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Sign Waving Machine - Episode 519 - 4/10/2014
Mechanical Sign Twirlers, Episode 519, 4-10-2014
Velocity Sign Waving Machine
with life-like Mannequin
 If there's one job I really do not think you could pay me enough to do, becoming a human sign spinner would have to be very close to the top of the list. Something about standing out on a busy street corner twirling a sign around, and making somewhat of a fool of yourself IMO, is one job I personally would never do. As an employer, I think I would also have a hard time asking an employee to become a human sign spinner unless of course, they received a BIG Far Bonus for doing something I would never even consider doing myself. We'll after next Friday's Episode of the Shark Tank, human sign spinners may soon become obsolete after this Sign Waving Machine made by Velocity Signs, is featured on the Show.

The two entrepreneurs who invented the Velocity Sign mechanical sign twirlers, are Scott Adams and Josh Faherty, who will also be appearing in this Episode 519 on April 10, 2014. Obviously, this product doesn't have the appeal a lot of Shark Tank Products have when it comes to the masses wanting to buy one, but for any business that's already paying employees to stand outside twirling a sign, investing in a Mechanical Velocity Sign makes perfect sense.

 The cost for the standard model Velocity Sign is $1599.00 which can easily twirl signs just as good as any human sign spinner. The moving signs require no breaks and never complain about the weather or working 15 hours in a row if need be. You just plug in your new employee, and watch it go to work pulling new customers off the street and into your business.

The standard model does do a good job replicating a human twirling a sign, but it lacks the visual appeal of the unlucky person designated to do this not-so-pleasant job. Josh and Scott also came up with a clever solution to replicate a human sign spinner with life-like Mannequin's for only a few hundred dollars more per sign waving machine.

Velocity Signs before Shark Tank Update:

Even though Velocity Signs is a little different than most Shark Tank Products with mass appeal to the general public, this invention clearly solves a very real problem for businesses using human sign twirlers. I know for a fact using this advertising technique to get people in the door really does work, especially if you have a motivated and experienced twirler. I must have driven by a Little Caesar's Pizza for a solid month always seeing different employees outside twirling a sign. I never paid much attention because they always looked like they would much rather be doing anything else than twirling a sign on that busy street corner. Then one day we were driving by and there was a new twirler throwing that sign in the air and looked to be having a very good time putting on a show for everyone to see. It wasn't until the second or third time I saw him back out on the corner full of just as much energy and motivation as the first time I witnessed his sign twirling abilities. That time we did stop and bought a few pizzas, and I made sure to let the manager know exactly why. I also told him he needs to give his new sign twirler a BIG Raise for doing such a fantastic job pulling us right off the street.

Obviously, most businesses do not already employ professional sign twirlers, and this is where the Velocity Signs come in. As far as this company getting a deal on the Shark Tank Show, all the Sharks are experts in the advertising field, and should easily see the benefits using a mechanical sign waving machine versus a human twirler.

The one thing about this business where I see a lot of money being left on the table is you can only buy the Velocity Sign with no option to rent a sign waving machine. Grant it, investing a couple grand in this advertising medium may seem like peanuts, especially if you have already experimented with human sign twirlers, but what about thousands of other businesses that may only want to use a sign twirling machine occasionally? I could easily see a lot of smaller businesses renting this type of advertising for a few hundred bucks a week, that might not even consider investing a few grand until the concept was proven to bring people in the door.

Deal or no deal, Josh Fahery and Scott Adams, are very much looking forward to being Featured on the Shark Tank, and will be hosting a viewing party at the Mix Downtown in Sacramento, CA this Thursday Night during Episode 519. Considering a lot of Shark Tank Contestants don't announce their viewing party to the public, this has me almost convinced the Sharks just might take a bite out of the Mechanical Sign Waving Business.

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  1. Here is something the Sharks may have missed, a lot of cities have ordinances against signs like this that are placed on the right of way. The reason there are people out there waving signs and not stationary signs has more to do with staying within city ordinances, not profit. I think they may hit a brickwall on this one.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, I could not believe the Sharks didn't catch this. Of course every retail store with viability already has their legally allocated sign space maxed out. That's why you pay higher rent on more visible locations. The ONLY way to increase signage in most places is to have a human holding a sign. Why is that legal where one of these signs are not? They are protected under the 1st Amendment as freedom of speech. It is the same reason why a business can not get rid of protesters as long as they are in public right of way.

    2. Anonymous1:04 PM

      This is exactly the problem! I was practically screaming at the computer, they missed the ball entirely. Plus it's an expensive piece of equipment that could be stolen. This idea is cool, but in all reality it's impractical as a large, invest-able business.

  2. I hope they do hit a brick wall. I was very excited, initially, to purchase one for my mushroom stand (POS for my farm). However, after they were so disrespectful to Lori and Barb, I'm not only dropping the idea of purchasing one, but I won't enter any establishment I see that has one.
    Way to show your true colors before you can even get off camera.

  3. Seems like that thing would short out if it rained randomly. That's the thing too. You send a guy out with a sign he can run for cover. This thing.. You gotta send someone out to get it every time. I think this would only work in western areas where it doesn't rain as much. Eastern areas especially kids would mess with it and again the weather. It's a neat idea but they should have went with the girls. This is a good idea for real estate only. For mom and pop shops they won't go with this. Too much worries from city and town rules about signs and future issues with it. Is easier to just send a guy out there. No worries other then if he's going to spin that sign lol.

  4. At first, I was shocked at the disrespectful way these guys just totally ignored Lori - the ONLY shark to initially make them an offer after all the others dropped out - because they apparently wanted to stick with the good ol' boys club.. But now I realize that they just saved Lori and Barb from wasting their money on a worthless investment.

    1. I agree, Karen Brown! It may not be profitable unless they pursue marketing it for real estate sales. Women in the real estate industry need to boycott them and their products.


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