First Defense Nasal Screen Update

First Defense Nasal Screen on Shark Tank

"Peel and Stick" Nasal Screens - Season 2 Episode 202 - Update
Largest Offer Ever Made on Shark Tank Show
First Defense Nasal Screen
Gets Biggest Offer Ever
on the Shark Tank
 The First Defense Nasal Screen is a smart and cheaper way to protect yourself against a host of allergens, germs, pollen, and pollution to name just a few. Joe Moore the inventor of this ingenious device explains "you basically just peel and stick the almost invisible sticker directly on your nose hole for instant results."

Think of it almost like an air cleaner for your respiratory system that blocks out breathing allergies in the fist place

That's a cool idea Hugh? I thought so, and so did the Sharks. In fact, it's such a cool idea it received a $5 million dollar offer for the entire company and set a record for the highest dollar amount ever offered on the Shark Tank Show.

First Defense Nasal Screen Shark Tank Recap:

Joe Moore first walked into the Shark Tank looking for a $500,000.00 investment in exchange for 10% of his Nasal Business.
Moore has a patented almost invisible sticker you stick at the entrance of your nose preventing pollens and allergens from entering. At first the idea of walking around with a breathable sticker on your nose kind of had the Sharks thinking "how did this guy even get on the show'? Little did they know it was about to get the largest offer ever made on the Shark Tank Show.

Joe reveals he's already sold over 1.7 million units with plenty more customers where they came from. The United Arab Emirates alone gave him an $8 million dollar contract over the next six years. It appears First Defense also works excellent at keeping sand from blowing in your nose which is a major health concern in the desert. Moore first needs the capital to fulfill those big orders, and that's why he came to the Shark Tank.

Largest Offer Ever Made on the Shark Tank

Kevin O'Leary is the first to start the negotiations by offering $500k for a 20% stake in the business but also wants a 15% royalty until he recoups his entire investment. Mark Cuban is also interested and wants in on Kevin's deal.

Daymond John offers $800,000.00 for First Defense with a 30% stake plus a 10% royalty off the top. This has Kevin upping the ante to a million dollars for the entire company. Daymond ups his offer also to $1 million for only a 30% stake in the company.

Robert Herjevic smells a tremendous opportunity when an offer for $2 million is rejected, so he doubles his offer to $4 million for the entire First Defense Nasal Business. This now becomes the largest offer ever made on the Shark Tank Show.

Moore originally came into the Shark Tank putting an initial valuation for First Defense at $5 million and just got offered $4 million cash and a chance to get the biggest payday from any contestant on the show. With all this money flying around, why not ask for another million while all the Sharks seem in such a generous mood? Robert checks his checkbook and decides he can't afford the $5 million dollar price tag and goes out.

Kevin and Mark wisely decide to bring Daymond into their new offer which is now $750k for a 30% stake and a 10% perpetual royalty. Joe decides 3 Sharks are better than one, especially if one of them own the Dallas Mavericks. He squeezes a pair of season tickets out of Mark Cuban to close the deal.

First Defense Nasal Screen Update:

Joe Moore and his three new Business Partners wasted little time getting the website updated and providing the necessary capital to fulfill the orders that are still pouring in for this ingenious way to keep allergens from entering your body in the first place.

Here's A video that was filmed shortly after the Shark Tank showing all the benefits using the First Defense Nasal Screen.


  1. What if you have a runny nose tho? Seems you would be constantly replacing the screens which could be costly for the user...

  2. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Maybe your nose won't be runny with this product.

  3. Why hasn't this hit the shelves yet? Where can I get one?

    1. Anonymous1:45 AM

      It doesn't show when you or the other posts were placed here, but I just did a search for first defense nasal products and found lots of places to buy it.....including Walmart, Walgreens and I think they are too expensive for disposable products, but if you can afford them and have a need, I think they are great.

    2. I went to both Walmart and Walgreens and they were not there. I sgree they are expensive to wesr everydsy. Does anyone know how long a set is good for? Could you wear them for two or three days?

    3. Bobbie, that depends on how clean your skin is when you apply them, how oily your skin is, if and how much you sweat, how clean they are kept, etc. I have successfully taken them off, stuck them back to the sheet and reused them. A couple of times I've even had the good luck of using one up to 3 times, but that's not the norm.

  4. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Its not on the shelves yet? Shark Tank episode for this was aired over 3 YEARS AGO!

  5. I would like to try these! Are they on shelves yet?

  6. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Am re-watching this episode tonight. My husband suggests you get silly and sell some that are scented. Floral, mint, coffee, bacon (!), vanilla, etc., etc., etc., I once sent a letter to David & Sons to do their sunflower and pumpkin seeds in flavors (BBQ, Ranch, etc.) They did do this to their sunflower seeds a year later and continue to do so. So, let's add some sense to this great product!!

    1. No one with allergies and is sensitive to smells wants these smells in their nose all them, LOL. Joe Moore knows exactly what is doing... please leave well enough alone.

  7. Anonymous10:59 PM

    It is on right now here on east coast.

  8. Anonymous10:47 PM

    I did try First Defense. I didn't like it as much as one of the other nose filters I tried here . I though this one filtered better and lasted a lot longer.

  9. Anonymous1:41 AM

    Hey Leafgreen...Are you the owner of this other product you are trying to get free commercialization out of, or just a family member or friend? I have a hard time believing that you searched through all the links to First Defense, found the one/ones with comments and took the time to endorse and link this other device. C'mon man.....Really?
    P.S. if you did happen to just randomly wander by and do this out of the goodness of your heart, I apologize. Only you will know if the apology is warranted.

  10. Anonymous2:09 AM

    I'm sure to many people, this product is sensible and inexpensive, but where I see the most potential for it is anywhere there are several small children together for extended periods of times (pre-school, baby sitting services where many young children are at the same facility, big families, etc). I came here excited to find a place to buy some, because my Brother in law and Sister, have 5 kids (ages 17, 13, 10, 8 and 5). Right now, everyone in the family besides my brother in law, have whooping cough. Anytime anyone in the family gets sick, the majority or all of them get to experience the illness with them. That's a pretty big family, and there are tons more out there with even larger ones. at 1.50 each (cheapest price I saw was 1.47 per unit on, that would be 10.50 per day! To a shark, or maybe even for a big percentage of the population, that may not be a large amount....but for me that is impossible. It's also unrealistic to think that a child could/would keep a single pair of these on for 2 hours....let alone the 24 suggested as a realistic time frame by the producers of it. I could see this product being a life altering item for my Sister and her family. If they all started wearing them as soon as one of them gets sick, they could possibly save the rest of the family from having to suffer through it as well. I would LOVE to see if that was possible. I just don't see the price ever being low enough to make it a realistic possibility in my case.
    I think its an ingenious idea/invention...with the potential to save a ton of suffering and even countless lives, if it could be mass produced and used in third world countries where over populated cities are a norm, sanitation is inconceivable by western standards and diseases that we have never heard of here in the states, are wide spread. The price point is probably pretty fair for the masses here in the United States, but again, those of us who are disabled, have big families (ones with a decent income for a household of 3 or 4, but with 7..or 10..or even more, that income is stretched pretty thin!!) or other similar well as those third world countries I mentioned...I hope there are programs set up to help those people as well. If there are any programs like this available, I'd love any information regarding them that you can provide. I would love to see how these might help my Sisters family!!!

  11. These would be great alternatives to masks for mowing grass in the South.

  12. I'd like to see them at our Norman (Oklahoma) supercenter Walmart! I have seen a LOT of amazing products on Shark Tank but this is one of the best simply bcuz of the health benefit factor! Thanks to shark tank for bringing this product to public knowledge. I will be looking to purchase online until they hit the shelves. I'd just prefer to be able to remove shipping costs by purchasing direct from Walmart when I'm doing my normal shopping ;)

  13. Just bought this product after watching a rerun of that show. Bought it on Amazon with prime free shipping. I get really bad sinus headaches and over the counter pills don't work. Seems connected to a change in the weather too but being in FL our pollen never goes away because it is not cold down here. Will post a comment after trying them for awhile.

  14. Wear them when flying.

  15. Thie article is incorrect. I just watched the rerun and the offer was not $5M, the offer was $4M. The inventor told Robert that he would take $5M plus a 15% royalty and a job for the entire company and Robert said no!

  16. Would be great for the military. Anyone working near helicopters in the desert

  17. My husband got an airborne virus on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to LA and within 24 hours was in the hospital, if he would have had these he would not have gotten sick and he has been sick now 1 1/2 years and has to take a steroids every day, so after spending thousands of dollars on Dr's and different drugs, I would have paid anything to have them and a healthy husband.

  18. I think this product was a really good idea, but people here are acting like it's the holy grail. It doesn't do a thing to cover your mouth. This product likely wouldn't have stopped someone from getting an airborne virus. Perhaps it makes it slightly less likely, but it isn't intended for that purpose.


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