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Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tool

Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools on Shark Tank

Sprinkler Tool Kits - Episode 524 - 4/11/2014

Fire Sprinkler tool in episode 524, 4-11-2014
Quick Stop Fire Sprinkler Tool Inventor
Matt Scarpuzzi seen on the Shark Tank in episode 524
 This is something I never thought much about, but what the heck do people do when a fire sprinkler accidentally goes off, or worse yet, brake's at the nozzle and continues to spill out hundreds of gallons of water? Obviously the smartest thing would be to notify someone that knows how to turn the main water off, but exactly who that is and how long it will take, will determine how much water damage will incur. The other option if you can't shut off the main water line yourself is to call the Fire Department and then hope and pray they have the correct fire sprinkler tool to quickly stop the water damage from getting any worse.

You might think most Firefighters already carry a specialized fire sprinkler tool capable of quickly stopping any design of sprinkler system, but apparently this is not the case, at least not yet anyway. Professional Firefighter Matt Scarpuzzi, has invented the Ultimate Fire Sprinkler Tool Kit capable of stopping any fire sprinkler within seconds, and will be demonstrating just how effective his invention works this Friday night in Shark Tank episode 524.

The Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Kits comes in two sizes, the homeowner kit and the commercial version used by Firefighters. Matt has also incorporated a valve wrench, water utility and gas wrench and a door choke into its design, making this one very handy tool to always have nearby in case of a fire sprinkler accident.

Scarpuzzi has been actively promoting the fact he'll be on the Shark Tank Show, which is always a good thing to see from new contestants. The local News Channel 6 in San Diego, CA. got word Matt will be Featured on the Show, and gave the Quickstop Sprinkler Tool a little boost during this recent interview shown below.

Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tool before Shark Tank Update

One part about this video that stood out when asked about going on the Shark Tank, was Matt's comment "they were the Sharks and I was the bait". Ouch, I hope they didn't bite to hard. I guess you can read a lot into that statement, but if I had to guess, the Sharks will be very impressed with the benefits on how effective this sprinkler tool really is. I wouldn't be surprised if all the Sharks already have purchased the Quick Stop for all their homes, businesses and offices.

As far as getting a deal inside the Tank, next to Firefighters who will be recommending this product be incorporated in their own Fire Stations, the Sharks would seem like the perfect target market to incorporate into all their property's that have fire sprinklers installed. The odds do favor Quickstop walks away with a deal!

Think of this as a cheap form of insurance you hope you never use.

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  1. Not only would this be an awesome tool for hotels,schools,hospitals, but how about getting the companies that install the home sprinkler systems to include a set with every installment. Many towns now require sprinkler systems installed in New Home Construction. Or maybe Insurance Companies could offer a discount if homeowners have one and have taken a short class on how to use it.

  2. Anonymous9:33 AM

    It is very rare for sprinkler heads to accidently go off. In fact, only 1 in 16 million sprinkler heads will discharge unintentionally due to a defect. Fire Sprinklers are designed to control small fires in its early stages and use about 1/10th the amount of water used by the Fire Department to control fires. Therefore, water damage due to sprinkler discharge is not as much as you might think.

    1. Anonymous9:37 PM

      You are so full of crap...they go off A LOT. Not only because of defects but because of accidentally being hit. I work for a sprinkler head manufacturer and your 1 in 16 million number is actually ABSURD. Also not all sprinkler head are designed the same. Some release more water than others (depending on each application). So once again your ESTIMATE of water used is WRONG.

    2. I would say rare, but I've seen it enough times that me and my crew have been trained how to stop them. Damages are in the thousands $ per minute. This tool looks better than our current methods. Every construction site should have someone on site prepared for such an event.

  3. Anonymous6:40 PM

    The NFPA has actually studied accidental activations (U.S. Experience with Fire Sprinklers 2012) and found that in Minn and Mass in 2007 there were 44,000 non fire related activations of sprinkler systems. That would equate to around 1 million activations annually in the U.S. The NFPA also states that there are around 500,000 structure fire in the US annually. That is twice as many accidents as fires. They also found that Hospitality and Warehouse insurance claims increase by almost 200% with the addition of a wet systems when a fire is involved. Those numbers don't even include accidental activations. Don't get me wrong, there should be fire sprinklers in every building because of their incredible life saving capabilities. But, there should also be a QuickstopTool in every building to avoid expensive water damages. Some day the insurance world will realize just how easy it is to avoid these expensive claims.

    1. Anonymous6:30 AM

      Totally agree- this a great product and I will be buying a few for my business so every building has at least one. One thing you forgot though- an insurance company doesn't want these- have you seen what they charge customers "for the risk of water damage". They will eventually adopt the product but rates will not decrease much because maybe this stops water running from 10 minutes to 3 minutes- there still is going to be risk for them.

    2. Why would insurance companies not want this product? That's totally false.. it's not like once this product hits the market they can no longer "charge customers for the risk of water damage".. if anything this will SAVE insurance companies money and they'll encourage people to have it.. they're still going to be "charging for the risk of water damage" regardless. And in case you didn't know... the premise of insurance: charge everyone a very little to prepare for the phone call you'll receive today that's going to have you paying a very lot. So if they charge 5 people $1,000 and someone calls and says they have $10,0000 in damage, they're negative $5,000. It's pretty simple but maybe it'll help some people understand why insurance companies can't just "cut their prices" .. it's an extremely competitive industry so it's not like companies are getting away with price gouging people.. prices are competitive

  4. Anonymous7:51 PM

    The stats on accidental system activations does not refer to a fused head. It simply means the alarms activated by a flow which could be a low pressure or pump problem. The 9:33 poster was correct. Sprinklers rarely flood areas due to defects. Accidentally smashing off the head is another story and involves some force applied. Insurance companies would not reduce rates if the sprinklers did not work as advertised.

  5. Anonymous8:36 AM

    The 9:33 poster is actually wrong as stated. An accidental activation is not necessarily from a defect, but more likely human error. I have witnessed a building completely drain down out of one head, but luckily it was on the first floor loft, so the other 5 floors were spared. This was from an HVAC tech trying to move the head a little bit. The other actual failure was from sun hitting an outside balcony head, causing it to fail. Water was gushing off the 9th floor balcony. Luckily no windows were open below and it was outside. Otherwise we would have had millions in damage in our 9 story building. I am a building engineer who has worked closely with someone who has a company that teaches fire sprinkler design in Champaign Illinois. So I guess I must really be lucky to have witnessed a 1 in 16 million event twice. Regardless, it might take a low level technician or custodian a lot less time to go grab a tool they know the location of, rather than find the shut off an maybe a ladder to reach it! Also consider a panicked resident with a cell phone that doesn't work due to it being soaking wet, and forgetting who to call. If they had the tool it could be 5 minutes compared to an hour. $500 compared to $1 million in a mixed use building like mine. If condo 404 for instance has a head go off, it takes down a server room underneath and that cost is around $25,000hr.

  6. Good ol' American ingenuity. I really like seeing the success of these "bottom-up" inventors. I think they've come up with a really good product for fire sprinklers that would help all sorts of businesses, offices, labs, hospitals and just about any large building.

    Gerald Vonberger | http://www.norcalfire.com

  7. Anonymous8:36 PM

    I'm currently a firefighter for a large department and I just don't see the absolute reason for having this tool. When we arrive and after we investigate we simply shut off the main water supply to the sprinkler system ie. P.I.V. or O S & Y. Some sprinkler activations have been because of exterior damage (forklift hits the head) and when that happens this tool can't help. The sprinkler is damaged and this tool most likely will not work. Not all sprinklers are one type, there are different types for different situations, pendant, upright, sidewall, recessed. Just don't see it happening and with the thousand of calls I have been on, I can tell you on my left hand the number of times we might have used this tool. Your scenario also is slightly flawed, someone has to be home or at work when this happens. These activations only happen when someone is at home? or a business owner is in his place of business?? Sprinkler activations NEVER happen when people are not there, always when someone is present....NOT! This is why our department requires the system to be monitor by an alarm company. Look, good idea, someone can use it, but like a toilet plunger they won't be buying them off the shelf, just one and cross your fingers you don't have to use it.

    1. Your plunger analogy is pretty accurate. I'm not a plumber, but I have seen enough heads go off that I am prepared and trained on what to do. But since your a fire fighter and don't have to pay for any of the damages I can understand why you think it is fine to take your time shutting off the water.

  8. Just saw this product on Shark Tank last night and have already submitted it for approval to buy for the College. This product has the potential to save the college thousands of dollars in damages from flooding from the sprinkler heads. Burned popcorn in the microwaves, soccer balls kicked at the sprinklers, etc. etc. here on campus. Very ingenious, only wish I had invented it. Congratulations!!