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Pet Paint on the Shark Tank Show

Paint Your Dog - Episode 508 - Week 8

Paint your Dog or Cat with Pet Paint
Examples of Painted Dogs Using
"Pet Paint Products"
Happy Halloween Everyone! I figured I would bump up this article up that's about to be seen on the Shark Tank Show.

The Pet Paint is one product I'm wondering why it wasn't on last weeks Shark Tank's Halloween Episode featuring The Haunted Hayride's that secured a record $2 million deal with Mark Cuban.

Everyone else gets dressed up for Halloween, so why not paint your Family Pet and let them join in the festivities? If you're like me who has no artistic painting abilities to be painting anything much less my Dog, then Abe Geary the inventor of Pet Paint can make you a Pro in no time using stencils he's created specifically for painting pets.
Paint on costumes for dogs seen on Shark Tank
If in Doubt. Stencil it Out
when Painting your Dog

 Have you ever bought or made a Halloween Dog Costume before? They may look really cute for the time being, but you better have the camera ready because the odds of the costume staying on your dog are usually not very good. But on the other hand, if you paint your pet with this Dog Safe and Veterinary approved paint spray, it is guaranteed to last for the entire day.

My biggest question about the Pet Paint Sprays would be about when your dog licks its fur which they all do from time to time. Is the paint harmful to animals that may try and lick off the Pet Paint? According to the FAQ on the website, the Petpaint contains no harsh chemicals and was first created with these concerns in mind. When the parties over (or you mess up and want to start over) this product will easily wash right out of your pet's fur using any mild shampoo on the market.

My next question has to do with how big is the Pet Painting Business? Taking into consideration how many millions of people have pet cats and/or dogs, what percentage of them would like having a little family fun decorating their pets for the Holidays? I would imagine if you handed just about any kid a bottle of aerosol paint spray and told them to go paint the dog, very few would object. The problem might be when they discover the other paint spray in the garage and decide to do a little painting on their own.

Pet Paint Shark Tank Update:

Yes, no doubt about it, there will definitely be a big demand for Pet Paint once discovered by millions of viewers watching the next Shark Tank Show episode 508.

According to Pet Paint's Amazon Page, there are 9 colorful colors to choose from along with a half a dozen stencils that will make you a professional dog painter in no time. Geary also has the Paint Pet into Pet Smart Stores across the country which the Sharks are going to really like proving this business has already achieved a certain high level of success.

Order Pet Paint online
Pet Paint Hair Spray
Available Here
If you would like to see some really cool examples and reviews of painted dogs, look no further than the Pet Paint Facebook Page with close to 15,000 followers pre Shark Tank airing with hundreds of examples of folks showing off their walking one-of-a-kind works of art. There are also more pictures of Painted Pets in the Gallery of the Official Website for even more creative ideas.

Good Luck on the Shark Tank Show Abe! This could be a very interesting new product that has the potential to become Very Successful in a short amount of time once people know that can safely paint their pets using a product specifically for this purpose.

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  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    You should make a kit with more colors in smaller cans for $9.99. Like 3 colors for $9.99 and make several different color combo kits. I wouldn't pay $9.99 for one color....

    1. Anonymous6:35 PM

      I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw it...I'm surprised one of the 'Sharks' didn't mention that.

    2. Anonymous8:09 AM

      Or kits for specific costumes/designs with the colors and stencils.

    3. How about team themed kits... it is football season after all. And, in SEC country that means tailgate parties.

    4. Anonymous9:59 PM

      9.99 is a lot for one color..... any design you do you're more than likely going to need two colors. 20.0 is a lot!!

    5. Anonymous8:05 PM

      How about invisible paint? Three colors $9.95?

  2. Also might be profitable to market to the dog racing/horse racing circuit. Thank me later

  3. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I agree on the stencils for sports teams!

  4. Company should approach colleges for their mascots. Lots of them use animals. It would be great exposure and give it to them free in exchange for promotional consideration.

  5. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I agree. $9.99 is too expensive for one color. Make a kit where you get stencils and like 3 or 4 colors for $9.99 then I would be interested. He should have listened to the sharks... it is way too expensive!! Good luck

  6. Horsemom9:28 PM

    Wish I had this when I tried painting my horse for the Fourth of July parade last year using fingerpaints and sponges. She decided it took too long so she stood on my foot and busted my nose.

  7. Anonymous9:48 PM

    You make sport team's stencils , and team colors every dog owner who is a sport's nut (pro &college) will be putting them on pups

  8. Anonymous1:01 AM

    just saw this on the Shark Tank rerun. Owner is too prideful to get help. You making yourself climb uphill too much.

    1. Anonymous6:31 AM

      She didn't want to help him, She wanted to own him.

  9. Anonymous1:43 AM

    I actually have quite a number of thoughts after watching Pet Paint on Shark Tank tonight. First of all, if it's called "Pet Paint", then why does he only talk about dogs? Even on his website, (which I have a lot to say about that site....), he only mentions dogs, & I'm sure just as many people would use it on cats, rabbits, etc. Anyone with a turtle, it seems great for. The racing horse idea is perfect! But, Abe doesn't mention if it's ok to use on any other animals, even though it's called "Pet Paint". Abe seemed to be in way over his head on the show, & that made me feel bad for him; although I couldn't tell if he was nervous, (as he came off as very insecure & very pompous all at the same time), or just unprepared. I don't even have pets, but I was curious about the product, so I checked out his website to see if he now had one, (as per his convo w/ Mark on the show, it sounded like he didn't back when they shot the episode, & Shark Tank usually films a few months in advance, & that episode was a rerun from November). Anyway, for those of you that are interested, check out the blog on the Pet Paint website - it's horrible!!! I have NEVER seen so many grammatical & spelling errors on what's supposed to be a professional website. It looks like he spent some money getting the site together, so why didn't he have that proofread, or at least use spellcheck?? There's also numerous mistakes all over the place if you keep looking at the site; I looked to see where they carried it in my area, as I know a lot of people that would use something like that (I live in LA, where people are OBSESSED with their dogs & $ is no object to most of them), & several of the addresses that popped up confused me, because there were even mistakes in the map! The town of Brentwood Village came up as "Brettwoos Village", which I really don't understand how that happened, as I thought that maps automatically had all of that programmed in there, but perhaps only if your website designer actually knows what they are doing. Anyway, I've spent way too much time even worrying or looking into this, but what became my wanting to reach out & offer a word of encouragement, became my getting frustrated that it seemed like so many things were overlooked & that all Abe cares about is making money off of the product & not caring how his company is represented by having a proper website that people can understand (seriously, check out the blog. It only has like 3 entries, & they don't even make sense because the spelling & grammar is so bad). Shark Tank gets a lot of entries, & it makes me sad when the people they choose haven't spent the time they should have to be prepared, as it takes away from people that would kill for the chance to showcase their talents & products & have their dreams come true!

  10. I agree with things the way they are , I wouldn't spray my pets anyway but the Price is to hight the combo kids is brilliant idea as you'll use more than one color ...

    He should of came back with an offer 50 50 deal so recoup some of his funds and her support .
    I still can't believe he never used the internet as marketing before the Show ? Really ?
    Come on if he did any research internet and photos fly and a Facebook web site with Photos where people could post their designs and fun Posts . That's marketing $$$$$$

    We'll good


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