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Cooking Cap - Episode 503 - Week 3
Shark Tank Season 5, episode 503
Kookn Kap Girls Coming To
The Shark Tank Show
 With a slogan like "Hair smells like crap? Get a Kap", you can be sure the Sharks will have their hands full with the Kook n Kap Gals. Juli Deveau and Ozma Khan are coming into the Shark Tank with a stylish cooking cap thousands of Shark Tank Fans are going to love. This Chef's Hat not only keeps hair from getting into your food while cooking, it also keeps the smell the food from getting into your hair.

As far as the look and style of the Kookn Kap go, it's a little different from the traditional Cooking Hat, but I like it. I think it looks good on the Ladies, but not so much on the guys in their commercial. Juli and Ozma posted a picture on FaceBook of Kevin O'Leary wearing a Kookn Kap and he doesn't seem to mind, but something tells me the target market definitely favors the ladies.

As far as Kookn Kap getting a deal on the Shark Tank, it's always positive when you see a contestant's twitter account light up with mentions of the upcoming episode, and Juli Deveau and Ozma Khan have been doing just that. By the looks of the previews, there's gonna be a little flirting going on which is always good for the ratings and always makes for great Reality TV. The bigger the impression you leave on the Shark Tank, the more memorable you and your product will be remembered in the public eye.

About the only advice, for the Kookn Kap Girls before episode 503 airs this Friday Night, is I sure hope their website's ready for a massive amount of visitors that's about ready to show up in record numbers. With the Kooking Kap retail price point at only $10. Per Cooking Cap, I can only imagine how many Caps will be sold this weekend alone. Hopefully, they don't make the same mistake Sweet Ballz did in this seasons premiere episode where the website is still down to this today. The power of the Shark Tank Effect is truly amazing what it can do for just about anyone that's lucky enough to make it on The Best "Real" Reality Show Ever.

Kook n Kaps Website


  1. Anonymous12:03 AM

    I wear a hair net when I cook, but my hair looks bad when I take it off. I think your Kookin Cap is very cute....

  2. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Perfect!!! Several months ago, after cooking a meal for my daughter and grandchildren, my daughter later told me that they sometimes find hair in their food when I cook for them, yuck! Being in my early 70's I do lose more hair than I used to. So I've been looking around for something I can wear while cooking and have resorted to hairnets. Unfortunately, they ruin the hairdo. These Kookin' Kaps are the perfect solution. Definitely will buy!!!!

  3. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Saw you on Shark Tank--I think it is a great idea for the smells from food and to keep hair out--I would like to say it would be good for grilling as when I grill out, the smoke always blows my way and end up with smoky smelling hair....I am lady and one does not always want to go wash their hair after cooking, like some of the sharks suggested...like you indicated, you may be going out right after...who has time for washing hair again!! Also, right now when I bake or cook to take it to work or give to someone, I have to pin my hair up best I can and put on a ball cap in hopes of keeping all hair away from food sources. Keep up the good work...hope to buy one day.

  4. Anonymous7:03 PM

    What a great solution to my problem. I do wear a shower cap and clean my blouse up and down for hairs before I cook. I am a maniac about this! But, the shower cap leaves my hair so sweaty! I hope to try your Kap, but I couldn't get into your website. Good luck with a great product.

  5. Just saw you on SHARK TANK, I watch it all the time...I think this was a rerun tho....so are you doing good in your sales ? So how much are you selling them for now ?


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