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Life Caps on the Shark Tank

World's First Survival Pill - Episode 518 - 1/24/2014

 Is there really a super vitamin that can sustain life for weeks at a time? A survival pill when taken with plenty of water has the ability to keep you alive. The more I learn about the LifeCaps super vitamin and mineral pill, the more I'm convinced this survival pill has many more uses yet to be explored. Daryl Stevenett is the entrepreneur behind the Life Caps Survival Pill coming to the Shark Tank this Friday night with what could be a ground breaking survival pill with mass world-wide appeal.

Life Cap's claims to be the world's first survival pill surviving up to 2 weeks on these super multi-vitamins almost seems too good to be true. That is until you learn a little about Lifecaps Formulator Russ Bianchi and his motives to create this ultimate survival pill. What's interesting to note and  perhaps even a bigger market for this super vitamin, is marketing LifeCaps also as a dietary/ weight loss supplement. Even if you could survive for 2 weeks with nothing but a bottle of Life Cap's and plenty of water (Entrepreneur Daryl Stevenett survived for 17 day's) you're still going to lose some excess body weight while living off this food pill that's more like a meal in a capsule.

 As far as taste goes maybe you'd like a Steak and Eggs capsule or perhaps a Thanksgiving Dinner jam packed inside one little chewable survival pill?
While those inventions may still be a few years away, Russ Bianchi goes into great detail in the video below exactly how the Life Caps formula was first conceived and how important this chewable super multi-vitamin's taste was in creating.

 I have to admit when I first heard about this company claiming to have invented the "World's First Survival Pill" a few red flags went up and couldn't help notice the resemblance of another super multi-vitamin pill on the market a few years ago. But after watching this video and a few other independent video reviews on LifCaps, this seems to be the "Real Deal" with overwhelmingly positive reviews. Another similarity that really stood out and perhaps a market Stevenett has yet explored is how similar Life Caps is with the Ruckpack Energy Drinks seen last season on the Shark Tank Season 4. Both products use zero stimulant's or caffeine related products, but still, retain a high level of alertness over a prolong period of time. In a real life Survival or Military type situation where the energy from food becomes a very real problem, either from the lack of food or the ability to carry enough with you, the Ruckpack/ LifeCap's Combo just might be the perfect solution.

LifeCap's before the Shark Tank Update

Coming from someone who always has some sort of survival pack, emergency kit or whatever you want to call it every time I'm in the Great Outdoors, I'll be placing an order for a 30 capsule bottle of Life Caps on my next Amazon purchase. Come to think of it, I could stand to maybe loose a few pounds and maybe I'll take my own advice and survive off Life Caps and a case of RuckPack Energy Drinks for a week or two.

 LOL, you know I just might do that and put these Life Cap's (with a little extra boost of pure energy) to the test and see just how long this combination of two All Natural products can keep me functioning at an above average physical level. Everyone that really knows me already knows how much I believe in the Shark Tank Show and several of the innovative products, maybe this is a good way to put a few of them to the ultimate test and see how long I can survive. I'm not sure I really want to live off LifeCap's for 17 full days which is still the record set by Daryl Stevenett, but perhaps 3 to 10 days depending on how it goes.

As far as a business standpoint for Life Cap's getting a deal on the Shark Tank, it's hard to imagine Daryl not getting a deal on the Show especially with all the positive reviews this survival pill has already accumulated. When you think about how many people go hungry on a daily basis, yes I really hope LifeCap's can live up to all its claims and become the first Billion Dollar Shark Tank Success Story.

Now about Life Cap's website that was made from scratch from Lightwurx. com out in Utah. This team put together a very informative article in their back-end preparation getting ready for the massive traffic from Shark Tank Fans soon headed their way. Let's hope they're prepared as they think they are. : )

For those Shark Tank Fan's lucky enough to be in Salt Lake City this Friday night, Daryl and the Life Cap Pills will be Hosting a Shark Tank Party at the Grand America Hotel in the Gibson Lounge starting at 7 p.m.


  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Oops that didn't go well. The sharks called it like it is. Snake oil.

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  2. I'd love to sample your life Caps survival pills, my doctor said they are safe and would be a great start to my new weight loss program. I feel it would be the boost I need to start my diet program. I'd be interested in a 30 day supply

    1. What sane doctor would tell you its safe?! Especially with a "30 day supply"?

    2. Anonymous7:49 PM

      No doctor would tell you any such thing.

    3. Doctor of what told you ok? A PhD in freeform dancing? No real MD would say that about no clinical trial shot in the dark. I saw the show and they did everything but call him a scam ripoff.

  3. Anonymous9:45 PM

    I watched him get nothing from Shark Tank. The lack of positive reviews and more important no clinical trial to substantiate Daryl's claims. Until it is proven not harmful why would you buy it. Great idea, just prove it.

  4. This pill has not been clinically proven to work. I hope Daryl does the studies and possibly try to get it FDA approved but I doubt it

    1. Anonymous7:43 PM

      THE FDA does not approve nutritional products, only drugs, the product is not a drug

    2. It is the FOOD and Drug Administration. So they approve both.

  5. Anonymous1:37 AM

    I am doing the Alternate Day Diet, also known as Dr. Johnson's Up Day Down Day Diet, where you have very limited calories every other day, which stimulates your skinny gene and longevity gene. The Life Caps would really help the Down Day be easier. Please get it back in stock!

  6. Dennis Taylor10:11 PM

    Their claims are false right out of the gate. Ever heard of Survival Tabs? They are the real deal and have many years & trials of them in the field. The Alaskan Helicopter Search & Rescue Group would know about that..

    1. Anonymous12:42 PM

      World's First Survival Pill vs. a Tab... key difference already. Until you have taken the LifeCaps Challenge like I have, you just don't get it. Wonderful product... curbs my appetite naturally, no stimulants, and with a substantially less calorie count than the huge tabs you mentioned, I easily drop unwanted pounds. While LifeCaps states it is not a diet pill, I find it to be a great side effect. Tabs have a lot of sugar, milk solids, oils... I doubt you would want to take them consistently on an empty stomach as I do with LifeCaps... no upset stomach at all!

      Take their 3-day challenge, Dennis. Then come back to discuss.

    2. Ever heard of placebo, there is a reason clinical trials and studies are done

  7. Anonymous1:42 AM

    There should be free samples. Also, where can I find the list of precise ingredients?

  8. Not sure if the science is there. One of the big survival nutrition speakers who presented with the APN last week just wrote a post debunking it here:

  9. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I wouldn't take this pills now, I know there will be lots of people that will try it though and eventually it will die or become very well known. Other than that....... clinically proven? really? who can do that? the cost is only affordable to big pharmacy, in money and years of tests. There would be no vitamin supplement either on the market since FDA approve none of them unless it is ( in favor of big pharmacy) This inventor failed trying to make it small...... it's just another energy bar, should have added a chocolate cover and call it survival kisses or something.

  10. Anonymous11:16 AM

    What testing do any of the supplements have when given to the public? So that argument is not valid. There are companies selling supplements like Amway who do testing. Metagenics is another company. However this guy is using his own product.

    Cuban's reaction makes me think "Thou doeth protest too much ." (Shakespeare) He has been scammed it would see by something similar.

    The sharks didn't give this guy enough of a chance to even know. And the guy didn't give them nor was he given a chance to tell about his company which is a laboratory company.

    There is science behind this and all the products this guy makes. Ingredients of the products are given on his website. His products do not cost an arm and a leg. Lutein with 10mg of lutein is $9.90 a bottle.

    If you ask your doctor about this or any other product, ask if the product will harm you in any way. As a cancer survivor I wasn't given any information about the daily chemo which was prescribed for 4 years. As of today I have lost 3" in height and have permanent bone damage. If the LifeCaps help the body rather harm the body, good for the company. Big Pharma will put this product or any of the supplements out there down because their products sometimes create symptoms and another pill has to be taken to take of the symptoms and then a pill for those symptom.

    LifeCaps seems to be helping more than hurting. I'm going to try a bottle.

    Oh as far as samples....what you get in samples does not give you enough to give the product time to work effectively, which is usually about 3-4 weeks or maybe up to 8 weeks.

    1. Anonymous2:15 PM

      Not only did you misquote Shakespeare, you didn't even use it properly in context. It really weakens your following argument, which, due to the frequent use of generalizations, is already very elementary.

  11. Anonymous1:49 PM

    someone asked for list of ingredients. I don't know anything about the product but see http://buylifecaps/ingredients/

  12. Anonymous7:57 PM

    I work a lot of hours and am usually super busy. I often don't feel hungry or.don't have time to eat. I believe
    Something like this would be helpful to people like me. I need sustenance and I need to remain alert. For the last 3 yrs I have eaten an average of 1 meal a day and drank energy shots to stay alert. Life Caps may be a better alternative.

  13. Is there any place where i can still buy these?

  14. I want to know if these pills are still available. Thank you

  15. I'd like to buy some, where can I get them. Amazon is out.


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