Solar Roadways "Smart" Solar Panels

Solar Roadway's Nomination for Shark Tank

Smart Solar Panels for Roads 
Entrepreneurs Scott and Julie Brusaw
Solar Roadway's Inventors
Scott and Julie Brusaw
 If there was ever a multi-billion dollar opportunity that's still in the start-up phase, the Solar Roadways Smart Panels has to be very close to the top. This could be a major game changer that will transform several industries and create thousands of high paying jobs. One of the biggest problems using solar panels has always been the unsightly appearance mounted all over the roof, or the dedicated real estate needed to generate enough electricity to meet your needs. But what if you could transform your driveway and sidewalks into attractive smart solar panels that not only produce enough electricity for your home; they eliminate the long term maintenance required using concrete and asphalt materials.

The benefits using Solar Roadways Smart Panels on our highways are even more impressive. It's estimated if all our highways in the U.S. were using these super tough solar panels, we would generate 3 times the amount of electricity currently being used. Furthermore, once in place, they completely eliminate the billions being spent every year on maintenance, and can even melt snow at the same time. If the fact Solar Roadways could completely take the United States off burning focial fuels and using nuclear power plants to generate our electrical needs is not a good enough reason, then maybe the safety features driving on Smart Roadways with built-in LED lights will. Imagine the road smart enough to warn you of any problems ahead.

Solar Roadways was invented by Scott and Julie Brusaw from Sandpoint, Idaho in 2006. They have so far received two rounds of funding from the US Department of Transportation totaling $850,000.00 to further develop this major game changer bringing "smart" solar roadways into the 21st century.

Now with a working prototype and having successfully built the first ever smart parking lot requiring no painted lines, (parking spaces can easily be changed around with the LED lights) the Brusaw's have gone the crowdfunding route to raise more capital and bring awareness to this really cool new piece of technology. Scott and Julie started a campaign for Solar Roadways at Indiegogo with a $1 million goal on April 21st, and as of the time of this writing, over $1.56 million from 36,000 funders has been raised with only a few more days to go.

Solar Roadway's on the Shark Tank

Shark Tank Season 6 is already starting to film with an estimated 30+ thousand entrepreneurs lining up for a chance of a lifetime. It's no secret the producers of the Show also actively seek out new business opportunities for the Sharks, with a lot of them having successfully run a crowd funding campaign. When you put all the positives the solar panel roadways has to offer in generating more clean electricity than we can even use, along with making our roads safer to drive on, this is one opportunity I really hope they don't let slip away.

Having a potential multi-billion dollar invention that will revolutionize several industries and create untold thousands of new high paying jobs would take the Shark Tank Show to a whole new level. I still think it's only a matter of time until the Show surpasses 10 million viewers, and this single new invention still in the start-up phase just might be the catalyst to do just that.

The Solar Roadways might raise a few million from Indiegogo to further develop this technology, but it's going to take an investment from the Sharks and other Angel Investors to bring this to the world. I know at least a few of the producers read this blog, and maybe, just maybe they will take a close look at Solar Roadways and agree this invention "needs" be featured on the Shark Tank. Deal or no deal, all parties involved would greatly benefit while helping bring smart road solar panels into the 21st century.

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  1. Full Success Mode9:12 AM

    You can see a man's full success by the way he cherishes his work.

  2. Great and innovative way of utilising solar energy

  3. It would be great, if it worked. Which is cannot and will not but there are plenty of videos on youtube debunking this little piece of fraudulant science.

    The main problem, ignoring all the issues of it getting dirty and scratched up in short order or its capability to handle heavy vehicles (the tractor they demonstrate is tiny) Is that a flat solar pannel is just far to inefficient and it wont even be able to power its own LEDs much less anything else.

    1. Wow. This is the most uneducated post I've ever read.

    2. The biggest question I always have when I read these articles is why there is never a link to a working bench scale model. They've raised over a million dollars and havent put forth a working model. As of right now its and idea based on idea made with unproven technology. Further more, how do I believe this couple can do more than a university lab working on a similar project?


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