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The Swilt on Shark Tank Update

Sweater + Quilt = The Swilt
sweater plus a quilt equal a Swilt
Ivori Tennelle Inventor of The Swilt Sweater
 What do you get when you combine a sweater and a quilt? Why you get The Swilt invented by Ivori Tennelle. You wear The Swilt just like a sweatshirt that converts into a head-to-toe blanket in seconds. In addition, Ivori has included foot pockets with water resistant nylon material making this sweater plus a quilt quite an interesting invention.

Ivori Tennelle came into the Shark Tank asking $30,000.00 in exchange for a 35% equity stake in The Swilt Business. At that time she's only sold 100 units in the local marketplace but wants to expand the Business online and needs the Sharks help to optimize the Website.

Personally, I like this idea and can see a big demand from Mom's sitting on the sidelines during a cold sports event. But I also see a bigger market than keeping The Swilt defined in such a narrow niche. For instance, if one was made with a waterproof/ windproof outer lining that was made more like a jacket than a sweater.

 Outdoor enthusiasts would love this idea as an excellent addition to their Survival Pack when weight and bulk is always an issue. If you have ever spent an unexpected night or two in the woods, (I have) then it's easy to see a product such as The Swilt would be a great item to always have just in case.

Mark Cuban wasn't so keen on this particular design and thinks it looks like what a 13th Century monk would wear. Lori Greiner who would have been my pick of Sharks to make a deal, says there's lots of competition for a Swilt type product, in particular, the Snuggie Brand which is already a popular Brand. If Mark thinks the Swilt looks like something from the 13th Century, I wonder what he would say about the Snuggie? Daymond John likes Ivori's ambition and her determination but is not interested in adding The Swilt into his Brand. Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjevic also proceed to go out leaving Ivori Tennelle without a deal.

The Swilt Update

 The good news is The Swilt website is still active and appears you can still place an order. The bad news is it doesn't look like Tennelle has been very active online since her Shark Tank appearance. Neither the Facebook page or Twitter has been updated for over a year and a half which unfortunately is never a good sign. I still like this idea and with a little tweaking on the design, Ivori you still have a Great Opportunity to make your product stand out from the competitions and turn this into a Big Success.

The Swilt Website
The Swilt on FaceBook


  1. The swilt is no longer in business. I placed an order and they have disapeared.

  2. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Sooooooooo wrong on this one!!!! Women would luv this! A licensing deal with the NFL or etc to have these in sports stores with various logos, esp of course, the colder states .... people would luv this idea - they were wrong - too bad she couldnt continue

  3. Anonymous9:14 PM

    I was surprised no one took her up on it to help her get to the right ppl to tweak it. Yes moms & dads watching games, any adult at a football game. Printed w teams, camping would be great. I don't get it why after the show she didn't get lots of orders. The price is good too. I was in no need for one but should have got my sister one.

  4. I'm appalled at how Ivori was literally was ridiculed by the Shark Tank...I think her idea was awesome, but no one seem to have interest in her idea because she did no come forth with two cute kids to help or sell her idea, or sad story that she was about to loose her home, etc., etc. I'm ashamed of Damon and I have lost respect for the Shark Tank altogether, so for that reason as far as the show goes, " I'm OUT!"

  5. I honestly wish I could still buy one:(
    I would love one for a sports game!


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