iReTron Pays Cash for Electronics

iReTron on the Shark Tank

Sell Electronics for Cash - Episode 516 - 3-14-2014
iReTrom electronics recycling young entrepreneur Jason Li
Jason Li owner of "iRetron"
pays cash for hundreds of
old electronics
 How many old cellphones, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Mp3 players, calculators, e-readers, tablets or just about anything electronics, do you have lying around collecting dust? Well it's time to gather them all up and send them to the next young Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Jason Li, the owner of iRetron. Jason started buying and recycling used electronics in his freshman year at Saratoga High School. Now just a few years later in his senior year, Jason is ready to take iRetron's way of buying, selling and recycling used electronics into this episode of the Shark Tank Show.

Unlike most other businesses that buy used electronics and smart phones to recycle, iRetron believes most of them can be fixed up and re-sold to another user, thus eliminating "any electronic waste" entering the landfills. The best analogy for this business model would be comparing it to buying a brand new car verses buying a decent used car at a substantial discount.

Coming up with the perfect solution turning old electronics into cash, refurbishing them into like-new products, and re-selling at a profit, has already turned into a very profitable business that's worthy of getting on the Shark Tank Show. You basically visit iReTrons Website, type in the cell phone or electronics you wish to sell, and the software will come up with a price what iRetron is willing to pay. This price also includes free shipping with USPS, with payments made within a week after they receive your old electronics.

 It looks like Jason also took first place and won the "Next Teen Tycoon" video contest

a few years ago from Vertical Response which certainly had to look good on his resume when applying for the this Episode Featuring All Young Entrepreneurs.

iReTron before Shark Tank Update

Considering the problem with e-waste is a multi-billion dollar problem, as we'll as a huge opportunity for the right solutions, Jason Li and his business iReTron, is in a unique position to really make a big difference in recycling old electronics. Li has recently said publicly, "this business received an investment offer from a major venture capital firm". Hm, could that offer have come from one of the Sharks, or are there other angel investors about to capitalize on the Shark Tank Effect? Something tells me it may be the later, as Jason seems to be keeping very quiet on his Facebook and Twitter pages. Who knows, maybe this article was written a little too early, and Li has a big party already in the works when he becomes the "Next Shark Tank Young Entrepreneur Star".

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  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Thank you for your commitment to be a part of world change. Our planet needs young people like you.
    When I see MTV videos and the loss of who we are a spiritual beings on this planet it breaks my heart.
    You will inspire the youth of the world and I as a grandmother cannot thank you enough. I saw your heart on Shark Tank. If you have a way for investors.... let me know. You are being the change we want to see in this world.. J.Thomas

  2. Just visited your website.
    Wow. You are seriously not offering consumers much for their electronic tech they paid hundreds of dollars for...Yea, you "recycle" them - but you should at least think about the person that is selling the item - and WHY they are selling it - they need the $$ probably!!! Some of the tech you assign a $0 value to. You should at LEAST give us $1 for not just chucking it the trash. Perhaps this cell phone I have in my hand can be charged up and given to someone that needs it for safety. BUt...guess not. You guys won't even TAKE it.

    1. Anonymous5:34 AM

      I'm pretty sure that 0$ means they will take it, but only won't pay you for it. I once emailed them about it too and they said it was to be donated and it's simply irrational for them to pay for so many things that will be strictly donated.

    2. I do think it makes sense not to pay for something that will be donated. They are after all in business but that does not discount the fact that they are helping to recycle these electronic products which otherwise will just be thrown in the trash. I have wondered where I can dispose of my old cellphones. And don't forget, since he got Barbara and Mark, these sharks won't allow money to be spent needlessly. I am glad that at least these two sharks decided to help him. After watching so many shark episodes, I have come to the conclusion that these sharks do not support good causes perse if there's no money to be made.


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