Instant Lifts Tape


Instant Lifts on Shark Tank

Skinnies Instant Thigh and Arm Lift - Season 3 Episode 309 Update

Shark Tank Season 3
 Nick & Penilopee Larosa have a very interesting invention that gets rid of exposed cellulite in minutes. The Instant Lifts is clear tape that sucks up that unwanted skin and tucks it away in a place that you only know. The Larosa's are asking for $100k for 25% equity in the skin pulling business. Apparently there is a big demand for the Instant Lift's because they have already sold $75k worth in just the last 5 months since they began, the business.

 The problem is reveled when the Sharks find out that the Larosa's have another product in the same category that is not part of this deal. Sound familiar?

Vinamor Wine Aerator


Vinamor Wine Aerator on Shark Tank

Vinamor Aerator Season 3 - Episode 309 - Update

Wine Aerator -season 3, episode 309 Gary DeJohn is the inventor of the Vinamor wine aerator system to properly breathe a glass of wine within seconds. By pouring your wine in the Vinamor sitting on top your wine glass it creates the greatest amount of surface area to breathe much faster then traditional aerators. DeJohn came into the Shark Tank with this invention that he was sure he could snag at least one shark on, specifically Kevin O'Leary, who is a connoisseur of wines and even owns his own Winery in Canada.

Seen on the Shark Tank season 3
The Perfect way to pour a glass
of wine every time
 Gary started with his presentation asking $75k for the wine aerator business in exchange for 30% of the equity. To demonstrate how fast his aerator works he gets O'Leary to come up and taste test the same wine but one poured Thur a Viamor. Kevin confirms it does indeed work and decides to keep his sample of wine as he walks back to the Shark Tank. Another neat built-in feature that would appeal to any Bar, Night Club or Winery that sells wine, is the ability to pour exact portions every time, thus making the Vinamor pay for itself in a short amount of time.

Miso Media App


Miso Media on Shark Tank Show

Instrument Learning Apps - Season 3 Episode 309 - Update
Inventor of the Miso Media App for music
Aviv Grill on the Shark Tank Show
Miso Media Music on Shark Tank
The New iPic For
Misco Media Music
 So you want to learn how to play a new instrument? Yep, there really is an App for that! Not just any App. but one that will have you playing like a Pro in no time. The Miso Media App is like playing Guitar Hero anywhere at any time you want, with a lot more song choices to choose from. This is really one cool way to learn how to play a variety of instruments using your iPhone, iPod or iPad. What kinds of instruments can you play with a Miso Media App? What started out as an App to learn how to play the guitar has expanded now into several other instruments, song's and sheet music when playing a real musical instrument.

Miso Media before the Shark Tank Show

Aviv Grill is the Inventor of Miso Music and is not stranger to success. His invention Won the Audience Choice Award at Tech Crunch Disrupt in September 2010. Later that same year Grill received $600k in seed money led by Google Ventures

Tower Paddle Boards


Tower Paddle Boards on Shark Tank

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Season 3 Episode 309 - Update

Shark Tank Season 3, episode 9
Stephan Aarstol on the
Shark Tank Show
  Stephan Aarstol from San Diego, CA. and the SUP are making waves again in the Shark Tank. The Stand Up Paddle Board is kind of like surfing but a whole lot easier. In fact, Aarstol claimed on the Shark Tank Show that you can master a Tower Paddle Board in about 20 minutes and be out hitting the waves in no time. The new Tower Paddle Boards are sold exclusively online which helps keeps the overhead low and the retail price's very competitive for a quality stand up paddle board.

Stephan came into the Shark Tank looking for $150k investment in exchange for 10% equity which puts the initial valuation at $1.5 million for the Tower Paddle Board Company. He stumbles a bit in the beginning of his presentation but soon gets back on track
after Kevin O'Leary reminds him not to worry "It's only the biggest moment in your life". Stephan quickly regains his composure and gets Robert Herjevic talking about the Paddle Boards which he is already familiar with the sport.

Show No Towels


Show No Towels on the Shark Tank Show

Changing Towels Season 3 - Episode 13 - Update

Season 3 episode 13
Shelley Ehler and Her Two Son's
Clark and Max on the Shark Tank Show
Shelley Ehler, the inventor of the Show No Towels has been on a path with success since the first day as one coincidence has led to another and eventually leading Ehler on the Shark Tank Show. It all started one day at the swimming pool trying to help both her boys, Max and Clark, change at the same time.

 Shelley's mother instinct's took over, and soon came up with a unique towel that solved all of her concerns. It was such a unique design that Shelley could get a patent on the invention, but finances were slim at the time. Paying for the patent on the Show No Towel was not an option, until another coincidence miraculously gave Shelley what she needed.

Boot Illusions Update


Boot Illusions on the Shark Tank Show

Boot Illusion - Season 3 Episode 313 
Seen on the Shark Tank Show
Queenie Davis on the Shark Tank Show
 Boot Illusions transforms from a shoe to a boot, and back to a shoe again. No it's not an illusion, it's a Boot Illusion. Andrew Goodrum and Queenie Davis walked into the Shark Tank seeking a $100,000.00 investment for 30% of the boot business. They do not actually make the product themselves, instead Queenie had a dream to go to Turkey to seek a manufacture. So what does every good Entrepreneur do when they have a dream, they follow it, and off to Turkey she went. Fortunately that dream paid off and she found the person she was looking for to make the Boot Illusions a reality.

At the time of the Shark Tank taping Goodrum and Davis had  invested approx. $40k of their own money with a 50/50 partnership in the venture. The average boot illusion cost's $25 to make and retails for $79 per pair. Daymond John  being the obvious Shark to invest in this invention

Cuddle Tunes Bear


Cuddle Tunes Teddy Bear on the Shark Tank Show

Personalised Story Telling Teddy Bear - Season 4 - Episode 413

Story Telling Bear - Season 4 - Episode 413, 13
  Whats better then having your parent's read your favorite bed time story? Getting to re-live the moment over and over when ever you want. The Cuddle Tunes Bear inventor Michael Robinson is coming to the Shark Tank Show with a product any kid would love to have. Not because he's a cuddly bear, there's Lot's of those, but because of his ability to read stories in a very familiar voice, yours.

The Cuddle Tune's Bear comes with a built in MP3 Player and prerecorded songs using your child's name.

Sound Bender


Sound Bender on Shark Tank Show

I-Pad Audio Enhancer - Season 4 - Episode 414
Sound Bender on the shark Tank Show
Mosche Weiss Inventor of the
Sound Bender for iPads

  What's more impressive than having a successful Kickstarter campaign to impress the Shark Tank Investors? How about complete two within 6 months and raise at least double your goal in each successful campaign. That's exactly what Moshe Weiss, a rabbi from St Paul, MN.and the Inventor of the SoundBender for iPads did. The Sound Bender is powerless iPad accessory that amplifies the sound by several times. You simply connect the power bender to any iPad device with built-in magnet's and it bends the sound from the back and directly amplifies to the front for a dramatic increase in sound. Now why didn't Steve Job's think of that?

Sounderbender now available for sale online
Ipad Sound Bender in Action

 Moshe Weiss has been on a crash course in the past year to bring the Sound Bender to market. Along this bumpy and accelerated path, Weiss has learned some very valuable business lessons that has finally led him to the biggest Angel Investing Panel in the entire country, The Shark Tank Show. Having two successful Kickstarter campaign's may of what got him here but the story actually begins in late 2011 when his first attempt at a campaign did not meet its goal to fund Sound Bender.

 There's no reference that I can find on the exact numbers of his first Kick Starter campaign but I did find the video used to promote his new invention. Mosche quickly learned what he needed to do for a successful campaign and re-launched on January 10, 2012. On February 28th, Weiss successfully completed his campaign with 360 backers' that pledged over $10,000.00 and help bring the Sound Bender to market. Trying to bring any brand new product to market will always involve a learning curve with unexpected obstacles that you really cannot plan for. It is how you choose to handle those problems that will determine how successful you will ultimately become. This was no exception for Moshe. The Sound Bender was built to attach to your iPad using two magnet's that are embedded within the gadget. The only problem was some folks that received the first Sound Bender's reported that the magnets were facing the wrong way and would repel the Sound Bender away from the iPad. Oops. That problem was quickly resolved and Mosche made good on his word to replace the malfunctioning Sound Benders

Keeping Up with Apple

seen on the Shark Tank Show

When Apple started releasing the iPad 2 & 3, Weiss needed to come up with a new design to accommodate it's sleeker style. He decided to use the Kickstarter route once again to get the much needed funds to have the new Sound Bender produced. Kickstarter campaign #3 started on June 19, 2012 and successfully completed August 18th with 544 backers and over $8,600.00 in start-up capital. The new Sound Bender's also fixed the magnet problem by enabling you to easily take out and replace the magnets. Weiss also came up with a brand new video that was shot more like a commercial but seemed to have a more lasting impression, at least to me anyway. Unfortunately this campaign also came with its growing pains as Moshe started getting orders from around the world. With each having its own custom mailing laws, Weiss was buried in paperwork getting some orders processed and sent out. This business problem lead to another valuable lesson needing to be dealt with for Weiss honoring his part of the crowdfunding deal. Now all of these valuable lessons in such a short amount of time have the potential to pay off in a BIG way this Friday Night on the Shark Tank Show.

Sound Bender before the Shark Tank Update

 Moshe Weiss has already managed to get the Sound Bender in 350 Walgreen Stores around the country with more soon to be added. This type of distribution is usually music to the Sharks ears. Weiss recently was quoted saying he has so far sold in excess of 10,000 units at that time.

What has me baffled on this particular product is the lack of online presence Weiss has chosen not to pursue when millions of people will see the Sound Bender for the first time. The website is as simple of a 3 page site as you can get with no way of ordering the Sound Bender directly. It does have a phone number 952-951-8434 which maybe a way of buying the Sound Bender directly but that doesn't make much sense (or dollars)  in this day and age. Especially if 10,000 people all try to call at the same time. Instead the site refers you to either Amazon or EBay to buy it online.
They also include the following:
"Please contact us with your specific requests, including interest in becoming an Authorized Reseller."

Unfortunately for Weiss, the Shark Tank Show is on Friday Night, the day he observes the Sabbath and will be unable to watch the Show when he will be seen by millions of people. No doubt he will watch it Saturday Morning for sure.

SoundBender Now Available at Amazon

Sound Bender after the Shark Tank Show

Moshe Weiss came into the Shark Tank requesting a $54k investment for 26% of the Soundbender business. I'm not exactly sure where these numbers came from but it had a few Sharks scrambling to figure out the valuation.  If you don't want to be eaten by a Shark the best thing to do is make Friends very, very fast. That's exactly what Moshe did with his very likable personality. He had them all laughing and having a good time, and at the same time, slowly reeling in a giant Shark on what appears to be a rather simple invention. In fact, he even makes a joke on how simple it is. But this simple invention has HUGE margins and that's music to the Sharks ears. Weiss defends his high margins by saying" Hey a rabbi's got to eat too, right?". He says it cost about a dollar to make the Sound Bender (without the packaging) and retails for $12.99 each. Yes, that's indeed very large margins and well above the average of 4 times the cost the Sharks are used to seeing.

So far Weiss has sold 7000 Sound Bender's in just the past 6 months mostly to the online distributors mentioned above. With such high margins, why not also sell them directly to the consumer? This is a great way to sell in large quantities and maximize your profits while sharing the wealth with online marketer's. He also happens to mention that Walgreen's has a very strong interest in caring this product on a national level.

Barbara Corcoran asks Weiss a question all Angel Investors want to know and he comes up with the Very Best Answer anyone could ever come up with. Barbara wants to know how she would get her money back from this invention. Moshe responds "I will write you a check". Yep, good answer!

 Daymond John is the first to make an offer of 40% of the business for the $54k Moshe is seeking if indeed a Walgreen's deal can be completed. Robert Herjevic makes the same offer but will take Moshe's word the Walgreen's deal is real.  He is given 10 seconds to make up his mind.

Daymond John makes a Deal with Moshe Weiss and the Sound Bender Business!

You got a heck of a deal Daymond. I can't believe Mosche didn't try to counter your offer which you KNOW you would of accepted: )


Bibbitec Bib's


Bibbitec Bib's on Shark Tank

Ultimate Bib - Season 4 - Episode 413

Shark Tank season 4, episode 13  It appears that the baby business is booming in the Shark Tank as we have two new invention's made by a Mom, for Mom's. Susie Taylor is the mother of two boys who invented the ultimate bib that will last for year's as your child grows. The Bibbitec bib is a multi-purpose, non-toxic, Made In America product for all kid's 0 to 7 years old.

 The Bibbitec Bib is a bib, breastfeeding privacy, a burp cloth, changing pad, stroller blanket, an art smock and even a full body apron. The patented bib is made out of recycled poly-nylon with two unique sides. One is a thin fleece, and the other is a thin shell that repels just about anything your kids can spill. It's not a bib specifically made just for your toddler, but one with you also in mind.

Xero Shoes Update


Xero Shoes on the Shark Tank

Xero Barefoot  Running Shoes Season 4 - Episode 413 - 2-1-2013
ReRun May 31, 2013

Invisible running shoes/sandals on the Shark Tank Show
Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix
Barefoot Xero Shoe Entrepreneur's
 So how do you get more of a workout while out running? You wear a pair of invisible Xero shoe's without all that cushion making it easier on you. Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix from Boulder, Colorado are about to make this unique line of shoes very popular. The Invisible Barefoot Shoes, also now known as Xero Shoe's, is coming to the Shark Tank Show. These rather unique invisible running shoes are also known as Huarache's. Actually it's not a shoe at all, but a sandal would better describe the Huarache.

What makes the invisible Xero Shoe's Unique as a running shoe is the added benefit's while running practically barefoot. There has

Alpha M


Alpha M on Shark Tank - Update

Manscaping DVDs - Season 4 - Episode 402
Shark Tank - Season 4 - Episode 402
Alpha M on the Shark Tank Show
 Aaron Marino of the Alpha M is a series of videos that will get you dressing your best and with the increased confidence, will score you more dates. No Really. What started out as helping his friend get dressed up for a date has turned into a full fledged business helping other guy's get up to speed on their appearance. Alpha M Consults Men on their style and overall image that women will swarm all over, if you simply follow his formula for Dressing For Success. By using what seems like a complicated formula to get dressed up for a date, the $297 DVDs will make it a breeze to know exactly what to wear and give you the confidence to pull off your new wardrobe.

Marino was asking the Shark Tank for $50k investment for a 10% stake in the manscaping business.

Shark Tank Episode 413


Shark Tank Show Episode 413

Season 4 - Episode 13 - February 1, 2013

Season 4, episode 413, 13
Bibbitec Bib's coming to the
Shark Tank Show
 With the last rerun this Friday Night, the Shark Tank will again be running  brand new episodes starting next Friday. Kicking off this new episode we have 4 very impressive brand new products. First off we have the Sound Bender that's going to blow the Shark's right out of the Tank. Then we have a couple promoting invisible running shoe's? We'll not quite but the Xero Shoes is about as close as you can get. Next we can't forget about the Xero Shoes that is sure to be a hit with a lot of Mommy's out there. And finally we can't forget about the snugly Cuddle Tunes Teddy Bear looking for a new Friend.

The Sound Bender was invented by Moshe Weiss, a rabbi from St Paul, MN. This is an ingenious way to drastically increase the sound on Apple iPad's. No batteries or wire's required.

Element Bars


Element Bars on Shark Tank - Update

Custom Energy Bars - Season 1 - Episode 6

Custom Energy Bars on Shark Tank
Jonathon Miller on Shark Tank Show
  The Element Bars are custom-made energy bar's you design yourself online and have them sent your door. If you're not into experimenting, the element bars also offer several pre-made energy bars already proven to be very successful in the market.

 If I could choose one former Shark Tank contestant to take with me and help with negotiations, Jonathon Miller would be high up on that list. In fact, during the show, Barbara Corcoran calls Jonathon a mini Shark for his negotiation skills. He was asking $150k for 15% stake in his custom-made energy bar business valuating it at a whopping $2.25 million. The business was averaging 1000 custom energy bars per week at that time. The custom-bars retail for $2.99 so approximately $12k/Month in sales. Obviously this valuation could be considered way out of line on the surface BUT

Power Decal's


Power Decal on Shark Tank Show

Wireless Light Up Power Decals - Season 1 - Episode 15 - Update

Make a deal with Daymond John on Shark Tank Show The Power Decal is one of those inventions that you just know will succeed if marketed and licensed properly. A peel off sticker that lights up from a solar power source, ya that's a cool invention alright. George Podd and Rolf Schwartz went into the Shark Tank very confident with their product they called Light Film that has since been renamed and re-branded as Power Decal. The Power Decal has a motion sensor built into the light up decal which brightly displays the sticker.

George Podd and Rolf Schwartz was asking $100k for a 5% stake in their patented Power Decals which put the valuation at $2 million. They demonstrated a generation 1 Power Decal that was hooked up to a wired power source (a battery) to light up the peel and stick sticker. They quickly pointed out that the generation 2 Power Decals would be wireless and solar powered which got a lot more interest from the Sharks. Podd, the inventor of the Power Decal, had zero in sales and has already sank $750k into this invention. They can make the generation 2 Power Decals for $5 or less and retail's for $19.99 which is a decent profit margin in any ones book.  Everything is ready to go and all they need is the licensing deals to make the Power Decal a huge success.

Hero or Zero App


Lori Greiner's "Hero or Zero" App

Hero or Zero App
Put Your Idea To The Test
Is It A HERO or a zero?
  So you think you have an idea that the QVC Queen Lori Greiner might like to add to her ever growing collection of unique products? Something you just know Lori would consider a Hero and not a Zero. Yes, Lori Greiner has indeed become famous for that line (I wonder if she has trade marked it yet?) for some of the products she's used that line on the Shark Tank Show. If some of the contestants had an insight to whether Greiner would consider their product a Hero or a Zero beforehand, they very well may of changed their sales pitch, especially if they were targeting her as the Shark Investor of choice.

How To Get Product Noticed By Lori Greiner

 Lori has become so popular on QVC and now the Shark Tank Show that she is in great demand for people constantly pitching new ideas to her. To have your invention featured by Greiner is a huge boost to your credibility and to any products resume. If you try to reach out to her on Twitter or FaceBook, good luck, this is NOT the way to get noticed by Lori Greiner.

Daisy Cakes


Daisy Cakes on Shark Tank Show

I Love Daisy Cakes - Season 3 - Episode 311
Kim Nelson on the Shark Tank Show
Kim Nelson on Shark Tank Update
 Kim Nelson came into the Shark Tank asking for $50k for 25% equity in her cake business valuing the company at $200,000.00. Kim wasted no time in getting her greatest asset (a sample of her Daisy Cakes) into the mouth's of the Sharks. Every single male Shark had the same impression, all followed by, WOW. All the Daisy Cakes use only the best ingredient's from an old secret family recipe that has been passed down from Her Great Aunt, named Daisy. What makes the Daisy Cakes so unique is Nelson's ability to ship the Daisy Cakes in the mail nationwide. In a specially made tin, Kim packs the cakes in dry ice and ships them right to your door.

How much does a Daisy Cake Cost?

Nelson says a Daisy Cake's cost $44.50 from her website that draws a quick "that's pretty pricey" from Barbara Corcoran. She then asks what it cost to produce a Daisy Cake. Kim responds with $18.50 which Corcoran gives her nod of approval on the profit margin. What makes Kim such a good cake maker is, in her words, "It's my God Given Talent". Good Answer!



KissTixx on Shark Tank

Lip Balm made for kissing - Season 3 - Episode 311 - Update

Deal with Mark Cuban Season 3, episode 311
KissTixx makes it's National Debut on
The Shark Tank Show
 Dallas Robinson and Mike Bounomo, the inventors of Kiss Tixx, the kissing lip balm with a chemical and very tasty reaction, has made huge progress since being featured on the Shark Tank Show. What started out as an idea in high school and developed while in college at Utah Valley University, went on to get a $50k SBA Loan to develop the KissTixx Invention. Soon after they had the KissTixx product in front of 5 million viewer's and 5 potential investors with a net worth in the billions.

Order KixxTixx Online
Order KissTixx
Variety Pack Online
If you want to be Successful on the Shark Tank Show, whether you make a deal with the Sharks or not, it's best to leave a lasting impression. That's exactly what Robinson and Bounomo did during their unforgettable appearance. To demonstrate how the KissTixx works and needing two willing kissing partner's to kiss making the chemical reaction take place, they somehow got Kevin O'Leary and Barbara Corcoran to kiss. Yes, that's a lasting impression that I won't soon forget. I also won't forget how Kevin put his arm around Barbara, If I didn't know any better; it looks like he kind of liked it. Barbara, not so much.



TEC - ScotteVest on Shark Tank

Technology Enabled Clothing - Season 3 - Episode 311 - Update

ScotteVest and TEC pitched on Shark Tank Show
Scott Jordan on the Shark Tank Show
 Scott Jordan is the inventor of TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing) and the Scott E Vest Clothing line and boy does he have a story to tell. This is perhaps one of the more interesting stories of all Shark Tank contestant's that continues even to this day. Whether you like Scott Jordan and his inventions or not, it seems everyone has an opinion on what happened inside the Shark Tank and why Scott was even there.

 Did The Shark Tank Meet Their Match or Did Scott Jordan Go Too Far?

To answer that question you really need to go back to when Jordan was in college, studying to become a Lawyer. Ah yes, that answer's a lot of questions right there.

Heat Helper


The Heat Helper on Shark Tank

Dryer Heater - Season 3 - Episode 11 - Update

Heat Helper on Shark Tank Season 3, episode, 311
Lyle Schuette Inventor of
The Heat Helper 
 Now the Dryer Heater invention, you have to admit, is one cool invention that could help keep you warm. As Lyle Schuette demonstrated on the Shark Tank Show, when you use your dryer you are essentially pulling in heated air that you have already paid for and sending it right outside your dryer hose. This sound's like a big problem and it may be costing you more money then you might think.

 Lyle Schuette came into the Shark Tank about as pumped up as any contestant I have ever seen. His enthusiasm quickly won over the Sharks but was it enough for them to open up their check books? Demonstrating how the Heat Helper takes the warm air generated by your dryer and returns it back into your home instead of losing it through the vent, made perfect sense to me. Not only are you saving money on your heating bill by replacing the air that gets sucked up in the dryer, your dryer actually becomes a source of heat thereby reducing when your heater will kick on.  The Heat Helper also has a handy valve to release the heat during the summer months and capture it during the winter.

Smart Baker


The Smart Baker on Shark Tank

Smart Baking Products - Season 3 - Episode 311- Update

Seen on Shark Tank, Season 3, episode 311
 To be a good baker, a very good baker, you must always be thinking, whats next. Only Smart Bakers are always two steps ahead, especially when it comes to the correct measurements. What started out as a gift from Daniel Rensing, a graphics designer by trade, to his wife Stephanie, to help them become smarter baker's, ended up becoming a full fledged business. It turns out that taking an apron and sewing on a measurement conversion to scale up or down your recipe, and sewing it upside down, was a very smart move indeed.

Cheat Sheet Apron on Shark Tank
 Starting from this personal hand made gift, the Cheat Sheet Apron was born. With such a helpful product that could make bakers that much smarter all around the world, it didn't take long for the Smart Baker to be featured in the Food Network Magazine

Qubits 2.0 Update


Qubits on Shark Tank Show

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Update

Mark Berginger on Shark Tank Season One
Mark Burginger with the New
Qubits 2.0 Geometric Design Toy
 The Qubit's Toy Company is like the Lego's of the 21st century. Sure I played with Lego's when I was a kid, who hasn't? You could build anything you could imagine just so long as it could be made using one of those familiar pieces. I even remember ordering a Lego-Like product from an infomercial for my kid's several years ago. The pieces are made with several more options of building blocks to choose from but also include very small pieces and not age appropriate for small children.

I did however, try building a few projects with my kid's new toy :). I liked the idea of having new pieces to stretch my imagination, but because of the geometric designs and the long pencil-like connectors, it reminded me of building a house of card's ready to collapse at any time.

Qubits building blocks
 Mark Burginger, the inventor of Qubit's Toy's had a totally new concept to compete with the Lego's of the world. He combined the best of both worlds and came up with the ultimate building structure made out of light weight plastic and designed them using nature's natural building blocks known as Qubit's. Using nature's natural building structures as the design for his invention, Burginger was able to make some really incredible, we'll, pieces of art. These unique creation's are built by nothing more then snap-on piece's of plastic and capable of building thing's you could never imagine with Lego's. Mark's creations was enough to get the producer's attention on the Shark Tank Show. They liked the idea so much, they squeezed in Qubit's during the very first season and the last episode of season 1.

Mark Burginger on the Shark Tank Show

 Mark Burginger went into the Shark Tank in what some would call the loneliest time for any inventor. You are completely convinced that you have a great product and million's of people are going to love that you are willing to invest to your limit to make your dream a reality. When Mark sent in his audition tape to the Shark Tank Show back in June of 2009, he had plenty of inventory and just needed that little boost in advertising to make Qubits a major success story.

Daymond John, knowing a good deal when he sees one, makes Burginger an offer, but only if he can make a deal with one of the larger toy companies. Unfortunately, Daymond was not successful in the negotiations, and a deal with Qubit's was unable to materialize. Daymond John, has however, still been working with Mark, and a major deal in the future is not out of the question.

Qubit's Update #2

New Qubits Update
Create just about anything imaginable
with the Qubits 2.0 
After the successful airing on the Shark Tank ShowQuibit's quickly sold out of all the inventory they had on hand. The Shark Tank Effect took hold, and the Qubit's Toy's continue to grow in popularity as more people discover what's possible to build using these unique forms of geometric structures. What started out as an idea when Mark was only 17 years old, is now on its way to becoming the Lego's of the 21st century. Your imagination is the only thing that limits you from building anything you can imagine. To ensure you have all the right tools (strong geometric structure's) Burginger went back to the drawing board and designed even more Qubit's to compliment his original idea. What was not thought possible to build with the original Qubit's, is now very possible to build with the Qubit's 2.

As with all successful entrepreneur's, Mark Burginger has come up with a very creative way not only to promote the New Qubit's 2, but raise the much-needed capital in bringing this product to market. Mark has a guest post at the Shark Tank Blog where he announced a new Indigogo campaign to kickstart his new invention. You can now pre-order the limited edition Qubit's 2 and guarantee you will be one of the very first to start creating thing's once thought impossible.

After watching some of the Qubit's Video's on and seeing some of the things that Mark has created, it got my mind thinking of other thing's you could build using these exact geometric structures, but on a much larger scale. Useful structure's you could build within a kit. They are extremely light weight and because of the Qubit's designs, it can hold several times its weight. Maybe a picnic table made out of Giant Qubit's for instance? A super light-weight material snapped together and taken apart in just a few minutes. Or maybe a bookcase you can create exactly as you see fit. How about a playhouse completely made out of large Qubit's that can easily be rearranged and keep your kid's busy for hours. Grant it, it may take another very large investment to marry the two markets, but having a Branding Expert on your side like Daymond John, all things are possible. Just thinking out loud here, but it sure seems like it might be a good idea to me..

Until then you can Help Mark Bring Qubit's 2 to the Market by going to his Indigogo page and pre-order your Limited Edition Qubit's 2 Collection.

Visit Qubit's Website
Find Qubit's on FaceBook
Follow Mark Burginger on Twitter
(Mark has one of the largest followings of all Shark Tank Contestants)

Litter Jewelry


Litter Jewelry on Shark Tank

Custom Jewelry - Season 3 - Episode 3 Update

Mackenzie Burdick and Rachael Mann
Lady Gaga Wearing The Litter Jewelry Brand.
Now That Will Get Some Attention, Every time!
 What makes Litter Jewelry such a unique business being featured on the Shark Tank Show is the fact that each and every piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind. The two sister's, Mackenzie Burdick and Rachael Mann, were the sole designer's for the entire collection of the Litter Jewelry Line.
They have quite a successful story to tell that all started from a picture posted on a blog having one of their hair pieces made from an old necklace. The two sister's received an invitation to participate in a Jewelry Show featuring their unique designs. The Show was such a huge success they decided to start their own line "Litter Jewelry" and start getting serious about combining their passion with a business.

The two sister's came up with a brand new style of jewelry fashion consisting of headbands, leg jewelry and even jewelry worn around your ankle. From a guy's perspective; I must say, it really makes your eyes focus on

Coffee Joulies


Coffee Joulies on Shark Tank Show

Coffee Warming Beans - Season 4 - Episode 414

Two Daves on Shark Tank Show
Dave Petrillo and Dave Jackson
Inventors of the Coffee Joulies
 Coffee Joulies are jewels you add to your coffee. This is an invention, that I must say, I really like. If you have ever tried to drink coffee when it was either too hot to drink or already cold enough you are constantly needing a refill, you may also be interested in the Coffee Joulies. Getting your coffee to the exact temperature that you prefer has always been a constant problem, until now.

 The Coffee Joulies are actually replicated to look like a coffee bean that is made out of stainless steel. By adding a few coffee joulies into your hot beverage, it starts a chain reaction that is determined by how hot the temperature is. When you first pour a cup of coffee that is above 140 degrees and hot enough to burn your mouth, the Coffee Joulies (magic coffee beans) go to work and bring down the temperature to the optimal level. These beans then store the extra heat generated and will begin releasing the heat back into the coffee's temperature giving you a perfect cup of coffee over an extended period of time.

Seen on Shark Tank Show
The Perfect Coffee Bean!
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What is so magical about these metal beans is whats inside the stainless steel shell.

Teddy Needs a Bath


Teddy Needs a Bath on Shark Tank Show

Teddy Bear Cleaning Bag - Season 4 - Episode 414

Stuffed animal cleaning on Shark Tank
Nicole Townend Demonstrates Her Invention
"Teddy Needs A Bath"
 So what do you do with your kid's poor worn out and dirty TeddyBear? You give him a bath of course. Not just any bath but a bath made especially for Teddy Bears. Inventor Nicole Townend from Huntington Beach, California, is making her way into the Shark Tank to help save teddy bears around the world. Nicole made it her mission to save Teddy and all his stuffed animal friends when she needed to clean her daughter's stuffed animals. As hard as she looked there was nothing on the market that was specifically for cleaning stuffed animals. The entrepreneurial bug took over and she soon found herself making various ways to clean teddy bears and stuffed animals. The process took a full year before Townend was satisfied with her new invention and wanted a name that got right to the point. It all started when she said "Teddy Needs A Bath". Yep, there's no doubt what this product is used for.
Stuffed Animal washing on the Today Show
"Teddy Needs A Bath"
 Gets Major News Coverage On The Today Show

The Teddy Needs A bath product is 20"x30"100% Eco-Friendly
Cotton bag with a large plastic zipper to accommodate Teddy and all his Friends. The cotton bag keeps Teddy nice and safe inside while he takes a bath inside the washing machine. Once he gets a good scrubbing you simply throw him in the dryer and take him for a couple of spins around and around. Take him out, unzip the bag and Teddy will look (and smell) as good as new.

Urbio Wall Garden


Urbio on Shark Tank Show

Vertical Wall Garden - Season 4 - Episode - 414

Urban Wall Garden Inventoers
Jared Aller and Beau Oyler
Inventors of the Urbio Wall Garden

The Urbio is a "Urban Vertical Garden" invented by Jared Aller, and Beau Oyler to solve a problem while living in an urban apartment. Having virtually no space to grow any type of garden in his close quarters, Aller decided to think outside the box and use the available space not normally considered a good growing area, his walls. A vertical indoor garden that you could easily take down your pot's at any time to water and take care of your plants. If it's going to be hanging on your wall, you of course want it to look stylish and compliment your decor. Maybe even add a few more pot's with memento's to make it the center piece of the entire room. The team solved all these problems with a simple solution found in another Successful Shark Tank Product, the ReadeRest.

SubZero Ice Cream


Sub Zero Ice Cream on Shark Tank Show

Instant Ice Cream - Season 4 - Episode 414

Sub Zero on Shark Tank 1-11-2013
Making Ice Cream In the 21st Century

 Subzero Ice Cream has a new twist on an old fashion (and delicious) idea. Forget 31 flavors to choose from, the inventors of Sub Zero Ice Cream, Jerry and Naomi Hancock, have over a trillion combinations. A trillion combinations of ice cream? It's a pretty big statement that the Sub Zero Ice Cream inventors can actually back up. With their patented process, they can make your "new" favorite flavor as creamy as creamy can get, in about 15 seconds. What makes this new ice cream so unique from really everything else on the market, is the fact it's made right in front of  you while you watch this new scientific process of making your favorite desert.

Sub Zero on Shark TankYou first start by choosing one of six Ice Cream Bases.