Kymera Electric Body Boards

Kymera Body Boards on Shark Tank

Electric Powered Body Boards - Episode 501 - Week 7
Electric Powered Boogie Board on Episode 501
Kymera Jet Powered Electric Boogie Boards
on Shark Tank Season 5, Episode 501
 There's definitely been some really cool inventions seen on the Shark Tank Show but this Electric Powered Body Board has to be somewhere near the top of the list. I mean come on, a Body Board you just lay down on and go cruising around a Lake or River with the ease of riding a big wave in the Ocean.

Yes, no doubt about it, I want to try riding one these Kymera Electric BodyBoards and I bet thousands and thousands of other Shark Tank viewers will also want to experience what it's like to ride a Jet Powered Body Board.

Jason Woods the inventor of the Kymera Body Boards, is what you might call a hardcore inventor with the determination of steel when it came to inventing this Boogie Board/ Jet Ski Combination. It took 10 years starting with a simple drawing and the vision what it would be like to ride a Jet Powered Body Board on any surface of water.

After spending over $40,000 of Jason's own money and several failed attempts to develop his version of the Jet Powered BodyBoard, He finally had a working pro-to-type that was even better than Woods first could of imagined reaching speeds up to 25 miles per hour.

Word spread fast about the now Worlds Lightest Weight Personal Water Craft weighing only 35 pounds and soon the Kymera Electric Body Board found itself winning the Popular Science 2011 Invention of the Year Award. In this article Jason goes into detail what motivated him to take this 10 year journey developing this unique lightweight water craft.

After buying a 16' Boat to go out on Lake Berressa in Napa, California, it quickly became a big hassle and a very expensive hobby every time Jason wanted to go out on the water. Woods thought about buying a Jet Ski to go out on the Lake, but again even those were too heavy and bulky for what he had in mind.

Jason simply wanted some sort of powered water craft he could put inside his car that was light weight and easy to store when not in use. Would you believe there was not a single Boat, Jet Ski or Boogie Board being sold (until now) that you could haul in the back of your vehicle and be on the water cruising around up to 25 mph within minutes of arriving? This invention really is just too dam cool and a lot of people are absolutely going to want to buy a Kymera Jet Powered Body Board.

Jason also received a lot more publicity when the Kymera Electric Body Boards was picked up by The Discovery Channel and again on The Daily Planet. He had built the Worlds Lightest Personal Water Craft but lacked the hundreds of thousands of dollars it would take to bring this invention to market.

Woods decided like a lot of creative entrepreneurs are doing these days, was to run a Crowdfunding Campaign at Kickstarter earlier this year on February 25, 2013 and raise $250,000.00 He needed to manufacture and develop his Jet Powered Body Board. The good thing about raising money at Kickstarter is it's the Biggest Crowd Funding Site in the World. The bad part is the campaigns are an "All or Nothing" if you're unable to reach your financial goal for the project. Woods did manage to raise over $116,000.00 but unfortunately fell short of the $250k goal and received no investment capital for his efforts.

Kymera Body Boards before the Shark Tank Update

If there was ever a slam dunk product to become a Major Success Story seen on the Shark Tank Show, the Kymera Body Boards has to be very high on that list. I mean come on, wouldn't every Shark like to ride on a Jet Powered Boogie Board?

Jet Powered Body Board in Season 5
Jet Powered Body Boards Coming To The Shark Tank
As fun as the Kymera would be to ride, this technology really needs to be in every Life Guard Station at every Beach in the World. These Jet Powered Body Boards really do have the potential to make Surf Boards obsolete as the preferred transportation when responding to a drowning victim. This fact alone opens up a multi-million dollar market that I can only imagine (and hope) Life Guards around the world will take notice and request in record numbers.

Now for the part that's going to sting a little bit. As with most new technology coming to market, it usually comes with a sticker shock which keep most people from purchasing until the market matures, and the Kymera Body Boards look to be no exception.

Jason mentioned in the video above he'd like to get the price of the Kymera Electric Body Boards around $1000 each which seems very reasonable in my opinion. But if you want to be first on the Block with the latest, coolest and hippest New Light Weight Jet Powered Body Board to hit the waters in decades, you're going to have to dig a little deeper at this time.

Currently there's 3 Models to choose from on a Pre-Order basis so you know you'll be one of the first to own this lightweight personal water craft. The Kymera Base price starts at $2850.00 with a 50% deposit, and the Performance Package with a lot more power costs $4200.00. Jason also has developed one specifically built for Search and Rescue Type Missions for $5500.00 which really should become mandatory at every Life Guard Hut in the country.

As far as Kymera Body Boards getting a deal on the Shark Tank, it's hard imagining the Sharks not wanting to take a very big bite out of the Jet Powered Buggie Board Business. This is one invention I really hope at least one Shark invests in and brings this super cool new water board to the masses in record time.

More Information on the Kymera Body Boards
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"New Update" on the Kymera Electric Powered Boogie Boards


  1. Thank you very much for all your support! We are all very excited to see what happens Friday! We will be live streaming our watch party here: for anyone who's interested in joining in!

  2. Anonymous2:10 PM

    The sharks are idiots guarantee you they wont have a clue

  3. This is amazing! I'm shocked the sharks didn't bite. However I prey, will all of the publicity you will get from shark tank eventually (hopefully sooner than later) you get this bad boy out to the everyday person. People with children who spend time in the water because its so much fun but not so expensive. If you could get your product down to $500 or less I guarantee it would FLY of the shelves. Look at the power scooters just imagine. PLEASE We beg get the price down. Everyone and anyone who can't afford to own water toys or people without the means to tow or store the tow. We want and need this product!!!!!!!!

  4. This was the COOLEST item we have ever seen on Shark Tank. My family watches every week, and wanted to buy 4 right then and there! The "sharks" are idiots. They could have taken this idea and licensed it to Polaris or SkiDoo or Arctic Cat - and this could have become ready and available for the mass market by now.

    I am waiting for it to become easily available so I can buy 4 of them (one for each family member!)

    I don't think this would replace a Jet Ski for those that have them - but would augment it. Why not have a Jetski and a Kymera. Or for people like us that do not want to tow or store a Jet ski, we can just buy the kymeras.

    Jason - this was an awesome invention and I hope it works out soon. If you start another kickstarter campaign - email me and I will buy in for (4) of them. :)

  5. I was amused by the bimbo shark concerned over liability !! It is more dangerous to ride my bike around the block. Didn't quite understand his explanation of the "rule change" at Kickstart impacted his plans.

  6. I just saw something called a seabob ( on Facebook. I would check it out, they have the same concept that goes underwater. But their ticket price is wayyyy up there. $10k , don't know if you have patent rights. But I would look into it Jason, loved that episode and think the sharks should have bit.


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