how many of each shark's deals actually made it to actual money stage would make a big difference. You can say you're going to invest, but once the due diligence is done or they've had time for a second thought....what's the per centage then? Thanks!

    1. Anonymous2:25 PM

      This is something I think most of us would be interested in also. It is one thing to commit on TV to a product, but does the deal succeed or does it fall through. It makes good TV, but do the deals actually make it to market. Mark Cuban invested on TV the most, but did most of his investments pay off? To me that is more interesting than saying you will invest.

  5. Anonymous12:50 AM

    I looked up their net worth-- It sounds like Mark Cuban's net worth is several times more than what the other sharks have. I'd be interested in seeing your number crunching as a percentage of their assumed net worth.

  6. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I think Mark Cuban comes in at number 1 for a number of reasons. The biggest one though, I think, is that I remember seeing plenty of deals where Mark would come in at the last second with an offer and say "you have to decide right now" or, when a counteroffer is made by a person on the show, "I'll take that deal." He's just been more aggressive in taking deals from other sharks.

  7. Anonymous12:49 PM

    do you have ROI figures on the deals that have been made? I think those would be quite interesting.

  8. Anonymous11:36 AM

    A family member of mine was on the Canadian show (dragon's den) which features robert and kevin as well. To get on the show they made sure to give a sweetheart deal to the investors. They made it to air (which was the main goal), but behind the scenes the deal never materialized. The point being that many of the deals on screen do not get done without the true due diligence of the investor or because the entrepreneur has pulled out.


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