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Bubba's Q Bar-B-Q on Shark Tank

Deboned Baby Back Ribs - Episode 513 - 12/6/2013
Al "Bubba" Baker Featured on Shark Tank Episode 513
Patented Proccess to De-Bone Bar-B-Q Baby Back Ribs
by Al "Bubba" Baker former NFL Star
 So how do you make a Professional NFL Football Player even more nervous than the biggest game of his life? You throw him into the Shark Tank and hope the Sharks have a sweet tooth for Boneless Baby Back Ribs.

Some of you may already know this MVP Football Player who played for the Cleveland Browns by the name of Al "Bubba" Baker. After a very successful career in the NFL that lead to 3 Pro Bowl appearances, Al "Bubba" Baker opened up a successful Restaurant in Avon, Ohio, where he continues to perfect "His Way" of preparing The Best Boneless Baby Back Ribs.

According to Al's Wiki Page He was also won Defensive Rookie of the Year back in 1978. Hmm, I wonder if He remembers playing the Denver Broncos around that time. If he does, I most likely was there and doing anything but rooting for his team. LOL, no offense but I was a major Broncos Fan and actually worked at the Coliseum during all the Home Games.

I was one of those kids selling racks of usually soda because I could sell them faster than most other products which we were paid a commission on. Always making sure my quota was filled (to get into the next Home Game) before half time was over, my work shirt would mysteriously disappear and I had the rest of the game to be a Fan. It was kind of a creative idea making a little pocket change and making sure I could always go the home games for free.

So what is it that makes Bubba's Q Boneless Baby Back Ribs so unique?

It's all in the bones baby, or a lack thereof which makes Bubba' Q baby Back Ribs so unique.
Al has developed a patented process He uses to Debone Ribs like no one else on the planet. Bubba as this 6'8 Giant was known while playing Professional Football, always had a passion for anything BBQ as long as he can remember. He was also well known by his team mates for running a side BBQ Business during their away games as he slowly perfected His Award Winning Recipes.

The successful story how Al "Bubba" Baker set off on the journey to make Bar-B-Que Ribs Boneless is one I hope gets repeated on the Shark Tank Show because it actually had me cracking up just imagining that magical moment which probably didn't seem very magical at the time. This moment was a turning point in Al's life which has now landed him on the Biggest Business Investment Stage in this World.

Bubba's Q BBQ before Shark Tank Update

It's no secret the #1 complaint eating Bar-B-Q Ribs is how messy they are to eat. But by de-boning the Ribs first, you can eat it just like a Steak with a fork and knife eliminating the #1 complaint. Obviously we can't all go to Avon, Ohio, and try some of these De-boned ribs that have been dubbed "Bad to "D" Bone" in person, but I can only imagine the hundreds, if not thousands of people that will in the near future.

Bubba, his wife Sabrina, and their Daughter Brittani Bo Baker, have a much bigger plan bringing their De-Boned Baby Back Ribs to the World. If you live in Ohio and near a Heinen's Store, you're already in luck as they carry this food product under the Queen Ann food brand named after Bubba's mother Ann.
With an investment from the Sharks, the Baker's want to expand in several large grocery stores's carrying the Queen Ann De-Boned Baby Back Ribs around the country.

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  1. I look forward to buying boneless rib steaks from my grocery store. Has the license been sold to a company yet? I would like to look for their products in the store.

  2. I really want to try this! It sounds really good. Great job!

  3. DEAR BUBBAS, after rereading UPS email I realize what i thought was 80lbs was 8.0 and am so sorry for bothering you , I am looking forward to trying your ribs and am always looking to invest...Saw you on shark Tank and know you will make it huge because we all love good food without the messy cooking... HAPPY HOLIDAYS and thanks for my tracking info..It was fast service for this time of year. :-)

  4. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I wish I could try them ordered but never was able to get them had to cancel my order after 15 days. They were very nice and answered all my questions just were not able to ship ribs or sauce. Will try after the demand cools off a bit.

  5. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I live in the Dominican Republic , Punta Cana and saw you on the show" Shark Tank". the next day I went on line to your web page and tried to call you. The phone just rang and rang. I wanted to order some ribs and splices from you but first I wanted to know if the ribs can be shipped to me? It would take about a week to reach me here. Or should I just order the splices.
    Today Christmas Day I get on your web page to check and call and find out you are sold-out of all splices. I was surprised. I guess your ribs / splices are as good as you said on the show.
    Please let me know if the ribs can be shipped to me and how long I have to wait to order the rib splices from you. thank you---- Your Rib Fan

  6. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I placed an order for 4 ribs and was going to purchase however when the shipping charges of $38 people came up, I almost chocked......Way to much for the shipping fee.........Would have loved to try them.....

  7. Terrible customer service ordered on the 9th of december, no contact until 31st december. I had to reach out to ask regarding status. Then 1 week after that was promised to be shipped first week of jan. Now its the 20th of January guess what no RIBS. Very disappointed.

  8. Just saw you on Shark Tank and I went to place an order for a 6 rib pack and was going to purchase however when the shipping charges of $41 came up, I canceled my order......Way to much for the shipping fee.........Would have loved to try them..... I get fresh Ahi Tuna overnight from Hawaii for way less. Tell me when you get out to the pacific northwest and I'll run out to try them!!!

  9. I was there this weekend and the boneless ribs were delicious! I bought two bottles of sauce too


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