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Angel Lift on Shark Tank

Remove Facial Wrinkles - Episode 526 - 4/4/2014

episode 526, 4/4/2014
Angel Lift Dermastrips coming to the
Shark Tank Show
 I'm not exactly sure how big the anti-aging wrinkle market is, but no doubt it's in the billions of dollars, and one the Sharks would love to enter in a big way with the right innovative product.

Most of the products devoted to slowing down the wrinkles, and the aging process in general, has to do with the countless miracle creams already flooding the market.

Obviously, some of these anti-aging creams seem to work, but what about stopping the wrinkles from starting in the first place? It looks like you really have only three choices. You can go to a cosmetic surgeon and have your facial skin pulled tight as your gum tissue slowly erodes away, get a bunch of cosmetic injections, (ouch) or simply slip in the Angel Lift Dermastrip's for 10 minutes a day.
Angel Lift seen on Episode 526, 4/4/2014
Set of Two Reusable AngelLift Dermastrips
Good for 90 Days Reducing Wrinkles

To tell you the truth I never paid much attention to wrinkles on my face over the years, but because of this article, I just had to go take a closer look.
Dam, it really is amazing taking a closer look at a face I look at every day just how many wrinkles there really is, especially when I smile. While I seriously doubt anyone would ever catch me going to a cosmetic surgeon because of a few wrinkles, I think I could handle putting in one of these Dermastrips that resembles more of a teeth whitener strip.

In fact, the Angel Lift Dermastrips is the first disposable product you can buy over-the-counter that naturally gives you a facelift by reversing the aging process from decaying gum lines.

Angel Lift before Shark Tank Update

The entrepreneurs who invented the AngelLift Dermastrips are Aaron and Kelly Bruce, who will be appearing on the Shark Tank next Friday night April 4, 2014. It looks like this business has been around almost 10 years which can go both ways inside the Shark Tank depending on the numbers, and the current momentum growing the Brand.

Most likely the #1 question the Sharks will have will be concerning clinical testing to verify the Angel Strips help reduce wrinkles. I'm happy to report that AngelLift recently got certified by non-other than after 6 months of clinical testing. I never knew there was such a thing as wrinklepedia, but trust me, they take the wrinkle industry very serious when it comes to getting their stamp of approval.

The Dermastrips might have put Angel Lift on the map, but the Brand has also expanded to include Angellift Lips that are guaranteed to give you a set of Angelina Jolie plump looking lips in no time. O.K., maybe that's a huge exaggeration trying to duplicate a set of lips like those, but the Angel Lift Lip Enhancement seems to be getting favorable reviews in plumping up those lips.

The cost for two "AngelLift" Medical Grade Surgical Lifts good for 90 days is only $55.95 on Amazon or $79.00 on the Angel Lift advertised as a "Shark Tank Special". I'm not sure spending an extra $25 for the same product is much of a special, but this also includes 16 microfibers facial towelette's as a "Free Gift" worth $24.00.

Who knows, maybe the Shark Tank Special page just hasn't been updated with a better offer yet for the thousands of Fans who will be interested in this product, myself included. I'll have to check back before this Episode 526 airs next Friday night and see if the Shark Tank Special's more enticing. Perhaps an Angellift Dermastip and Angellift Lip Enhancer combination would make for an interesting Shark Tank Special? Check back soon as I iron out the wrinkles in these prices. :-)


  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    i cannot wait to try these!! Not only do I think they will help the wrinkles, but will help my jaw and face feel better by giving it a "lift". I grind my teeth, I do not like a retainer. As soon as I saw this product I knew instantly I wanted to try it for pain reduction.

    1. This is face cream will not lift your jaw bones

  2. It's not for teeth grinding. I think you may have misunderstood the product.

  3. Anonymous6:35 PM

    These is will not help with TMJ or teeth grinding. They do not fit on the biting surface of your teeth like a night guard or orthodontic retainer does. Angellift fits above your teeth into the vestibule which has
    no affect on protecting your teeth from TMJ or grinding. Comment from a dental hygienist.

  4. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Why is the product only good for 90 days, and why do you get 2, if you only use 1? Does it matter if you use them both at the same time, or just 1 up or down? I would think they'd specify about "up or down" - wouldn't there be different benefits?

  5. Anonymous8:30 PM

    I think it does make a difference if you use them at the same time. I think they intend for people to use them one at a time. There has been not much instruction as to actually where in the mouth you need to place them as low as possible or higher next to ones teeth just below the teeth. Amazon has taken them off their web sight. That makes me nervous. Also Shark Tank has not mentioned them after their program on 4/4/14 and it is now 5/25/14. That makes me nervous also. Anyone have ore information? Thank you

    1. Anonymous8:58 AM
      Check this site out. You can call them and someone will call you back to answer your questions. I just called them myself. Good luck!

  6. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Has anyone else not gotten their order? I placed my order on May 3rd and it is now May 25th and still no product. I did contact the Company via their website and got a response on May 17th that basically said they were behind because of their airing on Shark Tank but to wait almost a month for an order is nonsense. I am curious to know if anyone has received their order yet or just how many have not?

  7. Anonymous7:55 AM

    where are the clinical studies? closest thing i could find was this blog:

  8. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Has anyone tried these with success.


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