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Wall Rx - Dry Wall Repair - Episode 515 - 1/10/2014
Wall Doctor on episode 513, 1/10/2013
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 What is a guaranteed way to get on the Shark Tank Show? Invent such a unique and "needed" product that hundreds of other entrepreneurs applying for the Show ask where they themselves can buy your product. That's exactly what happened to Dr. Jim Lewis the inventor of the Wall Rx, when his patent attorney encouraged him to audition for the Shark Tank. Dr. Lewis aka The Wall Doctor, is a real Forensic Pathologist from Uwchlan, Pa., who took his medical knowledge patching us up, and applied the same principals to patching up dry wall holes.

Another major plus Dr. Jim Lewis had when auditioning for the Show was the fact he already achieved something that all the Sharks look for when determining an investment in a new business or product, lots of proven sales. It appears there are millions and millions of holes punctured in dry wall which until now was a total pain in the butt to fix if you've ever tried to do this handyman task yourself.

I can clearly remember more than once hanging a picture or moving a piece of furniture just to hide a small hole in the drywall I had no intentions trying to repair because of past experiences. Now that I know I can easily fix any hole in drywall up to 4" wide in 3 easy steps using the Wall Doctor dry wall patch, this will never be something I would purposely put off again.

One of the most interesting things I like learning is how a new product idea was first conceived by entrepreneurs that eventually grew into a successful business. How Dr. Jim Lewis transformed from a Medical Doctor to a Wall Doctor turned out to be very interesting indeed. It all started 3 short years ago during Christmas when Dr. Lewis was retrieving a box from the basement.

When his Daughter had an accident, He immediately dropped the box and ran to her cries. Dr. Lewis did what any good Dad would do and bandaged up her minor scrapes. Getting back to the box full of Christmas decorations, Jim noticed he put a hole in the drywall that ended up costing over $250 to get repaired by a professional after failed attempts repairing the hole himself. If big bandages are the perfect solution to help repair us, then why can't the same principals be applied to fixing holes in drywall? I guess it would only take an entrepreneurial spirited Doctor to finally make the connection and invent the ultimate easily applied Band-Aid to fix most holes in drywall.

Easily Fix Drywall Hole's in 3 Easy Steps
using the patented Wall Rx. by Wall Doctor.

Wall Rx before Shark Tank Update

 From what I can tell, the Wall Doctor Repair Kits were already being sold for about a year when Dr. Lewis auditioned in front of the Sharks this past fall. In that short amount of time over 90,000 units of the Wall Rx had already been sold, which is really an incredible number for a brand new start-up if you think about it. To achieve these impressive numbers, Jim had a little Home Improvement Center by the name of Lowe's that was more than interested in selling Wall Doctor Repair Kits. In fact Lowe's loves this new drywall repair kit so much, they already carry the Wall Rx Brand in all of their 1700 stores.

Personally I think all the Sharks would be crazy if they didn't invest in this much needed home improvement product. The only ones that will lose on this deal will be the professionals no longer making a good living fixing tedious drywall holes.

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  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    This is an amazing idea and product. Can't wait to purchase for my house!!

  2. ~ i was a drywall contractor for many years and spent my entire career in building trades and real estate sales.
    i am excited to begin using this Wall Rx Drywall Repair Kit and presuming the demonstration video accurately represents the product i'd love to be their sales person!

    1. If you're a drywall contractor you'll be getting more work from people who use this product who won't be happy with the results. As a pro, you're aware that sanding the patch is the most crucial part of a wall repair project. When repairing the conventional way you're left with a pretty smooth surface to sand from the spackle or tape knife. However, from the tv demo, the doctor pressed the compound flat with his hand. I would not want the final job of sanding the hardened uneven lump left from a hand print. Can you imagine the work involved getting the repair smooth enough to paint without being noticed? This problem with the product was not addressed by the Sharks in specific detail.

    2. Anonymous11:26 AM

      You are overstating the amount of effort it takes to sand down plaster, especially with low grit sandpaper. Plus, the amount effort saved from other steps such as filling the hole surely outweighs whatever perceived effort utilized from sanding.

      What I do believe is a legitimate concern is that the structural webbing, no matter how smooth the plastered portion becomes, will be a mound protruding from the surface.

    3. Anonymous9:43 AM

      I agree with Quantam Leap.....they neglected to address the most important step of this hole repair solution....sanding down the compound...the worst part of the job. With that plastic, structural webbing underneath the compound, there is no way you can smooth it down to match the wall. The smartest thing that Dr. did was to not mention this crucial step. For a bunch of smart Sharks who always seem to recognize the downside to everyone's inventions, they sure missed this products big downside!

  3. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I live in canada and am looking forward to the day this is here as i am a single mom and honestly have no clue how to patch holes using tape and mud and this and that i always have to get my frineds boyfriend over or my father to help me. i have 2 holes now going down my basement stairs because we the railing came out and we had to put it in studs i wish it was here now!!! i watched this episode and it looks so amazing for people like me. hurry Dr and robert get it in canada!

  4. If your a homeowner. ...probably be good enough. ...but it will always be noticed..most holes that size needs to be feathered out almost 3 times the size of the hole,in order to conceal the hump..not to mention sanding and sometimes a bit more touch up. .


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