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Webcam Blocker - Episode 515 - 1-10-2013
Eyebloc web cam blocker seen 1/10/2014
Eyebloc Web Cam Blocker's
Is your webcam secure
from prying eyes?
 My how things sometimes have a way coming full circle and almost appearing as if by coincidence. Personally I always have a piece of electrical tape over this computers built-in web cam ever since I can remember. I don't know about you, but having a little web cam starring back at me when I'm not using it, is something I have never been fond of.

It's amazing how many people have commented on that piece of tape as if completely oblivious what they are potentially exposing themselves too for not blocking their webcam's from prying eyes. The EyeBloc coming in the first episode of 2014 has a Much Better Solution than a piece of tape for blocking webcams, and something I really wish I had just last week on Christmas Eve.
It's been way over a year since the last time I used this web cam, but did try to use it last week to talk to my son and his new girlfriend he met at College studying in Japan. I took off the black tape and cleaned the web cam's lens prior to a brief scheduled time we could all get together. We could see and hear them just fine, but son of a gun they could not see us at all and said it just looked like a big blur. Whoops, apparently using black tape for a webcam blocker might not be the best of choice after all.

Using one of these Eyebloc Web Cam Blockers does not use any adhesive, but made of soft plastic that completely and safely covers up you're webcam when not in use. Is your web cam starring back at you at this very moment you're reading this? You might want to do a quick search about "webcam hackers" and "web cam spying" to see this is a very real and growing threat. Dig a little deeper and its becoming apparent they are not the only ones to worry about. Just the idea of anyone remotely activating my web cam without my knowledge is good enough for me to never give anyone that opportunity.

EyeBloc coming to the Shark Tank

webcam blocker, episode 515, 1/10/2013
Perfect web cam blocker for
computers, laptops and tablets
What's going to make Eyeblock a Huge Success on the Shark Tank Show is #1 bringing awareness to a growing problem most people neglect or never really thought about. The #2 reason Eyebloc has come up with a perfect solution that works on Laptop Computers, Ipads, Kindles and Tablet Webcam's, and at a price point anyone can afford.

No doubt at least a few of the Sharks will be circling in on this deal. With a price-point of only $6.95, this is the perfect impulsive buy that solves a very real problem.

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  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    I imagine that laptops and cameras may be offered with built-in slides to cover the lenses. Otherwise, it's easy to hang something over the lens. There was an episode of "Two and a Half Men" which showed the consequences of one camera not be deactivated after a videocall.

  2. This idea is stupidly simple, but I agree, laptop makers should make a slid for their laptop cameras as an option. At the same time, something to muffle out the microphone, because we all know that's being listened on.

  3. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Put tape on it thats all ya need

  4. Anonymous11:24 PM

    I just tape a small piece of cloth over it without taping over the camera directly. This means it doesn't get damaged while being blocked. Cost: maybe $0.003.

  5. Anonymous11:25 AM

    What about the microphone? If someone can tap in to the camera they can just as easily listen in.

  6. Anonymous7:06 PM

    I use a Post It Note and it falls off in a couple weeks; I've used painters' tape, which leaves less residue than masking tape, but it still marks my laptop so that I need Goo-Gone to clean it off. This is a good product and if it could be sold cheap enough or even bundled with new pc's then it will make a fortune and Kevin will be eating his words. So, why hasn't Apple or HP invested in this product?

  7. Anonymous8:11 AM

    This is probably the most stupidest thing I've ever seen lol. I can make this by folding a ripped piece of paper. And to sell this for 6 bucks is even more of a joke. IF people were that concerned about Webcam hacking there would be something that blocks the microphone as well.


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