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Cougar Energy on Shark Tank

Energy Drink Seen in Season 3 

Seen on the Shark Tank  These days we seem to have energy drinks being formulated for all kinds of reasons. Some are made to give you a 5 Hour boost of energy, while others are made to keep you alert like the Ruck Pack Energy Drink also seen on the Shark Tank Show. Then we have energy drinks that are very niche oriented like the Cougar Energy Drink that specifically target's older Women AKA Cougars.

Ryan Custer is the owner and creature of the Cougar Energy Drink specifically formulated for women with a big appetite. He came into the Shark Tank looking for a $150,000.00 investment in exchange for 30% of the energy drink business. At that time Custer already sold over $60,000.00 worth of product within the past three years.

While having a niche-oriented business can be a very good thing, in some cases it may be too niche orientated when it comes to getting major exposure. This may be the case with Cougar Energy Drink going after a very specific target market that is also gender specific. All the Sharks seemed to agree and no offers were made for the Cougar Energy Drink. Not even our Cougar Shark Barbara Corcoran could be convinced to invest in this very niche, and very active Lady's product when needing a boost of energy.

Cougar Energy Drink Update

The next best thing to get your product seen on the Shark Tank is getting it accepted at the MTV Movie Awards which Cougar Energy Drink has managed to do both. By the looks of the advertising seen at the beginning of the video, Ryan Custer has spared no expense in that decked out truck.

Getting video of famous female celebrities like Carmit Bachar from the Pussy Cat Doll's drinking the Cougar Energy Drink can only be a good thing. On the other hand, having Tito Jackson drinking an energy drink made for Cougar Women could have the opposite effect.

I can see the uniqueness of this product and why a lot of people will buy the Cougar Energy Drink just to try it. But honestly the very name and packaging alone would keep me from trying it while in public because of the reason stated above.

Now if Ryan expanded his Brand to include the "Sugar Daddy Energy Drink", then yes, I think I would have to try it and see how good it works. Now there's an "idea" that will more than double, if not triple the Cougar Energy Drink Business.

The Novalty Alone Is Worth A Shot!
You can now order the  Cougar Double Energy Drink -2.5oz/12pk now available online.


  1. I used to take Green drink which is best and beneficial for the healthy diet. It is energetic in use. I prefer the efficient one to take.

  2. Women would love that energy drink for sure. Lovely idea.

  3. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Not many women out there (in reality) looking to advertise themselves as "cougars".
    The worst branding and overall concept that I have seen in a LOOOOONG time.
    Lets pick the least likely demographic to even try an energy drink, much less purchase on a regular basis (based on actual research) and focus on them, the 45 & older female instead of the younger male aged 16-34 market that fuels the vast majority of actual growth in the market. We will instead alienate this most profitable group with our femininely branded can & thereby reduce our potential market penetration by over 50%- GENIUS!!! This kid's parents better get used to him "living in their basement" and borrowing money because the Shark Tank pitch I witnessed was worse than pathetic & the product is a sad joke.
    Plenty of morons have enough money to enter the business arena these days, watching them swim upstream can be funny...

    1. Anonymous10:27 PM

      Whoever you are, you're a *itch. He has put all he has into this and as a female and someone with a heart, I think it's a wonderful idea. I just think you're an older bitter woman. I wish them the very best

    2. Nicely put 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. As a soon to be 75 yr young woman I 'LOVE THIS IDEA!' I think it's "cute," and "funny," and I absolutely 'Loved the clothing!' So what's wrong with that!? We all need to have a better "Sense of Humor," especially in our older years. So many 'Health Problems' set in and make us unhappy. I say "BRAVO" to these guys and I wish so much they had gotten an "Investment" from the 'Sharks.' Please keep going! Come on "COUGARS" let's help them make it! I think it'll be so much fun smiling at each other in our new outfits, and hopefully, the "Energy Drink" makes up feel stronger.

  5. Wish you all the Luck , I hope it does well and Anyone Who Works Hard deserves to become successful . Remember Only ones you have To Worry about and There Opions Is those who Stand Behind you and Believe in You And Those Who Love The Product
    You will ALWAYS Come Across a Judgemental Negative individual Who Can't Help but Put There negatively opinions on other business who are out there trying to make something of there life . You should have a feed back on the Product I do agree so you can take those who are buying the product what they may like or may not like about it and you can work towards that to make any changes to make the product better. Best Of Luck. Wonder Why Negative Person is Anonymous ?? Just curious

  6. I don't know about all the other women out there, but as I get older I will need some pep in my step and I would love to try this energy drink.... I also absolutely loved the clothes and even tried to look online for them, with no luck. I prefer being called puma by my husband, over cougar though....unfortunately that branded name is already taken.... love the idea and think it is cute too....

  7. Any other updates? Where is the company now?

    Also, has anyone tried, Phyzix Energy yet? They are tastey and much healthier than some of the main stream ones.


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