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Monkey Mat on Shark Tank

Portable Play Mat - Episode 528 - 4/4/2014
Portable Play Mat, episode 528, 4/4/2014
 What the heck is a "Monkey Mat", and what does red wine have to do with inventing this product made for babies? Although the Monkey Mat was first invented for babies to have a clean surface to play on, the actual concept having a fold-up blanket/mat handy for other family occasions has proven to be a very successful product in high demand.

Lot's of Shark Tank products already have YouTube reviews prior to the Show, but geese, the reviews on the Monkey Mat has pages of video's filled with Happy Moms bragging how much they like this fold-up mat.
Monkey Mat seen on Shark Tank Episode 528
Monkey Mats
Available in 4 Colors
The Monkey Mat folds up in a small case that easily fist into any diaper bag, day pack or carrying case. When fully deployed, the Monkey Mat transforms into a 5' x 5' clean surface that you can lay over just about anything imaginable. It's basically a blanket in a bag, but with a few build-in details no other product on the market has even thought about.

The Entrepreneurs behind the Monkey Mat is Best Friends Courtney Turich and Christie Barany, who are coming to the Shark Tank with quite the story how this thriving business first began.
The Monkey Mat Business recently launched in June 2012, but it was after a 10 year friendship that ultimately led them to this point. How else do you meet your new best friend and future business partner without making a memorable impression?

We'll Courtney did just that when she spilled red wine all over Christie's brand new white shirt. Yes, I do believe that will make an impression every time. As fate would have it, that glass of wine would change the lives of both of them forever, and ultimately land them on the Best Business Reality Show in History, the Shark Tank Show.

Monkey Mat Wins the Women Inventor Award

 This video below is Christie Barany describing in detail all the hidden benefits inside the "Monkey Mat" after winning "The Women Inventor Award" last March.

Monkey Mat before Shark Tank Update

It's been almost 2 years since the Monkey Mats first launched as a business, and by the looks of it, they are clearly on their way to building a successful brand. According to the site there are over 50 retailers already carrying Monkey Mats. I would imagine this number has grown considerably since Courtney and Christie went in front of the Sharks, and hopefully this will be brought up during the Show to see how much progress has already been made.

Looking over a few of the reviews from early last year, it appears that Monkey Mats were being sold for $39.99 each. While this might seem like a good price for a 6" x 6" portable play mat that expands to 5 square feet and weighs only 10 ounces, this Dynamic Duo has made great strides reducing manufacturing costs getting the price down to only $29.99 per Monkey Mat.

Will the Sharks want to invest in the Monkey Mat Business? Check it out this Friday night on ABC, and get the Sharks perspective on the latest "Mom Inspired Product" to make the final cut.


  1. Anonymous6:57 AM

    I bought a monkeymat before the show aired and have to say it is great.. it is light, easy to clean, easy to use and easy to put away. I personally like it best for the various outdoor events (ACL, Blues on the Green, etc.)-- keeps my clothes from getting dirty and clearly defines "my space" in these crowded events. Is it expensive? Well, just tell me what other product I should compare it to.. I'm sure this relationship with the Sharks will help make the manufacturing and distribution will help lower the price. I, for one, am happy with the price I paid.

  2. I ordered on after watching shark tank an have not received mine. I called and the Woman I talked to was very polite and assured me that had received my order and they are trying to fill orders as fast as possible but are having trouble getting them fast enough after the boom of sales from Shark Tank. I can not wait to get mine.

  3. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Once the "mat" is put on the ground then stuffed back into the bag, thee is no longer a clean surface for the child to play on All surfaces are contaminated once it is stuffed back into the bag. Therefore it has to be washed after every use.

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM

      if you put a blanket or sheet down you would also have to wash them what is the difference!!!!!!!

    2. Anonymous10:18 AM

      about $30.00.

  4. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Why not let your child play on your spare clean Monkey Mat while the soiled one is being washed. At $30.00, that's less than a whole dime per day. Case closed.

  5. I got one of these but it didn't work...left it out for hours and no monkeys came.


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