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Clean Bottle Shark Tank Update

The Cleanest Water Bottle On Earth - Season 3

The Clean Bottle seen on Shark tank season 3
Need a little Free Publicity?
Just chase down a few bike rider's  at the Tour de France
for Free World Wide Advertising!
 The Clean Bottle was designed with one thing in mind, to be the easiest water bottle too clean that has ever been made. After 3 years and 54 prototypes, Dave Mayer has accomplished that goal and appropriately named His invention The Clean Bottle.

What makes this water bottle so unique from anything else on the market is the fact it unscrews on both ends making it much easier to clean and dry out when not in use.

Water Bottle from season 3
New Runner
Water Bottle w/ Pouch
Dave Meyer's may have invented the cleanest water bottle ever made, but it took all the money he had to create it with little left for advertising the final product. What's Dave do to start getting the word out about his new invention?  He does what any creative Entrepreneur would do, He creates it. Meyer's went to the Tour de France where everyone has water bottles and has his Giant Clean Bottle Mascot start jogging along with the bike riders.

The seemingly simple form of advertising got picked-up with world wide press coverage and puts the Clean Bottle on the map.

When Dave entered the Shark Tank about a year after the Tour de France, His sales had already mushroomed to over $750,000.00 and still climbing.
His Mascot seemed to work good at the race, so Dave decided to bring it along inside the Shark Tank. Only this time the person inside the Clean bottle Mascot was NBA Star Bill Walton who is also a spokesperson for the product. Mayer was looking for a $60k for only a 5% stake in his Clean Bottle Business.

Having already done $750k in sales has all 5 Sharks circling in on this deal. Even Kevin O'Leary tries to make one of his no equity offers, but wants 50 cents for every Clean Bottle sold for as long as they continue to sell. It all came down to Robert Herjevic's offer of 5% of the Business or Mark Cubans same dollar offer, but wants 8% of the Clean Bottle Business. Giving away almost double the equity, Dave decides to go with Mark Cuban as they make a deal on the Shark Tank Show.

Clean Bottle Update

As you can imagine sales exploded after the Clean Bottle was featured on the Shark Tank Show. With a successful product on the market, Mayer did what any dedicated inventor would do, he went back to the drawing board and made the Clean Bottle even better. Dave's new and improved water bottle is now square with a few other additional benefits.

In these days if you have a great idea and need too raise the capital to make it a reality, and get a social buzz at the same time, you start a Crowd funding Campaign. That's exactly what Dave did when he announced his new water bottle to the thousands of followers on Facebook. In September 2012, Dave Successfully raised over $126,000.00 on a Kickstarter Campaign with an original goal of only $20k.

Clean Bottle seen on Shark Tank
New and Improved
Square Water Bottle by Clean Bottle


  1. Diane Lepacek3:01 PM

    I ordered 4 bottles. The problem is they do not keep cold nor hot. They would be a great bottle if they were insulated. I have other steel bottles that remain cold all day. Bottle is also pricey. How about having it also made IN THE USA.

  2. Anonymous6:42 PM

    You say the cost is an issue for you. However, you also mention it should be made in the USA. If it weren't manufactured abroad, the price would be even higher.

    1. That's only cuz the inventor's greedy and doesn't want to take anything away from his bottom line which is making his pockets fat

    2. And yes it should be made here in America

  3. Where did he complain about cost? He said it does not insulate.

    1. He said bottle is also pricey. Meaning a bit expensive.

  4. I think it's his business and he can manufacture where he likes. I would prefer in the US. But I have no right to dictate.


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