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Simple Sugar Scrubs Update

Simple Sugars Shark Tank Update

Seen on the Shark Tank episode 419
Lani Lazzari Making A Deal On
The Shark Tank Show
  So whats it take to become one of the Biggest Shark Tank Success Stories In History? For starters it sure helps when your Business doubles the Sharks Investment within in the first 3 days. Lani Lazzari the 18 year old entrepreneur that first appeared in episode #419 on March 29, 2013, has raised the bar considerably higher with Her Simple Sugar Scrubs for Eczema.

Lani did indeed close the deal with Mark Cuban for $100,000.00 and 33% of the Simple Sugar Scrubs Business. They updated the website and stocked up with 1000 units ready to fulfill orders for Her simple but effective natural skin scrub for Eczema. Within minutes of Lazzari being Featured on the Show the orders started pouring in and completely sold out before Her presentation was over.

But the orders still kept pouring in way after the Shark Tank Show had ended. Three days later when things began to slow down just a bit, Lani Lazzari and Mark Cuban sold over 20,000 units of the Simple Sugars Scrubs. The viewers fell in love with Lani's Story and helped propel Her product farther in a few days then She ever could have imagined within such a short amount of time.

Can too much Success in a short time be a bad thing? When you have one bottle of product for every 20 people that want to buy it, it does pose a few unique problems. You can almost compare it to some of the most successful crowdfunding projects trying to raise $100k and end up with $5 million in orders and then completely overwhelmed trying to keep everyone happy.

Not even with Mark Cubans connections can you make that much product without a little time getting things set up on a much of a larger scale. But what Lani now had in her back pocket was a billionaire investment partner that knows how to get things done on a major scale. Sure they may have had a few customers that wanted to try the Simple Sugar Scrub faster than they were able to deliver, but the overwhelming majority patiently waited for Lani to get production up to speed. Not only have they caught up, but have added several new products including Foot Scrubs, Body Scrubs and a new scrub made specifically for Men.

Mark Cubans Most Successful Investment on Shark Tank

 It's a fact that Mark Cuban has invested in more businesses and more money than any of the other Sharks on the Show. A total of 36 Shark Tank Investments to be exact that invested over $2.3 million in Season 4 alone.

Mark Cuban was on the Kelly and Michael Show last Month and was asked what's his most successful product He has invested in on the Shark Tank? Without hesitation He chose the Simple Sugars Scrub being his best investment so far.

A $100,000.00 investment with a young Lady that just graduated High School and 4 months later this company tops a very impressive list of businesses.

 More Information on The Simple Sugar Scrubs Business


  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Watched the episode and loved that girl!

    1. She was fantastic. ALso Mark Cuban is from Pittsburgh, I am from Pittsburgh and so is Lani Lazzari.. This is what akes it soo great!! She has been selling this at our Malls and at festivals.. Best of Luck to her..

  2. I watched this episode and was floored with amazament, and truly inspired!!!

  3. Great show. Great Product!

  4. What a great SUCCESS story! The truest definition of tenacity through believing in yourself ! KUDOS!!! Lani Lazzari ! A millionaire for sure! Can't wait to order your Simple Sugars ! You are so inspirational !

  5. I ordered this b/c I have very sensitive skin. Absolutely love the scrub and definitely going to order more! It truly does naturally exfoliate and moisture your skin all at once. Smells great too.